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Emma-jane @ej_mac Trawden, Lancashire, England

you've got to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative!.......full of mutterings and mumblings that are usually my own views.

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@MrMattDonlan we can but hope........ @MrMattDonlan All i hear is "but were told to do an hours exercise a day" ... erm no youre not - youre told to stay… @MrMattDonlan Its a perfect opportunity to put some sort of capping in place - if every country did it, it would be… @MrMattDonlan This really pees me off.... we still have people walking round Trawden. Should they have an accident,… the calendar today - Yoga Stretch This practice is great for the body but AWESOME for your mental health and wea…
Retweeted by Emma-jane @NotesFromFarm search #Artclass some are just displaying their art other are doing videos/classes.. enjoy! @stuartberry1 I believe our IT trainers have passed some guides to the CCG?valid excuse for being outside today - sit on your doorstep or in your garden (not going off rambling). Better sti… @Ashleigh_Rimmer Thinking of you. Make sure your 'bubble' stays a happy place. Limit your social media intake. Make… are often hated but i ask please spare a thought for the bin staff still out there trying to minimise the spread…
Retweeted by Emma-jane @MartinMakepeace I had a heated debate with someone who was disgusted a local farmer had out signs up footpath clos…
@aliceonthehill youre all fricking amazing. xx @Edwina_Currie @Number10press @MattHancock it woudl be better with members of the public asking questions.....It is now really important to look after our health & wellbeing whilst we are all staying at home. Take a look at s…
Retweeted by Emma-jane @BurnleyFC_Com @LewisRimmer23 Brilliant stuff Dan. Well done 👍 @Stuartcross1987 Aww sad newsbrilliant is how you get a point across. No blame, no finger pointing, no attack (journalists should take note). ❤️ if anyone in their right mind would do this!!!! ....... (Hehe guilty!)
@veryenglishyogi Gallo pinto - oh that brings back memories of Nicaragua. @FirstYearFilms @IdleandWild @nic_wells ooh i think i missed this news.... congratulations @MaggotsMagill Shut up you!! @hattherapy thats beautiful @laviniabramwell been a brilliant washing day here too....tut tut, i thought you was better than that .. #Northern @Lillybef aww thank you for thinking of me xxxweve all done a Brenda at some point.... @CllrJoeCooney 🤣Im sat in my jeans, jumper and wellies. Boychild only has shorts on.....are either of us normal?...and if everyone wen tot hat field today, you wouldnt be able to be so far apart. The easiest way to control it i… We’re clear that you shouldn’t leave your home unless it’s for one of four reasons. #StayHomeSaveLives
Retweeted by Emma-janeIt's this kind of logic that will get us through.... 😊💗
Retweeted by Emma-janeMany of us could have the coronavirus but show no symptoms. This means #AnyoneCouldSpreadIt, please please stay at…
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@s_m_price @LeeDuerden its all about #priorities if my nipples are cold i can put a jumper on...... can i ever be a… @s_m_price @LeeDuerden @IdahoanFoods oooh i did.... delicious @LeeDuerden @IdahoanFoods Roasted garlic. I have to admit i was dubious (memories of 70s SMash) but they are perfec…*When This is Over* Remember it wasn't the peddlers of hate and division who came to our aid in the time of need.…
Retweeted by Emma-janeThank you @LeeDuerden for introducing me to @IdahoanFoods mashed potatoes..... blooming yummy! @CommClothing @paddygrant This is an amazing effort for the speed of production. Well done to everyone!
Retweeted by Emma-janeIve loved this........'re working with a range of organisations including voluntary groups to help vulnerable people get through this d…
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@ctvc @BBCiPlayer @BBCTwo i am watching last weeks.......hence the adrian chiles quote.OK, I'm a week behind everyone, but 'Pilgrimage' is already up to its usual standard. Great people and great views… @s_m_price @RussellDutton @Edwina_Currie can they not share it???? 👑 @RussellDutton @Edwina_Currie and me. IMO most of them are speaking from knowledge and experience and not just delivering facts and figures. @ChloeAshworth24 yeah good news xxxBased in #Pendle @ChloeAshworth24 you cant argue with this chap x @MrMattDonlan A bit like brexit ..... 🤪
@MartinMakepeace perfect opportunity to bring in a world wide wages limit!!! @Edwina_Currie im hoping for a reply like...... "4th September, but dont ask me which year".anyone else playing the game.... wonder which journalist will ask the most stupid question today? 🤔 Ive started a… a try folks 🤪 have had lots of teachers asking me if they can use my children’s stories to make online videos for their pupils.…
Retweeted by Emma-janeI walked down to the Post Box last night, the first time in FIVE weeks that ive been in the village..... was lovely… try to be kind. If you dont quite manage it, then say sorry .... x'm more astonished that she's astonished....... @LeeDuerden @piersmorgan I've not watched 'news' for years. Interviewers usually only interested in 'catching peop…
@ChloeAshworth24 @DiamondClasp there sure are... stay safe, keep wellCOVID is giving the armchair Brexit experts the opportunity to become experts in epidemiology. @DiamondClasp the clocks changing takes me a couple of weeks to get to 'normal'couldnt resist... guess which i pressed? @DiamondClasp Haha. .I thought you meant Twitter et al was keeping you up!!Mums all over....
@CllrJoeCooney First flight:.. before you was born!!! Last flight: Saw-man Shortest flight: lpl-dub Longest flig… @knitboy @LeeDuerden Oooh you've just reminded me I can have that for tea!!!! Yours looks good though xHouse near us puts these bears out each day, doing a different activity every time. It’s all I live for currently...
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@CllrJoeCooney Extremely @MrMattDonlan Ah. Thought that may be the case. Do you have local people who could help just in case? Where ever yo… @CllrJoeCooney @MrMattDonlan Do you live in Edinburgh or Kendal? @MrMattDonlan good luck! @MrMattDonlan you run out of pies already!!!.... yes unfortunately common sense aint as common as it used to be.… im cooking, no way are 8 people invited!! @MrMattDonlan and had the crack with them, explained everything to them and obviously let them go..... I would have… @MrMattDonlan He had an incident where 2 police opened up car doors simultaneously & aimed tasers at them. They ha… @MrMattDonlan id been telling boychild for years that claims the police harass people are usually when the police c… @CllrJoeCooney @VictoriaCoren and the next board had one so easy I couldnt bring myself to get excited...... @CllrJoeCooney @VictoriaCoren doesnt everybody at this time on a monday?????i got a line, i got a line.... :) @Edwina_Currie They're too busy trying to catch took out 🙁 @ChloeAshworth24 @AdamBancroft Good luck xx @ChloeAshworth24 @AdamBancroft watch the video on here @ChloeAshworth24 @AdamBancroft Have you contacted previous employer? They are encouraged to take you back on do you…
I have a small amount of capacity for our fridge van, with multi drop driver. If you’re someone who is moving to ho…
Retweeted by Emma-janeJust spent a good 5 minutes looking for a bank statement from 4.4.20.... #StirCrazy @marksimpson74 @aliceonthehill @yogawithadriene although is still a good one to get familiar with movement.... migh… @marksimpson74 @aliceonthehill @yogawithadriene have a go, if after 10 mins youre not 'in the zone' ill send someth… @marksimpson74 @aliceonthehill @yogawithadriene This is a good one to start, but how good are you at 'switching off… @aliceonthehill @yogawithadriene good. give me a shout and ill point you to some good 'starter' ones.. and help in… morning ive 'been' to my yoga class with @yogawithadriene and church and havent had t… @DiamondClasp I like to have everything ready just in case a last minute jaunt occurs :) @IdleandWild theyre living the tune.... @IdleandWild smiles all round :) @DiamondClasp hehe i normally have done the day after!!!
Finally getting round to sorting out my holiday photos. Ive been back 16 days...... that tells you a lot doesnt it!? @KarenFaz @aliceonthehill I'm in a little bubble here. Done 2 weeks quarantine after returning from Israel. Boychild now fini… And if they had an accident, it would mean god knows how many emergency service personnel to get them down and…