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"Nobody's free, until everybody's free" -F.L. Hamer, South Jerz, Purple Reign, Goblin King #RiotGrrrl. 👩‍🍳 I read the endnotes. I cuss. 🖕😄🖕

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Spinderella is a Queen. #GenXQueen!When you realize Nirvana or Rage it cracks me up.I was a white girl loving Nina Simone when Erika Badu happened. fauxsolivasts never post Rev Barber. will never not being furious with Christian Science for taking Jim Henson away. posted GWB's eulogy, which very good, but Speaker Pelosi's was too. And she has actually worked with Congressman Lewis.He is a bad person.#MattGaetzIsATool but I don't fuck with his substance abuse. He's a shitty person. That is different than being so… @HereToResist @ajsgmajc Fuck. Yes. @ajsgmajc Yes. And there may have been a time where I would have considered it. Bc there used to be not-racist pro-… @bigbrownhottie She has become *more* beautiful. @Mr_Westmoore @devoland she's wearing a clip. @chrislongview @devoland @SaengerSophie @evelynisaacks @JenReadsRomance When/if you do read her, please DM me. I would like to talk abt with someone.I do not absolve him. But that was a good fucking eulogy.George W. Bush's speech was really good. #GoodTrouble
@SaengerSophie @evelynisaacks @JenReadsRomance OMG! If you have even an inkling of interest abt PNR, I rec her.He's a narcissistic monster who wakes everything worse but remember when that didn't happen?! Remember when it was "The Year of the Woman"? No, not that year, the other one. #GenX
Retweeted by Your Best Nightmare (@🏡) @SaengerSophie @evelynisaacks @JenReadsRomance Off shoot: That's why I love Kresley Cole's writing. She has women f… @SaengerSophie @evelynisaacks @JenReadsRomance I would totally read that book."Democracy is not a state, it is an act. -Rep John Lewis #GoodTrouble @NotClaudeRains Yes! @Tristanshouts Srsly. I hate that bitch. @Tristanshouts Andrea Mitchell #NeverForgetAre Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara married in everyone's head? Like, before Schitt's Creek even. @TeeBiggs Wet or dry is fine, but no breadcrumbs.I am always shocked that Meryl Streep can sing. @devoland heart! @QueenKika @AdamsOKLA @thehill @AdamsOKLA @thehill I don't have, nor do I want, a tattoo. I'm gonna be 44 next month. I only burn marshmallow scen…
Retweeted by Your Best Nightmare (@🏡) @Freeyourmindkid That is so cool! I hope you can find out some stuff!! @RthVadrGinsberg @AdamsOKLA @thehill Awwww, you. kids are alright. #Punk #RiotGrrrl 🖕😆🖕
Retweeted by Your Best Nightmare (@🏡)#Death #punkrock #Detroit kids are alright. #Punk #RiotGrrrl 🖕😆🖕"Grrrlz to the front. Grrrlz to the front. - @kathleenhanna @BlueSteelDC @nancy_k1991 @Drilllinayy @Andre80004825 I don't think she was either. Not shitting on the House, but… @nancy_k1991 @BlueSteelDC @Drilllinayy @Andre80004825 I don't think the media is going to spend much time speculating on her VP chances.Hey! Remember when it was "The Year of the Woman"? No, not that year, the other one. #GenX @nancy_k1991 @BlueSteelDC @Drilllinayy @Andre80004825 The campaign should never have put Bass in this position. She… @BlueSteelDC @nancy_k1991 @Drilllinayy @Andre80004825 I don't want Bass damaged. I just don't want her as VP. @BigDogMom3 @1StrongBlack1 @BlueSteelDC It ceased being solely "irritating" weeks ago. Now it's old ass white men (… need to make sure this is on my TL for reference. #BidenHarris2020 keep clicking the "like" on-and-off bc it makes me smile. @GlobeTio 🤞😌🤞 @chrislongview @Drea_got_rage I paused The Donnas for this? Now I'm angry.... @GlobeTio Florida? thing the Electoral College didn't choose the Email Lady that's been the "Most Respected Woman" over and over… @megsyhoops @devoland @B_freudsissues @Drea_got_rage Do not want. @Drea_got_rage @devoland @CMB1969 @markpopham OMG! THANK YOU! Hence the name. @mkees1 @markpopham If I'm drinking beer I want a lager. If I'm cooking with beer, I want a lager. I don't want a b… @ndrew_lawrence This will not end well....
@Eggymceggerson3 @team_chao @StinkyNardo @ShaneGoldmacher I've seen some lists where Sen Harris is ranked more prog… @team_chao @Eggymceggerson3 @StinkyNardo @ShaneGoldmacher And would you look at that Kristen Gillibrand is more pro… @team_chao @Eggymceggerson3 @StinkyNardo @ShaneGoldmacher Sen Harris is in the Top 5 progressive Senators according… math suggests this would warrant 57,750 congressional hearings.
Retweeted by Your Best Nightmare (@🏡) @NBCPhiladelphia Who did he sexually harass? @steve_vladeck @StinkyNardo @team_chao @Eggymceggerson3 @ShaneGoldmacher I'm so sick of agitprop. You and your 75 followers can GFYs. @Eggymceggerson3 @StinkyNardo @team_chao @ShaneGoldmacher They also had Julian Castro. @SiggyAdventures @Maukma @oufenix @AlxThomp Shove your agitprop up your ass. @oufenix @AlxThomp Duckworth's out, she a convention co-chair. @AlxThomp i don't like this. @team_chao @StinkyNardo @Eggymceggerson3 @ShaneGoldmacher She's also the only one that's a naturalized citizen (AFA… @team_chao @StinkyNardo @Eggymceggerson3 @ShaneGoldmacher She's one of the people they showed, isn't she? @ShaneGoldmacher Anna Navarro is neither a Democrat, nor a politician. The crop of right-wing ads really suck this… @StinkyNardo @team_chao @Eggymceggerson3 @ShaneGoldmacher Anna Navarro is neither a Democrat, nor a politician. Th…, the pleating on that sleeve and the waist!!! @people4kam 🥺🥲🥰#BlackIsKing because Beyonce is the gift that keeps on giving. (Click the "like" button for joy) @JennySLo @lizlamarca79 @gregolear That's an Op-Ed. Putin's not sending his best. #BidenHarris2020 @plscallmesurely You're awesome!“We came out here in t-shirts, they started gassing us. We came back with respirators, they started shooting us. We…
Retweeted by Your Best Nightmare (@🏡) @SaengerSophie @JenReadsRomance I kept waiting for something to happen.* Also, I'm one of those ppl who wants the H… @JenReadsRomance I read the 1st book and DNF'd the 2nd. @RuderTooter IKR? @owillis DEMS IN DISARRAY! O, wait... @ShogunTweets @KateBrownForOR @VP Especially when *this* is going down. Not to mention the ad pull-back to get thei… @johnlk_80 @DemocraticLuntz I've been at that stop soooooo many times. @AdamsOKLA @thehill You should learn how to punctuate sentences properly before you go around calling other folx "stupid". @AdamsOKLA @thehill I don't have, nor do I want, a tattoo. I'm gonna be 44 next month. I only burn marshmallow scen… @SwingLeftBR @thehill She's passed over 400 bills that sit on McConnell's desk, including the HEROES Act. Why don't… @AdamsOKLA @thehill She's 2nd in line, Speaker of the House of Representatives (for the 2nd time) and the most powe… @gregolear @saradannerdukic I loved True Blood's opening credits. :chef's kiss: Dexter's was pretty good too. @BadBunnyTwitch @EagleWarFighter @VincaMinor42 @UrsulaV @EagleWarFighter Not just you. @EagleWarFighter Boo-fucking-hoo 🖕😒🖕 I get worse nicks shaving my legs. @momupdated Ohthankgoddess. Phew! @momupdated Wait, what happened?! @Zoe_Archer So sorry. What a handsome guy! @cmclymer Definitely won't be Biden's VP. @JoJoFromJerz And she's preggers. Asshole.Well, I'm sure classrooms full of 5 yr olds will be more conscientious. #TrumpVirusCatastrophe