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CEO @EZPR. British, 2x author, Top 50 @Businessinsider Tech PR Person, writer @thenextweb @deadspin. pod @ftfuturecast. Peloton idiot, Public Relations Expert

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@JeffWMontague @JeffWMontague babies are just bit coins in real life
Retweeted by Ed Zitron @meatscout360 @AceGracious Ableist_MOBA @AceGracious @meatscout360 Punisher_Biden @maxkellerman Who’s your call to win max @meatscout360 @AceGracious Lmao @meatscout360 @AceGracious Dr_italianWhat! [crumpling up newspaper] I say! Good heavens! [stomping from study into parlor] I SAY this on repeat for a while @mcwm Hm[@CammyCakesYT voice] see yuhThey have shake shack in LA???do i want to go to gmail like i do 50 times every day? no, this is clearly what i want,
Retweeted by Ed Zitron @funranium @PAYOLETTER It reminds me,.....of you!! Ahaha!!!! Ha!!!! Ha!!!! Hahahaha! Haaaa!!! @christianyates Same @fmanjoo “Cannes” you not! @dcseifert @PAYOLETTER Hmm. Actually I think it’s good @PAYOLETTER Wait. What is this? A 30 year old birthday but you’re a baby?Google translate did not cause me to have less questions.
Retweeted by Ed Zitron @CaloriesProper @fintechfrank @LibraReserve Did you deliberately tag a parody @Deadspin @david_j_roth missed my chance to dieYour last text is a reason to quote tweet this. What does it say @dcseifert OLED stands for “oh!” Led
Pelicans going to get rich @andylevy @MikeIsaac @BrandyLJensen That some indie movie? Filmstruck’s dead @MikeIsaac @BrandyLJensen Damn anyone ever see this movie? Indiana Jones? Low key good @MikeIsaac @BrandyLJensen You’re a mean one mr grinch @Bro_Pair Ah that classic instinct @MikeIsaac @BrandyLJensen Low key? Come on this was like internationally well loved @zackwhittaker @zackwhittaker Psycho shit should’ve traded Durant for AD. Taking a two month vacation now and not reading replies until I get back @therealelp @BAKKOOONN You ever play maken xSomeone explain basketball to me. Isn’t this only for a year? @Radio_Fragments Can’t retweet but I like the look of the broil king! @tinybaby @GoOffKings “Ahh uh, got your pecker out eh? Ehhh. Ahh” @nikhileshde Oh lol yeah he stinks @nikhileshde I’m being sarcastic @alexhern It’s absolutely awful. It’s no coincidence that for some reason the Neville chamberlain character is actu… tweet on this website summarised in two @rolyatkcinmai Ya the disaster is it’s to freaking hotFor the blocked @rolyatkcinmai He nailed it didn’t Fukushima happen under capitalismYeah that’s definitely proof that capitalism rocks! @altblackmale @Radio_Fragments @Ennui_Raver Woood one looks great @ARTofCOOP I hate myselfIt’s amazing how occasionally you occasionally see someone on Twitter patiently and brutally rip someone apart @meatscout360 Herb Robert @Cuthpaste :( @MikeElgan What...does that have to do with your original comment on people basically never being able to buy a hom… @Kevin_Raposo @TrevorLess Discussed by two shitty Boston bitches! Haha!!!! this sucks @Kevin_Raposo @TrevorLess What’re you two talking about @MikeElgan Okay cool. How about now though? Like how about the original point you’re making about how big TVs have…’s waiting for doggo @MikeElgan How about after the 1950s? Also what does that have to do with mortgages and housing now @noyokono Drake is the dilbert of rap @MikeElgan No it isn’t. You can’t even get a loan for a tract home in Patterson. That has literally nothing to do w… nobody can buy a house but on the other hand, people aren’t buying bad houses that they absolutely still make and sell @Yelix It’s clear I’m the greatestWhat the fuck are you talking about lol @ProFactchecker @serafinowicz Blocked me years ago but he’d be perfect[at a baseball game] GOD CARESS AMERICA / WHEN YOU MAKE LOVE [crowd begins booing] uh STAND BEHIND HER / WHEN YOURE INSIDE HER [trash flies]
Retweeted by Ed ZitronHmmm @IdahoBones Sure is @Bro_Pair Rick Berman just imagining how much money he’d make @IdahoBones Looks great @EminemMoBamba What the fuck @Lubchansky [corny] ====selfies=====replies====dms [horny] @Lubchansky The preeminent professor lubchansky has put forward their astonishing new theory @edzitron scientists have long theorized a corny to horny pipeline
Retweeted by Ed Zitron @Lubchansky Wow @karengeier Imagine if in any of the times kids were like my parents told me not to speak to copsAlready have him as a potential future horny guy @AndyTheGiant Nah he’s done Americans too muchFinally blocked that kibble guy. Too cornyMan Derives Depressing Amount Of Pride From Hometown Burger Chain
Retweeted by Ed Zitron @GadgetsBoy @c_davies @OnePlus_UK @oneplus Don’t encourage him @DaveLeeBBC Laterthe human mind... perhaps the most powerful weapon. second only to the "GUN"
Retweeted by Ed Zitron @EminemMoBamba That’s the good shit we all sign up for. @EminemMoBamba Hey man. I’m really depressed. It’s killing me. I don’t know how to move forward. Can you also retweet some things @DivestTrump Writing this script @EminemMoBamba LmfaoIt’s tom hiddleston by the way“You’re Jason beer!” “I sure am ma’am” [unloads six shooter to open bud light]I’d love to see an Austin Powers type movie but it’s a british actor playing a campy American spy called Jason BeerGuy who’s a storm trooper: what you doing Me: I’m thinking I’m back! Yeah baby! @Choire to Star Wars galaxys edge dressed as John wickA guy takes this out on a plane and a us marshall beats the absolute Shit out of him. “Did you think he had a gun?” “No” @colinjordan Golfing ass bitch! @Lubchansky Didn’t make this! Not going to accept criticism! @david_j_roth God this is good @KELLYWEILL @benviagas This is like some Tim and Eric shitDiscovering some of my classic photos