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I enjoy Internet and root beer. // ALSO: @SeeAMovieATL. // Header by @cBrunner_draws // Icon by @scottlava

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Book covers by Edward Gorey.
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👎👎👎👎 @filmsonwax I don’t want... this @millerunc @mleecook I haven’t! I will watch and enjoy! @mleecook Catherine agrees 🗡 @spinaret @millerunc @jessidee @brian_nov Ultimate compliment!! @no_divertido Thank you, MLE @rethwyll Thanks, April! May Kang and Kodos bless us 🙏 @wolfkin Ah yay YAYYYYYYY @HarperWHarris Appreciate it, HH! @NicholeGunz THANKS internet pal! @iheartcarnitas Thx, Fooey 👍 @markt97 Thanks, Mark! @inkblurt Yeah buddy! @ellyekay Thanks, K! We are off to a great start I think👍 @calledthemoon Rats off to ya! Thanks!! @iheartpreston Thanks, B! @twinch666 Thanks, homey!
Sweet Uncle Paul cameo in the background there, btw. Uncle Paul is a legit regional treasure.Got married! Would recommend. 👍👍
The whale voice in “The Springfield Files” is one of the funniest things. It’s just SO bad and obviously a person a…
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Video of Trump saying "I never said that" in his "60 Minutes" interview with edits of him saying the exact thing he…
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"Oh no, we forgot the paper plates! What are we going to eat on??" -- the dumbest guy at the frisbee team cookout
Retweeted by Gray WhittenYes. YES. All the Emblems of Fire. Sell them to me! 🔥 THEY TRYING TO GET ACTUAL TEARS OUT OF ME?? Mr. Hooper: A Great Man 👴🏻 @marigolds @mimismartypants @tormentalous There will always be resellers, but don’t mess with them. Just get on the… @mimismartypants @tormentalous I would say his head should be more football, yes, but I’ll let it slide for sake of LEGO.💀🎃🎃🎃🎃💀 would definitely build and display this LEGO Sesame Street, yes. 🙌 *OSCAR* 🙌 News via @tormentalous is the definition of putting politics before people. Americans need real, meaningful help now—not in a few wee…
Retweeted by Gray WhittenTonight at 7pm— a “Remembering John Lewis through MARCH” panel discussion! See you there.
Retweeted by Gray WhittenI’m sorry but how is this possible
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I dunno about y’all but I think there may be something to this new field of E L E C T R O N I C S y’all could NOT vote for this guy, Tennessee, that would be great. Thanks, The Rest of America 🇺🇸
@milliedechirico Heard the announcement on the murder ladies show the other day! YEAHHHHH MILLIE! @thatdanstevens @keithcalder @spinaret 💀Hey, do y'all like old horror movie soundtracks and spooky ambient? Well, proceeds from the tape and digital sales…
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It’s almost like they’re trying not to count votes.
Retweeted by Gray Whitten @thatbilloakley @kbiegel A reliably very good fast food burger! Get that Cookout if you're near one, @kbiegel! Try…, except fixing the url to
Retweeted by Gray WhittenKinda looks like Georgia's Secretary of State, who oversees elections, has something to hide.
Retweeted by Gray Whitten#jacktober 18th, GOOM I just couldn't get into drawing Turbo-Teen so I broke off the prompt for this one. All fo…
Retweeted by Gray WhittenThis seems like a winning message with over 200,000 dead Americans.
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Retweeted by Gray Whitteni wish we could prosecute mosquitoes.
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@millerunc @albertxii @abrahamjoseph Dudes, I remember and it COMPLETELY fed my late-run conspiracy theories about…
Dig if you will this picture
Retweeted by Gray WhittenFull-on Chaotic Evil Doogie here @ChristopherMCox @ChristopherMCox Chris, I hope it’s great there and that the koalas are just as delicious as they look on TV @MattGoldberg Are you watching that movie with two Will Smiths in it?
@beckyandfrank Deepo Because the whole thing was paid for by Home Depot money. DO YOU GET IT? 😆NEW: White Mississippians are now the primary drivers of #COVID19 infections & deaths. It's a stunning reversal. E…
Retweeted by Gray Whitten⚔️⚔️⚔️ TUNE IN OR DIE ☠️☠️☠️
Retweeted by Gray WhittenWonder why Trump (President) has not “re-tweeted” any of my Post’s yet
Retweeted by Gray Whitten @spinaret You know about Fred's Meat n Breads, right? They are my favorite non-Publix sandwich provider. @millerunc That's willpower. Pretty sure I watched all of FnG when it aired. I still need to finish Lodge 49, too. Dangit, that show. @spinaret That's impressive. I hope you get to live your sandwich dream today. @millerunc Let me know when you do. S2 is very good. @millerunc @brian_nov @spinaret @millerunc Good call. Have you seen the grocery shopping episode? So perfect. @spinaret What kind are you thinking, buddy?Petition to make real all of Daniel's made-up 2021 calendars
Wheeeee, I'm excited to finally say something about this! Starting on Nov. 10th I'll be doing a weekly film podcast…
Retweeted by Gray Whitten @milliedechirico @PureCinemaPod @knottyyarn @ExactlyRight @ISawPod Great news. I will definitely listen! And offer… @kylepinion Please share the wealth after you get to check it out :D @kylepinion THUNDERING MANTIS looks badass"Just your pride couldn't let happen," is a heck of an admission.
Retweeted by Gray Whittenguns n’ roses only criteria for calling a place “paradise:” 1) women are attractive 2) grass normal color
Retweeted by Gray Whitten @McKelvie There was a toy commercial for the Secret Wars figures in the 80s and the kid on that said Magnet-o and t… does he crush a lot
Retweeted by Gray Whitten @VideodromeATL moving me further towards an all-Videodrome tshirt wardrobe here, buddies @emotionalpedant A strong “three hams will kill him! Do NOT feed him THREE HAMS” vibeAll of us, through all of October, basically pop-up card I designed for Up With Paper available now!
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Games are good
Retweeted by Gray Whitten @ryannichols7 I just hope Dr Dre is happy with his billions of dollars from kicking off the whole shift.The one right she can't remember is the right to protest! How is this not a bad TV show.
Retweeted by Gray Whitten @ryannichols7 THEEE worst @mleecook I respect the olive oil one, as well. I have avoided the cuke flav. Nothing I've tried has beaten THE SMOKED GOUD. @mimismartypants YEAH MIMI 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸when you open a new box of Smoked Gouda Triscuit brand snack crackers and they are just... sick with the smoked gou… Klobuchar asks if Roe v Wade is "super precedent." Judge Barrett says super precedent applies to cases that a…
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@TheSpencerPerry Haha, thank you, eagle-eyed friend 🔥 Free shipping, even! @TheSpencerPerry Haha, thank you, eagle-eyed friend 🔥Spider-Man commission!
Retweeted by Gray WhittenDoes this get me Hellboy and TMNT and everybody else for $10? asks if it is illegal to intimidate voters at the polls. Barrett: "I can't characterize the facts in a hypothetical situation."
Retweeted by Gray WhittenAmy Coney Barrett just refused to say it's illegal to intimidate voters at the polls For the record: it is
Retweeted by Gray WhittenROCK VIDEO GIRLS and DRACULA at 3:30am. Sounds p cool? 👩‍🎤🧛🏼‍♂️🦹‍♀️ Trump appointees—Willett, Duncan, and Ho—have granted a stay pending appeal, leaving Texas’s ridiculous one bal…
Retweeted by Gray Whittenyou’ my attention
Retweeted by Gray WhittenFound pebble alphabet by Clotilde Olyff.
Retweeted by Gray WhittenIt's always the voter's fault for not jumping through numerous hoops to cast a ballot. It's never incumbent upon th…
Retweeted by Gray WhittenBREAKING: 5th Cir. upholds Texas having only one ballot drop box per county. Implausibly, the court finds that the…
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As Rome Fell, As Greece Fell, So Too Shall America Crumble. Pizza Video Game
Retweeted by Gray Whitten @jessieyarbrough These phones is wildin’