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Elizabeth Law @ElawReads New York City

Editor at Holiday House; also work privately with writers on children's, YA + memoir. Surviving by reading, opining, + rolling my eyes at life. Come back Bway!

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@SlothReads thanks! Helpful. It hasn't hit her radar, good to know.US friends with tweens at home, do any of them watch Find Me In Paris on Hulu? Trying to find out if the show has a…
My friend just reminded me of the waiter at @54Below who, when I ordered a Kir Royale, didn't know what it was. He… @Csvich @fiona_yelland @oldvictheatre I saw the Kent production at the Almeida, where it featured Ken Stott, Gerald… Sox are REALLY getting their butts kicked by the Yankees tonight. I am forced to turn my mind back to the last…
@Csvich @fiona_yelland @oldvictheatre Also, to your point, we really need the humor about the dogs (and what great… @Csvich @fiona_yelland @oldvictheatre Good point. What a play. It's the 3rd time I've seen it + this time I noticed… @fiona_yelland @Csvich @oldvictheatre Yes. And I did think "He's taking in a lot of liquids. Hope he pee'd before he went on stage." @michaelsheen Loved it. So happy to see this play again. And for me in NYC, watching your 7:30 show tonight was lik… @fiona_yelland @oldvictheatre I thought Threlfall stole it, but I kind of think it's the part, because the same thi… @oldvictheatre I had forgotten how very great that play is. And what a joy to see David Threlfall! I don't think I… @CookieRiverside While we're on the subject of your plays, I'm kind of worried about Mr. Skittles. How is that goat… @CookieRiverside Also, one of the thing Mamet is best at is dialog. But in my opinion, while he set a very high bar…’m waiting for Faith Healer to start @oldvictheatre #InCamera. It does feel like being at a Saturday matinee, sort… @CookieRiverside Yeah, actually...I don't think he's a better writer. He's been writing political rants and nothing…
Hey @thejamessnyder and everyone else, look what got nominated for a Children's Choice! Please vote, all you have t… @alioop7 thank you! @alioop7 iPad light. should I get one?
@alioop7 drat! I was hoping you would tell me what I need to know, like you so often do. @literaticat In my head I always call you "JWow." How do you feel about that?Do you still watch the Apple Events live, @alioop7 ? @acuevaswrites @bygloriamunoz yeah, I was hoping I was the only person who had "hearted" it. Guess it's striking a chord. (No pun intended.) @safajarwrites how do I get the upside down exclamation point, I ask stupidly? @safajarwrites @latinxpitch are you kidding? We've been waiting for this! It's a genius idea.I say 🗣carry on with wild abandon 🐅 🗺🤩👊🏾 Your skillset is stunningly good!💪🏾🙌🏾👨🏻‍🎨👨🏻‍💻Congrats to all!!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 📚🎂 W…
Retweeted by Elizabeth Law @safajarwrites thank you! I knew google translate didn't really have it when it came out as "Van los escritos van" @soontornvat well, really! Any tips for writers, for when I speak at conferences etc? I usually say "just keep goin… are getting very good at pitches, I notice today at #latinxpitch. They have a hook so we know what their bo… @soontornvat Bravo! That is very inspiring.Buena suerte to everyone participating in #LatinxPitch today! If I ❤️ your tweet, follow the submission guidelines… @bygloriamunoz Elaw@holidayhouse.comThe link for @mcctheater #miscast2020 is up for 2 more days + I'm just watching my favorite parts over + over (I do…
@chelseberly ooh ooh! @BofA_Help Betty Law 02421 Complt # 200914CR0025287. Issue not center but nice man on phone, Raymond, who told me c… @praisethalord_ No kidding! Can't believe what I was just told. "Go into the branch" to reverse a mistaken charge,… @TManon9 um, what does that have to do with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? @librarywriter yeah, everyone has caught it, but I'm leaving it up to shame myself. and, because I first read the b… @MisterJaredGray oh my god, I do! I should make it "You know you've been working in children's publishing for a rea… @artsylliu @ChrstinaForshay @LEEandLOW Yeah, Sylvia! This book looks great.You know you work in children's publishing accidentally squish a blueberry with your foot and think "Oh… @broadwaybobnyc @mcctheater @RobMcClure @Anthologist @RebeccAgent alas! @AmyPlumOhLaLa First. I'm really sorry. Second, how are things over there? Why do you think, with numbers up, Franc… @broadwaybobnyc @mcctheater @RobMcClure @Anthologist @RebeccAgent NOOOOO! Damn. @EVincentelli I made a second donation at that point, just because I loved it so much. @diliclare @mcctheater @RobMcClure @Anthologist @RebeccAgent @broadwaybobnyc Darling, I saw the original. Len Cario… watching #Miscast20 @mcctheater? If ONLY we had had @RobMcClure as Mrs. Lovett in the movie of Sweeney Todd…
@taralazar what was it, actually? @alioop7 @cheekypippa well said, AW. @jenniferklonsky @farrinj thanks for the tip. Need new stuff to watch these days. @sylvie_shaffer @RogerReads I just quoted Anastasia to Roger this week, when my DENTAL HYGIENIST told me to use moi…
@agentemurph You are strumming my pain with your fingers, lady. @honeycoatedarab me too! @stillabelievers Me too! Love that movie.Do you miss My Weird Read-A-Loud? Go back and watch it again on my web site:
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@skeetermeeter @literaticat one can only hope! @smorgridge @ChevaliersBooks @vamwolfzom that's supposed to be "Alas" not "Also" @smorgridge @ChevaliersBooks @vamwolfzom I'll be there, too! Also, not with a cute l'il baby or toddler to cuddle. @ElanaRoth Pourquoi? Parce que.Why the hell isn't Mother Love, starring Diana Rigg, available anywhere? Come on, get the rights situation together… @skeetermeeter @literaticat me too, but it's hard not to know who just so I can be sure never to work with her. @Shelltex MLM? Is that the #1 moisturizing regime recommended by Dentists? @JustJoshAllen Oh my god! Well, you're a horror writer so I suppose you see terrifying sights in the most ordinary places. @LisaYee1 I love you. @SueFliess I did not need the criticism at such a relaxing time as a dental visit from someone whose job is not to… @TherezaDSWrites I'd say RUDE! @AllanRicharz Sure sounds like it. But honestly I DID NOT NEED THE CRITICISM AT THAT MOMENT! @hsherman I wish I had. I did follow up and ask clearly, "Again, why are you mentioning this? Is there a medical re… went to have a teeth cleaning/dental check up today. The hygienist: "Your neck is a little dry. Use moisturizer."… @akakarenwilson @AhLiaisons Yup, that's the quote. I love that book, No Turn Unstoned. I will go look for a copy on Abe Books. @fraserstephena I don't deserve any kudos for that. The theater is just what I love, along with books. @AhLiaisons Is this where she got so famously flamed by John Simon, or was that another show.As a Diana Rigg worshipper, I can brag that I saw her play Martha in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, opposite David… my dentist, where I have come since 1985. I ask for WiFi password and they say “It’s BeMyGuest, like Disney.” I… @EnaJones @exitthelemming @masterpiecepbs My parents would have been so glad to know that Trikki Woo will be in thi… up to see on @exitthelemming's Twitter feed that All Creatures Great and Small is coming to @masterpiecepbs in…
@CrowdJocelyn @Theshad87865872 I love that movie! I still have the DVD but haven't watched it in eons. Thanks for the reminder. @jenlynnbarnes Bravo!!!!! @FuseEight @leewind That's a great interview. Ordering the book right now for a teen I know who will love it. Of co… @FuseEight @leewind Yay!!!!
@Scheiskerl Moi aussi @JoyceGrackle What is that, Joyce?
@LynMullalyHunt It's wonderful. Wow. You never know when or how a book will move someone. I love that note, too, and just reread it. @LynMullalyHunt I think you should print it out and frame it. Really. Or at least keep it in a file. Because we all… guys, this book. what has been an amazing year for picturebooks this has leapt to the top of my list. “I Talk Like A River” by J…
Retweeted by Elizabeth Law @donwinslow @MittRomney Yes, but...his hairdresser, Leon of Italy, was in my hometown, Belmont Massachusetts, for m… @JoKnowles you go, girl! @FictionCity thank you!Hi gang, What are good picture book contests writers can enter? Thanks in advance.
@peaceNflight This is the third time I've thought of this movie today. Small world.Did you know you could buy ITCH online from @TheBookLoftGV? And request a signed bookplate? Did you know 8/29 is…
Retweeted by Elizabeth Law @PFKreader My goodness! That was quite an article. Did your kids/district use that program? @DeniseDDengel @russmartin18 Ok, what about "What's the first movie you saw at a Drive In?" and/or "What was your f… @DeniseDDengel @russmartin18 What was the name of THE movie you saw at a drive in... @AbeFrom39023396 @MacEngelProf @gregpincus and I use the opening in our "What Screenwriters Know that Can Help Your Novel" class.
@DeniseDDengel @russmartin18 I'm worried about THE. So there's only one movie you could have seen in a drive in? Wh…! @candacemfleming is writing a book on Leopold and Loeb. I devoured her Lindbergh book. BTW, I had a prof in c… had a ticket to see this in London the week the theaters closed. (Also Leopoldstadt, City of Angels, and the Visi… @akakarenwilson @mrbryanjohn Thank you! And I did see the most recent Broadway La Cage a bunch of times as I'm a pa… @mrbryanjohn @akakarenwilson Guys, I'm not sure what AMTSJ [hangs head].