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Ed Gillett @ehgillett South London

I write things and make documentaries about politics, music, communities and culture. He / him.

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A feature I wrote last year is finally seeing the light of day - a process-oriented interview with the absolutely b…
Retweeted by Ed Gillett @schmorgasbord @MaoupaM Holy shit this album absolutely slapsAbsolute god tier shitposting.
@CasparSalmon Pretty sure it’s either going to be Saturday Kitchen or Twin Peaks.
Sad news, RIP David Roback. Mazzy Star were great and his dreamy stripped-back guitar style worked wonders in the g…
Retweeted by Ed GillettThese shops in Herne Hill, which are owned by @thearchcompany, have now stood empty for two years. Why not charge a…
Retweeted by Ed GillettGod damn this looks / sounds fantastic., it’s really been a year hasn’t it.
Egypt have banned an entire genre of music:
Retweeted by Ed GillettMy new piece about street food, gentrification and the urban food court phenomenon
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First part of a 3-part conversation about Mark Fisher / K-punk and the 2000s blog network, convened by Anwen Crawfo…
Retweeted by Ed GillettLong-time toxic shithead pivots to glib sanctimony and why-can’t-we-all-get-along platitudes, is it? Scuba really i…
Eyal Weizman of Forensic Architecture has US visa revoked. Algorithm blamed.
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Ah shit, here comes the sun. just got sent all this useless crap to advertise a conference with a panel on "sustainability in the music indus…
Retweeted by Ed GillettPlease read this to understand the issues at @TrinityHallCamb regarding sexual assault and how poorly it has been h…
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The best thing I've read on PARASITE
Retweeted by Ed GillettThis is scandalous. #OsmanKavala #Gezi #Turkey A very similar and repugnant tactic was used in #AhmetAltan’s case.…
Retweeted by Ed Gillett @michaelsclair @ChristinaMcMc cc @NOTYtourneyHoly shit this absolutely bangs. record labels! Sone Institute is bloody brilliant. And different. He won’t sell you lots of pretty vi…
Retweeted by Ed GillettRapper Unknown T cleared of killing man at New Year's Eve party
Retweeted by Ed GillettListening to the new-ish Destroyer and Pet Shop Boys albums back to back makes me wonder why I never noticed how al… @anewlinerelated It’s incredible, just possibly the worst “date” movie imaginable unless you’ve both got a handy stash of beta blockers.Small consolation for anyone who had a shit Valentine's: at least you didn't end up spending your v rare kid-free c… @chalravens "You're lying in a news grave. What's written on the headstone?" "News." @Atkins_Sam Assume this has already been mentioned but (If You Don’t Wanna Fuck Me, Baby) Fuck Off by Wayne County… @QPR Are there any available with the old sponsor logo? Failing that, is the stick-on new logo removable?
@Bandcloud @ruaridhTVO Yep!Pure, undiluted and utterly cursed boomer energy. @schmorgasbord “Driver” off that first Rotters Golf Club comp is also utterly deadly.Andy Weatherall once described his work as "a series of beautiful, totally futile gestures."
Retweeted by Ed Gillett @chalravens Most unified my timeline's been in grief since... Bowie? No-one with a single bad word to say. Awful news.How rare for any DJ to genuinely deserve iconic / legendary status, even rarer for them to be by all accounts such… reports Andrew Weatherall has died. absolutely numbing. one of the important British musicians in history,…
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@oharasisters Ooh, that is actually very tempting indeed.For anyone interested, just seen this article covers the above points & more. @JoanaRamiroUK Yeah this was my first thought, actually.Irl pals who live in European cities - is there anything fun happening near you in the last week of Feb? Itching to…
@gabrielszatan Sounds lit tbh.
@_samuelwilliams @gabrielszatan Polacheque One-Two @gabrielszatan Oh good grief the caroline polachek bit @b_nmrrs @mattkarmil Yes! I loved "Will" but this is a giant leap forward, so simple but so perfectly put together.… being that promo wanker raving about records which haven't come out yet, but holy hell the new @mattkarmil rec… @amebbbb @gabrielszatan Where Is The Love In The Time Of Lexapro @Sarah_Woolley God, watching that clip through the lens of Rob being a cranky sexist and it all suddenly flips. “Ho… @Sarah_Woolley Bit pretentious but essentially alright, and clearly having way more fun than everyone else put toge… @Sarah_Woolley It’s about someone being a bit of a dickhead, against his better nature, but everything working out… @Sarah_Woolley I don’t think it approves of the nastier stuff, exactly, but it does suggest they’re justified by t… @wordcolour That actually makes more sense, given American Psycho is very clearly a satire... intrigued by the idea… @chalravens @mmtowns Also used as a central wedge to separate the sauce pots. Romantic *and* functional.Even the ending’s grim: she’s “too tired” to leave him, which somehow in the 90s counted as vaguely romantic. The w… main character is written as an intense but ultimately loveable fuck-up, which obviously women can be too. But… about remaking High Fidelity with a female lead sits incredibly uneasily with me tbh. Obviously having mo…
@Bobcluness There’s maybe a dozen things I’d see here, absolutely none of which I’d want to watch at Reading.the sentence “keir starmer challenged abuse of police power by defending paul staines when he was holding acid hous…
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On the off chance anyone cares, I smashed through a bunch of extremely fiddly rearranging / mixing today, which I'v… stumbled across a huge Airbnb scam that’s taking over London (ht @Techmeme)
Retweeted by Ed Gillett @djfood Think you were the person who first told me about the film, and possibly a fellow SE Londoner? Thought you might enjoy this. @JimDicksLambeth @lambeth_council I guess there will always have to be trade-offs, but given Dulwich is already pre… @JimDicksLambeth @lambeth_council Does this mean that all remaining Herne Hill - Brixton traffic would now be route… a good few minutes convincing myself I wasn’t going mad, wished I’d had the courage to ask where it was from,… niche tweet, but shouts to the woman on the southbound 196 bus y’day wearing an original crew member’s bo… @bassclefbass I want to be the sort of person who says C. I fear I’m ultimately the sort of person who says B. I g…
Booked on deportation flight: 🔘UK-born child of #Windrush generation 🔘person who's been here 41 years from age 4 🔘…
Retweeted by Ed GillettFor the past couple of months I’ve been speaking to homeowners, banks, housing assocs and safety experts about…
Retweeted by Ed GillettAlso Roger Deakins winning again, after so many snubs, is pretty cool.Seriously though, having entirely written this year’s backslapfest off after Uncut Gems and Hustlers woz robbed, wh…'s is back baby. It's good again. Awoouu (wolf Howl)
@lukehandsfree @DeejayMosca It’s absolutely incredible, unmissable. One of the purest cinematic experiences I’ve had in years.
@posthuman bahahahaBoring journo request - does anyone have contact details for whoever does Four Tet's PR? @IainDale @GMB @Jacqui_Smith1 @kategarraway @benshephard @CharlotteHawkns Absolutely pathetic and incredibly reveal… @schmorgasbord @appleblim So refreshing to remember that techno isn’t just grooveless distorted kickdrums and industrial clanking. @schmorgasbord Fucking hell that’s good.
@meandmypeugeot @kardyology If your invoice is overdue, send a revised one with the fees added, tell them the inter… @meandmypeugeot @kardyology They are! Enshrined in law, that is. Fixed fee plus interest. @buildanddestroy Which is perhaps partially explained by Kobe’s case making it to court? Even so, something feels off. @buildanddestroy Wasn’t the case for Kobe, who was rightly portrayed as complex and flawed despite his many achieve…
@cardboardcompy @_never_work @rootkitten @BNBBTT Just finished Act V, having been transfixed from the moment I saw… @zs_tc Right, but I think there's a difference between characters you're interested in but can't quite pin down (wh… @zs_tc Nope, but think i'll probably check it out now.Unrelated is brilliant, though. Amazing what a difference it makes when your characters are actually interesting / relateable / likeable.Dramatically revising my estimation of Joanna Hogg after watching Unrelated last night, having been pretty much the…
@toast_fam @tom_usher_ Liam Byrne writing “I’m afraid there is no money” on Treasury letterhead in 2010. @steph_soh UNCUT GEMS (1981)
Retweeted by Ed Gillett @Sarah_Woolley @steph_soh God level editing.
Cannot think of a more deserving film: best thing I saw last year, easily one of the best of the decade. Looks like… @tubbsOreally No worries! And yep it’s incredible, been thinking recently that it might actually be my favourite game ever. @danletson OMG, in that case: welcome. You have something magical ahead of you.Uncut Gems (2019, dir. Josh Safdie & Benny Safdie)
Retweeted by Ed Gillett @danletson Oh man. Have you listened to any of them before? @tubbsOreally Breath Of The Wild, Mario Odyssey, Kentucky Route Zero, Stardew Valley, Hollow Knight. @zoe_writes After Madonna did an impromptu street gig in Paris shortly after the Bataclan attacks, I idly asked if…
@JeansAndSheux The additional lines of text really do turn this one from standard issue to iconic.
@michaeljswalker “Fuck ‘em all, we’re British and we’re the best” feels like the subtextual campaign slogan running…