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Reviewer #3 would say: This paper simply combines running and bike riding, neither of which is considered new.
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Retweeted by Edward SaperiaGPT-3 can't quite pass a coding phone screen, but it's getting closer.
Retweeted by Edward SaperiaI've been sent some USB cables to review. And, honestly, I thought they were a big gimmicky. But they're *magic*.…
Retweeted by Edward Saperia @edent Looking at amazon... the data ones seem to be cheaper 🤔 @shane_dillon @ImHuYorks People are more likely to see it 🤷‍♂️ @ImHuYorks Write long tweet threads on Twitter instead 😎
Next week at the Social Design Club we'll look at a new video platform. @edsaperia will be interviewed by…
Retweeted by Edward SaperiaI just spent 14 minutes staring at this
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since we're talking about canadian tv, today i mourn cybersix, about a genetically engineered female warrior who es…
Retweeted by Edward SaperiaPressed publish on a post about some work me, @bitten_ and @silveroliver have been doing with @gansenthi et al at…
Retweeted by Edward SaperiaWe are a new investigative journal in Oxford. Stay tuned for the first stories that shine a light on institutional…
Retweeted by Edward Saperia @andyfacts 😎We are quietly looking for more engineers (web dev). Not rushing, taking our time to meet the right person / peopl…
Retweeted by Edward SaperiaBorn this very morn, @madenlaid, a sibling to @tweatytwacker. Made 'n' Laid is a wee bot account that tweets whenev…
Retweeted by Edward SaperiaOn my very last day working for this government, I'm very pleased that we just published the #innovationindemocracy
Retweeted by Edward SaperiaWikimedia has approved Abstract Wikipedia as a new project! I will join the @Wikimedia next week to lead that effo…
Retweeted by Edward SaperiaI'm available for demos for the next hour, dm me if you want one! @david_vd_velde I can do you a demo *right now* if you like? @RichDecibels See also: supermarkets and restaurants that sell your food, shops that sell your type of fashion, cin… @RichDecibels This is exactly why migrants cluster together, if you replace "house parties" with the more broad term "cultural events".
@dasbarrett I have no idea but have you seen, it's so cool @puzzlesthewill Yeah, tempo is a perfectly good word. Also term. @stamanfar Yes!!!!! @_phzn I just don't like the idea that other people get to tell my diary what to do :P @joelanman @googledocs I prefer to do live demos, for user research! @jimbomorrison I could make a video but then I lose all the user interviews! @joelanman @googledocs Take a look at this and see what you think. I'm available from 3 to 6:30, and this will take maybe 10-15 mins. @joelanman @googledocs (open source!)Okay, apparently lots of people want demos. Thank you for your interest! I need a better system for this. @joelanman @googledocs I'm working on something that might interest you, let me know if you'd like a quick demo. @Naomi_Turner one down... @matthews8000 Ah you made sourceful? It's amazing! I'd love to know more about how/why! @phivk you just did :) @Matt_Muir Important things are often boring.After 5+ years of researching community organising, I've created a piece of software that I think will be extremely… @Floppy CHUNKY BACON!!! @herahussain @ChaynHQ Oh and - fire fast.It's finally happening >>> Everything that the big social networks banned this week, ranked
Retweeted by Edward SaperiaThose of you designing next gen social environments may find our list of structural features useful
Retweeted by Edward Saperia @liamgoodgood hello! your tweets are interesting 😀 @nighatdad @herahussain @ChaynHQ On the contrary - In a non-profit context, brilliant work can dissuade new entrant…'re putting on 10 digital organising sessions for trade unions at #Organise2020 from 9-11 July. Book your free pl…
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@j0e_m @JRRT1904📣 Freelance opportunity! 📣 @JRRT1904 is recruiting for a 'democracy newsletter editor'. Monthly round-up for every…
Retweeted by Edward Saperia @herahussain @ChaynHQ How can you create competitors?#Opendata expected 1 July: ● INSPIRE Index Polygons: HMLR + RoS ●…
Retweeted by Edward Saperia @holly @joereddington @nwspk This is where tenancy has misaligned incentives; neither the landlord nor the tenant i… @holly @joereddington @nwspk It’s illegal for a landlord to rent you an unsafe home. It’s not illegal for you to al… @holly @joereddington @nwspk For the past five years I have housed a dozen cohorts of 7 activists at half market re… @holly @joereddington @nwspk They’re legally obliged to do quite a lot... but if there was no motive at all, imagin… @Asrugan @holly @nwspk Or just welfare that is enough to cover rent? @steiny For example, if I was a welsh MP I would be totally against a load of non welsh people deciding things for… @holly @joereddington @nwspk Or you’d be forced to live with your landlord as a lodger, I guess. @holly @joereddington @nwspk Also if it becomes impossible to rent it’s very difficult to move around. @holly @joereddington @nwspk Don’t accuse me of being a fan of landlords; I’m just trying to shed light on their pe… @joereddington @holly @nwspk Housing co-ops help a bit. But the fundamental issue is just that land and tradespeopl… @holly @nwspk Landlording is unusual because when their clients stop paying, they have to still provide the service… @holly @nwspk Lots of businesses (including landlords) are going bust. @holly @nwspk Sadly a lot of organisations that provide essential service are going to have to stop providing those services. @steiny A representative selection of the national public doesn’t represent the needs of my local constituency.Very grateful to be awarded a small grant from @JRRT1904 to research needs, tools and capacity around a potential…
Retweeted by Edward Saperia @holly @nwspk What would you suggest? Should people be allowed to just stop paying rent indefinitely? (Genuine question) @holly I am an activist landlord (@nwspk). Tenancy is a really bad arrangement that has poorly aligned incentives f… @j0e_m @j0e_m @JRRT1904 yo @alicelthwaite @NathanpmYoung You’d think they’d know better. @alicelthwaite @NathanpmYoung Sounds like something someone in the pocket of Big Ethics might say.Oh no!!!!!!!!! need to be reminded to unmute more often than MPs
Retweeted by Edward Saperia @alicelthwaite @NathanpmYoung The risk is conflict of interest. @samgilb @steiny I think we have all seen that, when working to gain power, consistency is not as important as we might have thought. @NathanpmYoung You can vote in internal party elections. @samgilb @steiny I know these things, but that doesn’t change the attack line.
@steiny I don’t think deferring to a citizen’s assembly would offer any protection at all; opposition could just sa… thread on the key findings from The Aspiration Window. Advertising & marketing is an elitist industry. The soci…
Retweeted by Edward Saperia @cynixy Leadership Skills
I’m beginning to think “hindsight is 2020” was some kind of message from a future time traveler that we all misunderstood.
Retweeted by Edward Saperia @b3at0n Highest grossing media franchise: @ibogost Don’t forget looking at menus16 years ago, Kellogg's ran survey asking Koreans for new flavour for Chex cereal. Green onion won by far. Kellogg'…
Retweeted by Edward Saperia🐙           🐡 🐡    🐡    🐡      🐡          🐙 🐡    🐡     🐡  🦀  🌾🌱 🌾 🌾🌱
Retweeted by Edward Saperia @joelanman @nonswearyphil Reddit manages 🤷‍♂️ the real issue is that slacks can be anywhere from 2 people to hundre… @ZakiyaMedia @joelanman @nonswearyphil And if you’re going to have threads, why not infinite level threads? @joelanman @nonswearyphil It’s clearly broken though. @joelanman @nonswearyphil Click to start new topic, reply to previous post by default? @konjak Have you played @ControlRemedy? Maybe not "pretty" but really epic. @instantiator @NathanpmYoung The first rule of induction club is also the same as it was yesterday. @instantiator @NathanpmYoung I checked all the other rules - this is definitely the first rule of exhaustion club. @NathanpmYoung The every-other-rule-apart-from-the-first of contraposition club isn't this one. @NathanpmYoung The first rule of inspection club is this one. @NathanpmYoung The first rule of commutative club might as well be the second rule of commutative club. @NathanpmYoung No, you're thinking of induction club. All rules of recursion club are the same as the first rule of recursion club.parent: if all your friends jumped off a cliff, would you do it too? machine learning model: yes
Retweeted by Edward Saperia @robmanuel Or maybe historians just get more upvotes for writing these conspiracy theories instead of THE TRUTH 🤯2010: some people put papers on ArXiv 2012: we put papers on ArXiv after peer-review is done 2016: we put papers on…
Retweeted by Edward Saperia @KarlNieberding Default open (Twitter) and default closed (Facebook) can coexist. @aptest_eve @seanmaciel Where is this? Reminds me of @ControlRemedy!