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edwardo @Edwardocruz10 Cotulla ➡️San Antonio, Tx

†. RT(VI)(ARRT). ʜᴀʀʟᴇʏ ᴅᴀᴠɪᴅsᴏɴ. ʸᵉᵃʰ, ᶜᵐᵒⁿ Harlee 🐕‍🦺. 22.

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I call my dad on FaceTime and no answer. Then I go on snap and there he is “18 seconds ago” *posts his ribs and jal… @ashhleeyy__14 @khiaraestradaa @ireneee_ham Hurts more than when your parents say no to sleeping over a friends house in 3rd grade @khiaraestradaa @ashhleeyy__14 Now I know y fk with @ireneee_ham heavy, now I understand the connection. Even thoug… @ashhleeyy__14 “TELL EM” @ashhleeyy__14 Trippie >>> key key @ashhleeyy__14 Lmao, coming at her neck bro. As we should. She so quick to dislike for no reason.They been curvin’ since the jump, so it’s not what they used toPretty women getting curved they always taking it brutalIdgaf who you are, I’m me & I love me way too much to put someone above me nowParker McCollum | High Above The Water
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Retweeted by edwardoI should be asleep right now, but just waiting to bass out @russdiemon new song, “I love me”.Major vibes wanna buy two @FlatlandCavalry tickets for $80 to the early show at 6 pm? Accidentally bought the early sho… @khiaraestradaa Been knewMy biggest enemy is me
@RickK_33 @michael_10g Oh I seen this video before. Hell yeah it’s a hit bro!!! Gonna be a good day tomorrow. 😎💪🏽💪🏽 @KevinRiley96 @michael_10g @RickK_33 Low key hoping it slaps too lol @michael_10g @RickK_33 💀💀💀
World is hers #HarleeBoshCruz #dadmode @khiaraestradaa Slide in my DM to be my baby -sugar dEDDYSave it for me, don’t ever take it from me
“Are you still watching?” szn.’s honestly been a rough year, I just know in 21’ I’m thriving more than ever. Gonna thug this one out and keep i… been goin hard for this song bro Y’all want this one?
Retweeted by edwardoI hate that I am having a bad morning and this made me laugh got towed from my own apartment complex, what a time to be alive! 🤩
Me being respectful to the floor that the janitor is cleaning
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From the block like you Jenny I know you special, girl, ‘cause I know too many up
@LexieNunez2 Lmaooo but did we call it lastnight. *licks the lips*
@ayasmiles2 Put me on sisImagine having a good sleeping schedule... couldn’t be me.
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I love you too baby happy 3 years ❤️
Retweeted by edwardo @khiaraestradaa & @ashhleeyy__14 coming to SA today for the weekend. Yeah, they’re cool and all but they are not go… one: Guys freestyling: ........ “i dont give a fuck”
Retweeted by edwardo @khiaraestradaa #seasonpass #onlyafriendsthing #urmomsfriend #clap @khiaraestradaa Yea, you might drown this weekend.. So, it may be watery also #letmedrivetheboat @jorgeluis_4321 @myranda_24 The doll was stalling on you @jorgeluis_4321 @myranda_24 Never thought I’d see the day. #goneforeverAaronHernandezI taught harlee how to close doors, she taught herself how to lock me out of my apartment. #prouddadYou won't lose anything if you retweet to push the voice #CongolsBleeding #congogenocide
Retweeted by edwardoNo one: Me whenever “Ed, Edd n Eddy” used to come on:
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@karinas_4 W/ the slapsAnyone want to buy flatland cavalry tickets here in helotes, show time at 6pm October 31st. Two general admission,… be the hardest working mf out there you gotta work hard today too. Can’t take time off. Have a great Wednesday everybody!
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I wonder why my face is clearing up @khiaraestradaa Well, one boy.. @khiaraestradaaMe avoiding news about the pandemic and the election so that I can have a good day..
Retweeted by edwardo @LexieNunez2 😖 @Christian_Dawg Bro... y 😪 this is tough to even imagine.Na bro 😔 Zeke.
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Then someday, I’ll move onSame bench, but 3 years later🧡 #Thenandnow
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Never been the one to play the fool, always been the one to keep it coolMiley covering Zombie by The Cranberries
Retweeted by edwardo @jeremyherrera3 LAh, y lie me just spread some positive vibes on your TL
Retweeted by edwardoKeep it 100 like I’m the proof %Got my mind right want all the smokeEso si
Retweeted by edwardoHonestly, Trey Songz new album slaps so hardYou know imma hands on learner, can I learn ya @GiovanniAyala12 😂😂😂 cmon @GiovanniAyala12 Todo booBusco toxica que me haga lonche @aleeshazam We need to plan a lake day! Me, you, Steve and doll.Harlee just locked me out of my apartment, got to call a locksmith. Who wants a dog?
Put me on a lakeKeep scrolling, it’s just a local
I know I’m tired when I’m falling asleep in the damn barber chair..Sorry @LexieNunez2 😎 flex @jeremyherrera3 Haven’t done my taxes either, I feel that @jeremyherrera3 It was like 8 when you tweeted this and you out here all lit early morningI can’t blame you if you done with this, I know I f’d upAll the lips I’ve kissed, all the love I’ve lost @codyjohnson @khiaraestradaa @ashhleeyy__14 That picture screams, “I ain’t ever snitch on u deddy”. @rachelramirez_ 😂😂😂 done with y’all, see y’all @ chili fest @rachelramirez_ What kind of pic & hashtags y’all want on da gravestones? I already know key wants one of her on th… both parts, a classic. #guilty’t catch nothing but a buzz 🎣 @luismedina5252 he sings both parts of A Life Where Work Out.
Retweeted by edwardo @LexieNunez2 @NewCuIture @abranalvarado1 Lmao todo nan @ashhleeyy__14 @khiaraestradaa @ireneee_ham @rachelramirez_ You dislike Gemini men so much, I strongly believe we a… @khiaraestradaa @ashhleeyy__14 @ireneee_ham @rachelramirez_ Ur canceled all 2020 😂😂 @Edwardocruz10 @ashhleeyy__14 @ireneee_ham @rachelramirez_ the ONLY country song I’ll allow #magellanshirt
Retweeted by edwardoMaybe @khiaraestradaa will listen to country now @ashhleeyy__14 @ireneee_ham @rachelramirez_
@karinapena_8 He said, “efff rona, we vibin’ with you or without” then went with a plaza raider when he got back! @luismedina5252 @russdiemon SlapMe and broskkiiii. #WoeTingz ⁦@jorgeluis_4321⁩ u think my dog is cute or no? @ future gf morning 😎
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do u miss me?
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