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@ReetaC16 @Lesufi @ReetaC16 @Lesufi Will be communicated in due cause. Kind regards Social Media Team @Lesufi @GautengGov @DBE_SA#GDEbrigadesRecruitment |It is advised that on arrival at school, the Principal & SMT member of the School Health &… on the above progress & protocols, the Department is hereby notifying all School Management Team members of s… cleaning of all other schools must be undertaken immediately by the schools and be concluded by Wednesday 27 Ma… 2: Teachers, PS staff and Learners [Grade 7 & 12] respectively, deliveries of PPEs. The cleaning & disinfec… Tsoaranang primary. Sedibeng East Secondary: Johannesburg South Directors and Principals of schools are requested to alert the Head Office of any shortages at schools whe… 1: PPEs for Principals & School Management Teams, have been delivered to 2 352 public schools. Regrettably,… | Grade 7 & 12 scheduled to open 1 June 2020, the Department is committed to ensure the principle… we prepare for #1stJune. This weekend we are attending to schools in Duduza and Nigel ⁦@Steve_Mabona⁩
Retweeted by Gauteng EducationWe are getting ready #ShcoolsReopening @Lesufi @educationgp Gauteng East Education centre @GautengProvince #GGT2030
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@Lesufi My advice on sanitizers, please make only original sanitizers are used bcoz fake once might coz allergic re…
Retweeted by Gauteng Education @Lesufi Well done MEC, we are behind you all the way
Retweeted by Gauteng Education @Lesufi Your leadership is highly appreciated.
Retweeted by Gauteng Education @07_mthoko @Lesufi Totally agree with you right there leadership, there they must not even take chance.…
Retweeted by Gauteng Education @educationgp 😍😍😍
Retweeted by Gauteng EducationWe are almost done with the delivery of PPEs for our School Management Teams as we prepare for #1stJune
Retweeted by Gauteng EducationTake note of the measures that will be in place when only Grade 12 & 7 learners return to school on 1 June. We urge…
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@educationgp @Lesufi @Steve_Mabona Thank you
Retweeted by Gauteng Education @educationgp @bongilaz @Steve_Mabona 1 Learner 1 Desk 1 Mask 😷#NoTouching
Retweeted by Gauteng Education @bongilaz @Lesufi @Steve_Mabona @kblkhunou @shireenhlalele @educationgp @Steve_Mabona Indeed
Retweeted by Gauteng Education @shireenhlalele @Lesufi @educationgp @Steve_Mabona all we ask MEC is that if u see danger, infections in schools, p…
Retweeted by Gauteng EducationAs we prepare for 1st June 2020 @educationgp @Steve_Mabona
Retweeted by Gauteng Education @Lesufi @educationgp @Steve_Mabona You work hard MEC...we appreciate your dedication towards the future of our kids...
Retweeted by Gauteng Education @FeziNgcobo @Lesufi Follow back so that we can send uou contacts of a Senior Manager who may assist. Regards Social Media Team[Classroom Readiness] #SchoolsReopening | Sufficient PPEs Relevant social distancing 1 learners, 1 desk Ensure ac… TRIANGLE - Gauteng Education says it is ready to reopen schools #education #Covid_19 #LockdownLevel3
Retweeted by Gauteng Education#SchoolsReopening | Psycho Social support will be provided to teachers and learners, in order to enable them to dis… PPEs, means no reopening of schools in Gauteng, says MEC Lesufi
Retweeted by Gauteng Education @ronnynyathi @educationgp Also helping teachers manage social distancing protocols with learners.
Retweeted by Gauteng Education @ronnynyathi @educationgp Ok I get that the PPE's have been provided great work but what about the Brigades to supp…
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This is how we Roll in Gauteng ✊🏾😂👇🏾
Retweeted by Gauteng EducationNotice 📌 #GDE2021OnlineAdmissions | 2021 Academic year Online Application for Grade 1 & 8 is scheduled to commence… @Lesufi is very clear and I hope our parents are listening... @MmusiMaimane are you listening or writing another pe…
Retweeted by Gauteng EducationOur Service Leaders are needed now more than ever to support schools and learners @educationgp #Covid19SA
Retweeted by Gauteng Education @Steve_Mabona @Lesufi @educationgp @GautengHealth @GautengProvince @bandilemasuku Bravo to MEC and the entire team.…
Retweeted by Gauteng EducationThe plan of the Gauteng Education @educationgp seems solid. I love the idea that parents will be invited to see for…
Retweeted by Gauteng Education[ON AIR] @ThabisoTema speaks to @educationgp MEC @Lesufi on plans for re-opening of schools in Gauteng. #POWERDrive
Retweeted by Gauteng Education @educationgp @Lesufi Well down to our MEC and entire leadership your plan is clear
Retweeted by Gauteng Education @sifiso_fa @Lesufi If you do have a medical evidence you may also fill the form and work from. @Scher_1987 @Lesufi Yes @educationgp @Lesufi Thank you
Retweeted by Gauteng Education#SchoolsReopening Grade 12 & 7 |Parents may request the MEC's Presentation for inputs (further much needed partici… |Parents are assured that the schools are safe to resume with teaching and learning. MEC @Lesufi @Lesufi on consultations and the decision to #SchoolReopening approach will be in steps PPEs availability followed by Principals, then Teachers and our learners (Grade 12 &… Social distancing will be adhered to each class will have 4 #GDEbrigadesRecruitment youth to assist and ensure… teachers above the age of 65 may disclose confidentially their health conditions and work from home. Social Dis…’s not true. Bidvest made a donation to clean previously disadvantaged schools free of charge as part of their so…
Retweeted by Gauteng EducationHere’s a formal letter of engagement with Bidvest to clean our schools free of charge. The accusations that are cir…
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@WaterWheelmag @Lesufi Will be communicated in due course 🙏[2 of 2 MEC's brief response] Mobile classroom will be made available while we await infrastructure contractions-de…[1 of 2] Dear Parents Kindly note the MEC's brief response on #SchoolReopening @Lesufi
Retweeted by Gauteng EducationKindly note #GDEbrigadesRecruitment @Lesufi @educationgp || GDE (Gauteng Department of Education) is running a programme COVID BRIGADES, youth will be placed i…
Retweeted by Gauteng EducationPlease take note @educationgp @GautengProvince @DBE_SA @Lesufi
Retweeted by Gauteng EducationPlease take note @educationgp @GautengProvince @Lesufi #GGT2030
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MEC @Lesufi interacting with @educationgp Management on Schools Reopening readiness @GautengProvince #GGT2030
Retweeted by Gauteng Education @Lesufi @ujmatthews @DBE_SA @ElijahMhlanga @MECTateMakgoe @Mpueducation @PollyBoshielo @ECDOEZA @nwdoe @WCEDnews
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2 suspects ages +- 17 to 18 years old, arrested for possession of suspected stolen property + burglary at Manamelon…
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Basic Education Minister in consultation process on sector recovery plans ahead of reopening of schools @DBE_SA
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Cc @Steve_Mabona“We would like to convey our sincere condolences to both families and the school community. We pray for their stren…, the diabetic boy learner, allegedly experienced complications on 21 April at home & subsequently rushed to… is alleged that the girl learner was electrocuted after touching an electric cable which was wrongly earthed at… |MEC @Lesufi is disheartened to learn about the death of two learners, an 8 year old girl learner from Se…
An important briefing for parents, teachers and all those connected to the education system. Happening tomorrow at…
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@PrishenM @educationgp
Retweeted by Gauteng Education @LethaboS2 @Lesufi @SandileTrust Kindly contact the nearest municipality.A call to future designers out there. Is it possible to design a new future classroom to incorporate challenges of…
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Update | The virtual media briefing details Date: Monday, 27 April 2020 Time: 14:00 @Lesufi @Steve_Mabona virtual media briefing details Date: Monday, 27 April 2020 Time: 14:00
The Minister of Basic Education @DBE_SA, Mrs Angie Motshekga, will brief media on Monday. She will be joined by Min…
@Tydo12 Check this team @educationgp @Steve_Mabona
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Thank you Apax School Auckland Park for donating 800 masks. @gpgSocDev @Steve_Mabona @educationgp @Lesufi @SANZAFSA
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