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Trump voted absentee in Florida & Republicans want to send every voter over 65 a ballot. They only say mail voting…
Retweeted by erin gordon πŸ€ eig @thenicoleham isn't one of the original DIYs a wardrobe???? @brushykb @SparkyROAR cute...many individuals and organizations are hosting canned food drives to help during this crisis, but a food bank worke…
Retweeted by erin gordon πŸ€ eig @ancientcurse more suffering will ensue tbh @ancientcurse suffer time @ancientcurse :-I @DoingThePigeon :) :) :) :): :)))::))::):):):):)):::)):): @1977fuckster my enemy @secretrunes video games are art @secretrunes i mesed up 1 again LOL yolo @secretrunes thx boo @1977fuckster I wanna do vulli quiz @pearrible :) @pearrible :) conservatives @Carolinsky NOOOOO i want egg life @bombsfall πŸ‘€ there's exotic breeders of pet skunks in PA that I've Def looked at many times @GoldenMooseBoy God it took me like 10 min to catch one @coolbaby691 @screamweed nips I assume @lowpolymillio @brushykb 😒 @HushBeetle yea i think so ~!!! just txt me incase i forget LOL @1977fuckster i messed up on answers i knew lmao *answers 2 fast* @HushBeetle i havent been open in awhile!!! lets have an island date tonight >:3 @HushBeetle i thought we were friends omg,,,, @Gomgrotty SPOTS
puppies @SageCoffey all eggs I'll take unloved eggs and give them a good home @catnapisle @MarimoIsland I must finish my tiddy @catnapisle @MarimoIsland I've done and undone so much - __- @crampachine me too @doublepseudonym ❀️❀️ @extinctinks :( @extinctinks dang,,, how could u... I eat them @extinctinks give to meMy sleep patterns during quarantine
Retweeted by erin gordon πŸ€ eigeveryone mail me their extra eggs ty #AnimalCrossingDay ????: there’s a family in the cemetery- the kids are sledding down a grassy hill while the parents watch
Retweeted by erin gordon πŸ€ eig @brushykb oh maybe its bc i didnt pick up half the junk they made me put by villagers new houses to. build the ahhaha @brushykb it's literally stuff I drop on ground In like 2 spots lmao @snailshell__ lol im just seein the star it blended in w the fence (star on a pringle) @snailshell__ it's 100% a pringle !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! snack on the sky @brushykb i honestly was surprised tho like u been there...... it 10000 trees and weeds @brushykb i got like a 3-star rating for my garbage trash island which was enough for KK so good enoughfavourite turnip girl and local piggy bank
Retweeted by erin gordon πŸ€ eig @snailshell__ is that a big pringle @history1970s big same @yehoak :-) @moony_isle @catnapisle this is poison @brushykb luckily i was like 'uhh ok i have to go to bed i have a job' & they never messaged me again <___<;;;; @splendidland WOW i love her @brushykb a teen on telegram did this to me awhile ago and i was like UHHH IM OLD ... yet they still wanted to chat… @brushykb >:β€’3 @brushykb :) @ancientcurse πŸ˜” I will just eat my brussel sprouts then @ancientcurse it doesn't affect my piss give the rest to me @catnapisle omg LOL @truffke my girl brisby!!!!I do not understand this villagers personalityif only all the rich joined the working class #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch @karencheee my name always gets misheard as Karen and it hurts me :( @catnapisle @moony_isle y u so mean to us
@Gamatrous yeshow do I stop leaving seltzer all over my house @truffke ugh always loved her @catnapisle I'm gonna make a spot for it in hell
Retweeted by erin gordon πŸ€ eig @catnapisle I left the poster u sent me of him in the mailbox!!!!!!! how dare u @catnapisle cute.......Bernie Sanders should not drop out. Pass it on.
Retweeted by erin gordon πŸ€ eig @Gomgrotty he plays jazz if u press his hat @Gomgrotty maybe make scultpy babies πŸ€”πŸ€” then u get custom LOL @Gomgrotty I love her @Gomgrotty :( she even smaller than one u made I'm sad LOL but she metal at least @Gomgrotty I bought one off ebay hahaha @Gomgrotty love her @catnapisle did u make a heart pond @colorpulp πŸ€” I don't even know tbh @colorpulp u got it bb @colorpulp BUT I'M SLEEPY @colorpulp I got the snot
@juleszuckerberg @shinyluvdisc @therealneyzilla @pup_trash oh man @Carolinsky 😭😭❀️ I love him @brushykb time travel backwards it counts as new day sometimes LOL @brushykb time travel,,,,, @brushykb mb he too. new?? prob will work soon if ur chatting him a lot to be friend :3 @brushykb weird all my villagers give it to me basically,,, did he move in recently??tried a little bit of coding, made a barking dog that follows ur mouse around within its little home!! >:^D
Retweeted by erin gordon πŸ€ eig @brushykb basically there is a Chat option that's like THIS IS FOR YOU @brushykb I give mine items every day usually it is first time I talk to them that day... @doublepseudonym hugh Laurie is space Show @doublepseudonym :( ur eyes @pearrible ❀️❀️ @pearrible!!! @1977fuckster :) horny account iluwhat's ur #AnimalCrossing setup??? hes pumping iron in the shirt i gave him #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch @pearrible lots of no sew options!! u can use old shirts etcso i don't have cable and was lurking on the @ifc page and it looks like u can watch this really cool cooking show…
Retweeted by erin gordon πŸ€ eig"You are not working from home; you are at your home during a crisis trying to work." I've heard this twice today.…
Retweeted by erin gordon πŸ€ eigAfter being caught trying to cheat in the next election, Trump opposes vote by mail over concerns about β€œcheating.”…
Retweeted by erin gordon πŸ€ eig