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That is not it at all, That is not what I meant, at all.

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Afternoon trash collage (made while listening to @egabbert + @DavidNaimon = )
Retweeted by Elisa Gabbert @upstreamism I meant the empty spaces that happen during writing though, which are very important but not on the page!Realizations seem so obvious once you've had them @WakeIslandPod I like my writing better than my talking in part because I'm a control freak perfectionist, but also… had a realization about essays during this conversation for @WakeIslandPod: it's a way of compressing all the int…'s never too late for this party! @EllenWaylands @_reallifemag thank you! @austinkleon lol I'm listening to one right now! @MelissaKoosmann oh I agree, that progress narrative is very appealing/lulling! @aliner yes, and the form of optimism that believes problems solve themselvesIt's very confusing to me when people imagine that racism and sexism will be over when all the old people die as th… @toddedillard lol I mean it's not really about actual trauma caused by her actual father? it's a metaphor or whatever @toddedillard I mean, I would argue "Daddy" fits the criteria?! @toddedillard no trauma, death or fondness?! tough rules.⁦@egabbert⁩ is on the show today! Her sublime new book is called The Unreality of Memory. We get into: soul rava…
Retweeted by Elisa GabbertKnow that the one true list is coming (my list) @athenogenes what would we do without cliches? @athenogenes thank you!! @Masonbee awww @hellohunterhere @Hazlitt thank you!! @christenenos Thank you! (I miss you!!)One of the many (many) reasons I love @egabbert's essays is that they inspire some great image searches. (And every…
Retweeted by Elisa Gabbert @Masonbee getting fired isn't great either @barkerforbooks thank you!!I — @typode I don't think I've ever read this one!! it is relevant to my interests
@gm_palmer ok. they're the same poems. I was just stating a personal preference. @gm_palmer what she wanted changed often! she might have changed it again. it's just what she wanted at one time. @gm_palmer happy endings guy, huh? @Masonbee my doc prescribed me an antihistamine for anxiety but it just made me want to sleep for 16 hours. I guess… @davidrgoodman I can! I hope you were able to. @amysmcd @ambernoelle so true @jasonhicks78 @ambernoelle that makes sense because loneliness also causes a general inflammation response @crocus wild @Micah_Bateman the thing I read was just talking about ibuprofen I think. but yeahI read somewhere that painkillers are somewhat effective as a treatment for depression, because depression is pain!"It's comforting to know that in the annals of history, my day-to-day personal suffering won't show up at all. Unfo…
Retweeted by Elisa GabbertFor @Hazlitt's Year in Review, I wrote this embarrassing, cathartic little essay about the loathsome persistence of… @jzyork yes, I have petty depression too @cc_colton_novel I haven't! @johnfbrowning37 the poppies poems are fairly horrific too @danalevinpoet it's amazing @danalevinpoet the chronological Collected was how I found her and it just seems right!I have to say I prefer reading Plath's poems in chronological order vs. her preferred arrangements. It's enthrallin… @bartlebytaco no, thank YOU @toddedillard it's like "yes let's just get on with it"
It's beginning to look a lot like the confluence of petty writer twitter and seasonal depression twitter @_kc_kc_kc_ @kehfinegan @QueenBooksTO thank you!Two essays in & I feel less alone, strangely soothed by this deep dive into our collective fascination with disaste…
Retweeted by Elisa Gabbert @oldbuffalo lol @Thomasdiscerns ugh, yeah @EricBourland All the Library of America volumes do this, my Plath collected, etc.Moby DICK? Sounds sexist @mikemeginnis I don't want regular books of poems to do this, but I like it in collecteds!!!I like in editions of collected poems when the next poem starts right after the last one, instead of needing its ow…
@5redpandas turfuckenBig year for weird heads on book covers
HELP my cat got hold of @egabbert's book and now he's very self-conscious about showing his good side for photos
Retweeted by Elisa GabbertWanda Coleman is so fun @okaydonkeymag @toddedillard good book!! @Meagho Thank you so much! @ambernoelle Ugh @ShamusMc1 Yep @crocus I feel that too!!!! @mikemeginnis Yeah I feel like I couldn’t go back all the way right away, like when you’ve been starving supposedly… I catch myself fearing (??) that things will get “normal” again too soon and I won’t be ready (???) I ha…
@mdbell79 "do whatever you want, just leave me alone!!!" @jrobertlennon hahaha @mdbell79 OK let's not defend ALL the fragments Matt @clareculator Thank you!! @adalimon also making enchiladas tonight!
@ToTheHappyNone @EB_Booksellers @IneluctableQuak @open_letter @FSGOriginals @NewDirections @nyrbclassics I just wro… @gulke_p oh, thank you so much!! @ambernoelle I get to do my own "best" poetry list and I'm pointedly not taking this approach, not that anyone listens to me! @oldbuffalo I'm against the edit option! @Bosilawhat @whitewhalebks thank you!I'm a staff pick! @jicairns oh wow! (thank you!)My favorite holiday thing is when someone you’ve known for 15-40 years suddenly produces an old story or memory you’ve never heard before @toddedillard I love when you talk about writing too!!Sometimes things are interesting because they're like life, sometimes things are interesting because they're not like life @alyssaharad Imagine!!You don't have to justify weirdness in language by saying "life's really like that" (fragmentary, nonlinear, whatev…
@zunguzungu fuck my favorite novel in 10th grade has come back to bite me @svenbirkerts nor at other times! @emdashphillips I once kept Prufrock open in a tab with the intention to read it once a day for a month. I failed a… @aliner @emdashphillips <3
Indie publisher @BlackOceanOrg is having a sale:
Retweeted by Elisa Gabbert @wasntmebro oh that's interesting -- but it just makes them look frightening to me! @berezina by "you," I really meant mePart of the pleasure (and sometimes frustration) of reading a novel is that you feel like a God watching all these… @dansaltzstein I made the laziest autumnal whiskey sour the other night -- bourbon, unfiltered apple cider and lots… @dummmblond @JimMcCarthy528 this is the best compliment!! @Hitmewiththeax imo combining books is more common than combining bank accounts haha @Hitmewiththeax combined! do you know couples who keep all their books separate? @michaeljemmons1 @JenniferFranku1 all the Gaddis and Indiana belongs to my husband (most of these books are his actually!) @smalllightsThe arrows on the box were tree shaped 🥺 @kellydavio oh no! @vagtalk it didn't do anything wrong @kellydavio always a little weird when the giant Hitler biography pops out