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Product @ESEA. I won't unban you. I will PUG with you. MIDWEST IS BEST. CS:GO, Anime, & Apex enthusiast.

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@d0ve_cs @jdemarco_ its not that cool. its a 2002 camaro @aubrionna @jdemarco_ i have owned that car since 2015
Why did I buy this @tweissCS Lol @RyanAtRBM just learning from it now :)we have taken all our money out of pug prizing for the time being for exactly this reason. Team play -> upsets/stor… @graphuu ok but u would drive 3 hours to kc, whats another 3 to stl @graphuu stl??
The road to Fragadelphia 15 has begun. The main event and other announcements to release next week. We have some fu…
Retweeted by Jackson Wolf @PythianLegume I miss you so and am very happy for you <3 @tariannkan @RyanAtRBM 😎 @RyanAtRBM @RyanAtRBM Im level 10 @mooseloff hell yea moose
@HAVUgaming that was may 29th @AphoticGG @tawaAlx tawa is goated. probably my favorite editorJust wanna repost this on my own twitter tbh because it's definitely one of my masterpieces. So happy with how this…
Retweeted by Jackson Wolf @Jayberwockee @PioneersGG pogU jayJoined @PioneersGG as part of their new Street Team/Content Creators!!!!!
Retweeted by Jackson WolfLooking for WordPress wizards to freelance for @DreamHack and @ESL. Translating content into WP, with some own cont…
Retweeted by Jackson WolfCovering @paiNGamingBR vs. @Partynauts_GG tonight, where we’ll find out who will be the sole team in @ESEA Premier…
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@3kliksphilip i love it @_Rotaderp @PlayApex No, something must be up. Also let's play sometime @RyanAtRBM cloud9 should have pick up gobl1n
@TriumphGamingGG o7😎 we died though 😎my man @McGravy out here breaking sweets ankles 😎 have taken the incredibly hard decision to leave ESL/DH after almost 5 years. I will stay in the company for ano…
Retweeted by Jackson Wolf @bipbeta2 8)I waited until the last day of the split but i still got masters. 3 splits in a row! @Partynauts_GG @viz_cs @ben1337cs @TheRealPwnAlone @MuensterGG @Infinite1csgo @djaycs @tagzbeast @Osodankk❗️ GIVEAWAY ❗️ To thank everyone for all the support we've been getting, we're doing a giveaway for a Desert Eagle…
Retweeted by Jackson Wolfwish or a skin platform sponsored me because man I just have a csgo skin addiction and a wa…
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@7eVaNM 8) @7eVaNM played with ineligible roster LMAO @7eVaNM youre actually so wrong its hilarious @cros1k no @7eVaNM You got relegated that season @pedroaguia8 @piethrouer the one where the liquor store sells to minors but they cant leave with it until they turn 21. @RyanAtRBM @piethrouer i stan nathan 4 ulol adam forgot to rename his slide title in his presentation from the theme he recycled 😂 still not as bad as th… @C0J0M0 email @RyanAtRBM @JAM56k @YukiAim gah dang thats yuyu on my screen @C0J0M0 @heyitsFlorence LOLPrize Redemption has changed. Hopefully this will help speed things up even more., friends- We've arrived at the business end of the ESEA season and multiple teams are still jockeying for a p…
Retweeted by Jackson WolfAfter 9 games, @Team_Kungarna are your first ever North American #ALGS Champions! 🏆 🥇 @Team_Kungarna 🇺🇸 @fpsvein
Retweeted by Jackson WolfWINNER FUCKING POV
Retweeted by Jackson WolfHUGE CONGRATS TO KING ON THE ALGS DUB! @fpsvein @scuwry @Onmuu_Holy shit im crying right now I needed this so badly
Retweeted by Jackson WolfThis aged well.
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@drewtheshrew1 @nbgee12 @lowrider1H Look at this monster @TACOCS @BnB_pt2 @Partynauts_GG This was very nice 🥺🥺So many NA teams without an organization to represent right now. I hope any org give these guys a chance to focus e…
Retweeted by Jackson Wolf @witmer
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mg*Tanjiro: you guys know owen?
Retweeted by Jackson Wolf @piethrouer i love thisYou must believe in magic if you can still support CSGO. Me:
Retweeted by Jackson Wolf @launders @bumpaah Nice Kansas drive
@caseyfosterTV No, near Kingman Kansas @trizthegodd Fresh @ariessqc @arzee44 @ramuelcs I was waiting for thisgoin fishin this weekend
Retweeted by Jackson WolfGear up and hop into the ESEA Minecraft Cup with us this Saturday. Grab your friends and compete on 5 Minecraft map…
Retweeted by Jackson Wolf @b1ind512 @Little_Fl1ck evan needed it @b1ind512 @Little_Fl1ck i blame de_overpass. map is CURSED @b1ind512 ??? 16 hp and first to die playing an off angle. You play bomb! You let him defuse!In honor of #IEM Summer playoffs I made some stuff
Retweeted by Jackson Wolf @Osodankk @SCJREAL Thanks dank @DU_Esport @LiquipediaNet @ESEA based @iMarbot @SCJREAL @Osodankk says indexIntroducing the latest addition to the #ESLProTour: The DHL MVP! 🏆 We're teaming up with @DeutschePostDHL to celeb…
Retweeted by Jackson Wolfgaming is a sport
Retweeted by Jackson Wolflooking for someone to make thumbnails for me on a regular basis, dm me your portfolio/examples
Retweeted by Jackson Wolflost a league match 16-14. last round 14-15. We lose 1v4. I knew i should have force started 4v5 when they were late x) @Nohte True @2easy4pietro Loveday 2 of Dreamhack open quali BAGGED excited for the future with these guys
Retweeted by Jackson Wolfday 2 of dreamhack quali. Pog
Retweeted by Jackson Wolf @D4rtymontana1 POG @Ethexfps That might change for @StacheMasters @Ethexfps o7 @nate_rett58 hit that mf bell if u a real one @DestructionnZZZ @Osodankk @MatthewCElmore ye
Hey guys, just gonna drop this here. May or may not have something nice dropping soon. 😎
Retweeted by Jackson Wolf @DarfMike @Osodankk @MatthewCElmore mike i love u @Osodankk @MatthewCElmore That's where epl Denver was gonna be @SummYGG Yo @DarfMike @MuensterGG another hell yeaI'm on an AMTRAK train for the next four hours and I forgot to bring headphones. So to pass the time AMA?
Retweeted by Jackson Wolf @DarfMike @designwithproof @fragadelphia hell yea @DarfMike tell us about ur first time doing something esports @Sonic_cs @AtkFlea @zyceps he said good not long