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Writer, fan of cheesy action and horror movies, general funny guy. Curator of the promising pop culture blog aptly named Ed's Pop Culture Shack.

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First trailer for No Time to Die looks pretty damn great. Can't wait for April. #NoTimeToDietrailer #JamesBondLove this set. @twisted_twins @Marvel @flaviano_arm @VeronicaGandini Loved the series. Very dark and intense and the moments where… @diabolikdvd Maybe we'll get lucky and @ShoutFactory will do something with it. They did just get the rights to a t…
Loving the Fly Collection from @ShoutFactory. Incredible set of extras and the interview with Mel Brooks is a real…
@WHMPodcast Cool, I love all five of these films too. @ScreenDrafts @GrahamSkipper @BillyRayBrewton @themaureenlee @claykeller @MarkerRyan625 Love the dark Christmas dra… @tied_in_film The Star Trek films are probably what got in me into novelizations in the first place.STAR TREK VI: THE UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY Written by J. M. Dillard
Retweeted by Ed Harris @bobfreelander @Scream_Factory @ShoutFactory Cool. I should get that along with The Fly collection in the next week or so.Watched The Irishman and really dug it. The pacing is a little slack in places and there were one or two times in t…
@bobfreelander @ArrowFilmsVideo It's so great. Just an awesome set.
@tied_in_film That Back to the Future tie-in is terrific.THE AWAKENING Written by Ronald Chetwynd-Hayes
Retweeted by Ed Harris
@Scream_Factory Nice! I like the artwork.Love the edited for TV content on the new Robocop set from @ArrowFilmsVideo. One of my niche interests as a film ne… @PureCinemaPod @bobfreelander @DrafthouseLA @KnivesOut @rianjohnson Sleuth is one of my favorite films of all time, a two-man masterpiece. @BillyRayBrewton @ScreenDrafts @MorganPeteBrown @jeffcannata @claykeller @MarkerRyan625 @thedungeonrun Another one I forgot about. @ScreenDrafts @MorganPeteBrown @jeffcannata @claykeller @MarkerRyan625 @thedungeonrun Totally forgot about Willow.… @jonahray @Shudder I'd be all for it.
@jonahray Sorry to hear it, man. @gphillips8652 And given that its the 80's, we're lucky he's not wearing a big neon headband that reads "NINJA" on it. @StarTrek "Humpbacked... People?"Here we come, spoiling yet another holiday. That'll teach em to put a Friday the 13th in December. @Shudder
Retweeted by Ed Harris @ScreenDrafts @MorganPeteBrown @jeffcannata @claykeller @MarkerRyan625 @thedungeonrun This should be interesting. M… DEAL Written by Walter Wager
Retweeted by Ed Harris @tied_in_film I snagged the Rambo: First Blood Part II book last year at a used bookstore. Still need to read it. @bobfreelander @Scream_Factory @ShoutFactory Can't wait for my copy to arrive. @ShoutFactory The audio commentary with Steve Johnson is terrific.Digging into my Big Trouble in Little China set from @ShoutFactory. So many extras to choose from!My latest piece for @FANGORIA
Retweeted by Ed HarrisJT, @JennyPosition & @jadice7 crank up Hardcore TV from the summer of 94. The trifling triumvirate discuss a fun ta…
Retweeted by Ed Harris @Foywonder Probably right, but it'll still be fun... Hopefully.
@_RyanTurek Awesome, I loved the last one.Accurate description. is another clip from Magic Crystal(1986) with Cynthia Rothrock vs Richard Norton. From a skill point of view,…
Retweeted by Ed HarrisHFS. I won’t rest until I see this film.
Retweeted by Ed Harris @Elrickane I'm with you, man. Holy crap! @BrianWCollins No you're right, she's probably fooling Jar Jar and maybe the kid. Maybe. Qui Gon probably noticed i…
@Place2BeNation 1989, though all four of those shows have their strong points. @Place2BeNation Of the four, 1994 but my faves are 1987-1990.MAKING LOVE Written by Leonore Fleischer
Retweeted by Ed Harris @PhilNobileJr Still the best of the series. Always loved this one. @PhilNobileJr Can I just not do it and pretend I did? Because the most positive thing I can say about that movie is…
@Foywonder It's TV-G so it can't be that dramatic. @Elrickane You'll need all the liquid courage you can find, my friend. You can watch it for free on Amazon Prime wh… @Foywonder That's part of their charm for me, along with the 50 movie packs that are a testament to how recycling c… @claykeller My favorite Next Gen film, though given how I feel about the other three...The things that take over my brain: I've been listening to some older episodes of @WHMPodcast and am currently look…
Got my copy of Big Trouble in Little China from @Scream_Factory along with some goodies from @KinoLorber. It's gonna be a good weekend.Universal/MCA gearing up for a great 1975! Not entirely sure that shark picture will do well... #film
Retweeted by Ed Harris @ScreenDrafts @MorganPeteBrown @jeffcannata @thedungeonrun Cool, looking forward to hearing it.RIP Michael J. Pollard. His legacy will live on forever through his work in HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES, SCROOGED, BONNIE…
Retweeted by Ed Harris @ScreenDrafts 80's Sword and Sorcery?This is frigging brilliant.‘Tis’ the season...
Retweeted by Ed Harris @FANGORIA My second favorite behind the original. Predators was okay, The Predator was uneven and the AvP films are just hot garbage.
@ScreenDrafts Might need to make a it a mega draft, pretty hard to narrow it down to seven for me at least.
ENTER THE DRAGON Written by Mike Roote
Retweeted by Ed Harris
SADAKO VS KAYAKO was released a couple years ago, but I only just learned today that there was a tie-in "cup edge"…
Retweeted by Ed HarrisLet's be honest. The only logical conclusion to this whole Snyder Cut controversy is they finally release it and mo…
Retweeted by Ed Harris @Foywonder The theatrical cut is really about as good a film as we were going to get under the circumstances. Hell,… @FANGORIA Saw it in the theater when it came out, still a terrific film.
@FANGORIA @Felissa_Rose That twist is still one of the few things in horror that can actually creep me out to this… CAMP debuted on this day in 1983 and CASUALTY FRIDAY co-host, @Felissa_Rose, gave us one of the most belo…
Retweeted by Ed Harris @TheJoeLynch @FANGORIA @joebegos @Ethier @mercershark I don't know, they had a couple of werewolf special issue cov… CHRISTMAS MOTHERFUCKERS! @FANGORIA is giving you all the best goddamn present you can ask for: my greasy, bl…
Retweeted by Ed Harris @DnDnDPod @JamesAJanisse The giant caterpillar is one thing but what's with the Blair Witch symbol in the lower left corner? @FANGORIA @BlackChristmas @joebegos @josh_ethier @mercershark @PSchwarzenegger @adamegypt @LWhannell @blumhouse⬇️ COVER REVEAL OF ISSUE #6. ⬇️ Put it on your coffee table and let that Yuletide cheer of VFW, DANIEL ISN’T REAL,…
Retweeted by Ed Harris @TrekGeekBill Very true. I find I like bits and pieces of the movie rather than the entire thing. Another minor hig…'s the 25th anniversary of my least favorite #StarTrek movie of all time! #HappyBirthday, #StarTrekGenerations!
Retweeted by Ed Harris @TrekGeekBill Not for nothing, the bit where Kirk totally no-sells the Picard Speech is priceless.And I spy some Invisible Man and Black Christmas... 👀
Retweeted by Ed HarrisLove the look of the new @FANGORIA cover. Great job on it, @PhilNobileJr and the rest of the crew. Can't wait to read it.Salem’s Lot is one of the best vampire movies of all time.
Retweeted by Ed HarrisNow watching Mr. Boogedy on @disneyplus.James Cameron goes for a swim! Nicolas Cage loses his mind! This and more in the latest from the blog! Forgotten Fi… @MorganTyler86 @ovppodcast @Monsoon_Classic Another reason I liked the game.
Making my way through Vampire's Kiss for my blog. It may not be an easy movie to watch but it's easy to see why it… @TicoRomao The War of the Roses was also solid. The man has a knack for dark comedy.Lighting candles for their speedy recovery.
Retweeted by Ed Harris @ovppodcast @Monsoon_Classic Always dug RAW for the SNES. It was a a pretty basic wrestling game with some odd ecce… @PhilNobileJr The VHS fiend in me perked up upon seeing the Vidmark logo. @claykeller @ScreenDrafts @MarkerRyan625 I sent my list in. At the risk of being cocky, there are some absolute gems on there.
@tied_in_film I wonder how the adaptation is because Good Guys Wear Black is one of the more boring movies I've see… @bobfreelander I think I should have something ready to go pretty soon. Am I emailing it to you? @bobfreelander, I am still working on that Underrated 1989 post for you. Just have to add in a few more titles.Between NIGHT OF THE COMET, RAZORBACK, and ANOES expansion, November 16, 1984 was a pretty good day for horror.
Retweeted by Ed Harris @CAVITYCOLORS @FANGORIA I got hooked in 1993 with issue 125 (the Jason Goes to Hell cover). I proceeded to raid eve… @ShoutFactory I always liked the fights at the end of Missing in Action 2 and Lone Wolf McQuade. The entirety of In… @SWinstonSchool Always liked this one.In this episode, JT, @JennyPosition & @jadice7 review Hostile City Showdown 94! The crew discuss a troupe-filled bu…
Retweeted by Ed Harris @BrianWCollins Ditto. I chose the third option and went for both sixteen years ago. Think I won't do that again.
Digging the new @ShockWavesPod episode.These might be the last VHS tapes I bought new. @IconsRobG @FANGORIA Cool, I went to high school in South Pas.
@ScreenDrafts @handsome_pal @KevinTCostello @claykeller @MarkerRyan625 Terrific list. I probably would have found a… @tied_in_film I had the Con Air novelization.Another fantastic, insane episode of @DnDnDPod.