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Ed Gillett @ehgillett South London

Documentary producer, journalist for The Quietus, Guardian, etc. I make films and write things about politics, music, communities, and culture. He / him.

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@VodafoneUK Hi, I DMed you hours ago but haven't even received a reply - I know you're dealing with loads of querie… @WhereToNowSound Haha no worries, know that feeling all too well. We'll cross paths sooner or later for sure! @WhereToNowSound So, so good. Also lol, I reckon this makes a dozen or so gigs and festivals we've both been at w… @VNachkebia If there was a grander concept behind starting a moshpit at a UK funky gig then I don't really care tbh, lol. @Yayyab @unsound Up there with the very best festivals I've ever been to, full of the same giddy feelings of discov… at hotel forum listening to monotonous joyless 4/4 kickdrums. at hotel forum listening to DJ Python / Scratcha & Lady Lykez / Upsammy / DJ Plead & TSVI / aya / Jay Mitta / sl…, raised the entire bar for this type of electronic performance, easily in the top 10 gigs I've ever seen.… performing the soundtrack to Chernobyl at @unsound today was one of the most perfectly integrated piec…
Also, the idea that the musical idioms of 20 years ago have more to offer than the new ones currently being establi…'m sure no-one wants or needs my take on that pitchfork article, but you're getting it anyway sorry. Critiquing th… by @thddnk on the Handke, translation, and the Nobel prize
Retweeted by Ed Gillett @Sarah_Woolley @ben_bt @LanaDelRey @guardianmusic Love this! Great article, what a rich, fascinating life & career.I found myself wondering who plays the harp on @LanaDelRey's Doin' Time. The woman I spoke to is a Hollywood lege…
Retweeted by Ed Gillett @tom_usher_ "Nooo don't endorse my professional skills ur so sexy haha"As if renters weren't powerless enough already, the Tories are trying to give even more powers to landlords: I've j…
Retweeted by Ed Gillett @PhilipSherburne If it's any consolation I missed ccl, who was one of the DJs I was most excited about. Impossible… @johncastanetty @chalravens Sounds like absolutely the right approach, sending you vast amounts of love & solidarit… @PhilipSherburne Ah man, it was awesome: 135 - 140bpm half-time / double-time dubstep things, loads of weird hollow… going for an almost incomprehensibly rich 7-course dinner for @scttwlsn's birthday, waddling straight over to… highlights so far - upsammy, low jack, mat dryhurst illuatrating the corrosion of independent music's core… @johncastanetty @chalravens I know the term gaslighting gets thrown around too much, but his constant attempts to a… @johncastanetty @chalravens Sorry, I've got nothing constructive to add here other than to say that this man is abs…
@joemakemusic Yep! :)Has anyone used "Schengen electro" to describe that very particular monochrome pan-European electronic music look?…
Ugandan politician/opposition politician Bobi Wine escapes the police in Kampala today. Contributed to this report:…
Retweeted by Ed Gillettthis is like when Ron Morelli leaked a fake L.I.E.S release and caught Nina Kraviz playing it so started a whole la…
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Tyson Fury joining WWE and Rory Stewart signing up for the Simon Hedges Cinematic Universe in the same week feels w… @Bandcloud Buying a flat, getting a dog, releasing music, writing things, becoming an uncle, finding a new career,… @JoshAJHall God, where have we got to when "viral marketing for the new series of Black Mirror going well lol" feel… to the 2k19 edition of Hell Itself, where you will watch Caitlin Moran recite her favourite Twitter argumen…
Retweeted by Ed Gillett @alexglenwilson2 DMing you now!Weird request: do I know anyone (who knows anyone) who's really into swashbuckler / pirate movies made in the 50s /…
@PhilipSherburne @chalravens Sorry, I realise that's not really a counter-argument to anything you're saying, just… @PhilipSherburne @chalravens I doubt that anyone at Pitchfork would argue that it was, but the way these lists work… @PhilipSherburne @chalravens Except arguably the one overarching trend connecting all of dance music's scattered sc… @chalravens Like, yes, obviously a mob of cynical nerds sneering at a list is as pointless and predictable as the l… @chalravens Having pre-emptively taken the piss out of it, safe in the knowledge that I actually quite enjoy end-of… @gabrielszatan @L_Torracinta Holy fuck, you were 1 place out on Jimothy Ecks @Sarah_Woolley 100%. I'm not anti-digital in all cases: stuff like Headspace can be really useful for loads of ppl… @Sarah_Woolley 😡😡😡😡 The constant suggestion from people living in extreme comfort that mindfulness apps are a whol…
@johnxela @gabrielszatan @L_Torracinta I was going to make a joke about deconstructed edits of Macarena & Whigfield… @gabrielszatan @danhancox @L_Torracinta Omg @gabrielszatan @L_Torracinta Feel like Classical Curves should facter into the conversation at this point, but unsu… @L_Torracinta @gabrielszatan @CharKrol Strong choice for the "not really an album, or is it?" talking point slot, t… @gabrielszatan @CharKrol @L_Torracinta Expect to see long term positions (LCD's comeback album, ArchAndroid, the th… @gabrielszatan @CharKrol @L_Torracinta Also seeing scope for major revaluations in the UK art-pop market. I'm sayin… @svkali @AndrewTottenham @JuliaHB1 Yep, specifically the bit where they got deported for not having work permits.Thank you and farewell, Ginger Baker. A brilliant drummer who was full of surprises
Retweeted by Ed Gillett @gabrielszatan @TomElliott113 Nailed it. @gabrielszatan "Look How Hard I've Tried" by Barker squeaks in at #197, brief nod to the "return of ambient music" or similar. @chinchillaah @unsound 👋RIP the absolute legend Ginger Baker
Retweeted by Ed Gillett @CharKrol @gabrielszatan @L_Torracinta That track is decidedly less bad than I remember it being though, so maybe there's hope for me yet. @CharKrol @gabrielszatan @L_Torracinta I mean, I'm the sort of angsty prick who's had "Are We There" on repeat for… @gabrielszatan @CharKrol @L_Torracinta Side note: highest-placed pure, non-tongue-in-cheek pop record on the p4k li… @gabrielszatan @CharKrol @L_Torracinta Yup, joyless snob signing in here too, sorry. Tbf I haven't listened to The… @CharKrol @gabrielszatan @L_Torracinta London we want: rent control, an overground that works on the weekends, clean air, better youth services, your…
Retweeted by Ed Gillett @gabrielszatan AIA at #99 is so true it hurts - classic wildcard pick when an editor realises their personal fave hasn't made the cut. @gabrielszatan @L_Torracinta Outside bet on something grime / UK rap related making the low 90s, with a description… @gabrielszatan @L_Torracinta Yep, there'll be a solitary UK electronic album somewhere around 85, was thinking Four… @PurpleCityCo Yep, it's amazing.
@danmontedona Dunno, I saw it at LFF, only had its European premier this week I think? It's brilliant though, absol… more quick film review from today - The Lost Okoroshi by Abba Makama is absolutely incredible. Weird dreamy dar… the upside "Recorder" which I've also just watched is one of the best documentaries / films / pieces of art of a…'t think it would be physically possible to make a boring film about Fela Kuti but the terrible documentary I'v… thanks to @Iheartnoise for asking us to select a FEW highlights from F&F archives inc. @LeylandKirby,…
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@MoonDownTW @mutantmootant Have you actually read the article? What makes you more knowledgeable on this than the d… @MoonDownTW Also in terms of "just getting on with it" - have you read the article? Any thoughts on the complex, in… @MoonDownTW Just out of interest, how do you feel about immigrants working in the UK without having permission to do so?In the event of a no-deal Brexit, it may - for a time - be impossible for a DIY touring band, theatre co, sports te…
Retweeted by Ed Gillett @AndyPeacock999 @MoonDownTW @laurasnapes @twforum Either that Lisa's genuinely unclear on this, in which case she c… @MoonDownTW @laurasnapes @twforum By not getting work permits, for which they were eventually deported. Try harder.…
@ryandiduck @unsound Sorry to be missing this. You around later in the week?Happy birthday Steve Reich appy birthday Steve Reich H ppy birthday Steve Reich Ha py birthday Steve Reich Hap y bi…
Retweeted by Ed Gillettthe jag really sets this off
Retweeted by Ed Gillett @theQuietus @depechemode @homemode @jeremydeller @MuteUK Amazing, have wanted to see this for years. cc @edithbrow @dillonworkJeremy Deller and Nick Abraham's brilliant documentary on Depeche Mode fandom is *finally* available for public str…
Retweeted by Ed GillettA nice thing about doing archive research in your day job is that when your 89-year-old grandad vaguely mentions th… off school to go to Manchester on my own the night before Kid A came out (only show of the tent tour I could…
@mattjp Amazing, that's super-helpful, thank you!
@IbrahimMustapha @tom_usher_ When you're super keen on social justice, as long as it doesn't clash with your plans… @mattjp Hi Matthew, long shot but I'm trying to find the owner of these amazing photos of raves in Essex, which you… @JoshAJHall //
There is no future in England's dreaming.
Retweeted by Ed Gillett @Bandcloud Who says it ever went away?
@johnxela @hdt_hugh @baharkhadem The very first comment on the Youtube rip of "Cactus" feels relevant here. this article for @Talkhouse speaking about culture surrounding music, its loss/removal by the consumer, conte…
Retweeted by Ed Gillett @electrolemon Man, skrillex is looking pretty rough these days.
it is with a heavy heart that i must announce... the baby boomers are at it again. @RockCriticLaw @maura @andyzax It's real.
Long shot but if any irl friends fancy going to this tonight let me know - the pal I was going with has just droppe… @youngvulgarian @CasparSalmon This. It's very, very slow and very... interior? Nothing really happens between the i… grandee Sir @DesmondSwayne defends Justin Trudeau by explaining he once wore blackface and “went to some troub…
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@Paul0Evans1 @SimonMagus I don't really understand the point you're making here, but I think the idea that both sid… that hat, drop that gourd, keys to the door, dream about geese
Retweeted by Ed Gillett @stewartgreenuk This is a flat-out lie. She was specifically targeted for her political views, by a man who shouted… pal @RadioDEBONAIR really needs a new place to live ASAP, ideally in east London. Her ceiling caved in and she c…
Retweeted by Ed Gillett @Paul0Evans1 @SimonMagus @mePadraigReidy The left is equally capable of using corrosive language. But at this speci…