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Not clever. Rarely ranty. I do not make this place worse.

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@cdotneufeld it looks really cool! @statenislandma already have. Keith, A, & I will still celebrate food wise however feels fun but we won't be going… I'm sure you've already seen this but it's definitely related to your interests. 🐕🐶❤️
Gotta say, I love my little political bubble I keep myself in, in general, but I'm also very thankful for those tha… @keishakpage oh wow, so thankful you had an off symptom at least so they were able to find out. I'm really bad at i… @keishakpage that is terrifying and I'm glad you're ok and hopefully it dissolves quickly and safely. How did you even know you had one?
@DonnaRi31 glad you're ok @statenislandma really? I'm at 11. To be fair I've only tasted frog legs and hated them but counting it bc I've tri… @chimama1961 ooh, that's definitely going on the list! I looked up how to get the ultimate entertainment show of wh… @chimama1961 bc fuck the idea that a woman is in charge of cleaning, lol. But I did love the Jetsons. Just had A wa… @chimama1961 lol it works though! And I like it bc can come up with so many nicknames or be more formal. Only issue… @cterlson @cdotneufeld 🤣 that fits! @cdotneufeld I've named my trees Hector & Isabella so totally get that, lol. I considered Rosie for same reason but… We've bought a robotic vacuum bc I want to give it a try for just daily cleaning bc our floors are all hardwo… @MyzzCryz ....and I hate him. And my Gov too bc he probably did take a stand and voted for Trump so he sucks also, lol. @MyzzCryz he actually did this?! Wtf! (read my limit of articles so can't see) God I hate Rep worship for Reagan, h… @chimama1961 A finally guilted me so I have 1 of of him in our hallway from like 4 years ago, lol. But yeah most pa… @Bobbiisawkward around here there's usually several places to get free testing including from CVS. I'd say get test… @heartsandhandss yes! @heartsandhandss I'm sorry but I understand. I've lost so much patience for people the last 4yrs but you just can't… @heartsandhandss anyone that even talks about voting 3rd party I just have intense hatred for. Like it is so not th… @heartsandhandss ugh! Unfortunately I'm just assuming he's going to win in general. 🤬😭 Biden will get popular vote… @heartsandhandss holy crap! That's crazy! @statenislandma I'm just assuming he is. I know Biden will get the popular vote but fucking dumb ass electoral scre… @heartsandhandss not that we ever would have voted for him, but Keith was mad he didn't get to at least laugh at Ka…
@Lost_NYer haha I forgot when you mentioned prime day but you were right. Didn't get one mentioned but worth trying… I'm literally crying every damn time over 2 days seeing people in Georgia voting. Like no joke I tried to tell…'m telling Keith now. Don't give me hope, don't tell me it'll work out, don't tell me there's no voting fraud, don… @Unsarah84 I love you.....
@kirstin_g yes! Despite a hat and no hair, A has his dad's huge blue eyes, big lips. We've told him and people all… @kirstin_g thank you! why I love showing him other kids that choose longer hair. I hate hair is gender. Right now m… @kirstin_g bc he said to ignore. But he dresses "boy" mostly except in costume plus what even is boy. Whew. Sorry.… @kirstin_g and he's said he doesn't know how to answer to that bc being a girl isn't a put down (I love my kid) but… @kirstin_g he only gets annoyed bc he's been constantly called girl his entire life. Like even as a baby. Even as h… @kirstin_g ❤️ I've asked him if wants haircut whether with me or his usual stylist (mine) bc trust she'd try make s… @kirstin_g me too! I'll look for you, thanks! @kirstin_g are you on IG bc I know you have a long hair kid so he loves seeing that.@kirstin_g that's the thing though we started with mine longer despite he had long hair (for a boy🙄). Neither cut… kid's hair is longer than mine! K & I swear mine was bit longer before pandemic bc I was trying to grow mine. Ne… @MyzzCryz oh ❤️. That's sweet. I hope you can find her something to occupy her but yeah that must be hard. You're o… @MyzzCryz school so since she was seen every day they would just tell her everything. And that wasn't fair to me in… @MyzzCryz at her, not even trying to be really mean, just annoyed about something I don't even remember. And I was… @MyzzCryz awww, does she enjoy still seeing the kids? That probably would be hard to leave bc if I was older that w… try to stay very far from KY despite I live above it. I just can't understand how they keep electing such a disgu… @MyzzCryz she sounds like my grandma. She is retired now at 95 but she worked until maybe 7yrs ago part time bc jus… article if haven't read yet. I only wish those that've had it that think they're immune bc "have antibo… @Lost_NYer thanks! @MyzzCryz and make no mistake I told him he should leave in Aug but he didn't want to bc he's barely scheduled & he… @MyzzCryz one employee/kind of Mgr thinks he's silly there but whatever. I told him to invite her to work at Walmar… @MyzzCryz that's so awesome your boss is being so great about it! I'm very happy for you bc that must be a relief.… @Lost_NYer did you buy? If so mind sharing the brand/link or whatever? @MyzzCryz I grew up with supper usually but now call it dinner. In college my roommate & I used to bicker constantl… @MyzzCryz will you have to go back anytime soon have you heard?Amazing how fast the script changes when it benefits you. I truly don't understand power hungry people. And I don't…
@MyzzCryz haha, just said something similar to @chimama1961 @chimama1961 not disagreeing with that, which helps me to tell myself as I stay here. And if my kid moved that woul… @chimama1961 but I think she's got some friends that live there but I rolled my eyes at her husband who told me you… @chimama1961 she's been having a really hard time after her dad died last year. They worked selling insurance toget… neighbor whose leaving name was Julie which was 1 of A's 1st 5 words but he couldn't pronounce so called her Gi… found out my neighbor across street for 13yrs is moving to South Carolina. Why couldn't it be my Trump loving… @CFB_law @Becominggranola @Unsarah84 @clovertine if that's your version of extreme than I'll happily be considered… @CFB_law @Becominggranola @Unsarah84 @clovertine why would I want to take a chance killing someone? Why would I wan… @Unsarah84 haha, that's been on our list for Nov since we won't be risking seeing our family this year. Could chang… @Mango1531 right? This was probably from trader Joe's and said exactly that, lol. Was part of bigger fairy garden b… @Mango1531 cool thanks! I had some brought up on Google but such a coincidence you posted same plant tonight figure… @Mango1531 what's the name of one in picture on the right but left side of planter? Ours grew to over foot tall the… was fun watching our neighbor's cool Halloween projections on their house (my IG is same as here if want to…
Alright fine. I won't vote for Hillary Clinton this election. 👍🙄
@statenislandma do you have an online voter portal that tells you when they received your ballot. I turned ours in… @Leighbra K & I are at 19 yrs in Feb. BUT we lived through so much before that it's crazy to think about and A refu… @Leighbra the fact you two are happily married is the best (not discounting kids but they'd exist regardless). I'm… @SecretBeck @Leighbra you've literally met your kids to who they are. And you're letting them be themselves. And t… @hmschlingmama @Leighbra of course and I'm proud of anyone that does it. But I'll still admire you it. And you must… @hmschlingmama @Leighbra you're so amazing! You did all that work way younger than I did and I admire it. ❤️ It is your best work! @Leighbra I'm stealing this btw bc I love this. I asked my whole family. K's is he went & graduated college & slowl… @GeigerinGirl not helpful but I delivered ours directly and it shows correct date on portal so at least for us, the… @jessandtheboys_ right? I know I'm getting nothing out of this except I appreciate if I can live through this. But…
@MyzzCryz awww, I'm glad he's doing okay. You've raised a great kid. If they're doing fine to thriving virtually wh… @MyzzCryz how is your kid doing? Is he in person or virtual? I don't remember, sorry. (honestly no judgements eithe… @MyzzCryz but I've seen others really struggle which makes me cheer my decision for 3 person family bc I don't even… @MyzzCryz I definitely agree with this! So thankful we're healthy still. But I was joking bc Keith likes to be ridi… honestly though, when covid is finally over will there be a medal ceremony? I love my partner but the fact we'r…'s what I don't get. My family raised me to care for others, especially when they're down since my older sis ha… more fun than arguing against capitalism vs socialism to your 95yo grandma. 🙄🤦‍♀️ I get there is no one rig… @chimama1961 A wants to knock them down everyday. He knows he can't steal them so that was best he could come up wi… need a sign that says I live next to racists but they think they're very fine people. Bc I know damn well they TH… nextdoor neighbor has 45's sign in their yard. It's not surprising since I've yelled at her adult son over summ… woman is too much! Like she'd be hilariously awful if it weren't for the fact she cares about no one but herse… @staceyballis do they know something we don't know?
My boy Chunk is losing!! Help him! 😂 I'm impressed by 747 but he had longer in pic before/after to get even more ma… a small fever last night but feeling better today so I either beat covid in less than a day or just beat the si… @MyzzCryz Keith's did last year but not this year so I guess it's just a fluke of what happens to you.
After a flu shot, if you get symptoms, how long does it take for you? I got one today but I don't think the headach… the Dr is also seeing he's unhinged, a safety nightmare, and a menace to everyone but he's still releasing him?… @MyzzCryz it is sad just bc nice to know there's an option. 1 of ours is only open on weekends now and the other 2… @chimama1961 ❤️❤️❤️😍 yay!The nurse also didn't even check my blood pressure bc my pulse was so high from even being there. Told her it was,… had the lab people come into the room I was in instead of waiting in the waiting room then going to their rooms… @MyzzCryz found it funny they told everyone they had to wear one of their masks but me. Apparently they feel I'm ta… man came in with his nose hanging out so now I'm outside waiting. He went right up to receptionist to talk with…