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msia//edtwt, 15, sw70kg, cw47kg, ugw40kg

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@piinkiamina pleqse @caloriegrl HE KEEPS GOINGthis guy is my final straw
my dad found out ab meanspo so he told me “ur so fat u need a new zipcode” “ur so fat the dinasour thought it was ice age” @m1ffycals oh girl
Retweeted by vvzz ♡ // edtwt shtwt (^_^)lolol ima kms in a week, shld i eat a lot then fast for a day before i kms then like eat my last meal. if so what shod i eatits times like this i wish my friends werent my friends. MY BDAY WAS LIKE A WEEK AGO N NOW UR BUTING ME FOOD N FORC… /|na coach rly got me going
this sped ass hoe wanna redox me cus i turned 15 LMFAOOAOAOAO bet acting like i dont know the most powerful cops in… SO FUCKING BLOATEDanytime im on a discord call with cam on people r like “ur so petite and tiny when u stand up!” or “ur rocking the…
who gon tell em do i like end it without failingnew safe food wannt to sie my mom@js told me ill go nowhere in lifr cus im so gucking depressedlol so.. easiest svcide method .. 😍
shittiesy birthday ever. eidnt even get a cake. cried im public like 6 times. @d0ll_parts TAHNK Uhow he built like that food. 900 cals. i didnt finih it tho @RatVentt THANK U @m3rc1fulsc4rs Thank u
mm i wanna kms my birthday is in 2 days n i dont wnana be here for my bdayjs had esex for the 100 dollrs bruh shut got me BLEEDING
@juyeonverse2 bye strawberry @dashiecals get my@order 😍 espresso frapp almon milk no sugar extra ice no whip cream
subtle body check i gained sm weight. momths in and im only@loosing bery little. BU THE END OF THE YEAR ID BE LIKE ;0 KG. NO HATS THE PROJTN OF BEIGN A… @baasickate ramen. @lovefruities 42kg buttt i dont think i can do itI WANT TO CRY I THOUGHT THE MCCHICKEN QAS 350 BUT ITS 650!?? OHEOZKE@EKSIJSBDIDNENS @kc4tz i.. am a junkorexic.. so i use it for chicken nuggets. BUT. toast ur bread in there, salami sandwhcihes kind… @NATERERUN IM LAUGHIT SO HARD THE BABY PETTING THE DOG LOOKS SO SCARED @juyeonverse2 30-40 i dont rlt lisren to the neighborhood that muchsome of y’all need to step out edtwt & get some real life experiences
Retweeted by vvzz ♡ // edtwt shtwt (^_^)
the babydoll diet: a reset for new models who need to be model thin asap ♡
Retweeted by vvzz ♡ // edtwt shtwt (^_^) @MarkJones753 THE MAN HIMSELF REPLIWD TO MW!! @virtualg4l ohh! sorry i dont rly know much ab this but thats so cool @dyspepticduck i ate. i have regretted it for the past 8 hours.watching metamorphosis was like a wakejp call because i relatw to her sm in the beginning. i dont want to end up like her. @MarkJones753 which means that in a way humans are both good and evil, but it is very situational and only if we we… @MarkJones753 so yes, whereas NATURALLY were meant to be “selfish”, and while yes many people are still selfish whe… @MarkJones753 but at the same tkme that is if we went down to the ooga booba days, however human beings are natural… @MarkJones753 human nature in itself is both good AND evil depending on the circumstances- for example, females are… im so hungry :( i wanna eat @RatVentt WAIT WHT HWO DO U READ THIS WHAT HOW @virtualg4l wait whats a system? like genuienly idkYAYYYAYAYAYAY not that bad .
it happened is everhone here such thinspo @614322_ @josiiesdiary hes honestly so attractive. @josiiesdiary YESSS????
Retweeted by vvzz ♡ // edtwt shtwt (^_^) @josiiesdiary id fuck him regardless and i dont give a FUCKI’m bored so I’m dropping a thread on EDs portrayed in media and my high disordered critic review ♡✵✧✴︎ (SPOILERS)
Retweeted by vvzz ♡ // edtwt shtwt (^_^)fuck im so hot on discord. CANT I PURGE. I HATE VOMITTING BUT I WANT TO.lord. did injust sumbke across @angel102822 take it down @fatbitxchh i went to school only on momday, thursday i was there for an hour then dippedbesting the anorexia alligations by eating salami sandwhcih and nuggets infront of everyone 😍‼️ (they wnna hospital… I FUCKING HATE CAKE. @babieeeegurl0 UHHH GOOD AND BAD. BUT MY BRAYS SINon GOD i need an ana coach js to keep me from bingingi was bored
today i walked into class n everyome disnt recognise me cus i hadnt been there in 3 days, they said i lost a lot of… @cinnabonblonde carrots lettuce bell peppers cauliflower cucumber @livingdeadgirXO omad ! 🥰🥰🥰🥰no shame in it i look hot
♡ 93 cal Chocolate Chip Cookies 💓/ rts are greatly appreciated! (✿◠‿◠)
Retweeted by vvzz ♡ // edtwt shtwt (^_^)would you eat the heart pie if it meant reaching and maintaining ur ugw?
Retweeted by vvzz ♡ // edtwt shtwt (^_^)“gay ppl make being gay their whole personality” have you ever scrolled thru a fat person’s tiktok
Retweeted by vvzz ♡ // edtwt shtwt (^_^) @starslicez oh nt that bad @daisiesdying on GODS, mfs hate on skinny bitches for bcing but if a fat bitch does it then its “body positivity”what do i even say miss my ex, ik it was an “online” thing but he reallt understood me, now were friends but i wish he lived near me… years ago, march 16th i trued to kms, my bday was the next day. i have super bad depression esp during my bdays,… @funsizedjupiter this bro its what threw me offgod im gonna kill myselfguys this is my hit tweet but i cant find anh hit tweet pics that i like so im writing it down. OMG A HIT TWEET! many fat fucks r out there that ur bmi is over 100 if your bmi is lower than amberlynn reids
Retweeted by vvzz ♡ // edtwt shtwt (^_^)if ur hungry, just masturbate burns around 70cals
Retweeted by vvzz ♡ // edtwt shtwt (^_^) @lovelyendx slender, i want to have ass n tirs n not be deathspo, kinda like nicki minaj in her superbass music video but skinnierwhat in the rick n morty shit is this @RatVentt my face isnt even in it 😭😭 BUT NO I BET UR SUPER PRETTY BABE DONT OWRRY. + pls break up with ur bf i hate… u masturbate ot burns 70 cals per round. GUYS. THIS IS GROUNDBREAKING. new workout 🤗🤗any1 wanna come to my bday this march 17 in m$ia ‼️‼️‼️ overnight in my house , only moots tho. dm me 😡😡i just dhat myself intront of my parentsmy parents r scolding me for my lax abuse, my auntie was also a lax abuser n her case was so bad her organs began t… accounts in recovery still actively count their calories, body check, eat like 800 cals and purge. @chxrrybakewell what the fuck even happenedthe mental side effects of this disorder are so much more painful and exhausting than the physical ones to me
Retweeted by vvzz ♡ // edtwt shtwt (^_^)he talks like my uncle when body positivity was about hip dips, stretch marks, scars, cellulite? Not about being fucking obese
Retweeted by vvzz ♡ // edtwt shtwt (^_^)sucking in the last one