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trace @edmthotiana at a festival

📍 seattle | aries ♈️ | i love @RLGRIME | she/her | leftist 🇻🇳 | BLM | #FreePalestine

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i wish y’all would stop advertising dating women the minute a man break your heart… very distasteful
Retweeted by traceSo today, GrubHub offered $15 off orders from 11am to 2pm in NYC, which got thousands of customers to order free me…
Retweeted by traceURGENT: We've pulled some strings (again) and we will be having a pop-up shop at Strip Smoke Shop in Vegas for #EDC
Retweeted by traceIt's just in the timing!
Retweeted by traceHMU if u down to do illegal shit this summer. not finna b bored
Retweeted by traceI can’t fake any form of intimacy I have to be in love w you to even give you a hug comfortably
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Retweeted by traceancient battles were crazy, do u know how mad u have to be to travel 3 months on horseback to go die in a field
Retweeted by tracePutting fast food right next to the gym…….,,,,,, what is the reason you not helping 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by traceAs a sociology major I don’t get how you go on to become a cop like look at your notes 😭
Retweeted by traceisn't this the sociology major who became a cop LMAO
Retweeted by tracei need a new crush mine dont like me back
Retweeted by tracehaving a crush in your twenties is so funny bc it’s like i have a full time job why am i twirling my hair and kicki…
Retweeted by trace @trapfairyT8 @okeechobeefest I second this!!!!!!!!!!receiving a gift from someone based off of details they've learned about you from just listening, is top tier.
Retweeted by traceWhy are white people so afraid of becoming a minority? Does America treat minorities poorly or something?
Retweeted by traceat my job, in my dms, at the gas station. fr 😭😭
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Retweeted by tracei wish he was drowning in mine fr obrien has been swimming in pussy since like 2014
Retweeted by tracesparkly ysl bra
Retweeted by traceMy oil painting of a Jägerbomb
Retweeted by traceI need Insomniac to bring back Paradiso…. Lol there’s just something about that festival that Beyond PNW can’t replace…men like when you're a little mean to them
Retweeted by trace“Parasite chief in her idiot hat.” is one of the funniest sentences known to man
Retweeted by trace😂😂😂
Retweeted by traceGive her roses just because 😏
Retweeted by trace @obiyeet @johnsummit come get ur milkiesalso witnessing how horrible ppl are and being glad I’m not in a relationship and have to deal with some of the shit y’all go thru!!!!!Why is dating so damn terrible right now? Wtf is wrong with everybody?
Retweeted by tracein my im okay with being single bc I’ve been alone for so long and realize nobody deserves me era @xomvngz if not money then compensated in other ways yes"Ass or tits" Bro her extensive knowledge of the marvel cinematic universe
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“where the hoes at” the same mfs when the hoes arrive:
Retweeted by tracei love a fictional man who looks like his life is falling apart. like yes king suffer it’s so sexy
Retweeted by traceLord have mercy 😂
Retweeted by tracemisread a woman’s thigh tattoos as “want soup / need soup” instead of “won’t stop / never stop”
Retweeted by tracewhy have one boyfriend when I can have five our edc totem :3
Retweeted by traceself care is officially over my demons have won
Retweeted by trace1 hour lunch break is not enough I need to just never workYou don’t like me cause that man do
Retweeted by trace“idgaf what she doing”
Retweeted by tracewhy is dating so hard bro i just wanna be loved the way i love. i’m such a giver and i end up with people who suck…
Retweeted by trace" I can fly " 😂😜
Retweeted by traceOh so “I was too drunk to consent” can’t get thru to people’s heads but “I was too drunk that I sexually assaulted… saw this tiktok & it was saying how social media makes ppl faceles so you think getting 50 likes is bad, but if 5…
Retweeted by traceWhen you get the body positivity message half right
Retweeted by traceActs of service is probably my favorite love language. It takes a lot of attentiveness and a genuine care to figure…
Retweeted by trace @soundsofneda @OhSullly WHAT!!!! Omg Party In Your Bedroom and Sugar Rush off their Take It To The Floor album was 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 lolthis girl on tiktok said she's trilingual and one of the comments said "she speaks english, spanish and to her ex" 😭😭
Retweeted by trace @daissydukez me 😭😭 @OhSullly @soundsofneda wait till they find out Cash Cash was a pop rock band 😩
Retweeted by tracedawg no fucking way
Retweeted by traceGiving him a boner in public to assert my dominance
Retweeted by traceLooking for a rave family to adopt me since none of my friends like raving! I promise I’m nice and normal (also gay…
Retweeted by tracemen shut the fuck up and stop talking about women’s bodies challenge @kyantewilson The “pathological…. Lie in it” line… too good omginflation hit acrylic nails first
Retweeted by tracethis actually happened
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Retweeted by traceEvery time a baddie w an ethnic nose gets a nose job an angel dies
Retweeted by traceSHES TAKING IT???
Retweeted by traceHow tf did Jack Harlow get that generic ass song back to number 1 on the charts? this shit ain’t adding up 😭😭
Retweeted by trace @troyboogie “Gee” keeps playing in my headThat’s a traditional Samoan malu, given to Samoan women of royal blood. So you’ll forever be at home cuz you’re irr…
Retweeted by trace"i'll do it if you do it" are the most dangerous friendships 😭
Retweeted by traceWHAT!!!!!!!!!! page didn’t get hacked that was YOU tryna turn $300 to $3000.
Retweeted by traceDo not speak Italian to Phillip
Retweeted by traceLmfao not the shein shoes melting?????
Retweeted by trace @OhSullly @UtterRubbish89 i came to California to fsu with you guys now it’s your turn to reciprocate that same energy in my state 🤝CAN SHE LEAVE MEGAN ALONE YO SODBWOFNWOFKWOFKWOFKKEFMELMFKEKDKEND
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Trying to be like a Jeep doors this summer. Unhinged with my top off
Retweeted by tracemy sister used to say 'boys are easier to raise than girls' and after her 17 year old son was admitted to a psych h…
Retweeted by tracecrazy how the government wouldn’t try to regulate my vagina if it fired bullets tho.
Retweeted by tracei failed you chief keef i loved ah thottie
Retweeted by traceJamie Lee Curtis does NOT let up 😭😭😭
Retweeted by traceshe said i had my activia and i'm ready to shit on yall
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Retweeted by traceuhhhh let me be clear
Retweeted by tracepls send lots of videos of @imanumusic’s set at edc pls cant believe I’m missing my mans ima cryHe’s not lost. he’s free
Retweeted by traceStop stealing people shit 💀🤣😭
Retweeted by tracecan we ban cara delevingne from hollywood
Retweeted by traceGuys love to complain about the “friend zone” but I think it’s even more hurtful thinking a guy genuinely wants to…
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Retweeted by trace @Simp4Sluts Good choicetoday is a day you can tweet this
Retweeted by tracefeminism can wait 3 minutes and 30 seconds
Retweeted by tracei feel joy again. today is 10 months hrt. may 15 2019 (18) vs may 15 2022 (21)
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Retweeted by traceDay Trip🤝 Seattle! ✈️ Join us for a beautiful day under the Space Needle & groove in the sunshine to the many flavo…
Retweeted by traceLETS MF GOOOOO SEATTLE 😩😩 we love to see it 🤭🤭 @nappytheplug omg I dread the rolling loud vs. edm festivals discourse every year. it’s the same shit every time wh… scrolled too far down to see ppl say “he can dj my bussy” and “want a piece of that melloussy” 😭😭😭 girlies figured out what marshmello looks like we are DOOMED
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