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Product @ESEA. I won't unban you. I will PUG with you. MIDWEST IS BEST. CS:GO, Anime, & Apex enthusiast.

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@seb_fps @JonjiJlc @HighCoastES @TriumphGamingGG @ExtraSaltGG @seb_fps @JonjiJlc @HighCoastES @TriumphGamingGG @ExtraSaltGG seb whats good bro @ice100g cut your hair
@Rafinhafps @RyanAtRBM @piethrouer @cynic_fpsGonna quit gaming and become a fisherman
Retweeted by Jackson @nat_bambi @tweissCS ok @tweissCS dick on hard42 hours until the ESEA roster lock. Remember to use your roster additions everyone.
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@trizthegodd @JOToole2108 @beef_oak @fewowns @16_DWB what @RynoFPS @Xtrfy @EthanolCS @JOToole2108Time for another giveaway! This time it’s for “Zy’s Rail” the @Xtrfy mouse releasing soon! All you gotta do to win…
Retweeted by Jacksonnuke cup @Upmind_ ❤️ @slamonto @Little_Fl1ck @piethrouer @RyanAtRBM @_BrianCS Sup flutie. LegendIt's finally over
Retweeted by Jackson @piethrouer @el_jack0 @RyanAtRBM b- hltv gang rise up
Retweeted by Jackson @piethrouer @RyanAtRBM @_BrianCS whats not having an hltv profile like?? @piethrouer @RyanAtRBM
Doing some live coverage of the @DreamHackCSGO Spring Masters NA Open Qualifier. Come join @JRTTVee and me as we ca…
Retweeted by Jackson @onevoltage u ok?#NewProfilePic
Retweeted by Jackson @brawku NICE!!!!! @ESL @networknextinc 😁😁We're teaming up with @networknextinc to boost network performance, beginning with CS:GO! Read more 👇…
Retweeted by Jackson @Hellhavens @GH057ayame @shahin @bearOBS realtime log API.... stats on broadcast :o @bobaconan Nah @ESEA @TriumphGamingGG HELL YEA @ESEA. NICE TWEET
If any Premier players in NA or EU would be interested in doing some fun content outside of matches with me for ESE…
Retweeted by Jackson @tweissCS @piethrouer piecord* @tweissCS dude? @pfitter_ i did my part @ben1337cs @RebirthHQ Great interview! @RynoFPS @Fl3xM3x ty bro @SpongeyGOD @MythicRebornGG nice gabe! @JOToole2108 @RynoFPS @PwnageOfficial i won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IM THE BEST!!!! @RynoFPS WTF LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
An outtake of @kuben_tt trying to talk about CS, Katowice and #IEM. Put your headphones on. Have a look at how emo…
Retweeted by Jackson @Blakerscs happy birthday Blake! @theb4ze Saw you online today!
@TheUltraLex Congrats! @SCJREAL @piethrouer @keisarikine I love this @TheSurgeonLIVE I think there's a lot of things epic about me dying my hair to help raise $26k for charity. There… gamer win @eUnited Midwest is best 🥺loads more legends using @OfficialRefrag @JW1 @Krimz @goldenmajk im such a fan boy
Retweeted by JacksonAnother month means another month filled with some awesome events! Check out the Your Month of March at ESEA calend…
Retweeted by Jackson @nurfed25 Nurfed is my role model @xner20 on what @enemy_ht_ its just a meme about the G2 stuff right now :P @Mod645 @ESEA 😂 @piethrouer stealing content. what's new?last day to buy esea subscriptions pepehandsI'm joining @EsportsEng as their Senior Digital Marketing Manager. Let's get this show on the road 🏎️
Retweeted by JacksonLFT -Can IGL -Anything but pref Omen/Sova Rt's Greatly Appreciated
Retweeted by JacksonFINALS for @ESEA cash cup @ExtraSaltGG vs @TriumphGamingGG! tweeting it out since I crashed the homie @Phyyy_Y's st…
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@graphitecs nicereminder: @r00ckyy is great and so is @cros1kcelebrating another successful CS major with the colonel #ballin 😂
Retweeted by Jackson @cros1k BeautifulOk first impressions. It's fast fast. It's like a nylon material. Will try with new skates tomorrow! @JonzyCS fake newsWill give thoughts later :)POG. @colbertcs @JOToole2108 @ESEA Facts
@NIGHTSIFY SUP @pfitter_ :( @MagicHelmetTV @ESEA @MaestroMJ3 @TheRealPwnAlone @boqcasts @2easy4pietro @n0thing Umm... Pietro owned @DA_PRDTR's head on one of his swingsI'm Tiger Woooods. @ESEA treated us like kings during this LAN in Vegas. One of the best parts was seeing some of…
Retweeted by Jackson @Osodankk Why @trizthegodd @16_DWB @Osodankk @JOToole2108 thanks @doctorjazz_cs "Who is the guy in the TL hat?" @trizthegodd no @piethrouer @_BrianCS @ESEA @FACEIT @TooSmartNA
After @NAFFLY associated words, now it's @1grimcs turn and he really did associate some words 😏
Retweeted by Jackson @TeamLiquidCS @NAFFLY @1grimcs This video made me 1grin @ESEA @ESLCS Yes, @yek1ndar @piethrouer @JakeSucky @piethrouer @JakeSucky Life is more than numbers adamjujutsu kaisen today was KomodoHype @KOLER1337 @2easy4pietro @piethrouer @ChipotleTweets @jleibachphoto <3 <3 <3 @2easy4pietro @piethrouer @ChipotleTweets @jleibachphoto this was the best LAN @piethrouer @ESEA @JAMEPAIN @AstralisCS @dupreeh @virtuspro 1k likes and i’ll make it my name and pfp for a week no cap
Retweeted by Jackson @piethrouer @ChipotleTweets @jleibachphoto They love CSGO! Right @2easy4pietro @jleibachphoto @ChipotleTweets sending thoughts and prayersYou cannot be fucking serious @ChipotleTweets
Retweeted by Jackson @ESEA @JAMEPAIN @AstralisCS @dupreeh @virtuspro 😳😳😳😳 @dezctop @AddiceInc JealousGamers, assemble.
Retweeted by Jackson @jleibachphoto @selenica101 Owned
Please forgive me for this. Playing CSGO in Portrait Mode.
Retweeted by Jacksonthe content you deserve but didn't know you needed. Thank you @MicahBain @2easy4pietro @eduardocm_ed dont let him in @ariessqc @gingaaCS Seth doin what he does best.... playing dumbFor all future calls I will sign off by saying meeting adjourned and slam my desk before hanging up. @Twenti0 @piethrouer @daveycsgo @DaveyDeMeo Nice @daveycsgo @piethrouer @DaveyDeMeo davey king @piethrouer @DaveyDeMeo Davey nice @SmigginsTV @ESEA Get owned @Ksharp31 @ESEA +}+}