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Emma-jane @ej_mac Trawden, Lancashire, England

you've got to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative!.......full of mutterings and mumblings that are usually my own views.

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OMGA. Squirrels don't really eat acorns!!! @knitboy Yeah, you'd have a red cheek!! 😉....but id have known you meant me! @knitboy I had to check it was a compliment first though 🤭I did too..... 🤭🥰 I’m crying 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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@laviniabramwell @DrAmirKhanGP It has been known
Available for hire, great venue ideal for weddings, birthdays and more. Fully licensed bar with friendly staff and…
Retweeted by Emma-jane @veryenglishyogi ...don't get too excited, still on knees!! #BabySteps @veryenglishyogi I'm up to 4 press ups waiting fir kettle to boil... #MoveMore #EveryLittleHelps
Why,when you're meeting yourself coming back, does technology decide to have a hissy fit!!!! Grrrr
@janpot1 @theJeremyVine Yes. Betty gave as good. I did worry about his mental health though. He must be in a really bad place. @matt_fwyalchen although with the HUGE rates for overdrafts now set, it could be even worse if accepting debit cards......oh gosh, that was a bit heated on @theJeremyVine . Poor chap genuinely het up about #LeavingEU on 31st. Unfortunate… Easy Connect change to an existing habit Respect your rhythm Design your environment Celebrate the wins…
Retweeted by Emma-jane @MrMattDonlan probably already has ;) @MrMattDonlan bless ! @matt_fwyalchen credit cards (in the wrong hands) are very dangerous. Ive got a 0% card. got to my limit 3x & the c… this @CllrJoeCooney @CllrJoeCooney @PendleBC . @PendleBC can you put the metal outer from tealight candles in the brown bin?
@knitboy @anecdatally Mmmm wrong spelling. (again!)
@paul_winginit surely that case would have better under the actual seat...
Off to bed with a wheatbag on my ear and feeling sorry for's been that sort of day. Tomorrow is a new one 😉 @laviniabramwell Holiday/adventure 🤭 love 'H' - but before you change your job role you should always consult the boss.....or risk being sacked 🤔Do one thing today..... @CllrJoeCooney @paul_winginit This is not a holiday, it's an adventure. .I'll need a holiday afterwards 🤪 @paul_winginit 😭😭😭😭😭 @CllrJoeCooney Why did you make me read that....I'm too jealous and odd to but a lottery ticket!!! They did transib…'m off to Jordan and Israel. The weather is better here #typical
@SmithMatthew_ @IdleandWild I sent the father of my child back to with after a day. It was bad enough trying to cop…!! ...dont ask! BBC News - Take the Great British Intelligence Test: How clever are you? @MrMattDonlan Missing a mix of Tommy and mayo 🤭 @MrMattDonlan Glad to hear you're out, even though wobbling......what sauce do you have with it? @VirginRadioUK @ChefTomKerridge Thought you'd like this @SallieAlmond xxI was the massive idiot....glad to say I'm now on the winning team 🤪 @theJeremyVine @timoncheese @Specsavers @VisionExpress @glassesdotcom Define ok!?🤗 Greggs staff to get £300 bonus after 'phenomenal year'
Snuzzle, snoodge, and snerdle: all verbs in the English Dialect Dictionary for snuggling under the covers as though…
Retweeted by Emma-janeOh lord, is it? I’ve got enough to do hoovering up the pine needles.
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The masked singer has got to be the shitest show ever.... so why the hell am i still watching it??? #CarCrashTV
@paul_winginit @British_Airways Beirut !? 🤔
@laviniabramwell @MoneySavingExp you put yours up beg of dec though... @laviniabramwell @MoneySavingExp It's still Chris tmas!! @CllrJoeCooney often astound myself with my intelligence...sometimes with the strength of it but mostly with the lack of it!!;humdudgeon (1700s): a bout of low spirits and/or imaginary illness that sets in when you remember work exists, and…
Retweeted by Emma-jane @MoneySavingExp But fully down until February...if the tree lastsLast day of holidays. Time to start doing all the things I should have done by now 🤭
@aliceonthehill i debated between the 2... may be just me. Low attention span at the mo @aliceonthehill bancroft not that good either...."When people have no love to live for, it's so very easy to fill that void with hate" @MrMattDonlan That's northern hospitality! @MrMattDonlan Tell me about it. I spent 6 months on crutches and the ignorance of folk never failed to astound me @MrMattDonlan Oh no. I didn't even know you'd hurt it. Hope it's needed soon x @theJeremyVine I really like the Canadian one - simpler , more veggies, whole grain, and more plant based.
Retweeted by Emma-jane @janpot1 Follow @lowcarbGP he has good dietary adviceI think its the first time ive ever seen the London fireworks. whilst impressive - they dont half go on for ages #Bored
@MrMattDonlan Bloody foreigners trying to get in our pubs!! 😂 @MrMattDonlan That's hilarious...because it's probably true!!!
@MrMattDonlan A girl can (and will) dream....🙏Oh god. I forgot how gorgeous Jude law is in the holiday... 🤗 @aliceonthehill I've not even been in the house, but I've put s new kitchen and a walk in wardrobe in it...nit quit… sleep can make it harder to get things done. To learn the simple actions you can take to improve your sleep, v…
Retweeted by Emma-jane @aliceonthehill I do this. The house isn't even up for sale!!! I virtually visit lots if places, usually more exotic than malham ... 😊 X
@MrMattDonlan Miss ed their train 🤭 @janpot1 @towneleyhall But i did get some lovely pj s in the sale!
@MrMattDonlan Been up and down a few times. Poor students 😂 @MrMattDonlan From the castle? Got to love a trier...a tenner though?! Lol @MrMattDonlan Ooh they're grand steps. Where abouts?The staircase was in Tesco, cause the bloody hall was shut!!!Today I went to @towneleyhall . I took a picture of a staircase's my day sorted!! 😊 @MrMattDonlan Agreed! I've been twice and loved every minute @CotswoldLadyB I wish you luck. It's kubetating!
@knitboy There's a cat? 😂
@DiamondClasp perfect! @DiamondClasp Sounds ideal....why Feb? @DiamondClasp I think I had your share then. ...
@Griffiths777 @BBC There's a button you can useHappy Christmas, mum . ..........happy Christmas, dad 😂😂 @InfallibleFraz What??What was the issue with the Christmas tree? #CallTheMidwife
Set your expectations low. That way you won't be disappointed 🙄Oh how I remember those days!! @SCockburnPrice Look gorgeous x @DiamondClasp Oh yes. We made my friends younger sister huddle in the window bottom with her arm outside so we coul… @knitboy Happy birthday to you 🎶 Happy birthday to you 🎶 Happy birthday dear Ashley, Happy birthday to you 🎶 xxx have a great day xxx
@DiamondClasp We struggle with TV. Last year I used my Sainsbury's double up vouchers and got a smallish telly fir… @DiamondClasp I don't! Lol. But my TV has an app for that 😉 @laviniabramwell ill try but im not sat on a beach in meckico! 😂It’s surely time for this again. scurryfunge (verb; US dialect, 1800s): to dash around the house in a frenzied at…
Retweeted by Emma-jane @Mearcat655 no one knows, its never actually happened! @knitboy bugger! dont let the bastards grind you down ! keep on smiling :)how good does it feel to shut down the laptop after a bloody long day.... THIRTEEN whole days before its on again 🙂🙃
@susanpoupard Red line. what a fab idea @susanpoupard Perfect! Can't wait to read your posts @janpot1 Absolutely! @susanpoupard Hi. . I need time to catch up with all your tweets. It's probably covered but how long us your journey (days)I shall try my very best..