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A guy from Texas who loves Power Rangers Ninja Turtles and other things. Check me out on Stardust to see me react to Movies Tv and Trailers.

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Oh my god I love the new song #OutOfTouch so much @DoveCameron @FallonTonight @Camila_Cabello This is living proof that Camila Cabello is so beautiful and talented #FallonTonight #RomanceOh my god @DoveCameron look like a beautiful angel @DoveCameron Me after watching the video @candacecbure @JodieSweetin @andreabarber @EliasHarger @Soni_NicoleB @_michaelcampion @juanpablodipace @Scatter @JohnDBeckTV @netflix @candacecbure @JodieSweetin @andreabarber @EliasHarger @Soni_NicoleB @_michaelcampion @FallonTonight @Camila_Cabello @FallonTonight @Camila_Cabello I love it #FallonTonight @DoveCameron Congrats dove @DoveCameron It’s finally here @DoveCameron @DoveCameron highlight of my Thursday night is seeing @Camila_Cabello on @FallonTonight #FallonTonightThis is me when I saw @Camila_Cabello on @FallonTonight #FallonTonight love seeing @Camila_Cabello on @FallonTonight #FallonTonight @taylorswift13 @FallonTonight @Camila_Cabello Yes it has @Camila_Cabello Camila I can’t believe that romance is finally here @Camila_Cabello Camila I can’t wait to listen to Romance #RomanceOutNow @marvelsrunaways @FallonTonight @JLo I can’t wait to watch her perform at the super bowl #FallonTonightI am so happy to see the always beautiful @JLo on #FallonTonight @FallonTonight @Camila_Cabello Camila I am ready for the world of romance @Camila_Cabello Yes @FallonTonight The sweater look so awesome #FallonTonight @FallonTonight @theeclecticgurl I am ready to live tweet #FallonTonight @latelateshow @KaceyMusgraves @RebelWilson @ABCNetwork I love a happy ending #SameTimeNextChristmas#SameTimeNextChristmas is the best Christmas movie ever @ABCNetwork @LeaMichele @mrmichael6101 yes I did @FallonTonight Mistletoe #12DaysOfChristmasSweatersSweepstakes @jumanjimovie @Univision Lol 😂Oh my god @LeaMichele is great in the movie #SameTimeNextChristmas @ABCNetworkRT & follow @OriginalFunko for a chance to WIN an Amazon Exclusive Avengers Assemble: Iron Man Pop! Deluxe! #Funko
Retweeted by Edward SanchezI had a chance to watch the always beautiful @Camila_Cabello perform at the #KISSJingleBall Tuesday night at the… is now my favorite Christmas movie @LeaMichele @ABCNetwork @LeaMichele is killing it in this movie #SameTimeNextChristmas @ABCNetwork @CBS I love watching #CarolsSecondAct @ashleytisdale @CBS I am #CarolsSecondAct @LeaMichele is the best #SameTimeNextChristmas @ABCNetwork @LeaMichele is incredible in the movie #SameTimeNextChristmas @ABCNetwork @MomCBS It was deliciously good #Mom @ABCNetwork Yes #SameTimeNextChristmasI am having so much fun watching #SameTimeNextChristmas @ABCNetwork @ABCNetwork Awwww 🥰 #SameTimeNextChristmas#SameTimeNextChristmas is good so far @ABCNetwork @OriginalFunko @MomCBS To Tammy @ABCNetwork spending my Thursday night watching @LeaMichele on #SameTimeNextChristmas @ABCNetwork I am definitely watching #SameTimeNextChristmasIt’s time to jump into the holiday season! 🎄 #SameTimeNextChristmas premieres NOW! RT if you’re watching.
Retweeted by Edward Sanchez @MomCBS I love watching #Mom @JimmyKimmelLive all Wizards! 💫 RT & FOLLOW for a chance to win our Honeydukes Wallet! 🍬
Retweeted by Edward Sanchez @Camila_Cabello @FallonTonight Yes I can @Camila_Cabello I am 🙋‍♂️ @bigbelleville @CBS @betsy_brandt @sarayublue Two of my favorite beautiful ladies @CBS I love watching #TheUnicorn @Camila_Cabello I can’t wait to listen to #Romance tomorrowMy excitement for #Romance @Camila_Cabello @Camila_Cabello Camila I am so hyped for #Romance @Camila_Cabello @JLo Me too 😂😂😂😂 @AllyBrooke @Spotify Yes @Camila_Cabello @FallonTonight @Camila_Cabello @FallonTonight @Camila_Cabello @FallonTonight I can’t wait to watch you perform on #FallonTonight @nbcsnl @JLo @DaBabyDaBaby @artfullydove @DoveCameron @DoveCameron I can't wait to listen to it @Nickelodeon @AllyBrooke I am very excited that ally Brooke will be on double dare @Nickelodeon @AllyBrooke I love ally Brooke @ABCNetwork @LeaMichele I am so looking forward to watching it @iHeartRadio @Camila_Cabello
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Retweeted by Edward Sanchez @RyanDestiny @grownish congrats @FallonTonight @JLo @Camila_Cabello @FallonTonight @JLo @Camila_Cabello @LizGillies @ABCNetwork I can’t wait to watch it @DoveCameron @SofiaWylie @DisneyChannel @Disney @disneyplus @DisneyChannelPR sofia you are the best @cartoonnetwork @cartoonnetwork @NeYoCompound @rockcenternyc you did a excellent job @ianjq @rebeccasugar I did not know that you guys have been together for 12 years @ianjq @rebeccasugar I hope your future is bright @ianjq @rebeccasugar Ian and Rebecca are in the future and it’s bright @ianjq @rebeccasugar I am so happy for you guys @ianjq @rebeccasugar @Marvel @marvelsrunaways @ElizabethHurley Who is your favorite marvel superhero? #AskMarvel @Camila_Cabello @LeaMichele @BUILDseriesNYC what is your favorite christmas special? #BUILDseries @LeaMichele @BUILDseriesNYC what is your favorite christmas song? #BUILDseries @OriginalFunko @ianjq @rebeccasugar @ianjq @rebeccasugar @Nickelodeon @billboardhiphop @NickCannon Congrats nick @PlanetNestor @VuduFans