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Stars don’t struggle to shine. @notJustMichael Yoo you don’t understand such a simple statement I made. So please go and re read it. You have been… @notJustMichael You don’t have a point. U asked a question I gave an answer. @MahamabaBella Being angry takes a lot of energy, plus your anger won’t make the problems go away. Thinking bout it will only make it worse @MattyOwens69 Being* @MattyOwens69 So bring angry will solve your problems right @notJustMichael Some people sleep and don’t wake up!I dunno how anyone can wake up angry. You’ve been given another chance at life and you decided to be angry. Why are… @MotomBo__ He’s already using me @CourageMensah3 @AManioni It’s on IROKOTV @Callmekonphy Its been 6 hours you’re still following, should I help u by blocking u
@nanaaboagye_ Yh, in that perspective of change, you’re right. @oheamaa IROKOTV hunMoney doesn’t necessarily change you. It can cause the people around you to change which then forces you to make a change.Get me open 💋 @oliver_danquah The love is deep 💙🤣Friends : Herrh why do you like Efia odo? Me : Because she is Real💕. No time for Fake celebs. Beautiful soul ❤.…
Retweeted by efiaodo @simplykojo When I see it happening I’ll talk about it @MensahSampson10 Serwaa was dressed fully clothed. Covered up head to toe, he couldn’t compliment her dress ? please I beg @koffytapes 🤣🤣I really am tho @Cocaine80s2 @GreatnessKwesi 🤣🤣🤣 @GreatnessKwesi I’ll slap him lol not stab @Mastermind_97 Next time say ass, I like your ass @Mastermind_97 Be careful* @resaaxo_ Love u @Waledon10 Yes oooo @Mastermind_97 Yeah but not on national tv and especially if I ain’t cool with you like that. If we no dey on some… @resaaxo_ 🤣🤣 O DDDDD @VivianBoateng19 I swear🤣🤣🤣No matter how much you cover yourself up as a woman, a man will still sexually objectify you if he wants. Not your… @LifeOfTMB She’s been going viral, you just ain’t notice. Who says people who twerk can’t speak as throughly and as… @Asantejeremiah Beautiful songBad girl Cassidy. Movie title: Royal Diadem suban nyɛ, nso op3 mi saara 🤗💙 @KofiWolf @sir_virgi69 Chaley me I no be sensitive like that @JoeBillx Happy birthday love, you’re such an amazing human being 💙💙My wishes for myself today are more grace, more prosperity, more happiness and more years ahead. Happy birthday to…
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@Kotokuom Anything that isn’t inspired by European culture @AmaniamponNana Naked in* @JohnWek97911310 Or African print 24/7Stop wearing European clothes if you wanna talk about what’s cultural or not. @maskey__ Cedis* @maskey__ It’ll just help for the fever slightly, try getting the meds tomorrow. It’s less than 50 did all together @maskey__ Go to the pharmacy and get 1-Oral Loratidine 10mg daily for 10days Strepsil losanges 1 per required need… @maskey__ Have u gotten medicine ?Does anybody else have Upper Respiratory tract infection. This weather really been fukn with my health.Stooping* @gunztheGOAT_ Thank you @niggasorich @BrotherCwesi @augy_og I do soo many other things that contribute to the growth of society especially… @KumiAMP I’ve never worn a bra @niggasorich @BrotherCwesi @augy_og That’s your bzness not mine @taneisha_riggs Bless her 💙 @Icesteezy Neither is one month of black history month 🤦🏾‍♀️Ok guys but on some real I hope y’all know that #nobraday is a day on which women are encouraged to not wear a bra… @lowo_gh Nah hun, u didn’t take part @bhra_madeit U didn’t take partWeirdest people are the ones who don’t follow me but stalk my every tweet 🤣🤣that’s just freaky, and not in a good way.Ok guys so the jumia items are here just waiting on one more item, it’s a global shipment that’s why it took soo lo… @CurlyMimi_ My sanity is very important to me, can’t have these losers thinking they can even get to me girlI admire the way @efiaodo1 is able tune out the noise of negativity on Twitter. Going with her instincts, staying…
Retweeted by efiaodo @NinoObina @nzemaboy Your truth ain’t my truth. You doing too much it’s just Twitter, take your feelings out. It ain’t that deep mufasa @NinoObina @nzemaboy Oh shut up you’re sooo miserable. Am I the only person participating. Bruh eat some pussy or suck a dick, u choose @astrokid_xx My woman @BrotherCwesi @augy_og At least I’m rated, we don’t know u bruh💙 Forever 💙 @augy_og 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @augy_og 🤣🤣🤣🤣Herh this #NoBraDay thing eh if you follow ah you go finish all your data sias3m ma second subscription this😂 I jus…
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Retweeted by efiaodo @KobbySagoe2 @ella_efe Love u too @efo_filey Who’s Christ ? My life is in Gods hands not Christ @NiqqawifsavageL @ahiakah_richard 🤣🤣 @ahiakah_richard Nigga shut up no one was talking to your shrimp dick ass @odartey_gh Lol u know already @phreaky__ Lol I think everyday is my bdayHappy birthday @efiaodo1 🥰
Retweeted by efiaodo @Benewaa_ Normal kraa @DTutua Chaley, plus I no get boobs @lilshakerr1111 Zoom inActually @efiaodo1 U have to be an ambassador to this Aid one in a million 🔥🔥🎉 #Odoniti
Retweeted by efiaodo @AduDonaldson You dier your dp and tweets don’t match kraa. Be like you be kind of pornhub and masturbation @calebopoku0 🤣🤣🤣I’m deadWhy r u boys horny like that ? Y’all don’t get no pussy? @NanaPhill Don’t worry I’m just getting started @safojnr4 There’s nothing wrong with fallen breast, they are still suckable @EBD_Alex No I’m in Accra @EBD_Alex Yes @boateng_images Two bi, but they’re see thru#NoBraDay #everday
@acehoodvipe @coppersarkcess_ Oh kkkk, weirdo @efiaodo1 Oh challe, we need to find my sister bf ASAP
Retweeted by efiaodo @LIGHTERTOD 🥺🥺fr3 mi @itan4sam 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @coppersarkcess_ Ask any nigga I been with if I’ve ever asked them for anything but dick, I ain’t a fake ass bitch!… @TopBoyDetails I change boys? Plz explain @themoneylegend2 He’s gone out 😡😡 @frank_culbert Everyday is my day @ba_pinga Thank you ☺️ @Bonpha7 @OkwasiaBiNti Nah it was a prop he placed there