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Dave Jones @eevblog Sydney, Australia

Professional Engineering Youtuber. Inventor of that idiotic career path. Random stuff, not just electronics. Assume sarcasm.

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Another quality accurate Twitter warning about offensive content. For those who aren't aware, if you are on twitte… ever thought rough stucco on a ceiling was a good idea? Makes it look like old carpet.
NEW EEVblog Video! EEVblog #1366 - Mystery Bunker Item Teardown“I willll remember youuuuuuuuu...”
Retweeted by Dave Jones @electronzap That thought crossed my mind. Oddball shape for the tiny fenced of section though. No windows. Could b… @plsch No apparent sensors or anythingMy guess is some sort of community gen set / storage @Kristennetten @elonmusk @MrBeastYT I whistle the Indiana Jones themeAnyone know what this is? On a vacant block of land between some houses. Bit of mains going in, output to a box on…
You search Netflix for Idiocracy and you get three documentaries. The flat earth one is fair enough, but two monty… new BM786 meter is available for ordering again:, someone who understands electronics
Retweeted by Dave JonesI'm so glad to hear my blog posts are "edifying and admirable to read". *plonk*
NEW EEVblog Video! eevBLAB #84 - 2021 is the Year of Alternatives,600 creators on Youtube hit 1,000,000 subscribers in 2020 That's 18 gold play buttons a day to ship. Someone was…
@veritasium You know people are just going to choose Nuke it, because that sounds like the most fun.Wow, sponsored post request spam email has gone into overdrive! Like a dozen a day now. usually only get a couple a day.
NEW EEVblog Video! EEVblog #1365 - Viewer PCB & Circuit Design Review @Zvyozdochka CONFIRMED! Instantly unfollow someone on Jack's naughty list and you get the warning again for EVERY S… @Zvyozdochka PLOT TWIST! If you follow someone the warning goes away. This is very deliberately coded. Now I'll unf… @Zvyozdochka Let's play further! I've now followed @Zvyozdochka so let's see if twitter will still flag every tweet… @Zvyozdochka LOL! It worked! Congrats, you are on the twitter naughty list! Looks like every post you make gives a… @Zvyozdochka reply to this tweet with simply "kittens" and we'll see if twitter flags it...Looks like this person's account is the trigger. So can't be keyword based in this case. Twitter apparently thinks…'s play "let's see what twitter finds offensive today!" @josephskewes It's twitter. What people really mean is "everything uncensored, except stuff I really really really don't like"For all you rust aficionados there's your problem. @ParadoxPhotosCo Seems legit enough to contact the relevant authorities. @ElectroBOOMGuy I'm the first to jump on every new platform that comes along, and I cop a lot of crap for it. But T… going to head to the beach and shoot a screen capture video with my laptop. Should still have enough battery....Power fail, of course. One thing I didn't have room for in the road trip car was my power station and solar panel... @GregDavill Mate of mine did this multi colour silkscreen apple logo once, just because he could. Over a decade ago… @eevblog congrats on 100 follows on Utreon:)
Retweeted by Dave JonesQubit for triple word score. Quantum suck it!! @ElectroBOOMGuy No. Create a random new impossible to remember login password, print it out, and then burn it. It's…
@Jbryce1994 @ElectroBOOMGuy @OdyseeTeam D'oh, yeah, how did I forget about the science Youtubers and Khan academyI wonder, are there more possible game combinations in scrabble or chess?LBRY is an alternative to YouTube in the same way the internet was an alternative to newspapers
Retweeted by Dave JonesYes, the rumors are true, @ElectroBOOMGuy is now on Odysee! @OdyseeTeam Is he now the biggest Youtuber to come ove… @ScammerRevolts @OdyseeTeam That was my first thought too, don't be a jack of all trades. But then I remembered You… @OdyseeTeam Well, YouTube has the Community Tab which is a way to post text, images or polls, and all subscribers g… legend
Retweeted by Dave JonesBrian Faith of @QuickLogic_Corp joins @Chris_Gammell to talk about how QuickLogic FPGAs now officially use Symbiflo…
Retweeted by Dave Jones @nicoteders Oh, right, that's odd. Although I get ads for my own channel, so the algorithm isn't exactly cutting edge AI @shamanjoe
@nicoteders Do what? I don't get it. Just seems like YouTube recommending me because you are subscribed or have watched before? @chinnyhill10 I've done a video on those, was within this video @defsdoor Sorry, don't have the Brymen case for it yet, nor looked at alternatives. My existing case doesn't fit of course.Best technical comment on my most recent video came from someone watching on @OdyseeTeam Lots of great people watc… @MarvinDMartian2 @OdyseeTeam Technically, signed up years ago but have never used it. It's not a video platform is it? @sxpert1 B Reactor at HanfordFew issues with @OdyseeTeam at the moment it seems. Comment posting is also timing out, but does work.'ve been warned: @JesseisSintar I meant things other than 4G/LTEUnfortunetely TEA Syndrone is getting worse and spreading within the community. Please be careful out there. @JesseisSintar Surprise me with technical stuff I should know but I don't... @JesseisSintar Maybe a top 5 things I didn't know... Had no idea 4G needed volte for voice.Forgot to include pic. have full mobile reception on the beach damn it. That means I might have to shoot a walk time video about something. Topics invited.the first stereoscopic VR systems were a bit unwieldy
Retweeted by Dave Jones @nascom1 @jansky_girl I like that that excuse did work for decades though before some new pencil neck seppo came along :-> @Erdayastronaut @andrutay @considercosmos @SpacePadreIsle At what level of Patreon funding does this happen?’re working on some fun stuff still 😉can’t wait for #SN9!!! Should have even more beautiful slow mo! 😍 @andrutay
Retweeted by Dave Jones @nascom1 @jansky_girl Wouldn't work as a roo catcher, they'd jump right over. So much roo poo on the grass around t… @sentientsixp And many hours a day is spent reading and replying to tweets, comments and emails. @jeffqchen Your existence is hereby acknowledged.
Wise words. EEVblog Video! EEVblog #1364 - Compaq Portable PSU REPAIR @eevblog In a world where social media is most people’s primary form of communication, this is basically the new in…
Retweeted by Dave Jones @JesseisSintar No such option exists @JesseisSintar No such setting exists @JesseisSintar A Xi Jinping spy device, huawei mate 20 @Groggynod2 Yeah, don't expect it to be perfect, but if the evaporative savings are important enough then sounds ve… @faab64 I've got signal. Hardly anyone I know uses it though.The Indians are cleverer than the Yanks., I can't make calls on 4G? @cristi_vicas Hang on, so he didn't join Odysee? @OdyseeTeam took it upon themselves to clone his videos? @theowl84 Probably the best explanation I've heard so far :->
@mightyohm Altium used to and probably still does use subversion internally in the company. @MeghanAkintola Yep, was foolish to even ask on twitter.So I go walkabout & twitter explodes. My Internet sucks. Can some1 explain OJECTIVELY what happened? what tweets go…"The general population doesn't know what's happening and it doesn't even know that it doesn't know." - Noam Chomsky
Retweeted by Dave Jones @nuclearleb Crocs and snakes are a givenJust what I was looking for!, I've just been overtaken by Trump on @OdyseeTeam @elonmusk @flcnhvy You could make it four at least. Start a social media competitor.
Tree limbs in danger of falling, so let's drill holes in them and put bolts. Genius.
@pld73 @pcguy8088 Nope, couple of big lithium primary cells would last the shelf life of the batteries. It has 1000 hours on a 9V. @pld73 @pcguy8088 Personally I'd like one with batteries that last forever like the old Fluke 37 @pld73 @pcguy8088 What would such a bench meter need? There are several under $100 A wanky Uni-T one for $65 And a… a label maker in the dumpster. Works fine, just some corroded terminals. the flesh @IdeaPDish Made of pure BeskarHands up if you've ever seen a VaraFET! experiments with @TubeTimeUS; more coming in the future. ⭐️
Retweeted by Dave Jones @TrickyNekro @eevblog We're working on it as a top priority. Promise.
Retweeted by Dave JonesIMPORTANT community announement: Please understand and help your friends and colleagues who suffer from TEAS - Test…
@simonahac I think he has a distinct look of "bugger off!" on his face.