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@cjayanetti Based on buying behaviour it also means we can expect an income surge exactly when it is most needed. I…
@stephenkb I agree with the take. I think tacking a disclaimer is pointless, and calling for it is a good way to lo… @mrianleslie It is an unconvincing argument, given we know how successfully the cultural portrayals have become the… @alexvtunzelmann Though @richard_third might have a view on cultural propaganda (for want of a better term). Napoel… @TomMcTague Where the state started from? @brianmoore666 He should have claimed it was the CIA, at least they have past form.Kids imagining what life would be like at 40.. 🙈
Retweeted by (((john))) @jamesrbuk Also, districts and counties have different competences - it might not even be possible without passing… @xtophercook I'm not sure but suspect there was more individual decision making behind their being in Nottingham Ea… @whippletom @xtophercook I might make some tenuous assumptions about it, then estimate a rate of over 99%. Hopeful… @xtophercook @whippletom Very powerful hypochondria? @MooseAllain Most of the ones I see suggest they have no contact with young kids, who really do come out with reall… @janemerrick23 Did the Minister, or columnist, perhaps get mixed up and mean to say "wave" Certainly the columnist'… @emmavj A WW2 themed one? @Murrman2020 @John_Cotter I like this one, some wonderful fear mongering. @s8mb When they discover counterfactuals it will blow their minds.
@DanielJHannan Woke basically means not being a dickhead. I would guess that is triggering to some, but just people happy to be a dickhead. @MichaelPDeacon I think true, though at the time he was very happy for people to think it meant the whole shebang..… @edmorrish @twlldun Though different types. @DanielJHannan There are BLM protests currently? @LeithMotive @twlldun Wow, missed that. We really need to shut down comedy panel shows till we figure out what is going on. @BrigidLaffan @jonworth @Conservatives I'm not sure it was possible given the eurosceptic framing of "leaving the E… @J_Bloodworth These people really aren't willing to accept reality - saw this guy trying to keep their belief it is… @Jderbyshire I used to cycle through there 4 mornings a week going from Euston to Westminster. Seems an incredibly long time ago now. @Lucywwatson When did you book them for? @philipjcowley Understandable, if we have one expectation around politics it is that it is strict factual. @Natlyt @PaulbernalUK Yes. That is exactly how it works.The Christmas lights switch-on we all need in 2020 🤣 🤣 Timing is everything for @TownBridgwater, @Townmayor and…
Retweeted by (((john))) @hugorifkind Oh?
@twlldun ? @nycsouthpaw I can only assume they are fans of Andrew Lilico, a more than slightly odd Anglo-Kiwi rightwing econom… @whippletom Good news, and nicely ruins some hot takes on lockdown @MichaelPDeacon @snellcj @bigrichinnes @milesSI It is a very relevant point - even using his hand, 5'5" Maradona st… @PickardJE Post meal drinks served alongside a very old slice of cheesecake, presumably. @DaveGorman I think it was a gift from the Queen. @whippletom @twlldun That is me fact checked, clearly WfH has made me forget where things are in London. @twlldun But Cleopatra's Needle isn't in the City of London. The rest all seems factually accurate, of course. @TheScepticIsle Q: What is self-hate in food form? A:
@EdGambleComedy I feel the cornetto was criminally underrated. Who doesn't love a cornetto? @xtophercook So, we're going to fill a tier 3 area full of lorry drivers, keep them together for a while... Then scatter them across Europe? @bealelab Based on the Isle of Wight, I assume it is derived from the % of border that is a coastline. @benatipsosmori It is interesting - and overall people with degrees are more trusting, apart from a few exceptions?
@thhamilton @gabrielmilland John Terry isn't that old... @BTPEuston @AvantiWestCoast @BTPBhm @BTPMersey @BTPGtrMcr @NetworkRailEUS Ideally so it covers your nose😉 @DPJHodges I think a lot of that is disagreement on the terms and conditions? What is closed, and who is compensate… @PaulbernalUK I see you reactivated Napoeleonic Height twitter...
@ElectionMapsUK @StevePeers @YouGov Now we get voter descriptions next to the party name? @jimwaterson I do feel very sorry for people like this - fined £17k because she believed some nonsense that made he… @rowena_kay @sarahoconnor_ @MattHancock Though some US states have paid sick leave laws - not sure any of them are… @gutenmorgan @AdamWagner1 A model of mobile phone from Motorola. Never trust someone who owns one @sundersays That has been bubbling along for a week or so
@d_spiegel Assuming it starts at zero, then it appears to linear based on the positioning of "10" & "100". @GidMK One of the most recently prominent UK ones is fronting it out - seems it just shows he was right. @willbott4 About 20% truly asymptomatic, I think? @chrislockwd @jonworth I did wonder - the sourcing and promotion of it through Twitter seemed unlikely for such a major UK story. @globalhlthtwit Are the testing methodologies easily comparable? I saw something suggesting the Oxford vaccine study was different? @PaulbernalUK Not just secondary schools @RossjournoClark @jdportes @NeilDotObrien @spectator @Telegraph Almost, except for a clear up tick above average? @jessicaelgot Perhaps he is suggesting that a few years after Boris dies, the monarch at the time will have his bod… @seanjonesqc @seanjonesqc Karl Powell?
@AdamWagner1 Presumably - but daily tests for kids will surely overwhelm the system given it couldn't cope with single tests for them? @SpinningHugo Currently I'd go for Covid denial, just because it is the most dangerous (I think) @xtophercook Given the first item on the list is bonuses, I'm not sure they are defining waste in a way that would… @rbrtrmstrng Seems like it was all a really crazy mix up and they barely know her. @twlldun I'm sure Dan checked with all his family and close friends and they agree that Thatcher made them richer a… @emmavj A stop over and rice dish in Uzbekistan saw me, my sister and mum spend a long distance flight with violent… @WeAreSelfMade @SirJJQC @GovernmentLegal Only two reasons I can think of - it is a rule she made or senior official… @sapient_ape @twlldun Would you rather be bullied by one 5'3" Home Secretary or thirty 8" Home Secretaries? @DavidDPaxton @aljwhite @twlldun Sounds like someone is a shorty in denial... @RossMcCaff Good to see the accusation that British political journalism is too obsessed with personality over poli… @Ross_Lawson @JamesTurner37 Presumably the first version just said he was putting out a bin, then he was spotted pu… @DPMcBride @craigfmcqueen @LadyMyler @Jacqui_Smith1 @edballs @Ed_Miliband @hmtreasury Usually it is from Ministers…
@DmitryOpines Between Brexit, Covid and a Spending Review, 2020 has been pretty much overlapping crisis, major dead… @jdportes @christopherhope If I worked in the HO I would also be seething about the comments about hours worked, pa… @t0nyyates Senior civil servants are pretty close too always on call these days. And that extends down through the… @IChotiner The problem isn't Trump playing too much golf, it is that Covid plays too little. How was he supposed to… @whippletom @rolandmcs I think it is a higher possible false positive rate, as China did batch testing then retesti… @D_Blanchflower The GOP pandemic. @KevinMKruse Well they were claiming Biden was anti-Catholic. @RHHassall It is now cruel and not fit for purpose for even more people! @Barristerblog A cruel, racist bully. While Covid-19 runs increasingly out of control in the US, this is how he ma… @afneil Seems a bit late to be waiting to release them in court, given they have already lost dozens of cases. @BristOliver Though given the size of the country and huge variation from state to state it is an awkward fit as a whole country. @mrdavidwhitley Though the most twatish lot will be refusing to have it... @PaulbernalUK Possibly less about defending Patel than setting up his own defense just in case. @jonhenley Flat out lies from her - and yet still up after 14 hours. @Twitter isn't very good at dealing with dangerous disinformation. @TheScepticIsle Brexit is being delivered by Empire era nostalgics desperate for the return of British sea power. H… @TheScepticIsle Has he ever had a full time job, outside of grifting? @PeterKGeoghegan @StevePeers Seems like she is a long term grifter in the US crankosphere @fordm Can the Democrats bank the extra wins to use in future elections? @sunny_hundal Isn't the biggest difference over whether it is better to compromise and get what you can do done, or… @NJ_Timothy @jdportes @gabrielmilland @alexmassie Unfortunately the media is terrible at holding media people to account - I think from t… @jdportes @NJ_Timothy I think that was probably what I was thinking of. I didn't realise he had then deleted his de… @jdportes @NJ_Timothy I think he denied writing that section. But I think he also refused to condemn it, despite i… @Herring1967 Favies clearly waited to get his revenge with that one point - ice cold revenge there. @alexhern He is suppressing you right to free speech. You should report him to the Free Speech Union, they will rip him a knew one. @colmanc @BenWlv @jamesrbuk You can even get to it via Facebook - they just make you see a warning first. There rea…