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😂😂😂😂 as for you start #hashtagging #random #things #now #coz #you #never #know #what #works #tutulapatu #yeyeeee #putuu #ahn
Retweeted by ˜ @AJ_Ahenkan @jakuuire Eish eish 😂😂Y'all ready for this workout? Bringing the #VibesxEnergy to @Y1079FM's Weekend Mashup with the sista @AJ_Ahenkan
Retweeted by ˜On this day in 2003, I got admitted to @AdisadelColIege. My journey in this rap game started there and it’s been on…
Retweeted by ˜das my babe! congrats dear 🔥🎉🔥🔥🔥
#PlayingRN LOSING U - @andray_blay #FuegoMixShow 🔥🔥 on @LiveXtraGH 🚨 #MadeInGhanaTing #StayFuego 🇬🇭🇬🇭…
Retweeted by ˜ @gideon__duke @AJ_Ahenkan @chelseaeben 🤧 @Chef_Keeks'm sleeping for 20 hours because I need to get ready for the energy we are about to bring!! Yo @effthedj let's fuc…
Retweeted by ˜One day, I'll properly speak about this song. @KOJO_Cue & @NanaBenyinnn did the damn thing 😭🔥 Is Hot showcases the next superstars from across the continent. Volume 37 features @Zickthefreak, @farkunlee, B…
Retweeted by ˜ @JonnyStone_ 😂🎉 I said "no alcohol" but look. I'll be here tweeting "I'm not drinking again" with this fool on Tuesday @JeeBarkers has been hustling me to start promoting my side hustles so here are a few! 1. GRAPHICS…
Retweeted by ˜Y'all ready for this workout? Bringing the #VibesxEnergy to @Y1079FM's Weekend Mashup with the sista @AJ_Ahenkan @QuamiRay @Mister_Otu My small girl for house dey tell me say 'I've finished learning. I won't learn again' I jus… @Mister_Otu @QuamiRay 😂😂 as he should have @stingg_ 27thOh the joy of finishing BECE The kiddies make happy pass 😂 Congrats to them 🎉 @The1TheyCall_E see. i already start write my '15 reasons why i love you' put down for my fortunate girl she dey co…😂😂😂😂 congregating for our union i'm hoping they have what we have too @TheDilichi @kingluu Bruh 😓 Still a rolling stone yet not all who wander are lost/ Keep that fire in my eyes pizaz… @___raee_ tell frank ocean i said hiDas my Foza 🔥 101 Don't be opposed to change, started of rhyming for sport not knowing my path Till i paved it then evo… @1__0__1__0__MC bruh @LT_Fiam @supaSheva emome 😂😂 @supaSheva small console oo bro @Gdn432 just one thing, see how e be problem 😂 @Sayywarr 😂 nah dear, this ain't it. tell your girls something because the things we're seeing aren't niceone ps5 that comes around once in like 10 years and all this noise. ei women 😂“TEXT ME” ft @oxladeofficial OUT NOW!! prod. by @LimberTbp #SUPASZN🦸🏾‍♂️ Retweet for goo…
Retweeted by ˜ @Bassit_MnB Waiting for my Obama shaddout make I take blow first 😂Congratulations 💙🎉’d be live on 9radio UK today playing bangers only. 🇬🇭🌍 Catch up on the TuneIN App or log in to…
Retweeted by ˜ @AJ_Ahenkan @deejayLoft a @JonnyStone_ weekend looks like 🔥 @deejayLoft @AJ_Ahenkan You people be sellout 😂😂😂😂 @deejayLoft so what you dey do, it be fresh? 🔥🔥🔥 @Y1079FM @iambrownberryWe did a little experimenting 😍
Retweeted by ˜ @the_vic_toria 💙💙🐥🐥Happy birthday Brodie @dj_baylor_ 💙💙🎊🎉💙💙💙
Who am I becoming? @MannyFBC 😂 excellent formeasy a is truly one of the best movies ever made. legendary.
Retweeted by ˜ @1BanksOfficial be like i dey feel am pass Antisocial @Bra_Kwame__ you be 5 going on 6, bossdas my madam 🔥 Tha Streets II >>>>>happy 6 months @aberrant_maia 🥂 here's to more wins on your journey. blessings and love 💙 Enjoy -… @audantwiasimeng claim these niggas, and the curse shall be reversedtanjiro is so kind 💙 @SandrineAmponsa absolutely BEAR. What an instrumental 🔥Thanks for the birthday wishes, the love is crazy, So here’s a sneak peak into my life with a short film by…
Retweeted by ˜ @Mikey_Ashkar MDK 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥If we fall we go rise(rice) oh! / no be tugyimi perfume be the price oh! / asɛ asɔre dan everything tight(tithe) oh…
Retweeted by ˜ @JonnyStone_ day 🎉🎊 Make a wish and say a prayer for numero uno @joseph_nti @tolanibaj We need an Off The Top IG Live 😓Took my interviews international again with this international RnB singer, @mattbworld 🗣 We talked about his upcomi…
Retweeted by ˜ @Sika_Magnet 🔥🔥🔥🔥 @abenaa_23 🐥💙 @Chef_Keeks King Kab 🔥🙏🏾 @Mister_Otu ONLYA massage would be nice 😓New designs available 😊😊 Below is the order process for the T-shirts. If you have any questions concerning the pro…
Retweeted by ˜King Sark in his bag? Absolutely top tier @Creeeeess Ayyy 2nd frame
Mtn plisGreen white green Twitter for the W today. Those guys are funny 😂😂😂the golden company got hyped for 2 seasons, and sailed to westeros for nothing @__Senya_ las las, amen 🙏🏾😭 @Chef_Keeks @__Senya_ See 🤧🤧🤧Should you sign to a record label?
Retweeted by ˜Mine 🎀 times a day and obinim sticker then make set. we move wait is finally over! Text me feat. my naija brother @oxladeofficial out this Friday!! Drop a 🔥if you’re ready…
Retweeted by ˜ @effthedj's afro deserves this
Retweeted by ˜ @S_tage 😅I need a Momo alert quickly 😔 @_shorshor @HIH_FoodTrays Entirely worth it @the__yasmine all the best, darling 💪🏾Ready. 28.09.2020.
Retweeted by ˜😂😂😂😂 at the colour of my hand compared to my thigh though, kmt.
Retweeted by ˜ @the__yasmine the glorious hill people have decided to die on is upsetting me but das life, I guesswhy does apple music share the album when people intend to share a song? that app dierr ebei @adomaa_music the sheer joy in playfulness 😍 @Odomfoneba 💙🐥 @stingg_ 💙🐥
💙 x ⚡️
Retweeted by ˜ @Chef_Keeks 😂 don't let frankie see this but he den joker, what be the difference?spilling blood on my apron 🙃it was awesome to contribute to this project! shout-outs to @kuvie_ @MsNavaMau & @chinwefilms!! be sure to check…
Retweeted by ˜ @Nabey5 you that