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@Trainonthetrack Our contact centres in the UK and Ireland are open to help keep you connected, but we have fewer p… @jenjen385 Hi there, I have just replied to your DM. -Linzi H @mikewritesabit If you connect a phone or laptop or something to the wifi device and then open this page on it… @Andy_Haines_UK Hello Andy. Can we help with anything? -CS @leannnejade Hey Leanne, thanks for letting me know you're having some trouble. I don't suppose you have access to… @StefanieWriter Could you please DM me Stefanie? I'd like to get this looked into further for you. -JD @PhilJBowers Great news Phil. I'm glad to hear this. If you need any more help at all, please let me know. Have a good weekend. 🤞 -ZS @ukb00tlegs This looks like a legitimate text that EE would send out. If you're ever unsure about a text you can fo… @richrich1981 Hey! We don't I'm afraid - you can see our watches here> :) -Olivia @jameshp78 Fingers crossed for you :) Enjoy your day, and stay safe :) -Kelsey @StefanieWriter Hey Stefanie, our live chat teams are currently unavailable at the moment due to the current circum… @jameshp78 Hiya James :) If it has been done on Thursday it will be Monday by the time the number has transferred… @eecceecc2 I don't have a DM come through yet. Can you resend it, please? -Kelsey @karenMkate Let's see if we can take a look for you Karen. Can you send me over a DM with the phones IMEI number? -… @ClaireRoseCam We are constantly reviewing this to continue to support our customers. We will keep this page update… @ClaireRoseCam Hi there Claire, Thanks for getting in touch. Here's what we're doing to keep services up and ru… @_naebxo If you go to Settings>Mobile Data and scroll to the bottom, do you have WiFi assist turned on? -Olivia @Pingu2k4 Hi there, thanks for getting in touch. I'd love to help. If you can pop over your query on a DM I can cer… @Joshpeterchrist If you can fire me over a DM that would be great. -David A @Joshpeterchrist Hey Josh, I hope you're alright. Yeah of course, what's up? -David A @_naebxo That's really strange Nae! The thought of going for a jog without music is awful 😩 What kind of phone are you using? -Olivia @JBitmead I have just replied to your DM 😊 -Kristen @eecceecc2 Okay. Can you send me a DM with the mobile number, please? -Kelsey @jaaackmorley If you click the button below and pop us over a DM that way, I can pick that up for you. -Bob @ad_1980 I'm afraid the only other way would be to give us a call and I know that you have mentioned that this is n… @jaaackmorley Hi Jack, how can I help? -Bob @mauvedeity I hope you are well and staying safe. If you do need any help or just someone to chat to, please let us know. 😊 -ZS @SamSpezzza Thank you for sharing that screenshot. That is strange how it is sending blank bubbles back once you've… @gwenmas07 Hi there, I hope you're well. I'm over the moon to hear about your experience with Nick today, and I'm… @A7AUR That is strange and I do apologise about that. Can you send me over a DM please? 😊 -Kristen @Lululoubylou Good afternoon Louise, thanks for getting in touch. I would love to help with this, could you pop me… @ad_1980 If you are needing to cancel your contract with EE via STAC, you must do this from your EE SIM and mobile number. 2/2 -ZS @ad_1980 Thanks for letting me know. If you have requested a disconnection with your new number, this means that yo… @leannnejade No worries :) Take care, stay safe and drop a message anytime. -David A @SamSpezzza Hey Sam 😊 I can certainly look at helping you out. Are you making sure 'STOP SPORT' is in capitals whe… @__AmyONeill Hi Amy, thanks for letting us know this. Could you please DM me? I'd love to help you get this sorted. -JD @A7AUR Amazing choice, they're so handy to have around the house! When you are using the browser, have you tried t… @ad_1980 Can I check to see if you put in your disconnection request with EE via the steps Sam mentioned previously? -ZS @leannnejade Once you've got that you can then check out the price plans and should have a better idea on what's go… @leannnejade Aw ok cool, so yeah you're in your standard upgrade period so can upgrade without any early fees. Yo… @JonathanWood Hiya Woody I hope you're well 😊 I can imagine that must be pretty annoying for yous. Unfortunately t… @JBitmead Oh, I can completely understand that your time will be limited. However, our team is definitely open toda… @AsiaFlynn98 Hi Asia, the P40 Pro does look to be promising for sure. I'd love to get my hands on one. Keep an eye… @A7AUR Hey Ataur 😊 It's great to hear you're looking at adding an accessory! You got your eyes on anything special… @leannnejade Are you currently on an annual upgrade plan, looking to take up a specific trade in offer plan or are… @the_boobel It's all strictly professional here Scott, I promise 😉 - Matt @_f_xo We don't support that way of calling, unfortunately. It wasn't a secure enough platform for our customers to… @leannnejade Hiya Leanne, how's it going? Great to hear you're looking into upgrade options. We do have specific t… @JBitmead Then I would recommend giving us a call if we have asked you to 😊 -Kristen @discorev Hey Ollie 😊 I'm sorry to hear your facing troubles with your data plan and I am aware how busy are call… @the_boobel No problem Scott, chuck me over a DM if you have any questions 😊 - Matt @MichaelEJWood Okay, thanks for confirming. Can you send me over a DM with your details please? -Olivia @crogsmith Hey Craig. I hope you're well. Could you drop us over a direct message with a few more details including… @JBitmead Hiya James 😊 Was there any explanation as to why we told you to contact us about your Upgrade? -Kristen @andy_wilmot You'll be able to check over how to unlock your phone on our website in the link below. If you've alre… @the_boobel Good afternoon Scott, thanks for reaching out. We would love for you to join us here on EE, you can ch… @PhilJBowers Try this one Phil? -ZS @3stars0103 Hi there, I'm just following up from my previous colleague Monika. Can I please ask you to drop me… @jamesnewton Hello James. Can we help at all? -CS @andy_wilmot If your EE SIM has been cancelled as part of a disconnection then it will cease to work after the 30 d… @PhilJBowers Hey Phil. Nice to meet you. I can imagine it's difficult for mum to get to a shop to add on top up cre… @eecceecc2 The teams are busy so it may take longer than expected to get through. Does the SIM work if it is put in to a phone? -Kelsey @JoshStanley90 That's correct, there has always been a cost associated with non-emergency calls, whether it is from… @andy_wilmot Hi Andy. I'm sad to hear you've left us. Was it that you were trying to do? -Michael B @borislivingston Hey Boris 😊 It's great to hear you are looking at Upgrading! You can certainly look at your optio… @graeme_ncl Good afternoon, Graeme. I know you'll be keen to make sure you have access to 4G at all times at the mo… @tigger2054 You're very welcome Tracey. Thank you very much, take care and stay safe 😊 -Kristen @MichaelEJWood Have you had any My Place texts saying there is an issue? -Olivia @JoshStanley90 Hi Josh, I hope you have seen my last response in DM. These calls are being credited back from the… @MichaelEJWood Thanks Mike. I've had a look and cannot see any known issues there - is this impacting a few of you, or just you? -Olivia @Gcampbellini Hi Gilly, I hope you're well. I'm sorry to hear you and your mum are disappointed with the cost of… @arranhtfc1 No problem, have a nice day. -Jo @Tdal1369 Okay brill, so you'll be out of contract so you can do what you want really! It's best to give the team a… @arranhtfc1 Hi, I can't see a DM from you. -Jo @AAYUTAIF Hey Ali, thanks for reaching out. I can image that was quite the shock to see, especially when you weren… @MichaelEJWood Hey Mike - really sorry to see that you're still having these issues. Is this regarding the 6HR area? -Olivia @Tdal1369 Hiya Anthony, when it ends the world is your oyster! Are you wanting to keep using your watch? -Olivia @_f_xo Hi Faay, I hope you're well. We have a great option available for group calling, here is all the info you'… @mepodman I'm sure those 4 months will fly by 😊 -Jo @dingeybabes2 Hi Dingle, I hope you're well. I understand the importance of staying connected, especially now. I… @tigger2054 Hiya Tracey, hope you're well 😊 Thank you for sending that over to get checked. It is a scam text, not… @mepodman Great stuff, I hope it's not too long for you 👍 -Jo @CheesmanTony Hiya :) Lets have a look at it for you. Can you pop me a DM with the make and model of the phone she… @JakeyL94 No worries :) Take care. -David A @Missjenilm I know you'll enjoy it :D All the best and take care. -David A @tigerlilly365 Hey Alice, hope you are well today 😊 Oh no, that doesn't sound ideal as I know how important it is… @Carl_whit Hi there Carl, Thanks for getting in touch, I hope you're keeping okay. If you contact our customer… @AndrewHamblin16 Could you please DM me Andrew? I'd like to get this looked into further for you. -JD @mauvedeity Hello Mauvedeity. Thanks for contacting us through Twitter. Is there anything else I can help with? -ZS @ajbgrecian Hiya! It doesn't look like we're stocking it anymore from when I've had a look. -Olivia @JakeyL94 Aw ok thank you, so yeah as soon as you're number switches over to the new SIM this closes the EE account… @LottieS99453870 Hiya Lottie :) Lets have a look as I always want you to be getting the best connection possible.… @Missjenilm Hey Jennifer, thanks for reaching out and I hope you're well. Yeah no worries our teams are still avai… @AshNorris1212 Thank you. I would get her to give the team a call on the number shown on the letter. The team will… @fabio_abraham No worries. Enjoy the rest of your day and send us a message if there's anything we could help with :) -Monika @JakeyL94 Hey thanks for reaching out and I hope you're alright. It's a shame to hear you've left the network mind… @3stars0103 Hiya Tina, I hope you're well. There has been an issue with Apple Music discount, which would've create… @GeminiSweetie Hi Gem. So I can best assist you here, could you please give me a run down of what has happened to… @fabio_abraham Hiya Fabio, hope you're well. You can check out our 5G phones at :) -Monika @JamesMo04454618 Ahh okay, can you DM me your postcode please? -Olivia