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Nice bit of trad trolling going on here. was watching ‘The Parallax View’, 1974. The architecture is great, a little like ‘Point Blank’, late modern as ex… @richardpainarch YepThe UK’s rewards-for-failure culture in both business and government is relentless. @HenryLong9 @eamonncanniffe @Gagosian Thanks. @robcorb ExactlyNeat. The (Trellick) Tower — Photographs: This Brutal House (2018)
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Fryer’s Delight. Theobald’s Rd has partnered with @ForensicArchi to map instances of police violence against journalists who were cover…
Retweeted by edwin heathcote @helenbarrett Looks more like fairground art.I don't know who did this but it's rather good
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This is wonderful @Furmadamadam @Grindrod You would’ve thought.This is a shocker gym just went bankrupt. Who's the quitter now?
Retweeted by edwin heathcoteThe guy who got covid after refusing to stop shaking hands.
Retweeted by edwin heathcoteThe Conservatives have had seven Culture secretaries in the last five years, most of them hopeless. But the latest,…
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@_Bad_Infinity @junkspaces Honestly, I have no insights. @Furmadamadam Yes @weizman_eyal Yep @davelomax YesPerhaps architecture students don’t give a shit about ‘radical empathy’ and just want to do their lone genius thing…
@whitegoldsword Wow @thomholbrook @FiScott That’s right. @FiScott Yes @Tom_BBrown Already being done. @Grindrod Love this building @MarkSimriNapier Exactly
This is going to be a fucking disaster: Empty shops to be turned into new homes, Boris Johnson announces | The Inde… came across this fella’s drawings. Astonishing.! Ealinges. correction from the @nytimes
Retweeted by edwin heathcote @BatsfordBooks @C20Society @FT Such a nice book. @OSaumarezSmith Course now I’ve just seen the prominent signature scribble at the bottom. @OSaumarezSmith Manasseh, really? I just found a copy of this in my dad’s cellar. @Furmadamadam Really like these. @benatipsosmori You might argue London is still being actively ruined.
Good story but where are the heads? piece from @edwinheathcote on whether architecture can help theatre survive its crisis
Retweeted by edwin heathcoteSummer books of 2020: Architecture @FT @edwinheathcote
Retweeted by edwin heathcoteWith many thanks to @edwinheathcote!
Retweeted by edwin heathcoteThe President is pissed at the New York Times for breaking the story, but not Putin for putting bounties out on our…
Retweeted by edwin heathcoteBluebeard’s second castle.
@BrendanCormier @V_and_A @StanekLukasz You’re both very welcome.A collection of late 50s-early 60s Practical Householders. These are intact. I’ve got another bagful with bits cut…
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Retweeted by edwin heathcote‘Military, confederate, philanthro-capitalist, and colonizer monuments are part of an apparatus that rewrites, whit…
Retweeted by edwin heathcoteMilton Glaser: ‘what is required in our field, more than anything else, is the continuous transgression. Profession… Peter Brooke once wrote that all theatre needs is a man walking across an empty space, while someone else…
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'In a world of endless distractions, recovering from illness at home is one of the few times when you have the time…
Retweeted by edwin heathcote @J_D_89 You forgot Rat Scabies and Matt Monro.Ten Things I Have Learned — R / D 2. ‘IF YOU HAVE A CHOICE NEVER HAVE A JOB.’ RIP the wonderful Milton Glaser.
Retweeted by edwin heathcote @helenbarrett NiceOh no. I love Milton Glaser. @ArchNewsNow At the cafe simply put fewer chairs out. In the movie theatre sell fewer tickets with allocated seat numbers. Easy.Two and a half years ago. This one just won’t go away. Malaparte in the FT by @edwinheathcote -
Retweeted by edwin heathcoteHappy 116th birthday to Peter Lorre. If you don't love him, you should.
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@RoryOlcayto I don’t think of him as a New Yorker guy though. @RoryOlcayto No, but I do love HERE.‘Intu administration’ surely? Wake up headline writers. is quite something. looks dreadful. CRAACE (Continuity/Rupture: Art and Architecture in Central Europe 1918-1939) team is inviting applications fro…
Retweeted by edwin heathcoteThe shape of theatre now. Interesting piece ⁦@edwinheathcote⁩
Retweeted by edwin heathcoteSuburban teeny weeny expressionism. stupidification of the city.
@ytheory1 @Birkhauser @UrbanTheoryLab Nice cover. Looks very early 70s German.A perfect day to repost @WillScottPhoto's wonderful 'Seaside Shelters' series — escape the heatwave, avoid the crow…
Retweeted by edwin heathcote£2.25m? Christ. @guyjulier Would have been nice. But he’d have had a right go at Huawei about their branding.Who’s designed this then? @davidjmadden I have seen that. Magical thing is they all become funnier but not actually funny.I love how a fly will get into your house through a 2mm crack in a bathroom window, but can't find it's way out eve…
Retweeted by edwin heathcoteTrue democracy, open to anyone with a few spare grand to bung the Tories: Minister suggests voters could raise plan…
@MichaelLCrick Why did they even ask?Amazing photo. to Jenrick on the eve of the Westferry approval: “Good news finally the inspectors reports have gone to you…
Retweeted by edwin heathcote @TMOWilkinson Totally. So long.I hate New Yorker cartoons. @natsecHeather Jackie Chan @JavierPes1 @Tom_Godwin @nationaltrust That’s always the trick to inviting prominent Nazis. Mix them up with celebs… on my walk #Astor #plymouth
Retweeted by edwin heathcote @owenhatherley It’s a weird mix, but weird is good too. @owenhatherley No, never, loads of time in Hong Kong but not Shanghai. Budget definitely the problem. @owenhatherley Shanghai is one of the big gaps for me. Really love to see it. @jordanmjrowe @danhancox Super photos. @owenhatherley Hudec is so underrated. @BrutalConcrete @OSaumarezSmith @hughpearman I could but I’m terrible at pasting in photos so it might look like a dog’s dinner.This is weirdly like one of those trying-too-hard, wannabe avant garde stage set designs for something about financ… @BrutalConcrete @OSaumarezSmith @hughpearman Ooh, those steps.25 years ago today, Christo and Jeanne-Claude completed the wrapping of the Reichstag building in Berlin. In Februa…
Retweeted by edwin heathcoteSterling is the new peso... via @financialtimes
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@samgroots All so neatly intact too.Ethel Rankin Court. Fulham.