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Just heard the radio say "a group of wealthy predator countries" & thought Blimey, Telling It Like It Is For Once b… all this is over, if anyone ever says “Coronavirus” in my presence again, I’m going to flatten their curve.
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Retweeted by Edmund Griffiths @amendlocke Will doReading the Balibar dictatorship of the proletariat book, which I'd never got around to beforeParsifal from the Bayerische Staatsoper extract from an article by arch-right wing Labour man John McTernan is why the Right has defeated the Left (pr…
Retweeted by Edmund Griffiths @DrFrancisYoung Yes that's certainly true. I seem to remember DS Mirsky makes a similar point about the post-1688 T… @DrFrancisYoung Yyyeessss, but was that ever on a comparable scale? @DrFrancisYoung Yes it's interesting. Hard to think of a close parallel @DrFrancisYoung Must have missed it, let me look now @DrFrancisYoung I suppose future historians will make up their own term. And then they'll enjoy reminding people th… @DrFrancisYoung I think that's right; but "the coronavirus" would be fine, bc which other coronavirus are we going to be talking about? @sammeoch I think all of that prob counts as not naming it @j0s3fk Oooooooooooh @digitalben Why can I only favourite this once @gruttocks1 Yes I've heard that a lot. Might come under avoiding saying the name @MeganDoolally @bealelab Well begun is a strong word @MeganDoolally @bealelab Nobody had better write The Meaning of SARS-CoV @bealelab Blimey, an option I hadn't even considered @DrFrancisYoung Yes me too! That's one reason I thought to do the poll @bealelab I would love to say SARS-CoV-2 but I don't know whether it's pronounced sarze-kov-too or sarze-cee-oh-vee-tooWhat are you currently calling it?Did a coronavirus post this
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Retweeted by Edmund Griffiths @joolsd @YaNanous @GBabeuf Oh now that's a good oneThe world the flesh & no forget that I mean the imaginary the symbolic & no no no that's not it hang on let me thin…
I am approximately 1,000,000 per cent certain that Trump Googled "Seoul" specifically to make this observation and…
Retweeted by Edmund Griffiths @YaNanous @particleist Certainly leaning in the direction of yup @YaNanous @particleist Not in this context though @KajPolitiko Bona kurso de mezepoka kimra (por liri la "Mabinogion" ktp), a state in one of the richest countries in the world, has painted social-distancing boxes on a concrete par…
Retweeted by Edmund GriffithsThe beta Guardian app has started having an odd bug where it's randomly adding star ratings usually seen on their r…
Retweeted by Edmund GriffithsJust posted: 'When the state has withered away'
Retweeted by Edmund Griffiths @LabourZaid It comes from for my first lecture on Boethius and realizing that this entire term will be a test of whether philosophy…
Retweeted by Edmund GriffithsSorry to interrupt lads, but the Chinese aid packages to the UK have this stamped on them, and I am absolutely, 100…
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Retweeted by Edmund GriffithsThis is just Britain always, no?
Retweeted by Edmund GriffithsSolidarity with people in Hungary esp. democrats, socialists, migrants, members of ethnic minorities't better🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶AUFERSTANDEN AUS RUINEN Manolis Glezos @YaNanous @GBabeuf @particleist No, his theories do not qualify as #beliefs, they are in fact #spookinesses https:/…
Tanka Collection The collection consists of 77 tankas, chiefly Tibetan, but also Nepalese, Bhutanese, Indian and Ch…
Retweeted by Edmund GriffithsUS politics is so odd. I know we're in no position to talk but it really isY'know I think there might still be a pandemic even if Mrs Clinton were the president @RationalColonel In other spheres (e.g. "theory") I am more sympathetic to the idea that the difficulty is often spurious or a mannerism @RationalColonel I suspect in the case of poetry a certain amount of the resistance to "difficulty" comes from the… @RationalColonel Yes that's good @RationalColonel What a #real political organization has to say about itself: bridge that collapsed in Detroit 2 days ago had a sign that said “Biden = NAFTA” and I just don’t know how much…
Retweeted by Edmund Griffiths @RationalColonel #Inspiring @RationalColonel Oh really & what else does it say, do read on @RationalColonel Listen you @RationalColonel Socialist pluralism does not require me to say everyone ought to join a #reformistPartyThe public are responding marvellously to the lockdown & I oppose all snide grumbling; but if I didn't I might just… of course that I am advising anyone to acquire or to retain Labour Party membership; but if you've got a vote you may as well use itTalking on the phone today to a friend of mine who's a Labour Party member & hadn't yet got around to voting in the… C/2019 Y4 (ATLAS) is currently in Ursa Major and is moving towars Camelopardalis. It is brightening and in l…
Retweeted by Edmund GriffithsFrom 30 April, Oxford CCS will be hosting 8 weekly talks on topics including • proletarian democracy • abstract lab…
Retweeted by Edmund Griffiths @McCaineNL Get well soon
Retweeted by Edmund Griffiths @RationalColonel It's lovely once you're outNice to see a bit of Labour leadership stuff on the TL for a change (Now there's something I did not think I'd be saying)it's the way he capitalises "Institute", it's wonderful
Retweeted by Edmund GriffithsAt this point they're doing it deliberately you're at a loss for something to do on Thursday evening, you could always go to & liste… @YaNanous Doesn't advertise as intensively as the super blood wolf, that's why we're less aware of itThere's definitely a Neil Ferguson / Niall Ferguson joke out there, but it seems I am not the one who'll be making it
Can we get an update on this
Retweeted by Edmund GriffithsRIP Carole Chant @adahn_echo You've got a 🔒 account, your tweets are basically DMs anyway @nyanlasers Oxford Westgate centre Sainsbury'sTwitter DMs don't seem to be working, but no need to fret: I'm sure we can all happily tweet anything we would ordi… posted: 'When the state has withered away' family’s hilarious quarantine video filmed in the beautiful grounds of their holiday home will touch your heart!
Retweeted by Edmund GriffithsOh HO's an Arthur Waley translation for you: this is from his version of the Book of Songs (詩經 Shih-ching)
I never took it for granted to begin with so I don't need a learning experience—reported to the _police_? He may be talking rubbish but that is not a police matter @MediocreDave @MetOpera That's just what giant snakes that guard treasure & sing in bass voices look like @MediocreDave @MetOpera No it was enormousSiegfried from the New York @MetOpera hit the spot. Tomorrow Götterdämmerung 🔥🔥🔥 @RationalColonel 🖕Find that the lockdown etc is making me very short-tempered. Arguably a good thing I'm not allowed to see other human beingsNEGATIVE OIL PRICES ARE OFFICIALLY HERE In an obscure corner of the market, a bid was just put in for oil at -$0.1…
Retweeted by Edmund GriffithsDon't think any of us can yet really imagine the caustic, universal-debt-slavery levels of austerity that are going… @EdmundGriffiths Coronavirus UK lockdown causes big drop in air pollution
Retweeted by Edmund GriffithsThe Prime Minister has tested positive for Corona virus. He has mild symptoms and will self-isolate in Downing Stre…
Retweeted by Edmund GriffithsAbsolute shit journalism. He has 400 followers and the Washington Post decided to track down and *call his elderly…
Retweeted by Edmund Griffiths @GBabeuf @RationalColonel Those people are not socialists & are therefore not #covered @GBabeuf @RationalColonel NoWhat is that which the breeze o'er the towering steep As it fitfully blows half conceals, half discloses?
You all think it's just a laugh, but in China in 1977 describing your politics in 4 people could have got you arrested @YaNanous Audio will be online: but tune in that evening, I don't think it will be up forever @YaNanous @YaNanous Yep, 2nd of April