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Aye y’all, I’m having the hardest time quitting soda :( currently I’m starting to get hella angry when i can’t have…
Retweeted by GA2ZO eat dog others gain if u lack .
Retweeted by GA2ZOyeeeeiiiiim alive atmim in a constant dream state deja vu feelin wtf but then few differences , unexpected happens stl head feel like a hot water bottle @Kishfantastic you’re an artist’s artist now man it’s crazy
Retweeted by GA2ZOGarvie & EdgarTheDyke - Fried FM (prod. MANNY DUBBS)
Retweeted by GA2ZOWe need an @EDGARtheDYKE wildlife documentary for the culture 😭😭😭
Retweeted by GA2ZOEdgarTheDyke - They Live Ft. JP & Denzel X via @YouTube
Retweeted by GA2ZO📍 Interzone 📍
Retweeted by GA2ZOnew show from DJ Rueckert(@classicaltrax ) on @datafruits featuring tunes from @bthoroughmusic @olivertwistdj…
Retweeted by GA2ZOlot to ponder.. even more to act
Retweeted by GA2ZO @dxvl7 happy g day !💯🏟️🎉🎈My mom said this to me _You poor excuse as a human
Retweeted by GA2ZO❄️👍currently overthinkingi love u2 it @mannydubbs 🤯🥶💯 bro this is why you should never hesitate to show them pepper
Retweeted by GA2ZOit used to be like another somethinDyketacticshad sum trouble in life had to run tht shit bac twicecan u keep a secret... ?haaaaaaaamasinthis song is incredible evolving . wheyheyslap man on fifa @ASHALLURE_ 💯🤝 ikr😈 my still wearing socksim fine wif most things tbhy u gotta do me wrong omari
Retweeted by GA2ZO @ASHALLURE_ same !i always find a way to win even when it seems like im losing
Retweeted by GA2ZOstop hoarding music drop ur shit
Retweeted by GA2ZO
exit !wtf they should sack frank lampard ;)wow how can chelsea loose to united lol🔥🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by GA2ZO @2suktg 😈🥰 @rmbdraws haha i like thathistory was madeAin’t beat my meat in like a week, just turned my PlayStation on with my mind
Retweeted by GA2ZOi was sayin all sortshahahaomg my voice was sooo squeaky6 years ago. wow, and i dont think it was droppped soon after recording type shiomg who remembers this tune. OG EDiii➿ leave it on loop, its like an hour long song lol @rmbdraws yeaaah fr, would u were a costume or jus normal clothes type thing if u wer to go ?!hard food u babthis song is crack tweet everyday, i should take a break !do people still appreciate surprises these days or its pointlesslock inthis a cool song also, people seem to enjoy it after watching some1 clang for 3 hours.
Retweeted by GA2ZO @rmbdraws u ever been ?simpsons over family guyalmost named it kill bill, that wuda been wackmy biggest song tuh date🤣 @Duggiesdemise Nice nice !wow soo much emotioni wanna go comic con, is it every year type things ?if bruce lee can do it, then so can ii havent seen the most recent x men film the pheonix one for obvious reasons but for those that have seen it , how… @SM_NTN life ey100%
Retweeted by GA2ZOneed to get my method actin onlike this tweet im gonna play him one dayNightcrawler was always the coolest X-Men member to me, man like Kurt Wagner freedomaye aye have a look at my profile real quick !!! i made it coolcan u miss someone uv never met ? 🥺😷 nevermindguess wat id do firsti wish i could do a mystique from x menim so laid back. literally laying bac on this futonBlack Panther Party co-founder Huey P. Newton was born February 17, 1942 in Monroe, Louisiana.
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