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@edbrisson Probably an unpopular opinion, but I really liked the lobo redesign
@WordsOfDiana Hahahaha oh dear @SpookyMeggie
@Lexialex It's fundamentally a for profit based system... So pretty much, yeah. @Lexialex this is a perfect example of the manifold benefits of a strong education system. @Fearless_Fred Same goes for IKEA
Senior infectious disease experts told the Ontario government in June that long-term care homes lacked the basic re…
Retweeted by Eric HoustounWhen Schitt's Creek wins a bunch of Emmys this weekend, let's make sure that the federal Conservative plan to defun…
Retweeted by Eric Houstoun
@jf661 I'm not saying they're a stellar team, but like saying they're the worst team in any sport currently is just objectively stupid. @hellocookie That's an airtight argument @hellocookie Well yes, though I'm not sure you are... But I do love the mummy! @hellocookie Coming in with the spiciest if takes
@jf661 @Sportsnet I mean...probably the 19 other teams in baseball with a worse record than them currently... @SheaSerrano Thanks papa Shea @Lefty_Mind Canada sucks, so does the US and ICE though. It's not difficult. Every instance of this practice should… @rachrwill Exactly! @rachrwill For real. It's also just bewildering that they'd make these changes and then turn around and exempt all…
@WhackDatTower @lilyvonpsudonym @arthur_affect @zacharyherz the fact that you're attempting to gaslight the person… @mightygodking @Prankster36 not to mention a full body green spfx make up would mean your star actor in a make up c… @AdamTGorham congrats man! You're gonna kill it! @ledermanu I am not talking about american institutions, I mean specifically canadian institutions as that is where… @ledermanu Actually, that's also wrong. International students pay significantly more. I've personally seen cases w… @ledermanu so, no. Canadian institutions aren't all the same...neither for tuition prices nor for admissions standa… @ledermanu when you look at the post secondary system to the south of us your premise falls apart pretty quickly. A… @aka_Reynolds @wtevs Jimmy Buckets is a surprisingly likeable guy @KyleOrl yeah fair, I am more just pointing to factors that would be a reason to have a disc based system being thi… @KyleOrl I think with the decline of stores like gamestop the used game market is drying up and in turn the desire…“The amount of trauma that Inuit encounter is completely unacceptable. And it’s not normal. It’s not normal for an…
Retweeted by Eric HoustounBetween this, separating families, keeping people in crowded spaces without proper hygiene...ICE border detentions… @KarlaHayward
@teddyweinstein that's gonna be one expensive controller to replace, that's living decadently! @aka_Reynolds I mean I like Trez and Lou but I can see how they could be seen as unlikeable @aka_Reynolds I thought they were actually pretty likeable right up until patbev and PG started clowning on Lillard in the bubble.If Kawhi is the Terminator, then Jamal Murray is Canada's John Connor. @realDonaldTrump That would be a faked video. The real footage can be found here at the 27:12 mark… now, Kawhi later.
@Lexialex there's something cruelly ironic about the fact that we can shut down a show about prisons because it's t… @OverlairBee I recently rewatched it and I totally agree, and definitely not in a good way.
@relativetoyou @amndrkwe @axlanian @Jonathan_Blow @Aamuuninen @somnule Not given a platform =/= Silenced. You don't…
I wonder what it's like in the parallel universe where Monsters of Folk made more music after their first album...
Looking at Celtics twitter today I don't feel nearly as bad about Toronto fans being whiny about refs. #RaptorsVsCeltics #NBAPlayoffs @LeoRautins @DesmondCole Ah yes, those extremely rare *non lynching* nooses. Of course. 🙄
@tcormpilas @celliottability @tcormpilas @celliottability is that how confirming things works? Making a dubious correlative connection and asser… @BlueJays gotta admire the optimism.Kawhi just keeps giving Canada the finger. Why you do us like this fun guy? @PhoenixGolf55 @TimBontemps Yes, this year's coach of the year really only looked good because of kawhi...of course...
@awill24 @SheaSerrano It was also a much closer game. Not sure your point there. Either way keep cheering on your b… @extspace @menwritewomen @awill24 @SheaSerrano Felt the same about the raps in game 2
@draconie1 @TCrenshaws @AblemanAdam @Maadne_ @gurokaji I honestly haven't a clue what you're talking about...I don'… @draconie1 @TCrenshaws @AblemanAdam @Maadne_ @gurokaji That would be a very short sighted view of history my friend… @draconie1 @TCrenshaws @AblemanAdam @Maadne_ @gurokaji Ok so to be clear, I'm not saying racism in white institutio… @TCrenshaws @draconie1 @AblemanAdam @Maadne_ @gurokaji Oh I'm not defending that dude whatsoever, just trying to in… @untimelygamer yes, very much so haha. and you may well be right about that gap. @draconie1 @TCrenshaws @AblemanAdam @Maadne_ @gurokaji I've read that, I am indeed familiar. I am also not referrin… @untimelygamer the response feels like the OP wasn't communicating with the professor in good faith tbh. I agree th… @draconie1 @TCrenshaws @AblemanAdam @Maadne_ @gurokaji people of colour can very much be racist and often are to ot… @Nelsormensch @dispatchcoffee sells them, assuming they're not out of stock. @Fearless_Fred Yeah it's definitely not cool and I've experienced it either directly happening to loved ones in the… @Fearless_Fred I totally hear you dude and I genuinely feel for you in the situation. It does sound like something… @Fearless_Fred I think broadly speaking it's typically not OK but I see based on what you've been saying that the c… @ErinOTooleMP I did a quick google search and found ONTARIO'S DETAILED DEFINITION of what systemic racism is.… @teddyweinstein Djokovic is a fucking tool. The guy ran a tennis tournament at the height of coronavirus infections… @JessicaChobot That was a game changer when I discovered that move.
@knallfall @OwenORourke7 @AlanMorlock @commonsense258 @RexChapman Oh my goodness you're denser than dark matter. I… @knallfall @OwenORourke7 @AlanMorlock @commonsense258 @RexChapman Talk to an actual lawyer and stop trying to play… @knallfall @OwenORourke7 @AlanMorlock @commonsense258 @RexChapman You are woefully misguided on this and incredibly… @knallfall @OwenORourke7 @AlanMorlock @commonsense258 @RexChapman So your interpretation is that if a 17 year old i… @LegalEagleDJ can you please explain how this is not how laws are interpreted. @knallfall @OwenORourke7 @AlanMorlock @commonsense258 @RexChapman So let me get this believe that th… @knallfall @OwenORourke7 @AlanMorlock @commonsense258 @RexChapman Oh dear, the entire statute is the law friend...I… @knallfall @OwenORourke7 @AlanMorlock @commonsense258 @RexChapman So just like it's not relevant to section 1 you c… @knallfall @OwenORourke7 @AlanMorlock @commonsense258 @RexChapman So referencing brass knuckles in point… @knallfall @OwenORourke7 @AlanMorlock @commonsense258 @RexChapman My point here friend is that the exemption listed… @knallfall @OwenORourke7 @AlanMorlock @commonsense258 @RexChapman So to explain more clearly, 3(c) when referring t… @knallfall @OwenORourke7 @AlanMorlock @commonsense258 @RexChapman So, reading your own posted section of the articl… @knallfall @OwenORourke7 @AlanMorlock @commonsense258 @RexChapman By your logic a 17 year old could have brass knuc… @knallfall @OwenORourke7 @AlanMorlock @commonsense258 @RexChapman I wish you recognized what a self own this is. Th… @MichaelChongMP You're one of the few cons I tend to respect the opinions of, but you're really showing your ass here Mike. @GreatRootBear @GreatRootBear Who would have thought the islanders best shot at winning a cup would come after losing tavares @screenrant What good intentions could there possibly be to post an article about how people can expect a new comic… @Malik4Play We mourn a legend, but we're left inspired by his legacy.
I'm grateful for what he gave us in the time that he did, but I mourn what we could have been lucky enough to see.I'll say this though, during his career he portrayed an incredibly important fictional hero in black panther AND an… news about Chadwick Boseman is so so tragic, his talent was undeniable and I can't imagine the heights he could…
@Lexialex Have you listened to thunder Bay by canadaland? Also they've done a series during the pandemic on long te… @vhdlrband @MarissaRoberto @MrAndyNgo Your source is the post millenial...their management literally works for the…
I won't lie, I fully anticipated the resumed season of the NBA to end up getting shut down before concluding...I ju… @warren__terra @AOC What I am wondering is whether this is a choice in messaging from the NBPA. A strike requires s… @camcavejohnson @AOC I did not know that, learn something new every day. @AOC Could be an issue with the players union. A union has to vote to strike does it not? I don't think the union h…
@teddyweinstein I'm gonna go with 'remote' @Jalen_SSJj @TimBontemps How so? Even if they decided not to play theres no reason to think these players would hav… honestly could not care less about the RNC right now. Police are still taking black lives with impunity and and s… @TimBontemps I can only imagine the anger and frustration he feels right now in that position. I don't think anyone… @drgreghouse83 @TimBontemps its cool greg, I assure you no one cares what you think.
@KellamTS @ZackSnyder Yeah, apparently made by a raging man child haha