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Husband. Autism Dad. Jesus Follower. Teaching Pastor. Church Drummer. Theology Nerd. Web Developer. Sci-Fi Geek. Usually Sarcastic. #ISFJ #Gemini #Gryffindor

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From my Facebook memories: Jesus taught fishing to fishermen; shepherding to shepherds; farming to farmers; theolo… wouldn't say I'm a proud #Bengals fan. 🤦🏻‍♂️ @justamandy 🤢Have we loved others or just pointed our fingers at them? Are we trying to scare others to "repent" or showing the…'s one commandment for the New Covenant is to "love others as I have loved you." Have we done that or have we… VP asked me to research "OSWAP Compliance" this morning in our meeting. My research, thus far, has told me that… @justamandy I don't know that one... But my parents assured me it would be KISS albums playing backwards.I'm awake and caffeinated, the kids are at school, I have already pushed a finished request for work, and ready to… @HisGirl9371
@realkimstover I have friends and family that I literally fear for their lives otherwise - even those voting red. @js_tut Yeah... A little bit from StackOverflow, a little bit from GitHub, and even less from the docs. 😜 @TheAnkurTyagi @hashnode Awesome. This is something I've been working on incorporating, but tend to get overwhelmed… @traversymedia Yeah, I know Backbone.js is horrible, but that's what I get paid to do!If you’re not fully affirming of queer folks after all the time and work that’s been done to produce thoughtful and…
Retweeted by Ed Link III @realkimstover It's like I recently posted on Facebook, I usually vote 3rd party, but this year it's about doing wh… @dad_on_my_feet there any way of making a teenage boy understand that if he would take smaller bites and actually chew his food,… sure what I did to deserve this glare, but I'm truly afraid to fall asleep tonight. I'm at the age where my wife wonders if my indigestion is a heart attack. I had barbeque sauce for dinner, dear. 🙄Teenager: There's something you don't see every day! Me: What? That camper? Teen: Yeah! Me: We love right next t…'m that guy... The one grilling burgers today. @justamandy Church people are the worst. 🤬💯 @realkimstover That hasn't necessarily been the case in my experience. Usually they just don't belong to a denomina… wife thinks everyone in our household (except her) poops too slow."People weren't created for leaders; leaders were created for people." ~@Jdsmscott @leggomuhgreggo @joelnet 😳In other words, don't just have grace, give it. Even to those who don't believe what you do. If you can't, you're… it also effects the way we see others. Love. Respect. Compassion. Empathy. These are rarely given to the "ugl… scripture that went with it said not to regard anyone by the flesh, but you're telling me that those who are "s… instance, the one in currently going through is about your identity in Christ. Which is typically good stuff to…'ve been having a hard time connecting "spiritually" lately. One method of reengaging I came up with was a daily d… @clashley1976 I'm a Gemini, so I can't make you feel better about it. @Mamatoboys76 I'm thinking it is a Ron Swanson reference.Racism is not a “different political view.”
Retweeted by Ed Link III"There’s enough truth to guide us but not enough to think there are no surprises left." - Jared byas
Retweeted by Ed Link III
Don't say made-up words to me... Like "taupe"My son had peanut butter on the part of his nose between the nostrils (colomella?), so I told him I would give him… saw that coming? 🙋🏻‍♂️ @joelnet This is making me think way too much about something that doesn't change anything. 🤨I think a lot about the fact that we don’t learn in school how to recognize oppression or what to do if fascism or…
Retweeted by Ed Link III @clashley1976 O-HYup @clashley1976 🤣At what age is it appropriate to tell my teenager that he's being a dick?The humans I live with are pissing me off, so I'm spending some time with this sleepy girl. @Tyler_Potts_ Past Was LAMP + jQuery Current is .Net + Backbone.js + Bootstrap Been studying MERN is my spare time for about a year.If you believed in Santa Claus for like 8 years, you can believe in yourself for like 5 minutes. 🙃
Retweeted by Ed Link IIIAlpha preview of my rebooted Logstash Profiler project. #logstash #elasticsearch #Node
Retweeted by Ed Link III @thomaslhorrocks @joelnet I really wish there was a way to only get results from Google that were posted in the last six months. It… Do you want this or that? Wife: I don't care. Me: *looks for secret decoder ring @daddydoubts @dad_on_my_feet 30 seconds? He must not be 13 yet.
One spiritual discipline I have to practice to maintain my faith is active avoidance of mainstream Christian media and personalities.
Retweeted by Ed Link IIIThis is disgusting. how practically every religion basically says "Dont be a dick"; but ultra religious people are like "lol no".
Retweeted by Ed Link IIINo matter who you vote for, you can always take comfort in the truth — all your politicians are owned by their corp…
Retweeted by Ed Link III @justamandy I guess I'll just stay home and make out with my wife who shares her snacks with me. (Not a euphemism.) @justamandy Only if I get the rest of the Pringles. @Love_bug1016 @dad_on_my_feet
@theKevinGarcia_ I would assume it's the same as a sniper: point, wait for the perfect shot, shoot. Both also requi…"Deprecated" is one of my least favorite words. #programming#NoteToSelf: Never dump the @cheezit crumbs into your mouth again. So much salt. #YouCantHandleTheSaltPaws for a Princess - Service K9 Needed Please help us spread the word. #gofundme #servicedog #epilepsy
Me: Watch this guy (Angus) play guitar. Teenager: What the frick?! Me: 🤣, I'm "I get annoyed by loud cars driving by" years old.Can anyone offer any insight on what the process is like obtaining #SecurityClearance for a military base?Just had an amazing job interview for a #LAMP & #JavaScript full stack development position. #PHP #webdev #fingerscrossedIs it okay to put an exhaust fan in my teenage son's bedroom? Asking for my olfactory senses. @justamandy Hellz yes! @justamandy I've tried to join several and been rejected from all.I had a very nice lady come to my house this evening and she asked me to vote for Trump. I just stared at her, said…
Excerpt from chat with a coworker during a video meeting: CW: That's what I get for not paying attention. Me: I d… @jeffratliff Nothing solidified yet. Still researching the process of getting a "seizure dog." You'll be the first… forgot: Spreads germs vs Saves lives
Two local churches are offering to do fund raisers for my daughter (recently diagnosed with epilepsy) to get a serv…💯 @realkimstover I feel this so deeply. @sheologian I don't think anyone actually loves Trump. I think they appreciate him as justification for being horrible people themselves.
Retweeted by Ed Link IIII feel seen. I feel validated. I feel less alone now.
Retweeted by Ed Link III“Some days, doing ‘the best we can’ may still fall short of what we would like to be able to do, but life isn’t per…
Retweeted by Ed Link IIIWhatever it is, it's dangerous to anyone who is not a straight, white, evangelical male. @thomaslhorrocks ((I usually vote third party.)) @thomaslhorrocks Unfortunately, yes. For me, it's doing my part to fire the guy in the White House. @Kootenaygirl7 You'll regret it. @Brittney_Moses, as a web developer, I can hack Facebook, your ex's phone, and the DOJ database (whatever that is). Hey Google... Shoot me. Google: I'm sorry, I don't understand. Me: So, you're really _not_ listening all the time?! @SladeWentworth Have another one as soon as possible so they will have a friend to play with.Deep breath in... Deep breath out...Tomorrow is the first day the kids will be home while I'm working since the start of the school year. Jesus, help u… we have cats, when we clearly need a dog.It's okay to expose Star Wars haters who share memes of The Child (aka "Baby Yoda") as hypocrites, right? #AskingForMeCopy/Paste but change what the bunny is holding. (\_/) ( •_•) / >🌮Me, later that day: Oh! I remember! No way will I forget this time... Where's my phone?I remember when we thought having a dog would help us prepare for having children. We clearly should have gotten cats.Me, thinking of something clever to tweet while in the shower: No way I'll forget that! Me now: ... 🤦🏻‍♂️I can imagine being the person who accidentally invented pop corn, like, "Oh no! I ruined the corn! How am I going…
I just have not been able to make myself care about social media lately. Maybe it would be different if I felt like…
Confession: I used to pretend to have imaginary friends.