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@zenmagafrica OkurrrrNo one rocks swimwear better than Efia right now 🔥🔥🔥 👩🏽‍🦱 @efiaodo1 #ZenMagazine
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Lil Tjay drops Pop Smoke tribute song "Forever Pop" 🕊️
Retweeted by efiaodo @NanaA_Kweku @sweetyann10 Only his food I likeYour favorite @efiaodo1 picture so far. 🤗😊🤔
Retweeted by efiaodo @sweetyann10 I eat amHmmmm this boyMurdered Pop Smoke was planning a trip to Ghana according to a chat shared by Efia Odo (Screenshot)…
Retweeted by efiaodoDirty Diana by @kiddblackrapgod ft @KwesiArthur_ available on all DSPs Produced by @BoyeTheGenius Link below:…
Retweeted by efiaodo @brasilvaGH 😂 ohLadies start saving & get BODIED by Odo bikinis from @efiaodo1. We are tired of u wearing leggings & Jeans at the p…
Retweeted by efiaodoImagine reaching your peak, then you die prematurely. I rebuke premature death in my life and that of others, amen. @Harrykingkends @ameyaw112 He was gonna come in December when all the people in the diaspora come to Ghana. He defi… @Harrykingkends @ameyaw112 Calm your balls down Smoke had plans to visit Ghana – Efia Odo reveals
Retweeted by efiaodo @Antidote_aryy ExactlyI feel sorry for bullies. They can’t be as good as you so they try to emotionally degrade you. It gotta be a really… @Aboagyewaa_ Herh why are u stealing my hashtag you go pay o @gorgiieeee Love uI just want to say that @efiaodo1 is my favorite Ghanaian celebrity/personality and you really can’t tell me shit because loool
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@dr_baba_ 🤣 @djmillzygh It’s just a nipple, lol it’s not like he’s gonna suck on it @sir_virgi69 crushing on @efiaodo1 skin color 😍😍wat abt you #MMRS
Retweeted by efiaodo @efiaodo1 and @deborahvanessa7 in one picture??? When? 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by efiaodoI love @efiaodo1 kinda #BUMPER pas these trumu tankers
Retweeted by efiaodo @Kofi10korang @Serwaa_Amihere Your follow doesn’t pay my bills papi🤣 @Serwaa_Amihere Or send it to me make I post for you🤣 @Kofi10korang @Serwaa_Amihere Wish it was 1mpo @Serwaa_Amihere You don’t wanna be judged my Ghanaians, my sista post am I wanna see something 👀👀. I’m tired of looking at my own 🤣 @koji_miles Deodorant* @QwhakuH Unfollow then motherfuckerThe jealousy between black people is tooo much. Jealousy can make you kill someone. But killing the person won’t make your star shine dummy! @5starShadow @MusicFreakGh U no dey fuck at all sef. Everyday u dey take Vaseline press press your dick. Ashawo 20… @5starShadow @MusicFreakGh Nigga fuck u. Your diss don’t shake shit out here u broke piece of shit @NGO_gh Lol acceptedI'm inviting you on my show, you already have +10 waiting for you should you accept. 😈
Retweeted by efiaodo @MusicFreakGh @5starShadow They are soo stupid like I don’t get it. @i_amdeshawn Toooo early @eugy_ene 😞 @efiaodo1 You made me listen to his songs 🥺🥺😪
Retweeted by efiaodo @MusicFreakGh He did see it @BanceElijah Can’t Ur dumb ass see the date I took this video ?? Stupid fuck @murray_jnr Was even trying to get him to come in December to do shows. Y’all niggas are aggy af Pop Smoke 😢 my car
Retweeted by efiaodo @blaxk_diamonds Son @blaxk_diamonds Yesss pop smoke is dead !!! Damn this shit is fucked up!!!!Me and my brothers are about to represent Ghana and Africa to the world.
Retweeted by efiaodoBe like if I no get @shattawalegh on this song de33rrr ago play for ma room saaarrr 😂😂..
Retweeted by efiaodo @StephanieBLive Ughhhhhhh I just smile starring at you 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍I say what I need to say, I'll be who I need to be. My voice will only get louder the more you scream at me. You ar…
Retweeted by efiaodo @ameyaw112 😂😂 one is American one is Ghanaian @cayaxy 5Bodied By Odo @eddiebongoz Sometimes ? All the timeRise and shine 🧚🏾 by Odo bikinis available soon ✨
Retweeted by efiaodo @EThugboyfly No capBeautiful mornings, especially when I’m waking up next to you💙 @odartey_gh Lol u think so 😂
Religion was created by men to relegate women - Actress Efia Odo -
Retweeted by efiaodo @Bhim_Kaakyire Awww love you @efiaodo1 I needed ur presence in my room so I got this 😘😘😘 I love you Odo ❤️
Retweeted by efiaodo @MusicFreakGh Lol no not the lovers this is for the haters @ECG__Ghana @deborahvanessa7 Lol smh why u wan kno who Dey eatThe whole Ghana 🇬🇭 ibi @efiaodo1 & @deborahvanessa7 adey adore Herh, ahuofɛ paa nie, the problem is I don't know who they eat them 😂
Retweeted by efiaodoI Swear these niggas keep my name in their mouth longer than they keep their Dick in pussy. @ECG__Ghana Lol but this is good content. They’re promoting my businessEfia Odo explores new venture as she is set to launch her ‘Odo bikinis’ via @Celebrities Hype
Retweeted by efiaodo @efiejollof 🤣 @ineedGab CumPhotos: Efia Odo To Launch Odo Bikinis
Retweeted by efiaodo @NaaDei____ Baby fuparians are welcomed.. EMBRACE THAT FUPA SIS, but I have one pieces too @i_fosu 150 cedis @EFYA_Nokturnal Lollll got u @EFYA_Nokturnal 💦💦💦💦BODIED 😈👅
Retweeted by efiaodo @ebenkb_ Love uBest entrepreneur to ever do it 💯
Retweeted by efiaodo @ECG__Ghana Consistency of light @MakedaDadson Yupp, this type. I have others that cover the whole boobs @Kojo_Tawiah88 Lol thank u @manlikedriz1le Thank you @SavageKidSay Lol @Essilfie__ I agreeI’ll look good in this
Retweeted by efiaodo @SavageKidSay Keep the one u have @_sweetjr Wrong @KingsleyCarter1 Cuz I’m selling bikinis or you too ignorant to see @LilgemSackey Thank you @OwusuRomeo15 Next time install your brain @realrozaygh Bikini is squeezing it so it looks bigger it’s small like mosquito bitesBodied by Odo bikinis available soon ✨ @jnr_boadi @KiddKidd11 🤣🤣🤣 tell granny I said hi @KiddKidd11 Been with one guy for a yr, stop the fooling for comment likes. It no go take u anywhereDon’t cry when it ends in tears, plenty men dey @Louisandohjnr Even if it does there are plenty more men