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Author, leftist, unkillable. DEVILS UNTO DUST and MISSING, PRESUMED DEAD from Greenwillow/HarperCollins (she/her)

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@Melkeveien lolIn another year or two we are gonna get bad MFA short stories about how erotic it is to see a woman's face at the g…
Retweeted by Emma Berquist @QualiaRedux do not put this into the universe @JayElHarris I am so sorry❤️ @AndreAlessi the beard works well for the genre @AlexMLeo lmaoo @AlexMLeo haunting @QualiaRedux looks awesome @QualiaRedux you look scared, very goodalbum cover? i don’t think so. what picture would you use as your author photo for your Nordic Noir @FantomasSerg you hate to see it @LizardRumsfeld yeah like half the work is already done!! @kjy1066 this is my design @bookavid hmmm @sadieblach it’s what he deserves @bookavid just brainstorming, no wrong ideascostume idea
@laurenspieller woo hoo!!!! @NonsequitrD I can only watch it so many timesone of the best american films of the past 40 years
Retweeted by Emma BerquistI'm not doing DVPit this year but I'm just putting this out there: I'm still seeking representation and a publisher for The Dawnhounds.
Retweeted by Emma Berquist @ms_lilyanderson LILY YES I WANT IT!!!!The secret's finally out! My next YA is equal parts Troop Beverly Hills and Stranger Things! I can't wait for y'all…
Retweeted by Emma BerquistThe old Supreme Court rigged up Bush v. Gore but at least they were ashamed of it; the new Supreme Court wrote the…
Retweeted by Emma Berquist @ConnorSouthard that's news to me. go tigers @punzerdragoon dude needs to lighten up imo @whip_poor_wont well it better deliver @TyDugganWrites I loved Crawl @punzerdragoon welsh bastard @daguilarcanabal @HeheWaitWhut i'm not going to fave that @AndreAlessi you leave him alone he's an angel @punzerdragoon snakes don't deserve this!! @BigLittle1312 yeshasn't been a big snake movie in a while @ConnorSouthard wait Trinity has a football team? @aniceburrito has anyone done this. not checkingmaybe "chatter less" my guy @thomaschattwill yeah rich people don't want to pay taxes, we knowoh yeah you hang out with a lot of french trump supporters? lol I had access to a private island, I would not post on twitter. I would not even have a phone. if someone wanted… @erinhahn_author ❤️ @metuiteme don't have a plan for this yet but I assume the knowledge will come in handy at some point @crookedroads770 uhhhh heard of gamma rays?? (becoming the hulk)Batman and the Joker were rival sculpting majors at the Rhode Island School of Design
Retweeted by Emma Berquist @NotSisko I wishThe Hunter Biden stuff is funny because it's all clearly massive corruption, but Trump spent the last five years se…
Retweeted by Emma Berquistvery tired, still sick, and the library does not have the book on radiation poisoning that I want. F @hanpersands what does it mean @StefComedyJam do what you gotta do❤️ @kenklippenstein stet @Childsouljaboy yeah and it worksIt’s so cool that they directed a prequel where Anthony Hopkins looks 50 years older than he did in Silence Of The…
Retweeted by Emma Berquistexcellent list that includes yours truly @unitedbybks Thank you!! @katherineteresa shut up!!! @MWilliams_47 @jacob_posts line goes up @jacob_posts units @ConnorSouthard @neoliberal_dad you have to respect it @haircut_hippie it's small!! take it up with canada! @haircut_hippie there are tens of usme to the faucet I just ran my thigh into @neoliberal_dad @natalieraymond @ConnorSouthard she's right about the asshole part @ComradeLuanne it's been awful! why am I here! @normcharlatan gonna cling to thisleave hot older ginger women aloneis twitter going to be like this for the next week, just weirdos tagging susan sarandon in unhinged posts, should I… countries don’t put judges faces on prayer candles @jezheywood smartnow I’m not a lawyer but “rely on extremely old people to stay alive to ensure your rights” doesn’t seem like the best system to me @bookavid I’ll look into it @bookavid it’s hard!! @sapphomancer @hanpersands this is what I’m hearing @friendlykitties hmm. need to look into that @hanpersands my understanding is that under communism we will be assigned one @friendlykitties I appreciate thateveryone wants to interview me about knife crime. no one wants to interview me about wife crying @BudrykZack @KerrAvon4 Susan Sarandon personally came to my house and tore up my ballot @KerrAvon4 @BudrykZack yeah I’m sure a lot of undecided voters in Wisconsin were swayed by Susan Sarandon @BudrykZack it is the oddest fixation @DeadassReagan that’s right @KyleDChurch I couldn’t figure out the layout and it started feeling like I’d be trapped there???this is what peak performance looks like @KyleDChurch the house did not help!! @KyleDChurch 🙏doing some absolutely normal dog things over here @LLW902 almost hourly @KyleDChurch much worse
@TheFoxQuirk upsetting @sadieblach 🙃president is one step from posting cryptic AIM away messages lolSometimes, I feel the fear of uncertainty stinging clear And I can't help but ask myself how much I'll let the fear… @blondewithab00k you ain't special!!! @NPRmelissablock president appears to be Going Through It @normcharlatan getting the adrenochrome treatment and signing an ndathis cold has lasted almost a week, ordering my "here lies one whose name was writ in water" gravestone @IslandGirl286 god I wish that were me @IslandGirl286 I'm very delicate and require constant tending to @HeheWaitWhut lmao