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Writer/Director - Baby Driver, The World's End, Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, Hot Fuzz, Shaun Of The Dead. Director - Spaced.

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@jenettebras Just saw you in ‘Miracle Mile’. Somehow I had never seen it before! @jenettebras A+ (DD) xIf you still haven't quite woken up this Friday, please take a serotonin injection that is the stepladder fight fro…
Retweeted by edgarwright @edgarwright @empiremagazine @EyeOfJackieChan I can't think of an article aimed more for me than Edgar Wright and G…
Retweeted by edgarwright @berkreviews a) Happy birthday! and b) NOOOOO xAmazing to be able to pick this up in a real actual shop. Thanks once again to @empiremagazine for commissioning me…
Retweeted by edgarwright @Steve_Gulliver @empiremagazine @EyeOfJackieChan This is very close to our picks. @Yenchantroy Yes. All of them. @AndrooMunro Rumble In The Bronx.If you still haven't quite woken up this Friday, please take a serotonin injection that is the stepladder fight fro… @Captain63857795 @jamesmjharrison @TalkingPicsTV @CineRedis @filmdialogueone @borderlines @ArnolfiniArts @IMcMillan Indeed. @RhysThom2 @RuthGotian @Scientits I think that's exactly it, even though you made the original reference, you're st… for #lockdown today is a perfect late night Friday film. Walter Hill’s The Driver (1978), @TalkingPicsTV, 11:4…
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The White House is playing "Live and Let Die" before Trump's arrival at a thinly disguised campaign event in Ohio t…
Retweeted by edgarwrightit’s the part where he says “thighland” for me
Retweeted by edgarwright @DannyTRS @BradBirdA113 @JohnGallagherJr Ha ha. @BradBirdA113 @RuthGotian @Scientits I had a US agent call me up 5 years ago to sell me on their new client Rafe Sp… @KermodeMovie I love the 80's Breathless and the ending in particular. @schneebs DONE xThe indie theater where I met my wife needs your help to stay open:
Retweeted by edgarwright @DjctdStephen @simonpegg Please see some of my tweets on exactly the same point from March. @RuthGotian @Scientits I have told this story before, but I was sent a script for an advert years ago that was to b… new @empiremagazine hitting shelves today features a discussion between me & Welsh action wizard Gareth Evans a… should be clawing my way through my new show tonight, in an adrenaline haze, in a place I love. Please help suppo…
Retweeted by edgarwright @Omar77005 @empiremagazine @EyeOfJackieChan In an article about Jackie Chan? You’ll have to buy the issue to find out that the answer is no. @dailydishwater @empiremagazine @EyeOfJackieChan Doing my bit to support!New @empiremagazine is in actual shops TODAY and it is an eclectic smorgasbord. Look at this lot: @sarahjphughes ge…
Retweeted by edgarwrightDavid Bowie on a lesson he learned while filming the iconic 'Ashes to Ashes' video
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Trump's latest interview vs monty python parrot sketch
Retweeted by edgarwrightI'm a firestarter
Retweeted by edgarwright @RealPaulPutner Ha - I was going to post almost exactly the same thing the other week.good morning
Retweeted by edgarwrightCredit to Justin T Brown, the editor of this amazing clip. @fella_some What’s his @ handle on here?We have reached the Duck Soup level of fun house mirror politics.
Usually I post a playlist of my favourite music of the year in December, but this has been a most unusual 2020 so f…
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Retweeted by edgarwright @GregorioJung I frankly don’t know but it sounds like @PrimeVideo do not have the correct version and I’ve already… Trump reminds me of this Fred Armisen character who can't finish a single sentence
Retweeted by edgarwrightViva Inspector Chico Gonzales: “No wonder they call him "Dirty Harry", always gets the shit end of the stick.” RIP…
Joe Dante talking about the Psycho remake is my new favorite thing.
Retweeted by edgarwright @adrianmckinty Is it a prison reference?? Okay then, I'm in. @hardmandesign I think say Pulp and Blur are excellent names. Oasis, on the other hand, named themselves after a le… a few at bands out there at the moment whose extremely cool music doesn't quite match up with their bordering… @DumbJam @seansthomas I follow @_Hilary_Woods no less. Does she know about her Spaced cameo way back when? @seansthomas Coldplay and JJ72 - that's a 2000 Camden flyer for you. @lesshertmoreluv It’s still up! Enjoy !
we’re going out of town in a week if anyone can watch the dinosaurs for us
Retweeted by edgarwright🎥 The Film Crew by Aimee La Joie 📷 @aimeelajoie ⠀ #filmset #aimeelajoie #setlife #filmcrew #movies #filmmaking
Retweeted by edgarwrightThis GIF may seem a grim given the context, but the great Wilford Brimley left us yesterday and while he was superb… @DaveSmith3284 Hmm. @amomeucara Exactly. @NeilMcGFilm @DanTRCh @ipswichftt That's a hot double bill xMy Spider suit is in the wash and it would give away my identity. @exeter_steve @ResDolph @OrachaelO @FictionComplete Not sure. Not up to me. But I know PJ and Spielberg were both keen to do another. @IMPaulWilliams Miss you too maestro. See you for squid when this is all over x @SarahSerata Here you go!
2020 @johnlevenstein @IMPaulWilliams @YouTube It is. But that shouldn't stop you.Porky Pig has the backward knees and cloven hooves of a beast
Retweeted by edgarwrightIt's lesser known in the US, but in the UK Alan Parker's 'Bugsy Malone' is a national institution. So much so that…
Retweeted by edgarwright @AndyRileyish Honestly, five. @chrisprocter @alexyoungbased @nigelgod I think this is where I bring out @MrTomGray of #BrokenRecord (like Alvy Si… @realJaredGilman Ah, Ricky Oh: The Story Of Ricky. A film so explosively entertaining that they name the character twice in the title.Leech complains of body bleeding too slowly...
Retweeted by edgarwrightAlan Parker let me stay in his house in the 80’s in LA when I was nobody trying to get on in the film industry .he…
Retweeted by edgarwrightEven before I did a video for them, I was listening to EMBLD's debut 'Horse Of The Dog' on repeat. Just gloriously… @RealPaulPutner I watched this again recently. Even though there's some rough edges, it's so wicked imaginatively a… @dowhatjohn That's exactly what she says in the doc, yes. @EliVronsky @IMPaulWilliams @YouTube I call him Babyface every time I see him. @houx I thank you for your custom.It's lesser known in the US, but in the UK Alan Parker's 'Bugsy Malone' is a national institution. So much so that… @botany500 When I was 4 I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Musician's union be damned.Watching that new Boomtown Rats documentary reminded me of one of my earliest TV memories; the band knocking John T… @neuroticmonkey @scottEmovienerd @Massawyrm @thehorrorchick @ava @pattonoswalt Is your question 'how do I train a d… The Commitments again in tribute to Alan Parker. Always loved it, but I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed so m…
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How to tick tack
Retweeted by edgarwright @rboerner @IMPaulWilliams We only shot 9 takes and that was take 8. @AlexHassel87 @perfumegenius Check in next year.I'm MUCH happier now that I've given up being a living statue. I'm ex-static
Retweeted by edgarwrightThis video is my anti depressant. The bit at 0.17 always raises a smile. Never not funny. @perfumegenius Daughters Of Darkness (1971). Always my suggestion for a horror classic not enough people have seen. @seanb_us I know what you mean, but I am literally talking about his voice. It’s only palatable when @sarahcpr does her thing. @muzach He directed the first episode of Doctor Who, no less. @NickdeSemlyen And - it goes without saying - one of the starring roles in Adam&Joe's seminal Bobby DeNiro Calypso.
Retweeted by edgarwrightAlso, along with the other very notable works I couldn't fit onto the first tweet, Shoot The Moon, Pink Floyd: The… Alan Parker magic.
Retweeted by edgarwright @One_Neil A smash!The song I want played at my funeral is the closer in Bugsy Malone, (You Give A Little Love by @IMPaulWilliams), th… @MichaelOrdona Bugsy Malone is the first movie I think of when I think of him.So sad to hear of Sir Alan Parker's passing. His incredible run of hits as a British filmmaker gave immense inspira…"My God – it's full of stars!" Huge thanks to @empiremagazine for commissioning me (via @ciablog) to paint the news…
Retweeted by edgarwright @NickdeSemlyen No!In search of an indoor activity for the weekend that also supports #safewater? Watch this read of…
Retweeted by edgarwrightThis popped up on my FB feed today. I think it's time for it to make a comeback. And I think @edgarwright might be…
Retweeted by edgarwrightheard that ramona flowers is trending...
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"Life isn't much, but there's nothing else to do, La Dolce Vita" Watch the full #throwback video:…
Retweeted by edgarwrightYou can't say covid-19 is so safe we can reopen schools then turn around and say it's too dangerous to have an election.
Retweeted by edgarwrightjust had a dinosaur that we didn’t make show up at our front gate
Retweeted by edgarwright @JosephKahn @jamie_graham9 It's a very Joseph Kahn move.