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Nicola Sturgeon: i would like it if people in Scotland didn't die Union Flag twitter: this woman is literally the Devil
Retweeted by billie eilidh @SoooSami @BryMeade lmao @brymeade you really retweeting this after all the hate you spread on tiktokVANESSA WAS BEATEN TO DEATH, CHOPPED APART, BURNED, AND HAD CEMENT POURED ON HER. THERE WAS BLOOD ALL OVER THE ARMO…
Retweeted by billie eilidhA US soldier dies in a foreign country and its a huge deal. A US soldier is sexually assaulted & murderered by OUR…
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@gravietron @AndersenAngus yeah im so lucky to have them! some are definitely earlier than the 1940s based on the l… @AndersenAngus haha, i think that’s every novice sewers mistake! my nan would have had the same reaction thoughplease sign this! i’ve been fortunate to visit the hawaiian islands and not only is it so gorgeous and breathtaking…
Retweeted by billie eilidh @AndersenAngus that’s very good needle work! evenly spaced and perfect tension @AndersenAngus exactly! im trying to improve my embroidering skills with modern thread, when i get to a certain lev… @AndersenAngus my nan did! same with embroidery thread! when she passed my grampa gave me a tub of embroidery thread from the 1940s @aubviouslynot what does dressing like a mormon mean did you have a nametagI FOUND HER DUMB ASS IN THE GARAGE!!! @babyscrambles this is my 3 legged cat page is from a medical textbook that was published in wait for it...2017.
Retweeted by billie eilidh @EmmaLangevinXO pls marry meWEAR A MASK
Retweeted by billie eilidhPeople with ADHD be like “l know a spot” and then start googling who the leader of Uruguay was in 1978
Retweeted by billie eilidhThe next time someone says, “stop disrespecting our troops” when an athlete doesn’t stand during the national anthe…
Retweeted by billie eilidhI can not stress this enough, just be a kind human. It’s not that hard
Retweeted by billie eilidha few days ago i messaged a girl who really really hurt me when i was in uni to let her know. she gave me a bs apol… @AndersenAngus you deserve it!
37 minutes. That’s how long I was able to bear the Louisiana heat in my car, turned off, with the windows rolled up…
Retweeted by billie eilidh“can u stop bouncing ur leg” no bro i have anxiety
Retweeted by billie eilidhall i want is my cat and whataburgerplease be hiding under a couch or on some other dumb cat shit dad let my three legged cat outside and i can’t find her hahahahaha i’m worried @highervioIet i hate uhelp i can’t stop listening to the euphoria soundtrackthunder only happens when it’s raining.
Retweeted by billie eilidhyes, i agree suki💗
Retweeted by billie eilidhliterally imagine how this country could look if we redirected police and military funds into education and healthcareThe result of 40 years or whatever of redirecting education funds to the military
Retweeted by billie eilidh#ElijahMcClain say his name !
Retweeted by billie eilidh @MsSiennaCharles @cottoncandaddy i love liziqi’s videos too but i prefer dianxi’s because something about them feels more personable @MsSiennaCharles @cottoncandaddy yes i love Dawang!! one of my favourite vids is when he’s sad he can’t go follow her to forage for food @DestinyVaquera i’m exited for you!! rock that new phone!! set those new wallpapers!!! @DestinyVaquera the best feeling tbh @Stinalotte @cottoncandaddy here’s one of her videos with captions @Stinalotte @cottoncandaddy look up dianxi xiaoge on youtube!! she has a partnership with taste life on facebook so… @LymeandCoconut @cottoncandaddy i love dianxi xiaoge who has similar content!! she talks more and you see her famil… @cottoncandaddy mine is dianxi xiaoge, she makes really peaceful cooking videos showing her making traditional food… we are! Final 2.5 hours. We're 211 donors from goal! We are fighting for healthcare, a living wage, protecti…
Retweeted by billie eilidhWhat's so unforgivable is there's now no mystery as to how to get COVID under control. In CT, we kept everything c…
Retweeted by billie eilidhwhat if we all just told our landlords we already paid rent and they’re acting crazy. like what if we all just gaslit our landlords
Retweeted by billie eilidhi really hope the lesson people take from elijah mcclain is not "its extra sad because he was so sweet" but rather…
Retweeted by billie eilidhi promise you now nobody’s body looks the exact same when it’s posed vs when it’s unposed . stop making women feel…
Retweeted by billie eilidh @elisvxmerivnos @Change holy shit
When slaves escaped to Mexico slave owners tried to get them back by hiring bounty hunters but Mexico fought and ki…
Retweeted by billie eilidh @StfuMercedes congrats!!i had a dream i got hired by elon musk last night and woke up to getting rejected via email for a grocery storeJust thinking about how the same republicans who want to ban all abortion b/c “life begins at conception” also bloc…
Retweeted by billie eilidhall i want is a job pls hire me hahai have never been rejected from so many jobs before COVID so maybe stop giving unemployed people shitjust got rejected from another job dont text 😞Unpopular opinion but we need to shut everything down again
Retweeted by billie eilidhReminder that Nikki Blonsky from the movie Hairspray (and her family) beat the shit out of a black woman so badly t…
Retweeted by billie eilidh @lockandki exactly!! only thing i can think of is people don’t value non western media or media that isn’t in english @KylePlantEmoji bc finding a soulmate is so fking easy @billyeichner @SenSchumer @SenGillibrand @NYGovCuomo Hi billy please remember the artists who work behind the scene… @j_smithcameron @jeremiahphobbs @SenSchumer @SenGillibrand @BeAnArtsHero1 hi please remember the folks behind the s… @highervioIet i just started 3 so text me all your theories!! @highervioIet omg what episode are u onShe literally has every single perfect facial feature on her one face.
Retweeted by billie eilidh @JoshBasquiat @chinqpink Nah they said
Retweeted by billie eilidhhonestly im sorry but fuck the white guy who was screaming in the cops faces. we're not the ones at risk if cops de… YALL ARE FUCKING LYING
Retweeted by billie eilidhATTENTION: If you or a loved one has been refused entry to a private business for not wearing a mask, and you would…
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@chinqpink @AuroraPD @AuroraPD
Retweeted by billie eilidhY’all. This is my favorite fucking song.
Retweeted by billie eilidhLibertarians are like:
Retweeted by billie eilidhUsing real color was a mistake let's go back to technicolor
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dark on netflix is honestly so good. i can’t pick an all time favourite tv show rn, it’s between Dark, Euphoria, and Westworldto add to this- i work(ed) behind the scenes and we have to wear respirators or n95 masks while sanding, spray pain… @L_A_Baker @EmmaDumont @JoeBiden to add to this- i work(ed) behind the scenes and we have to wear respirators or n9… we're going off about lying cops today, let me add to it stupid things prosecutors train baby DAs to do. He…
Retweeted by billie eilidh @L_A_Baker @EmmaDumont @JoeBiden OSHA literally REQUIRES me to wear a mask at work lmaoOSHA literally REQUIRES me to wear a mask at work 😂 Macbeth be like "I know a spot" and then can't get it out
Retweeted by billie eilidhi can’t fucking wait for betsy devos to be out of officeStop basing school funding off of property taxes
Retweeted by billie eilidhThese 3 folks in Brooklyn are facing 45 years- life in prison. That's nuts. Please donate if you can and write them…
Retweeted by billie eilidhu guys don’t like the govt telling u to wear masks bc of ur individual right to ur body but ur ok with the govt tel…
Retweeted by billie eilidh @harristhekat remember when we went on a friend date it was beautifuli miss the fountains tho 🥺’t believe we’re gonna be in quarantine for the next year cause y’all can’t make margaritas at home 😩
Retweeted by billie eilidhthey don’t like the stringy bits on bananas either!!!! i don’t know what i’m going to do with this info yet but it…
Retweeted by billie eilidhIf Canada send food to other countries why are Natives in Canada starving and the food prices are so high? 60% of t…
Retweeted by billie eilidhthere is low key a reason why his fan base is super willing to look past jeffree's racism and it's because he has b…
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Uh oh the lil MoonPie man is back with something important to say | ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄| |   wear your masks   | |  for cryin…
Retweeted by billie eilidhpeople who are like “cops should have to have four year degrees to be cops because it’ll make them less likely to b…
Retweeted by billie eilidhneeds to be settled
Retweeted by billie eilidhwhewwwwwwww. for everyone who has ever asked how i'm full black but look like this.
Retweeted by billie eilidh @oattiddymilk @anugov1 @catzuIa
@snarkeigh i’ll deadass send you backgrounds you can use just DM me with what you think would be funny and i’ll record itNever forget that the modern gay rights movement began as a RIOT against police brutality. It wasn’t pretty. Proper…
Retweeted by billie eilidh @paytonattard why would you tell me and my quarantine gut this @snarkeigh do one about how all the soccer moms in houston are gonna respond to this (ie ignoring it)