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I’m on Cameo! Link in Bio. Host of @gamegrumps. 1/3 of @starbomb. Co-Founder @realgoodtouring. Gateaux, Mancubus Bloodtooth, Tezcatlipoca. Icon: @Lady_Redhaired

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@kouotsu Are you watching airmaster地下鉄駅の通路のタイル。物語性があってなかなか音楽的。
Retweeted by Arin Hanson, Who Shakes The WorldDo me a favor. Kung Pow is now free on youtube. If youve never seen it before PLEASE watch this and reply to me w…
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@rocco_botte This is artATTN WARNER BROS..... heard about your plan To change Lola bunny.... honestly not a great idea,,... Might want to R…
Retweeted by Arin Hanson, Who Shakes The Worldi relate to Cookie Monster so much
Oh I get it, because her name is Wanda and his name is Vision @GenePark I love how her eyes and goggles don’t really go together so when she takes them off her eyes shift into t… @CrankGameplays So when am I coming over
@JhonenV Baby Riker says fuck every episode, there is some kind of murder in the play pen, everyone hates the romulan neighbors @goberthicks @wizards_magic Love vanquishers banner @JhonenV Can’t wait for Star Trek: Babies! We see only Deanna Troi’s space socks as she nannies for baby Picard, ba… @Worthikids This is top shelf content right here @JhonenV @kcgreenn @tyson_hesse @gialigammari Very good crew tonightThanks for being so patient everyone!! We want to make sure everyone can feel comfortable and safe ❤️ everyone named Stephen with the PH spelling: is there like a mandatory moment in your life where you ask your pa… the REAL shock land today! And also the perfect land to play for your tiny terror creature tribal... I go… @1988StevenM @GenelJumalon How do I “like❤️” this twice @ZombieKaiju @Protodude You spelled proud wrong @Protodude Oh no!!! Now I’ll only be able to play these games on my Switch, ps5, ps4, 3DS, GameCube, ps2, nes, and pc 😔 @WolfVanHalen I would 100% eat this @rejectedjokes Bro when we doin suit and tie facetime steak dinner
I am having the weirdest phenomenon happen where I write drafts for twitter, then later I’ll post them and they won… old GG fanart thats still cute (': @GameGrumps @egoraptor
Retweeted by Arin Hanson, Who Shakes The World @GenePark A no block rule is a dangerous game gene... blocking is the only actual boundary you have on a platform t… @aLittleOrcish @MetagameMike Explain the possibly of grilled-cheese sandwich @MetagameMike Still says grilled cheese. More accurately the way cowards make it should say cheese sandwich, grilled.grilled cheese is a lie, the bread is grilled. grill the cheese, coward. @BigSliceGaming @CrankGameplays Bro! 45 minutes of labor, timing, cutting, stirring, grating, shredding, etc etc. y… @CrankGameplays Fuck no, you made that shit, enjoy a good meal my friendhead empty, palms swempty, mom’s spaghempty
@DevThePrawn @GameGrumps What @tuyoki Wow temmie!!! You got some great stuff!!!Seeing these out in the world is so cool!! I'm so proud of how they turned out! 👀👀 Take a look y'all
Retweeted by Arin Hanson, Who Shakes The WorldBeen working on these for a loooooong time, so happy with how they came out!!! you want for Christmas is your two front teeth? What the fuck is wrong with you, you can literally clench your…! JULES - The fiery hot-headed singer. He's a quick to anger runaway, but is always ready to party and show him…
Retweeted by Arin Hanson, Who Shakes The World @SunderCR The Spider-Man dilemma
i honestly don’t know what to say. I hope I make something that all of you can be proud to be a part of The show i…
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Retweeted by Arin Hanson, Who Shakes The WorldSometimes I wish I was the guy who was a regular at the roadside Waffle House in Orlando, who had a “usual” and kne… @acarboni WHEN CAN I COME OVER
I don’t think Powerman 5000 actually knew what it was like when worlds collide @Jordanimating I’m sure I could dig some upSeeing all the talented pixel artists on twitter has been very inspirationalThanks for the tips. I miss it so much, I used to sprite all the time, it was one of my preferred visual mediumsWhat programs are everyone usin for pixel art nowadays?ONE. HOUR. LEFT. We just rocketed past $205,000. The cutoff for prizes is in one hour (6:00pm PST) so get those don…
Retweeted by Arin Hanson, Who Shakes The World @puppiesandanime This is content make specifically for me
@TolarianCollege Damn you’re quick on the gif game @TolarianCollege It’s for charity, I’ll allow itThe SHUFFLE MASTER himself, @egoraptor wants to make your GAMES less GRUMPY with a fantastic assortment of #MTG pro…
Retweeted by Arin Hanson, Who Shakes The WorldWe've now raised $190,000 for @TransLifeline. Last October, we raised $125,000. I want to hit that $200,000 big rou…
Retweeted by Arin Hanson, Who Shakes The WorldThrowing in some goodies from my collection! Donate to @TransLifeline through the link below in a multiple of $4… @TolarianCollege @TransLifeline I’m tossing in some goodies to the pool!! Kaldheim collector booster box, two com… Genesis covers
Retweeted by Arin Hanson, Who Shakes The World @Jordanimating Obviously @CircleToonsHD Fuck I went arcane @CircleToonsHD Why is everyone else so blessed @Protodude Wow, I totally forgot about the “kiddy” age of media.Hi #drawingwhileblack , my name is Yesenia and I'm a kidlit illustrator and toy designer. I love big hair, bright…
Retweeted by Arin Hanson, Who Shakes The WorldAstrology but instead of moon phases it’s this JOYOUS SKETCH
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My wife, she is so creative and cool 😍 am so excited to share my latest project! I designed some belt buckles!! I only have a few of each design for rig…
Retweeted by Arin Hanson, Who Shakes The World @liamdforsyth LIAM!!! Congratulations!!!pokémon have too much self aware personality to be pets. my cat watches me poop all the time and I already hate it… @Strippin Same page bro @DaveRapoza Yeah it’s super dope @DaveRapoza Dude I was worried it would come off negative. This is mostly a joke. Look at the art on that first one. It’s gorgeous @kcgreenn KC very generous, a twofer
@wachelreeks Woah“People want an FF7 remake. Do we just update FF7 to have nicer graphics or do we remake the whole game into someth… I the only one who sees these Time Spiral cards with tremendous hyper rendered modern paintings in the old mtg b… @AbroadInJapan How humans were meant to liveDaft Punk remove their helmets and their clothes drop to the ground, like obi wan, leaving no trace behind. There n… @prinxeMu I feel that a gremlin would be very comfortable being portrayed as such; proud of their heritage @prinxeMu Fairit's been a lot of game grumps while i draw these last few months so i figured I should draw them at least once…
Retweeted by Arin Hanson, Who Shakes The WorldGOD. LOOK AT THIS
what if we glomped at the yaoi paddle booth........ @anpShawn @MiguelCoStudio Man what a time!!! Cool to see how it evolved @michaelwaldron Who could possibly know @RubyEclipse @BradyHartel @Miexriir What could be worse consequences than what has already transpired @RubyEclipse @BradyHartel @Miexriir I was finished until this tweetSo thrilled my typo has made it into to many qrtsPost and image of yourself as the final boss without downloading new pics
Me when I wear a SnapBack @SamSykesSwears You misspelled succubus @Jordanimating You don’t want to know how much I have thought about what I saidNo, but also yes. @Octopimp @Atlus_West @pcbproductions YES!!!!!ダフトパンク解散メモリアルとして、7年前に組んだDaft Punk「Something About Us」×竹内まりや「プラスティック・ラブ」のマッシュアップを久しぶりに演ってみました 色んな人のがあがってますが、たぶん今でも私…
Retweeted by Arin Hanson, Who Shakes The World @BradyHartel @Miexriir Gods work @Miexriir I will consider this @arvalis DMd @Skititlez The only cannon I know is the one I’ll be shooting at people who say otherwise @guybrush999 Not canon @guybrush999 Proof or fake @bugliker Fake