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Ekali 🥀 @EkaliMusic Vancouver, BC

I make music and travel the world playing it. 🍃

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This song and it’s lyrics are so important to me @_elderbrook @Rudimental i can’t shoot any shows right now I thought I’d mess around with double exposures. I’ve done this in other fo…
Retweeted by Ekali 🥀Chicago! My show at Concord Music Hall is now on 10/3. Tickets are on sale now and all previously purchased tickets… @bklyphoto @ILLENIUMMUSIC This is sick
Whatever you’re going through - remember to trust the process ❤️ @SaidTheSky @itsbeargrillz Be over shortly 💘 @Eptic @QUIX KL
And nothing can change the past, but looking at the times where you went wrong or were incapable of acting the way… only form of control we have over our futures is what we choose to do with ourselves in the present. Look too f… remaining merch from the A World Away Tour is now available online
Retweeted by Ekali 🥀I'm taking over the Big Beat All Access phone number today to answer some of your questions directly. Hit me up abo… @eprombeats ❤️❤️❤️ @sandyballz3 Had no idea what set times were prior to the recordingOver 50k watching the set right now. 🥰🥰HOUSEKALI new @EkaliMusic x @ALRTMUSIC ID #DigitalMirage
Retweeted by Ekali 🥀Set times were pushed back im on at 6:40***Playing Digital Mirage tonight at 6:10 PM @ProximityM @TeamBandL
@thefarxo @ProximityM 100%Who did this 🤣
Watching this digital mirage stream @Mat_Zo @ProximityM @TeamBandL watch and donate!! time!?Miss performing for you guys. Hope you’re all staying safe and are doing well in this fucked up time. Catch me on l…
here are the official Digital Mirage Festival set times separated by Friday, Saturday, and Sunday it's honestly in…
Retweeted by Ekali 🥀
@justasistergorl Nah bullies just love to take credit
Blogs are really posting articles on @EkaliMusic's bedsheets lmao. COVID-19 EDM is about to spiral
Retweeted by Ekali 🥀My fiancée @SAMBLACKY is playing a house set on her instagram live I’m chillen in the living room may join we’ll see @AntravisBisou They look like this every night @CarloDangerMus1 NiceWell everyone. been fun today. Seeya 💦💦 @SNBI98 You’re telling me you don’t instantly black our after nutting? Asking for a friend @HoloHoloMusic @wearefurymusic In a tree, on a house, on my sheets, on my fiancée, on my floor, on your roof, in a… a fire starts to burn, right And it almost burns you to fucking death in front of 10,000 people…
:(((((((( me almost die by fire on tik tok @SAMBLACKY Y’all just mad my pullout game on a hundredMaybe I’ll duo with a fan, hop in discord, talk some shitWill test the pc stream setup tomorrow - play some games and unreleased tunes, talk with y’all ❤️ @macraykay @SAMBLACKY Don’t think that’s the issue here @SAMBLACKY We washed these sheets the day before leave us aloneThe remaining merch from the A World Away Tour is now available online @bobqinXD Let’s gooooo I’ll jungle and camp ur Leblanc assNot enough hours in each day... soo much work to do right now. So many projects. Up til 4 am each night Hey though… will be streaming DJ sets of all genres, gaming, production techniques, CDJ tricks, etc on a full weekly schedule… that the CDJ stream setup downstairs is done Set up the lab for my gaming and production streaming setup ✅ shaving or cutting my hair til I play my next show let’s see how gnarly I can get
@dylanhlevine @ALRTMUSIC It obv is not real
Literally working on all bangers rnProject yes. Different name. Deeper cuts. This stuff will be interspersed in my releases, maybe a collab ep idk @Subtronics @ALRTMUSIC Thunderbolt 3 cord length problems 😪We gettin crafty AF Nathan has 4 new projects launching, my ep if not 1 but 2 are nearly finished, we about to live…
Retweeted by Ekali 🥀 @SAMBLACKY IT WAS SO GOODYou asked for housekali - here’s one of maybe 13 demos I have going @lankus @ALRTMUSIC It is. It’s a 45000$ cloud couch my fiancée finagled for like 4K at restoration hardware I am so gratefulGetting the streaming studio set up - new tune sounds great in here (w @ALRTMUSIC ) On my way to get my cdjs now my favourite classical piano song for a tune right now. Prelude in C# Minor - RachmaninoffAlso.. I’ll be playing a set on an online virtual online festival soon and playing a ton of collabs you’ve never heard beforethinking Of streaming schedule next week. Every day from noon til whenever I wanna stop. - Monday: DJ Set. Differe… @SAMBLACKY It’s okay baby girl I love you forever hope you liked the poem
@LenvalLaird @ALRTMUSIC hes a legend @DJDAVILA_ @ALRTMUSIC sampled the drum break from kanye - chistian dior denim flow for one of the fills hahahaQuarantine work zone: Ekali X @ALRTMUSIC - ID got the toilet paper / paper towels online order plug? @OfficialRezz Opposite for me been quite nice finishing so much musicWhen I get my streaming schedule set up what do you wanna see?
Thankful for this rooftop quarantine studio. Producing thirst trap exclusively. while all this is happening.. I have 5 collabs almost done And a whole buncha demos. Maybe a collab E…
This house tune I’m making with @ALRTMUSIC 🚨 🚨🚨🚨🚨
Retweeted by Ekali 🥀Its HERE. Our remix for @EkaliMusic & @ILLENIUMMUSIC Hard To Say Goodbye is out nowww!
Retweeted by Ekali 🥀Hard to Say Goodbye remixes are out now. All of the remixers crushed so hard! @DJNittiGritti @WinandWoo @BRKLYNofficial @TepNoMusicI know you guys have been waiting for this one but trust me it feels good to finally release this remix for my frie…
Retweeted by Ekali 🥀Out now :) house tune I’m making with @ALRTMUSIC 🚨 🚨🚨🚨🚨When “tour managing” your fiancée just means sneaking in kisses in between transitions 🥰 Seriously though this wom…
Stay Hollow (with mossy.) by @EkaliMusic
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Updated flyer with rescheduled dates for the A World Away Tour and some other headline shows. Previously purchased… @SAMBLACKY @WE_ARE_HAH Cutest there is @Acr2Sk6CF2Wk2eU Creating polyrhythms with like 8 different loops, all off the gridDo u even Latin percussion tho god.. I’m trying my hardestAnd be stronger and better. Life slips you up.. the hurt that causes other people isn’t their problem, it’s yours.Even if your heart is pure, be eternally grateful for second chances when you hurt someone you love. That concession takes true strengthmight tidy this up & play it live in a year when festivals are a thing againWell it took me about 50 mins but successfully made a slapper out of this dude’s car failing and @DJNittiGritti sin… using this one. With Nitti gritti singing to me. Should be done in 30 @DJNittiGritti will publicly sing a melody here and I will combine it with the sound we chooseme n nitti tik tok collab send fucked up sounds @DJNittiGritti @DJNittiGritti wanna collab on a tik tok send me some nonsense audial shit
Sorry for asking questions I can just google but y’all get straight to the point and I’m not listening to some Iris… @FMUOASL You’re the MAN got some sexy photos to develop @ceejensen Agreed! Used my ski mask @goingquantum Fucking hell lol thank uI have this sick black Contax T3 but have no idea how to rewind the film at the end of the roll Twitter help me those saying masks are useless They’re not useless for protecting other people if you’re carrying and don’t know it ✅Quarantine is going great!! see you in July. Gonna live stream my naps who would watch don’t forget to like and sub… laundryLittle late night reflection and writing / reading. Taking this time off for self betterment @wearewavedash Duuuude let’s go!! How high you get this season? Peaked at diamond 4 @ProdBySonnyBoom Yes