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Writer/Director - Baby Driver, The World's End, Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, Hot Fuzz, Shaun Of The Dead. Director - Spaced.

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@FilmAtWill You should. It's a first movie that's better than most other directors entire careers.The new issue of @empiremagazine is a labour of love and pain and tears and tantrums and some cuddling. It's our 10…
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2020 @Fruffnee Nope. Stamp. @Nodgy91 I haven’t seen them all, but love La Strada, 8 and a Half and La Dolce Vita. But I have yet to see a bad o… @andylevy @mattsinger Sue me. This one goes all the way to the Supreme Court! @SamuelAAdams Dick. Small Soldiers? 100th birthday to the Maestro, Federico Fellini. @normwilner With the blues and twos on, probably 30 mins. @normwilner Correction: He hasn't seen it because Sandford Odeon is still showing Frozen 2.I have it on good authority that while Danny Butterman has yet to see 'Bad Boys For Life' at Sandford Odeon, he did…'t it be Bad Boys 3 Life? @WeWriteAtDawn @rianjohnson No wonder Cumberbatch is so pissed off when you get to him.You and me both, Amber. was lucky enough to see ⁦@neilhimself⁩ ‘s masterpiece ‘The Ocean at the End of the Lane’ on stage ⁦…
Retweeted by edgarwrightHappy 90th Birthday, #TippiHedren!!
Retweeted by edgarwrightHarry's mum died when he was a little boy. He had to walk behind her coffin and remain composed whilst people in th…
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Also if someone from the production brings Hatidze Muratova to the Oscars, can they make a documentary about that?Saw the justly celebrated Macedonian documentary 'Honeyland'. One of those magical films that is so immersive you… a skylight in the bedroom but hate how my dreams escape through it at night, terrorizing the city.
Retweeted by edgarwright @HelenLOHara @rickmoviegeek @ChrisHewitt @jamescdyer No-one worth knowing.Happy 30th to TREMORS.
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@jamie_graham9 It is a good film and unfairly lambasted because it beat Raging Bull. Great performances all around. @b_dgraphics No.Catching up many award season films and just saw Ladj Ly's 'Les Misérables'. Thematically inspired by Victor Hugo,…
Retweeted by edgarwrightGuys, I’ve thought long and hard about this, but, after spending time with my family, I’ve decided I’m ready to joi…
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RIP Derek Fowlds AKA 'Mr Derek' AKA Sir Bernard Woolley. This is as classic a scene in British comedy as they come. @davidcrosss @TaikaWaititi I think Mick's dangling balls were later hung in the Falcon's cockpit. No? @todewitt @pattonoswalt @TaikaWaititi That's an odd photo of Han and Leia. @hopedickle @alicelowe I can put @ALICELOWE and @ElizabethBanks in touch. @StephenKing Performance? She's still stuck in the car!! @timboalex I concur also. @murderwizard Both are classic. But perhaps because PROPAGANDA is a little less heralded, it may be my true fav of… @hopedickle I agree. A really beautiful biopic (although one where I frequently forget the title!). Dano especially is amazing.I've said it before, I'll say it again. This album is a stone cold classic. @KeithMetcalfe @BrianStack153 @criterionchannl I really did. I love that film and it was a real inspiration for Gar…
@SamSerridge @BrianStack153 @criterionchannl Which one?! x @BrianStack153 @criterionchannl You only have six movies to choose from and only one of them involves someone tryin… @BrianStack153 @criterionchannl Which of my movies is a very quasi remake of it...Adapted by Frank and Eleanor Perry from the short story by John Cheever, THE SWIMMER (1968) is an enigmatic journey…
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Retweeted by edgarwrightMy dad is kind, passionate, and a genuine cinephile. I cannot begin to tell you all how many times a day someone co…
Retweeted by edgarwright⏯️ Watch the Spaced 21st Anniversary Q&A at #BFISouthbank with @EdgarWright, Jessica Hynes, Julia Deakin,…
Retweeted by edgarwright @AxelKuschevatzk Neither, but 'Nightmares in a Damaged Brain' did win the Golden Lion at Venice in '81.I often think about the intro ‘It’s a brand new record, for 1990, They Might Be Giants brand new album, FLOOD’. The… @thxprxdxgy Get this. There are albums that came out before I was born too. Wild!40 YEARS AGO TODAY: Christopher Wenner sets it up, Simon Groom drives it home.
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If you’re are an aspiring screenwriter and want to know how to write action with efficiency, verve and style: start… nominees for Best Picture 39 years ago were WILD. Bonus - Tom Cruise profile
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Retweeted by edgarwrightThere are only 10 types of movies. (A short thread) 1. Orange and blue action
Retweeted by edgarwright @GIALLO_GIALLO I saw her in 42nd Street a few years ago in the West End. @guypratt Me too. @thatsnogreg Oh yeah. The screening should be no problem, getting everyone in the same room happens once a decade I would think. @thatsnogreg @PLTVFest I'm entirely sure how it works, but I can't imagine why it would be a problem to show it as a marathon. @guypratt Great song. Great cover. Didn't know you were on that.
NEW! “It Ain’t Like It Used to Be. But It’ll Do:” How Sam Peckinpah’s THE WILD BUNCH Became Both a Eulogy for a My…
Retweeted by edgarwrightBEHOLD. @chrismcquarrie @thereisnomap @mang0ld @Almaharel @AriAster @RealGDT @JOSH_BENNY @BarryJenkins @ManMadeMoon @OnTheSuperFly @WeWriteAtDawn I would not be surprised if Matt Reeves casts her as Robin. @EclecticMethod @WeWriteAtDawn She got nominated for her poke bowl order too.It's such a thrill to see a friend do well; The uber talented Krysty Wilson-Cairns got an Oscar nom for her 1st pro… @thereisnomap @chrismcquarrie @mang0ld @Almaharel @AriAster @RealGDT @JOSH_BENNY @BarryJenkins @ManMadeMoon week, the Cornetto Trilogy was a question on University Challenge. Please enjoy this clip filmed off the telly… I were caretaker of the Overlook Hotel I would simply not listen to the ghosts urging me to kill my family
Retweeted by edgarwrightI'd just like to reassure @evergrowinbrain that I would have also not got the Canterbury University answer either (… @rianjohnson @parashar_kislay @MattEyebrowz @ThePCCLondon I do.#TheFarewell - 98% #UncutGems - 92% #Hustlers - 88% #Apollo11 - 99% #DolemiteIsMyName - 97% Some of the year's bes…
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@LingfordPO @ComedyCentralUK @normanlovett1 @simonpegg @JefficaHoons @julian_barratt @adambloomie2 A very good ques… Academy refusing to recognize Amy Adams for her performance in Arrival is starting to feel personal.
Retweeted by edgarwrightGo David Wood!!! #marmaladesandwich @parashar_kislay Yeah @rianjohnson, suck on that! XIt’s not an Oscar nom but being a specialist subject on #mastermind tonight is not too shabby. @guardian @edgarwright @simonpegg "I think if there had been a third season it probably would have finally culminat…
Retweeted by edgarwright @guardian @edgarwright @simonpegg “The first thing I ever wrote for Spaced was actually a Marsha monologue... she w…
Retweeted by edgarwright @guardian @edgarwright @simonpegg “I’m always astonished by how much is crammed into each 24 minute episode... I ca…
Retweeted by edgarwright @guardian @edgarwright @simonpegg A joyful reunion at the Spaced 21st anniversary celebrations!
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