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Ron Edmonds @edronmonds Melbourne, Australia

Doctor Who nerd and 80s tragic. On the radio via @trashdiscomelb on 88.6 @plentyvalleyfm on Saturday nights.

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@Karen_Freedman @GeorgeHarrison my iPod was on shuffle on George solo tunes all daywhy do the printers on Maccas self service kiosk things never work? #theycallmynumberbutidontknowmynumber
@HelenaTemperton @JezNews @martink we’re not talking about unintentional missteps here. these are entitled people w… @NickTrebla @JezNews @martink agreed. I thought the old “when in Rome..” adage applied, but I think maybe not every… @JezNews @spiritgateoz unfortunately for me also, i was born and raised in the UK, so i have no connection to my "birth culture" either @JezNews @spiritgateoz I do. it means to have your opinions not sought, your ideas dismissed (only to have someone… @JezNews for me it has shaped my behaviour and confidence, and that's a lot to unlearn if i want be me. proper me. @JezNews I'm so glad when you point these things out, for a lot of my life I thought there was something wrong with… @JezNews do you ever get that thing where you're walking along a street, and for some reason people expect YOU to m…
never let a poo joke opportunity pass you by #adviceforliving
What 80’s/90s album do you want to hear again?
@titfan they’ve been saying that about bookshops for years... yet there are still loads of bookshops
Retweeted by Ron Edmondsgood morning
Retweeted by Ron EdmondsI’m afraid I shall be unable to attend your party as I’m reading a really good book at the moment.
Retweeted by Ron Edmonds @jaytennant_ Liz and Siouxsie are fantastic, but it’s always Kate for me. multi-talented genius. @vacuumofmyheart no one. it seems pretty tame to me. but most of the people I work don’t have any hair... @clementine_ford the fakery of it all but sold as reality is soul destroying. but a lot of people believe they are… to instigate #madhairfridays at work, but no one else is joining in 🙁
a president that says “yay!” 🤦‍♂️ someone bids on your eBay item but doesn’t pay #bringbackhangingThe Chinese Government is surveilling your farts
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Emperor Palpatine humbly accepts the fair and just decision by the unbiased Senate not to hear witnesses who would…
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100% surname is “Mucus” #youngones @who_fx agreed, you notice the character behaviour more, and the teeny weeny clues5 minutes of Captain Jack was not enough #moreplease @JohnBarrowman #takethatasyouwill
Nicholas Parsons has finally taken Peter Cook’s advice. What a gent.
Retweeted by Ron Edmondssad news. a true gent
@Roisinconaty omg that horse snorting scene, we couldn’t stop laughing #gameface @MatthewBevan I’ve known them as woodlice, but then I’m from the UK. the names for this creature vary across the world
@tanya_plibersek reeks of N. Korea to me
You have got to be joking me
Retweeted by Ron Edmonds @MatthewBevan not one iota of shame among these people #shameless
It’s Saturday already! Which means it’s time for another serve of delicious hot but slightly strange tasting tunes…
Retweeted by Ron Edmonds @Classicbritcom spent my childhood watching him. but seriously, who names their kid “Bamber”?Bamber Gascoigne is 85 today, Happy Birthday Bamber 🎂🎉
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I loved him the moment I saw him on stage at the Edinburgh Festival in 1963. So many laughs,moments of total hilari…
Retweeted by Ron EdmondsTerry Jones was the only Python who agreed to appear in The Young Ones. It was like affirmation from God himself. T…
Retweeted by Ron EdmondsJust heard about Terry J It feels strange that a man of so many talents and such endless enthusiasm, should have f…
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@CompanionsOfWho Romana 2 Donna Adric
@gabbyglaister well I guess in *some* cases they are actually with the person, but not always. but that could be p… @gabbyglaister Isn’t it just like mentioning someone in a tweet? @JDenchen @WhovianLeap Splendid chaps, all of them though. (except Cushing. stick to horror movies, buddy!) @JDenchen @WhovianLeap 1 T Baker 2 Capaldi 3 Tennant 4 Smith 5 Whittaker 6 Troughton 7 McCoy 8 Hurt 9 Davison 10 C… listen to Werner Herzog absolutely roasting chickens.
Retweeted by Ron Edmonds @Classicbritcom Don’t forget his appearances in Doctor Who as the Meddling Monk too.
@goodiesruleok It’s seems to be out of stock already 🙁 @MatthewBevan I don’t think they understand what proper journalism looks like, or that for your “little segments” y… @MrTimCallanan @cameronbest Alta Vista, baby
@NAB 👍 @NAB hi, what’s the max transaction on Visa debit card? Eg, if I wanted to use it to buy a car?
@MamaShawnaO yes mum! @MamaShawnaO Like the way I’m meant to be packing to move house and instead I’m reading your tweets..., @coriander70 No! Just a small contribution! Guess I’m not the favourite son anymore. and since technically I’m an only child... 🤷‍♂️ @collmoff Thank you!!😁👍
Retweeted by Ron Edmonds @retrogirlfrank1 Thank you 😊😊 @PhilPtw Thanks! 30 is but a distant memory! @ButtigiegAndrew Thank you 😁😁 @Karen_Freedman Thanks Karen! 😁 @PierreCirocco I look forward to it! @PierreCirocco Thank you 😘 I have this week off cos we’re moving house, so having a leisurely day with the fam @PierreCirocco yes, but FB doesn’t know 😉😉when you go out with your parents for lunch for your birthday but they don’t pay 🙁as much as the media will rake up as much muck about the royal family as they can, to the point of making stuff up,…
@vacuumofmyheart 😎 🎩 @kenobiola
Retweeted by Ron EdmondsTrue story 😄😄😄
I stand with you @PINK. I will match you, & while I'm at it, what do you think #RupertMurdoch will be doing for th…
Retweeted by Ron Edmonds @ButtigiegAndrew “young” lol! most kind 😁 @MamaShawnaO I didn’t read the rest... someone needs an education 😄😄when a tweet should been a DM...
😄😄😄 @wfspvfm 😁it’s #HatDay today #noreasonrequired Terry-Thomas who passed away 30 years ago today 😇
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@Telstra hi, new place is HFC, current place is FTTC
@TamaraOudyn do you know who controls what goes into the captions during the news? Is it Red Bee or the ABC? @RedBeeMedia why don't the captions for @abcnews include the reporter name & location at the end? we hear this info… visual perspective on the Australian bushfires from @BBCWorld's a direct link between climate change and not doing anything about climate change.
Retweeted by Ron Edmonds @noplaceforsheep I think he’s possibly attempting humour. but to be successful in comedy you have to get the timing… @AlphWilliams @deniseshrivell it goes further. it guides policy as poor people are that way because they deserve it… @AlphWilliams @deniseshrivell yes, I have heard religious say things like this. people in disasters are suffering b… tweeted recently hoping for political bi-partisanship as we address the seriousness and consequences of these dev…
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Scratch Baxter always got a lucrative run in the Glasgow pantos back in the day 🤑
Retweeted by Ron EdmondsGarnaut Report in 2008 - “Fire seasons will start earlier, end later and be more intense. This effect increases ove…
Retweeted by Ron EdmondsI’ve been blowing up this balloon for five minutes, how come it’s only 5cm wide?'m sorry - but Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison using the #firecrisis to FUNDRAISE FOR THE LIBERAL PARTY r…
Retweeted by Ron EdmondsThis is gold! #Sharon @noplaceforsheep this is a trend amongst many world leaders right nowWeird that he’s referring to himself in third person like that #uncanny The Oz would be first to scream bias for the ABC/SMH/Age for reporting it at all @boomerangmadi @StanAustralia @AmazonAustralia that said, why not get that first month free from all of them and se… @boomerangmadi @StanAustralia @AmazonAustralia I have Stan, I like it and don't really want to pay for 5 different… @Telstra how much notice do you need for change address? i think the new place has different NBN technology to my c…
@5oh19 @ScottMorrisonMP they’re besties. of course he will blindly follow. @HulkRants and this is in reference to...? @5oh19 step aside? Malcolm would have handled it so differently