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@ArtofBastlynn the biggest baby!!
@_elibaum I am enraptured with this! The lines and negative space are soooo good, along with this being so sweet TuT @TheToj0 right?! it was sooooo close at the end @fayren //RUNS HANDS DOWN FACE ABSOLUTE PEAK SEXY @fayren NOW I START MY VIGIL OF YELLINGthanks @fayren I'm so upset on HOW DAMN HOT THIS IS sweeaaaattttsHi, here's another rare horny on main moment for me @nullphysical It’s always such a treat to see your work again!! @nullphysical this is so incredibly lovely! And the lighting is just breathtaking @OnstaMonsta AAHHH this is so freaking cute!! TUD
@SamSykesSwears I would be down for this but have a feeling it won’t be a thing hahah but as long as they keep on business!! XD @FinniChang @daysofcolor Omg that’s great tho, extra portions!! @daysofcolor @FinniChang give me not this burden lol @FinniChang I'm not sure this is achievement or curse lol @Naichirou haha it's such a blessing and curse!! XD @pooniverse hahaha know you and your order!! I'm extra sweating since now I always have my mask on ofc. They just s… @Anguiculus I'm like that now and my face is covered!! hahah oTL I always order ahead and come in to pick up, and t… local boba place now recognizes me //sweats
The Kiryu pin I ordered from @EldritchSky finally arrived! Super happy with it and goes brilliantly with the Majima…
Retweeted by S. Kao | Online Store Open @siobhanchiffon What a beautiful angel, I’m so sorry for your lose. Sending you and your family lots of 💕
@Super_Sealion @MorgueDweller So glad to see you enjoying these pins, thank you for the support! @PuccaNoodles Wishing you the absolute best in this endeavor!
@tsulala oh gosh I absolutely adore him and his style, happy birthday!! And love back to you, Rem!
@eugelng I shall be feasting tomorrow but I wish lots of delicious food for you too! 💖
Happy Lunar New Year everyone!! 💖🧧🐃 @Velinxi oh. OH DYMAN!!
How cool is this!!! Artist: @EldritchSky
Retweeted by S. Kao | Online Store Open @okaydrian Oh man thank you so much for picking this up from me, Adrian!! Glad to see you enjoying it! @charlestan Arina Tanemura what!?!?? I lived and trained on her art as a kid so much!! 😂 @fabujasu I'm still reeling from this HAHAHA reaching from beyond the veil!
@fuwaffy oh this is so lovely and nice!! @tsulala please take care!! sending you all the good vibes <3 @BeccaPaintmore @fayren oops had a bit of a mixup but it's restocked now!
Good morning everyone! I've had breakfast and feel like watching something. Also I got in this amazing Majima pin…
Retweeted by S. Kao | Online Store Open @TripleS_entmt Glad to see you enjoying the pin! What a satisfying snap sound at the end heheh @ameruu @nuxiiv Oh yes I’d love that please! :D @videogamedeals there is no Shepard without Vakarian (✏️: @EldritchSky )
Retweeted by S. Kao | Online Store Open @ameruu @nuxiiv That’s a thing that can be done?? Sounds utterly delightful! Also this is just so cute! @CutTimeComic it's either all or nothing between those two 😂 @CutTimeComic I will endeavor to do so!! I've been so obsessed and also this fuels the fire lol @CutTimeComic is true!! other emoji set is my feelings hahaha @EldritchSky Kiryu and Majima came in this morning. I LOVE THEM!! (Majima has a bit of burn marks but that's okay)
Retweeted by S. Kao | Online Store Open @BelowParArtist I'm glad to see your enjoying them so!! Thank you for the support!🗡️🙏🏻💦 @CutTimeComic they distract with good looks before offing the target hahahah XD Bernya!! I like saying he's minmaxe…
@CutTimeComic Oh my gosh JUBY!!! I screamed seeing this, thank you for drawing my sly lad. This is perfect expressi… @TincekMarincek I've always been so stunned by this piece of yours! Just utterly amazing work! @CutTimeComic YELLS this is just... oh my!! (Also I've been thinking Hanfu suits lately..)
@sighing This is utterly gorgeous, my goodness your colors just blow me away!
@OnstaMonsta She was already stellar but has now truly blasted off!!Kiryu is back in stock in my online shop!! Link below~
Retweeted by S. Kao | Online Store Open
@Johelian Yes sorry! I’m unable to handle it on my Shopify but you can purchase through Etsy @TheToj0 oh you KNOW it @fabujasu thanks Jas, was a lot of fun!! just me scribbling hahah @Anguiculus Thanks, was a lot of fun to design!! @OnstaMonsta """""GOOD"""""
Carter just being a fancy bitch
@BelowParArtist thank you SO much for the support! @TerryLe03701162 oh I'm so glad you were heheh! @goodboispike thank you so much! @TripleS_entmt Ahh thank you for the support!! @frenchpressplz thank you!!Kiryu and Majima hinge pins: is back in stock in my online shop!! Link below~
@ArtofLilibeth I just love that LOOK they are giving so much! @ArtofBastlynn eye zoom to that particular skull heheheh @ExternalYelling seriously some of my fav of him hahahah @onemegawatt I need to tell myself this all the time! Like part of you is just so annoyed that despite all efforts,…
@jazzvalkyrie I'm so glad to hear! I can't get over your line work, also this boss pose!! @jazzvalkyrie damn this is so good!! @aniistoll the power you exude!! @cysketch Absolutely gorgeous! Gosh this lighting too!
@ArtofLilibeth I looked at the show tags after the first ep and was like "OH." Hahah yes, gosh I hope more people w… @ArtofLilibeth seriously! I honestly didn't know much going in and wow it WENT in some crazy directions but I'm abs… @ArtofLilibeth oh gosh I just started watching and it's blowing me away!! @CutTimeComic that is fair and true!! yeah just only for that particular body type le sigh @CutTimeComic right? meat, jawlines and suits for me please
@Shattered_Earth let me sign this petition please @asunnydisposish reels are so hard for me, I can't keep up with all this @_@ But the pins are so cute!! Just utterly in love with them~
@Zambicandy ehehehe I'm glad you think so!Just a regular murder suit
Retweeted by S. Kao | Online Store OpenBeen vaguely obsessed with my new(ish) boy, Matthew Carter
Retweeted by S. Kao | Online Store Open @ArtofBastlynn through the roof highs hahahah @ArtofBastlynn he's soooo fun it's terrible lol @tsulala oh gosh, I'm so glad Rem!! I want to draw so much more of him lol @fayren He’d better make Mourn proud or 🔪 @OnstaMonsta go take Charon on a walk for goodness sake-- @OnstaMonsta yes, take some time off murdering to just chill please-- @Anguiculus he says hi back @OnstaMonsta me always vibing big hurt for him--Just a regular murder suit vaguely obsessed with my new(ish) boy, Matthew Carter @OnstaMonsta idk how you handle all these colors but wow everytime!
@OnstaMonsta Loving these vibes and colors!!Oh yes! I'm so very exciting to be participating in this zine! SUITS FOR ALL happy with my haul of goodies from @EldritchSky! I love them all 💜 The pins are so pretty! The colours and finis…
Retweeted by S. Kao | Online Store Open @GJReggie So glad to see you enjoying them all! Thank you so much for the support :D
@kaninn happy birthday to you! @Hikazio pretty much this always lol
@fayren Swooning forever for her!