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Ed Latimore @EdLatimore Pittsburgh, PA

Former Heavyweight pro boxer (13-1-1). Competitive chess player. Full-time author. I write about how to develop stoic street-smarts and realize your potential.

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People need the reminder
Retweeted by Ed LatimoreThe comments to every twitter post
Retweeted by Ed LatimorePointing out an obvious exception to general statement makes you look like an idiot.
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Retweeted by Ed LatimoreOnly free people can make choices. Everyone else suffers out of obligation and tries to “sour grape” it. @JamelleBoose I can assure you that it isn't lol @kobegatsby @blackhatwizardd Bro imagine spending $2k a day on crack adsExcellent post from @EdLatimore
Retweeted by Ed LatimoreIf you truly wanna level up, get yourself a coach. ASAP…
Retweeted by Ed LatimoreFor a short period of my life, I worked as a security guard at a men’s homeless shelter. I learned a few things a… year of bustin’ your ass can set you up for the next 10.
Retweeted by Ed LatimoreThe nurse I work with gave me this advice. I’m running with it 💯
Retweeted by Ed LatimoreI’m not saying this to discourage anyone. Closing 5 clients is entirely within the realm of possibilities for almo…
Retweeted by Ed LatimoreA lot of stuff just doesn't scale. your protein makes this WAY easier @80FiveIsDead I'm dying yo lol @Traderbarn @ferdddaws Yo...lolA library of books is worth a day of trial and error. politics is a tool for the powerful, not the common man. Never forget that.
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This is true. Racism returned, and it takes the form of "anti-racism."
Retweeted by Ed LatimoreYou know what's wild about this tweet? Black dude on facebook said they were fine with it. This is one of those du…
Retweeted by Ed LatimoreAnd plenty Black folks fell for it
Retweeted by Ed LatimoreIt’s not just poor people that feel this way.
Retweeted by Ed LatimoreThey shouldn’t matter, but people give them way more attention than necessary.
Retweeted by Ed LatimoreStay focused on what matters and don't fall for the bullshit. Everything is a distraction, even if--and especially,… better you take care of your body today, the less you’ll spend fixing It tomorrow.
Retweeted by Ed Latimore @EdLatimore Truth. Back in March, when the virus looked certain to cause a mass panic April, I decided to shut off…
Retweeted by Ed Latimore @Mc_Knasty If you got options, all things considered equal, you're going to choose the woman with a lower body count. @TimReillyPoker FactsJust posted a photo you live outside the Matrix, the media is a strange thing to observe. So many people insist you need to be "w…
Retweeted by Ed LatimoreBeing well-informed only ruins your day. Staying up-to-date on current events is overrated. Unless you make money…
Retweeted by Ed LatimoreYou should be happy that life isn’t fair. We live in a time where a person can change their entire life situation… your thoughts optimistic but don’t let your guard down.
Retweeted by Ed Latimore"Living the struggle is its own form of education." instincts stay sharp when you have to use them to survive. of telling yourself you "have to" do something, tell yourself you "choose to." It's a small mindset shift…
Retweeted by Ed LatimoreAnd if you get it through a pill, it's gonna come with a bunch of other stuff you don't wanna deal with. up poor in a dangerous neighborhood never affords you the luxury of believing in bullshit. Either it's gon… is your friend if you need to learn something. If it's mental - Google Search. It it's tactical - Youtube
Retweeted by Ed LatimoreThe only equalizer in this world is this: Major life events strike everyone with impartial certainty. Bad things… is a wonder nutrient. @EdLatimore And for the Ultra-Rich, it's slaves changing shifts.
Retweeted by Ed Latimore @FirstThePain I didn't say any age. I put no limiter on it. But you did by mentioning that being poor is a choice.… @FirstThePain a kid being poor is his choice?? @VertLepere @downi75 haha, not sarcastic at all. I thought you were adding that as the originator of the quote. Tha… @NateRockQuarry Maybe. But that still won't change a lot of other issues the poor face that have been enforced by… @shanebreslin Rich is like the United States ruling on pornography, but applied inward. You know it when you see i… know you’re evolving when you reward yourself with exercise rather than food.
Retweeted by Ed Latimore @VertLepere @downi75 Oh please don't tell me someone else already said this. I'll be so sick since I thought this w… you're poor, politics don't matter to you. All you see are the guards changing shifts.Only 5% of people think 10% of people think they think And 85% would rather die than think ~Thomas Edison~
Retweeted by Ed LatimoreLot of these “RE tech” companies are going to get their clocks cleaned They’re used to the business world. RE wor…
Retweeted by Ed Latimore @EdLatimore Most like the fruit, not the labour.
Retweeted by Ed LatimoreAt some point you have to decide what you want to be and what you're willing to give up to become that person. Any…
Retweeted by Ed LatimoreHere in Venezuela, most people kept uttering this phrase, as a way of coping, while our society devolved into the s…
Retweeted by Ed LatimoreI'm curious to see the arguments on either side. we see in the world is a reflection of what we are inside. Uncorrupted children see a magical world filled wit…
Retweeted by Ed LatimoreIt takes a while and it will test you to see if you really want it or if it just looks fun. @mattizzofitness @Meridius_MD Exactly. @EdLatimore Did 1984 predict or shape the future?
Retweeted by Ed LatimoreThis is it
Retweeted by Ed LatimoreSavage lol and me both human experience doesn’t change. Pain, disappointment, humiliation, shame, failure, illness, intimacy, friends… you can see the world with eyes unclouded by hate, the stillness and beauty of humanity will leave you in awe.… 2021 is the year you: -Grow your brand to its true potential -Start earning an income online -Master persuasive… you gotta come up with Dahmer's money every week...Haha this man knows what's up. Trust those members of the guard aint losing any sleep over this. Shit, they'll pro… @gafnicpa @TheRealGZA @ChessLifeEditor @OfWudan @LivesTalisman @ChessICC Lmao damnI developed a unique framework for getting sober and dealing with vices. It’s the same framework I used to quit por…
Retweeted by Ed Latimore"If the facts say otherwise, the facts must be altered." So the popular meme is that 1984 was supposed to be ficti… I am, grinding out strategies to immerse myself as a creative distributor within the digital world. In order t…
Retweeted by Ed Latimore"What opinions the masses hold, or do not hold, is looked on as a matter of indifference. They can be granted inte… prediction as fiction from "1984" "They could only become dangerous if the advancement of industrial techniqu… you don’t learn how to promote yourself: -Nobody will find you. -It will be impossible to make sales. -You will…
Retweeted by Ed LatimoreI'm reading this interview with @TheRealGZA in @ChessLifeEditor as he talks about his friendship with Emory Tate.… culture understands this quite as well the Asian culture. Their philosophy spends a lot of time talking balance.…
Retweeted by Ed Latimore @LowKey_E @baselang @Vtrizzle97 @AnarchoCanadian You do and it's active pay according to rank per day. So some people come out ahead. Some don't.
@AnarchoCanadian Yep, and you gotta miss work and get paid way less than what you probably make at your day job. @BMWTHEDJ Oh shit, yeah...that's a bad look on her part. Indonesia does not fuck around.I can tell you right now that those 12 are happy as hell they're not on this assignment for so many reasons. Every… developed a unique framework for getting sober and dealing with vices. It’s the same framework I used to quit por… those dusty dudes selling dope and tacos. just completed 2 months of Spanish conversation classes for 2 hours a day, 5 days a week. Game changer works better than you may think. You'll pick up a boatload of general vocabulary in context. That's the real… was my start learning Spanish. I cosign this. the asterisks?’s nothing better than learning how to earn an income by being yourself. My courses will teach you how to: -…'m not even equal to myself on two different days. - Some smart guy I can't remember.
Retweeted by Ed LatimoreBig insight.
Retweeted by Ed LatimoreAim to be less stupid rather than more intelligent. 39 *great* moves can be undone with one blunder, but one who m…
Retweeted by Ed LatimoreTo a great strategist, the future should never be a surprise. To a great tactician, the present should never be an…
Retweeted by Ed LatimoreThings in nature aren't equal, but they do tend to balance. Humans try to make everything equal and in doing so, disrupt nature's balance.Good teachers will keep you long enough to learn and no longer. Charlatans will conceal knowledge and sandbag your efforts to progress.
Retweeted by Ed LatimoreYour opinion is not a piece of knowledge. It's not right or wrong. It's merely your reaction to the experience of living.
Retweeted by Ed LatimoreYour knowledge is power over yourself. Your ignorance is power other people can have over you.
Retweeted by Ed LatimorePeople 3 standard deviations above and below the mean have the greatest impact on things, but for entirely different reasons.You can't become street smart from reading books.