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A guy from Texas who loves Power Rangers Ninja Turtles and other things. Check me out on Stardust to see me react to Movies Tv and Trailers.

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@PokemonGoApp #TeamGORocket @DanaTerrace This Saturday is going to be lit 🔥 @DanaTerrace @AwestruckVox @shanehoughton @AwestruckVox @HyperPotions @Radrappy @DisneyTVA @Radrappy @HyperPotions @HyperPotions @Radrappy @DisneyTVA Me after watching the trailer #Amphibia @Nickelodeon @miyacech I can’t wait to watch the astronauts @HyperPotions @Radrappy @DisneyTVA @HyperPotions @Radrappy @DisneyTVA The remix is lit 🔥This is the best news I have ever heard @BradleyBredeweg my god @ThePeterPaige I can’t believe this is really happening @JoanRater I am so excited 😆 @ThePeterPaige I am so happy 😁 @ThePeterPaige @SherriSaum1 @TheActorsFund The best news ever @SherriSaum1 @TheActorsFund @BradleyBredeweg @TheFostersTV @TheActorsFund @people @EW I can’t wait to eat some popcorn 🍿 and watch this cast reunion @BradleyBredeweg @TheFostersTV @TheActorsFund @people @EW This is the best news ever @BradleyBredeweg @TheActorsFund This is great news @BradleyBredeweg @TheActorsFund @TheAcademy Deadpool @PokemonGoApp This is very interesting @khloekardashian I like your collection @SpongeBob @RealClancyBrown @netflix @talesofarcadia @RealClancyBrown @netflix @talesofarcadia @animag @talesofarcadia I am so excited 😆 @SpongeBob Chocolate 🍫 @JLo Jennifer you are the bestHappy birthday to @IAmCreeSummer the voice of my childhood birthday to the always beautiful @AllyBrooke and low key low key I hope you have a great birthday because you… birthday to @IAmCreeSummer aka Numbuh Five from codename kids next door @KevanKenney @AllyBrooke Ally is the best @lusehsoryaso @WaffleHouse @AllyBrooke @DeborahJWinans @GreenleafOWN @OWNTV Poor charity @RosannaPansino No but I want to try them @iambeckyg I can't wait to listen to it @CloseEnoughMax I can't wait to watch it @CloseEnoughMax I am so excited @Nickelodeon @Nickelodeon @PowerRangers Selwyn ward the first black leader of the power rangers @netflix @UmbrellaAcad @NXOnNetflix @netflix @UmbrellaAcad @NXOnNetflix oh my freaking god @kirakosarin and it is so beautiful @StardustApp I can't believe it @kirakosarin Kira I am so looking forward to listening to Songbird @JoeyGraceffa @EscapeTheNight joey you are the best @chinamcclain your welcome and congrats @chinamcclain @TheSimpsons @colinodonoghue1 @talesofarcadia @netflix @RealGDT @SpongeBob @descendants @sarahjeffery I can't wait to watch it @SonyAnimation @MatthewACherry @hbomax @radiodisney @AllyBrooke She is so beautiful 😍 @HBOMaxPR @MatthewACherry @hbomax @SonyAnimation This is the best news ever @MatthewACherry @SonyAnimation @hbomax @iamcarljones @classicdayna @Monica_aYoung @KarenRToliver @lionforge This is incredible news @MatthewACherry @hbomax @LittleMix @LittleMix We miss you too @LittleMix Hello gorgeous @hbomax @MatthewACherry @hbomax @MatthewACherry this is great news @tarastrong @IAmCreeSummer @tarastrong @IAmCreeSummer Happy birthday to my favorite voice actress @PTXofficial @Variety @Variety I am so happy for @MatthewACherry @THR @MatthewACherry Congrats to @MatthewACherryTo feel secure in your finances, you'll need to exercise some ... More for Libra @Fandango @shawn_wayans @MarlonWayans @DisneyChannel I am so looking forward to watching all of the performances @Ferisae_ @jamessfaulkner @AleNikSimmer @talesofarcadia @Ferisae_ All hail King Arthur @JGQuintel I can’t wait 😊 @AtlanticRecords @AllyBrooke She is a ray of sunshine @talesofarcadia @AleNikSimmer @RealGDT @netflix @talesofarcadia @AleNikSimmer @iamstephbeatz @LammanRucker @GreenleafOWN @OWNTV Jacob I am praying for you and grace @ddlovato @Proplr Demi is the best @ddlovato @Proplr This is why I love Demi @ZuriAdele @GoodTrouble I will wear my mask @NickRewind The fairly oddparents figures @TMNT I can’t look away as well @Variety @talesofarcadia @DisneyMusicEmp @talesofarcadia @iamstephbeatz @talesofarcadia @iamstephbeatz @Tinashe This is incredible @talesofarcadia @RealGDT @netflix @talesofarcadia @RealGDT @netflix I can’t wait to watch it @WildNOut lol @UnitedWeFallABC @guillermodiazyo I can't wait to watch it @IamSantwon @WildNOut @naughtybynature @PIVOTGANG @VH1 I can’t wait to watch tonight episode @PopCrave @AllyBrooke Low key @iHeartRadio @Camila_Cabello So adorable @SpongeBob