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Big soft dad, music, cricket, food.

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@albumcol Led Zeppelin IV (Zoso) @Fevs0312 @ScottCl23566402 @EmmaKennedy Yes and no. It is about "them". Foreigners. The "other". Racism is only a p…
@takenhosstage @BarristerSecret @ManMadeMoon One of them was "intelect" as well. Oof. I feel your pain! @SteelBlitzburgh It is now illegal in the NFL to tackle a quarterback when he isn't ready...or looking @aryastarksmom @SteelBlitzburgh 🤣 @KevinAdams26 Nah...they never had a chance of making the playoffs. @el_Queven ...again! @m_bakovic7 No, but they can sack the Browns qb. @landerso30 Run clock, run!!! @Papi_Chulo56 You think they will get to 8-8? @lyssa3216 None of the above
@MichaelVaughan Define "links"... Where do you draw the line, Michael? A known terrorist's wife? Children? It isn't that simple.
@Joannechocolat Why aren't the older, Tory voting generation nostalgic for these things? Why do they always hearken… @WisdenCricket Not even the best keeper in India.
@MikeHilton_28 Well played today. Defense is carrying the team. @ThatEricAlper Monkey gone to heaven. @AidanJohnMoffat @robinince Big soft dads are the best dads! @Steelersdepot Minkah time....
@jonbecker_ Cheese is devil spunk. Milk plus disease is not a valid foodstuff. @ChrisHawkinsUK Elsie Manflu and the Deliberately Perverse Lawn Darts @1ChrisMcKinney @BBC6Music @yumhoneyblood See you at the next one! @TrentBridge He'll be injured by next summer. @70s_party Brrrrrowwwwwwn!
@BBC6Music @steve_lamacq Beautiful black and white Love and Rockets t-shirt (the comic, not the band), Jaime Hernan… @Margin4Error I need a cup of tea and a sit down. 😠😠😠😤😤😤 @Margin4Error What do we do about it? We have to grow up a bit, become more mature and start to value things beyond… @Margin4Error This is why Russia has been able to slide its way into our politics, now that the super-rich will do… @Margin4Error The aristocracy, Tory hierarchy and their unseen backers have been funneling as much money as possibl… @1ChrisMcKinney @BBC6Music @yumhoneyblood Show, not shoe 🙄 @1ChrisMcKinney @BBC6Music @yumhoneyblood Hi Chris, were you pogoing in front of us at the Honeyblood shoe in Notti… @djhreed67 @BBC6Music @laurenlaverne @adigerwww @MadnessNews @TheVeganLeather Bleach! I'm back in Camden in 1990! @BBC6Music Boston's finest threesome. @kellyleeowens @BBC6Music Life's too good! 💚 @BBC6Music Earwig
@Steelersdepot Oh no!#bbccricket Why is Wagner's bowling like a nature ramble through a swamp? "Leach ducks, Leach ducks, Leach ducks..." @WisdenCricket And there is always a bloody crisis. @mrjohnofarrell @AngelaBarnes England's middle order batsmen have clearly got something on their minds... @WisdenCricket Epic collapse to medium paced bowling on a blameless wicket. @MichaelVaughan @benstokes38 Stop just saying... inevitable batting collapse follows! @ThatEricAlper Bob Marley "Is This Love" - "We'll be together, with a roof rack over our head..." In my defence, I was 7 or 8 years old! @KathyBurke SQUAAARK...NOT A PARROT, NOT A PARROT @WeeMissBea Can you recall ever being cursed? Monkey's paw, maybe? Fortune-teller you forget to tip? That Satanic c… @PhelpsieSarah (Whisper it) Gay people exist. Some of them even like to dance. Sometimes they are talented and dedi… @PtrCopp @MikeJWake @docdok @JohnJCrace Man U and Prince Andrew = Quick to make use of young talent. Prince Andrew… @PtrCopp @MikeJWake @docdok @JohnJCrace Big in the noughties. @prodnose I love disco, but I cannot stand "The Hustle". Cheers for calling this one out, Danny! @realDonaldTrump If this were a prize fight, you would be cheating.
@Steelersdepot Ok, maybe 4...I missed out Rosie Nix 🤐 @Steelersdepot And three of them are actually missed. @TheCricketerMag Big step down the wicket to the spinner, then a powerful block to kill the spin. @robinince The Adventure Game @Jim_Sheridan @robinince So very creepy. I never managed to watch two episodes in a row, so it never made any sense…
@ShappiKhorsandi Ms Hopkins channeling Julian Clary in this photo. @JH74097049 @SteelBlitzburgh Nah, Browns are gonna fold like 2-ply toilet paper.
@Steelersdepot #34 has actually asked for an interception for Christmas. @toadsy_boro @Tim_Burgess @pompokotheband @EOTR They were fantastic at @EOTR @ralphtheblue @StephenMangan You don't have to follow the crowd and watch the headliners. A big festival will alway… @penzanceali @Dorianlynskey @IanDunt I agree. How can anyone in Britain think "this has gone fine for the last 9 ye… @WisdenCricket Curran is a 4th seamer at best. They might just get away with it if Stokes can bowl. Couldn't happen… @TheBMovieVault Disco Godfather, please!
@amdwalker83 @nlygo @EmmaKennedy @BorisJohnson Bumbling posh buffoon. A certain type of lady loves it, so he just t…
@claireindubai @elisjames I find that Inner Circle song really creepy. Especially in this context. @richardosman Woking Pizza Express, can't sweat because he got shot at 20+ years ago...ironclad defence.#PrinceAndrew "there's been a constant drip..." He just keeps coming up with new nicknames for himself. @JohnSmi29073232 @domjoly He's running away from the Argentinian navy! @LouiseProudEU Give him a break, he's just realized he got shot at in 1982 🤣😂😆 @domjoly I was shot at in 1982, so I definitely couldn't have been sweaty in a nightclub in 2008. @PaulAllen2018 He didn't sweat because he got shot at in the Falklands war...24 years before going to the nightclub. 🙄 @brook1202 Pizza express!!! @Viv_Savage_CFC It's just so convenient! @HerFaithness "yes, but I was busy doing other things." I bet you were. #PrinceAndrew @JakeBeer11 @telecricket @MichaelVaughan I think the point Vaughan is trying to make is that Sibley looks a better… @JakeBeer11 @telecricket @MichaelVaughan I think they only did that once or twice on tours of the sub continent to… @JakeBeer11 @telecricket @MichaelVaughan That looks like a fine top six... unfortunately it never existed. Mark Wau… @evjanderson Swindon. Swindon is in every southern or West country region, just like Oxford used to be in every par… @StephenMangan Right arm helicopter. @johnmihalina @Steel_Curtain4 That must be tough. At least you've got the B-spot...great burgers! @ThatEricAlper Get There by @minoralps @GeoffLloyd Barnet Museum... they've got some armour and a couple of bits of a Zeppelin that crashed there in 1915.…
@McKelvie Errrr "Woman in Love" by Post Malone...not too sure about that one!
@IsabelHardman Made by children to entertain children. @Steelersdepot Nottingham, England, UK. Steelers fan since 1984.
@MyAdvice_is_to_ @ThatEricAlper @theAliceRoberts I didn't think I was correct. I just couldn't think of anywhere in… @MyAdvice_is_to_ @ThatEricAlper Colchester?
@mbsciteach @JMosley40 @AB84 I miss having an offence. @frankieboyle What's it got to do with their parents? They are college students and should be treated as adults. @WeeMissBea @ukhomeoffice We are all the children of immigrants. @JohnLo10033542 @Andrew1TM @steelers @minkfitz_21 Tuitt's injury is giving @Jay_MostWanted a chance to play more...… @btsteelcurtain Ever seen a false start pen on the kicker before? @Steelersdepot Why is Mason in the shotgun on 3rd and 1? FFS. @RENAGADEx93 @TimBenzPGH The man defies physics...he simultaneously blows and sucks. @redline9334 @TimBenzPGH Doesn't fumble. That's all it is. @btsteelcurtain Worst return ever. @csaddler5 @steelers @Switz Nope, it's actually worse when he returns them. @Steelersdepot Stop killing yourselves with holding penalties Steelers!!!! @Steelersdepot Offence has to hold on to the ball for a decent drive.
@Tomlin_Sense Our RBs are too busy intercepting the ball. @n1ck0622 @Steel_Curtain4 Had he got more interceptions than his brother now? @ethanhall223 @Steel_Curtain4 Ah...RB Edmunds...Bizzarro world!