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People running for freedom shackling themselves even further into constructs and labels. Petty vendettas with no re…
Retweeted by {._.}Tbhthis kinda coolokdafuqwtfffeasily sending myself tweets that isI don’t like this new update , like nothing’s really changed except for the main thing I use this app for ffsjust chilling in bed, relaxing
@2suktgr facxxshe's , better than... them other girls when she's out dancing away ooooh{._.}🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 AVAILABLE FOR PURCHAYSE!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by {._.}😤😤 @warhol_baby faccxxx 💯 @warhol_baby cuhz ....apparently it’s a photoshopped pic but stllllll 😳 whew🤣🤣we gotta come together for the betterment of humankind . freedom !call the sprite people @Chamber45 str8^ @Chamber45 presents: Thread Of Riddims for Riddims to listen to.
Retweeted by {._.}don’t worry bout who I’m fw💯💯 ,,, all this time it was a photoshopped booty. I thought we wuz kangzDem Dead by G-Migos slaps slapsI got a folder with her name on itif I didn’t have a teddy bear I’d be lonely alsoThem ideas that won’t let you sleep.
Retweeted by {._.}I’m sure you guys all can see the crippling ironyall I will be able to do is laughRema is on one today . love to see itThis is one of our talks with "my cult niggas"
Retweeted by {._.}Loooool
Retweeted by {._.} @JmeBBK your such a Arieswish I never seen that video .enuff is enoughjyeaaah hoe @tymajestic lol u don’t misss 🤞🏾💗😭😭😭
wtf it’s 11pm🤣🤣🤣 you know Rihanna is watching you dance in the club.
Retweeted by {._.}I’m so happy rnWhat a beauty 😍
Retweeted by {._.}barca making me proud this eveningI TAPPED IN WEN THEY TAPPED OUT!
Retweeted by {._.}🗒️ [SQUAD] 🙌 The list of players called up for the first @LaLiga match of 2020/21! ⚽ #BarçaVillarreal 🔵🔴 #ForçaBarça
Retweeted by {._.} @dtewill neeta buy some cranberry juice cos dafuq7 sef be too long I promise you.
Retweeted by {._.}aye they put heavy metal on Netflix now too #cool #movieyear one is one of the greatest movies of all time. jack black n michael cera were amazing in itNEW ONEZZZZZZ 4 DA STREETZ.
Retweeted by {._.} @jawnino you kno ball 🤝rhodesian brushstroke🍜this is impossible but he did it
Retweeted by {._.}“Rooney on the Rampage” I just remembered that Rooney game on pc that dropped right after that shit at the World Cup happened nigga said 👹👺😡 @NetflixFilm hey but isn’t that minecraft from enola ? @garyrogers is that the movie the picture is from ?Gil Scott Heron at an Anti Apartheid gig Clapham Common. 28/06/1986
Retweeted by {._.}just found out where Cinderella got her name fromThey just ain’t her
Retweeted by {._.}systemic ! a pic of you with a bad bitch
Retweeted by {._.}LIL WAYNE CHILLIN ON HIS TOUR BUS (2005)
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Retweeted by {._.} @foreverflex777 lmaooo🤣🤣🤣 were 4 u
Retweeted by {._.}agriculturewho wants to pour a bunch of soap into a public fountain with me 🤣I think the winner should fight Tory Lanez tbh
Retweeted by {._.}jhzzzz Retweets and Madonna ft @fsavage888 is yours ☠️💋🦇 shot and edited by @renzniro
Retweeted by {._.}If I love you enough to make all these sacrifices then I also gotta love you enough to cut you off when necessary
Retweeted by {._.} @dodgintrouble 🤧🤧love wearing all black you should see my closetgimme my money !issittt?!?!😬
Retweeted by {._.} aren’t even playing that bad, West Brom are just capitalizing on every mistake.
Retweeted by {._.}Cant be on my wave I'm tidal Move to fast for the human eyeball
Retweeted by {._.}wet ! @EDGARtheDYKE 48
Retweeted by {._.} @Michael_stear yurrrr @2suktgr lmaooo bro I’m so spun how this whole thing has unfolded.wait no wayyyyyy get around a dyke and start the “I’m tired of dating men” rant like... bro its 10 am
Retweeted by {._.}lmao Tory Lanez was fuckin meg all this time?! they had a thing ??? nah drop me off at the next busss stop n call m… @dodgintrouble thuggga riht? 🥼NIGGA WE BROKE AS FUCK !other than that I’m fine, little bitta money in my pocketLOL this n daves song go so well with the dancing peanut niggas but why ?!🧐