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I’m on Cameo! Link in Bio. Host of @gamegrumps. 1/3 of @starbomb. Co-Founder @realgoodtouring. Gateaux, Mancubus Bloodtooth, Tezcatlipoca. Icon: @Lady_Redhaired

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@BannonRudis I miss his big silhouetted bird nose and droopy old man tit :( @acarboni Take me with you @ChaosKirin @Mort3mer (This is a very cute drawing I am only teasing) @ChaosKirin @Mort3mer I resent being portrayed as questioning the excitement of my wife over her favorite time of year!!!!!The @GameGrumps played ninja turtles games, and it made me very happy. In case you didn’t know, I love TMNT 🤣 The e…
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Godamn look at this of my favorite running items we have, so much fun!!!! @MikeJMika @DigitalEclipse Also it’s like 150 dollars for a copy now. Can’t even emulate it because there’s too much lag in emulation. @MikeJMika @DigitalEclipse My man @MikeJMika @DigitalEclipse Gitaroo man. Can’t even play it on a ps3 with backwards compatibility. It crashes. Need… 12 years since Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 was re-released & 7 years since it was pulled from stores & sent to di…
Retweeted by Arin Hanson, Untouched by Death @GenePark Wish I could have that much control over my face
@AndyPlaytonic Oled vita is vastly superior to non-oled screen. If anyone argues with you in this one it’s demonstrable on existing hardware @jeremysmiles @HardDriveMag “No, Leslie, he said ‘SURELY,’ can’t believe you didn’t understand that???” @jeremysmiles @HardDriveMag Have people always been this comedy illiterateUm, im sorry this is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen??? Equinox has been nominated for two IMAGEN awards ✨ Best Young Adult Programming Best Music Composition for Fi…
Retweeted by Arin Hanson, Untouched by Death @SuperMegaShow Thank goodness I paid the $899 for the platinum add-onsScout Grumps salute you! 📣 #gamegrumps
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@coL_Amazonian @Wizards_DnD @wizards_magic Woah @MattMcMuscles Holy shit @anything4views SickSuzy turns to me and says “get any good pulls babe?” And right as I’m beginning to say “no,” this appears.
YEAH. I'm opening an ENTIRE BOX OF ALLIANCES right now. COME WATCH!! @GameGrumps’t believe my own show is betraying me @ProZD @Dewey2889 Unfortunately the 3 cards I need from your stash are not even close to the value of the sylveon hr card 🙁 @KampferWolf TemptingIf you have the umbreon hr card for trade I will absolutely without question do it @LeonhartYT You got somethin for me legend?So today I pulled two of these. Like. What? Anyway, I only need one. If anyone has any eevee heroes SR or HR of t… @Mach5Museum I’m not sure if this was an intentional pun @TolarianCollege @goberthicks Feels like it’s been days, weeks even since we last saw her on a card.
Surprise I'm opening Eevee Heroes Booster Boxes SO COME WATCH @parkerrsimmons The true ending @GenePark Oh the gritty blinx reboot @parkerrsimmons He always was a handsome dish Lucca open your friggin eyes @matthwatson Ma Ttwat, Son. @JonasNG @LuisCastanon @TomFulp @hansvanharken @Perel1984 @tomamoto @poxpower1 @ElCid_Tweets @MRKrinkels @Herschel Omg Monty was there 🥺You are what you eat @parkerrsimmons Frongus of the Three Mews
@tanner4105 @rejectedjokes He’s finally freeThundering across the stars to save the universe from the Monster Minds, Jayce searches for his father to unite the…’s too late. It’s already done. You can’t stop me.
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@parkerrsimmons No I mean, exclusively. Daily. @parkerrsimmons Please become a Chrono Trigger twitter account @EmberWickArt Yessir @amtraxVA Look at you now!!Good morning. You wanted to see the full Jules exploration sheet I used in that Tiktok for @BotbCartoon ?? 🤘 Oops,…
Retweeted by Arin Hanson, Untouched by Death @MegaRan Fuck this manITS DONE. I AM FREE.
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Retweeted by Arin Hanson, Untouched by DeathBut if you want him back @sega you know where to get in touch with me
I am disappointed they didn’t ask me. And also I totally get it and they probably made the right choice. @BradyHartel If you don’t find it I volunteer to redub it myself @LetItMelo I was like “what are you talking about, it’s from Presidents of the United States of America” and then I zoomed into the pictureThe mad lad is actually going to do it @rejectedjokes Workin on that golf swing? @genegoldstein Everytime I flex I get 20 to life @genegoldstein Jacked, handsome, and talented. A triple threat. @Scambl Is this the kid from shawshank @MicaBurton Isn’t the robot doing all the work @MicaBurton I meant horse girl but you get the idea @MicaBurton I am living for your house girl rants. As the son of a lifelong horse girl I see you.Unbelievable. Right before a tour, everything stolen. Help out one of the coolest dudes on the planet.…
@mtggirl_ Loving these @mtggirl_ Hello I would just like to talk oh I have milled half my deck already cute @RhysticStudies YES!!! @dansalvato That’s why I like the pre 2004 KoFs, it’s like, dude with jacket, girl with vest, guy with karate uniform. @GenePark You were my ally, my brother in arms. I trusted you @rocco_botte @TamashiiNations I’m so jealous I missed this one @GenePark I can’t believe this
@RhysticStudies Congrats dude!!! Can’t wait to see more!!I have a major announcement and a humble request.
Retweeted by Arin Hanson, Untouched by Death @GenePark Closure does this not a minute into it @GenePark I will say this is probably my favorite area in skyward sword on flavor alone. @GenePark If there was, for instance, a part of this map where you only had access to an area without using the pol… @GenePark I mean, for this concept to be mechanically clever is has to have some unique properties during the absen… @GenePark I liked this better when it was Closure (2009) @MattMcMuscles @StormCollectUs I never realized how much of panthro-tygra he looksBest pull from today’s stream
2021 BACK ON BABY!!!!!SURPRISE! I'm opening those dang dungeons and dragons booster boxes today on Shuffle Master!! LIVE NOW! @grogfella @Thdark101 Oh word @grogfella @Thdark101 Yeah n64 and snes can also do scart I believe. @michaelwaldron So glad you got your show made!!!
Loved this project!!! BIO SERIES- come join us as Allissoon tells you all you need to know about the band members of Heatseeker & ot…
Retweeted by Arin Hanson, Untouched by Death @TheBlackNerd But like can you send them to me tho @parkerrsimmons Whoop there it is @TheBlackNerd :o!!! @parkerrsimmons More like sig-afraidIt’s uncomfortable to speak up against men you work with for being flippant misogynist pricks but I guarantee you i… @acarboni Will stay here solely to see retractable lightsabers @sonicmega @Protodude So good @sonicmega @Protodude It ruled and there were two versions, I had friends that bought both. @Protodude How the fuck am I just learning mega man zx is pronounced mega man sechs