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Men Going Their Own Way When the game is rigged, we don't play. That's all folks. via @YouTube
Retweeted by Elchangito221Use situational openers. Notice something she does or is reading, and just make a cocky / funny remark.
Retweeted by Elchangito221If you get mad, you lose. Instead, play her game better than her.
Retweeted by Elchangito221OPED: I was raped by whoever Trump picks to replace Ginsburg on the Supreme Court
Retweeted by Elchangito221Please keep in mind that these are the feminists who claim that Men Hate Women, and, who think that the "Manosphere…
Retweeted by Elchangito221 @chimericide What can you do when the world rejects you? ...anything you want.
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Yea, MGTOW in a nutshell. ask a girl directly if she wants to have sex. She's been preconditioned to say no. Give her an excuse eg. "Wanna see something cool?"
Retweeted by Elchangito221 @PhilMitchell83 @AccusedToo Feminism in all it's forms, waves and incantations is TOXIC! I don't care what anybody… @shamelessgooner @alpharivelino The reality is that the buying of flowers is "romantic " , the truth is women don't… @PhilMitchell83 It's called feminism and gynocentrism."Tone of voice will always betray a woman – musical when she's happy, girlish when she's affectionate, breathy when…
Retweeted by Elchangito221 @MasculinePeak @alpharivelino Don't forget apologize for everything. @007Pete @alpharivelino 😂😂😐🤨 thats going too far bro. 😂😂😂To lower a woman's bitch shield, convey a lack of interest while demonstrating higher value - Mystery
Retweeted by Elchangito221 @HooaFury sometimes I’ll line up multiple dates in one day “yeah, remember I can only stay till XX” if it’s going…
Retweeted by Elchangito221Can someone explain why everyone is losing their minds? I honestly don’t get it
Retweeted by Elchangito221Lots of pissed off Dems (or Wu Mao army) calling for war now. Almost as if the real plan all along was to have the…
Retweeted by Elchangito221Leftist know the game is over.
Retweeted by Elchangito221This is checkmate for the Dems. Even if Trump doesn’t nominate a new Justice the tie breaking judge who would’ve “i…
Retweeted by Elchangito221 @MarkDice need to fill RBG’s Supreme Court seat ASAP, because a full court may be required to make a ruling on di…
Retweeted by Elchangito221 @PetiteNicoco Is this video mirrored, because she is driving on the rong side of the car.A girl who sends you a sexy pic isn't looking for yours. She's more interested in how hers turns you on.
Retweeted by Elchangito221When a girl is putting effort into the conversation, reward her. Don't punish good behavior.
Retweeted by Elchangito221 @RationalMale 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Women are more attracted to men with leadership attributes that will help her survive and reproduce than to men wit…
Retweeted by Elchangito221Insufficient Sun Exposure Has Become a Real Public Health Problem Partly attributable to the fact that they told u…
Retweeted by Elchangito221Chy-na kungflu virus safety commercials are propaganda to control you.By this logic a man should be able to start an OnlyFans account and demand that OnlyFans pays him 100K/month since…
Retweeted by Elchangito221Join the friendzone today! Act too meek, too available, too clingy, too disinterested, too nonsexual or too indecisive.
Retweeted by Elchangito221Relationship ProTip for men: Don’t go where masculinity isn't valued.
Retweeted by Elchangito221Slow text responses are a shit-test to smoke out the Beta in you. Double her response time. Wait a week if you have…
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Retweeted by Elchangito221If she tells you she'll text you after work, but doesn't, you don't text her to find out what happened. You hadn't even noticed.
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This is not a natural fire season. This is not “climate change”. 90% of these fires were intentional set (arson).…
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Retweeted by Elchangito221 @RobSays__ @Rich_Cooper Sounds more like a fetish he didn't know about.Women aren’t loyal to you. They are loyal to their need of the value that you offer. Once a woman’s need for the…
Retweeted by Elchangito221If you’ve whined at all about anything in the past week and you’re over the age of 18, just remember that absolutely no one cares
Retweeted by Elchangito221 @JohnDavisJDLLM #DoYouStillWantToGetMarriedRe: Sarah Yeong - castration Freud noted, in meticulously documented research, that castration fantasies were com…
Retweeted by Elchangito221United Airlines accused of favoring young, white, blond attendants for NFL, MLB flights Ooooooo. It is good to k…
Retweeted by Elchangito221 @JohnDavisJDLLM Dicrapio doesn't look happy.Man-hating feminists are now claiming that men choosing to be strong and independent, by not marrying, are misogyni…
Retweeted by Elchangito221The old point and wave to nobody.
Retweeted by Elchangito221If you're voting for President Trump in 49 days raise your hand! 🤚🏽
Retweeted by Elchangito221“I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from…
Retweeted by Elchangito221Shitty parents are the real pandemic.
Retweeted by Elchangito221 @MarkDice As a chango-American, I don't listen to that shit. I like ac/dc and zz top. Blacksabbth and GNR. @realDonaldTrump @MarkDice Good questionWhat is this all about?
Retweeted by Elchangito221Humanizes like to play games. What game are they playing with you? When they are being honest or say That thay are… is, above the board, fascism and hate speech.
Retweeted by Elchangito221Shy girls > Neck Tattoo girls
Retweeted by Elchangito2211 time is a “slip”, twice is a narrative.
Retweeted by Elchangito221 @alpharivelino If she wears vans, has tats, piercings any where besides her ear lobes and weird colored hair, she w… subcommunication is subconscious.You've been lied to. You have been brainwashed into thinking natural human nature is wrong. Natural human nature ju…
@JACBailey1 @LisaBritton But of course, like everything else, they ignore what women do
Retweeted by Elchangito221 @QTAnon1 We all laugh buuuut we've all had those days.Bruh!!!🤣🤣🤣🤦‍♂️🙈
Retweeted by Elchangito221Joe Biden just called it "a Harris Biden administration"
Retweeted by Elchangito221Joe Biden was interviewed by Cardi b, but won’t agree to a debate moderated by Joe Rogan. Says a lot.
Retweeted by Elchangito221 @Blacklabellogic A bad idea is still a bad idea. A bad idea is a last resort idea. This is expressed in movies all… message to men in the ‘manosphere’: While we may see ourselves as different, superior or inferior from the other…
Retweeted by Elchangito221As soon as you've piqued her interest and secured emotional investment, flip the script and make her chase you. Become indifferent and aloof
Retweeted by Elchangito221Oh look, another "lightning strike".
Retweeted by Elchangito221MGTOW - "We don't recruit. We just watch them arrive."
Retweeted by Elchangito221 @Stephan73796722 @MarkDice No.Slow motion
Retweeted by Elchangito221 @MarkDice So much mor flavorful in slowmo.😊 @almightykazs I must add also those who would help you dig your own hole.You gotta learn to tell the difference between who is trying to help you vs who is trying to get you to owe favours.
Retweeted by Elchangito221We’re living it in real time - Animal Farm
Retweeted by Elchangito221You know a guy is Beta if he quickly looks down the moment your eyes meet his. Jerky movements, high pitched voice,…
Retweeted by Elchangito221Colette Sheridan: Men who want nothing to do with women are sadly delusional... "A new book out this week, 'Men W…
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You thought she was in control of her actions? Ha! She’s merely a puppet of her ego, doing what her emotions dictat…
Retweeted by Elchangito221We urgently need a vaccine. People are dying by the .0001%
Retweeted by Elchangito221"The market is flooded with pussy, thus driving the price down. You can build a harem for the low price of Netflix…
Retweeted by Elchangito221 @RationalMale When will this madness end?Next, on Better Bachelor,...
Retweeted by Elchangito221"A woman’s mind is cleaner than a man’s – That’s because she changes it more often." - Aristotle
Retweeted by Elchangito221 belongs on a t-shirt. tip: Some women get really aroused by mixed signals. I like to tell her it’s too bad she’s not my type as I’m f…
Retweeted by Elchangito221 @JohnDavisJDLLM #DoYouStillWantToGetMarried#DoYouStillWantToGetMarried she calls you bud, buddy, pal, dude, homie, bruh, or gives you fist pounds, you're now officially in... the friendzone.
Retweeted by Elchangito221“But Rollo, all of that Feminist assimilation stuff is in western countries, that could never happen in an Islamic…
Retweeted by Elchangito221Will we ever see this America again?
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@elchangito221 @pkrauseneck @GotPickup The girl decides if she's single or not.
Retweeted by Elchangito221How do 31 people working for “intelligence” agencies “accidentally” wipe their phones? Doesn’t seem so intelligent to me 🤔
Retweeted by Elchangito221Men: Even if a date goes super well, you have a ton to talk about & are genuinely attracted to a woman, don’t try…
Retweeted by Elchangito221Write this shit down! Fucking true. @pkrauseneck @GotPickup Bro who cares? Ignore that shit. Your mission is to approach not wonder if she wants or doe… a woman looks down when she first sees you or during a conversation, especially if she smiles while lowering her gaze, she's into you.
Retweeted by Elchangito221Another example of the war on boys. not even sure how they figured out?!!! But i had a good relationship with literally everyone there. I cant even…
Retweeted by Elchangito221If you're only seeing one girl, you have no leverage and are more susceptible to emotional manipulation. Got rotation?
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