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@BlaiseP_ Truly love the fans @QuarterJade I LOVE THEMLike this if you like liking thingsI have so many ideas for my stream after I move that I can’t wait to set up! Doing the final packing today and wo… @OMGitsfirefoxx Good morning (: @GaileyBoat The feeling is VERY mutualI love Minecraft streams 🥺 @AaronnFtw Lets goooo @kaaylen_ YES
NEW MINECRAFT REALM!! And yes.. I finally downloaded my shaders and texture pack again. It looks beautiful 🥺🥰 @chellchee Omg yes queen🥺 @LeonieMontyBTW @GaileyBoat Vouch @zoee_val I got youuuu Zoe @kaaylen_ Can we build a house together🥺 @sapharic I got youuuu I’m making a new one to just play when I can. I wanna build stuff and fight the ender dragon😤 @GaileyBoat You are the best and most beautiful in the worldGames are boring lately so if any mutual streamer friends want to play on a Minecraft realm lmk😤Compliment someone today! @AaronnFtw @andbox_official 💕💕 @QueenNayru CONGRATS CUTIE
LIVE💕 Starting with some Valorant! @kaaylen_ No you🥺 LETS PLAY VALO TODAY @KellyCantTweet Says YOU @RealNovah What’s her @ @leahdb98 😤😤😤 @AveryHam I LITERALLY LOVE YOU SM @GaileyBoat See you in a few weeks(;felt good today(: STREAMING IN A FEW HOURS😊 @lilmillyyy I truly can’t deny this. Red cards feel bad but yellows have a different feeling💃🏼 @symmmetry_ HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!YOU ARE A MF QUEEN @Valkyrae 👸🏼Code ELECTRA got bumped to 30% OFF until the 17th🥰🥰🥰 @kaaylen_ Happy early birf cutie😘😘😘 @madeyewlook AHHH WAIT YOU WERE THERE?!? WTF I would have loved to say hi😭 will you be there next week?? @coL_Fantasy 😤💪🏼 @JoksanRedona No regretsMay or may not have got a yellow card at tonight’s soccer game.. oops😳SO HYPED FOR THIS 🤫😊
@LunaShibuya Ahhh I hope you don’t have bad symptoms! I get my second shot soon and I’m a bit nervous as well @LeonieMontyBTW @GaileyBoat Same @GaileyBoat @Alixxa Mine diamonds, build sick af house, go to the nether, fight blazes, find stronghold, kill ender… @LuvelyAura Take it day by day! Write a list and prioritize the ones you need done ASAP! So satisfying to check them off! @LegendofTi Noooo): @AveryHam JESUS @LeonieMontyBTW Ahh yes good ideaAnyone have tips on moving animals to a new place? I’m going to be moving Obi early next week to our new place and… @BlaiseP_ Yiiiikes @CRAZYBEASTLYKID Cats are absolutely wonderful I must say🐱 But I also know friends sometimes come in seasons! Some… @KUUROmusic Oohhhhh 👀 @sickdegenerate Yeah I delayed mine since I’m moving but sheeeesh I want it too @KUUROmusic Ahhhh I hope you feel better🥺 @gnarlyrita check in! How are we feeling today?!Not going to be able to fully move in until early next week😔 need to wait for movers to be available to move everyt… SHAKER IS BEAUTIFUL @kyedae Pog @timthetatman @Agony @HermanMiller So good^^^ @LeonieMontyBTW Yes yes yesre7 day 2 with scary alerts!!
Retweeted by ElectraMoving is stressful 😅 @BlaiseP_ @gubbl3wamz @GaileyBoat True
@Tkile327 I would go back and play if it was how it used to be for sure!! @zTxghts THE GOOD OLD DAYSI keep getting recommended old Fortnite videos from 2-3 years ago and they’re so nostalgic. I can’t believe how good the game used to be @AutumnRhodess 😳👏🏼
I’m moving this week!!!!🎉 I’m going to take the next 3 days off streaming to focus on that, but I’ll do my best to… GO WATCH MY BFF
So uhhhh my power went out😭😭😭Going live with my Apex Queens @KellyCantTweet and @GaileyBoat 🥰 for the @eFuseOfficial event!!'ll see this squad in the end-game for today's #ApexQueens 101 party, an ALL-WOMEN @PlayApex tournament 🙌…
Retweeted by Electra @Complexity @ClaraATwork WELCOME!!! :D @ReptarRB LMFAOOOO WHAT @kaaylen_ Ah ha ha yayChill Apex Vibes🥰
@VividFN 💕💕💕Won’t be able to stream until late tonight! Been doing Mother’s Day things(:Happy Mother’s Day to all the rockstar moms out there💕
Idk what I’m doing today but come hangout🥸 @aeaantoun360 @kaaylen_ Ahh I got moderna @kaaylen_ Ugh same this next week. I’m scared @duckybtw @akamissducky That worked for @Poach 3 years ago so yes definitelyAh ha ha 😷 MADE IT @BlaiseP_ 1kPlaying in this with @KellyCantTweet and @GaileyBoat 🤪🤪🤪 like and I’ll go to the gym @MonsoonGG OmgI’m being held hostage by a crazed maniac. He won’t let me go unless he gets 10k boxes of cat nip. Pls send help @GaileyBoat 😳 @THATKRAZYCHIC1 WE LOVE THATTotally swiped this using code @Electra 🧜‍♀️
Retweeted by Electra
@GaileyBoat YESSSSSgrinding Apex ALL DAY LONG GET IN HERE @LuluLuvely I happen to be a female if anyone needs one 😎 @BlaiseP_ so I can be better at hide n seekFinal episode of my RE7 gameplay is up!!! Check it out :D @infernowolf24 Yeah ))))): @monsyera SO PROUD OF YOU @LeonieMontyBTW @GaileyBoat Yea but idk where close haha