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crying as soon as i enter this dimsum place
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Retweeted by jejuwanda did it before anyone else did
Retweeted by jejuIT SUITS HIM SO MUCH?!?!?
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Retweeted by jejuboys who don’t post their gfs are asses. bc why you gatekeeping her bro?? i wanna see her cute ass too 🤨🤨
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Retweeted by jejuTrauma changes the brain AND SO. DOES. HEALING.
Retweeted by jejuhis work was so visionary ……….
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Retweeted by jeju“stop bouncing ur leg” okay let me jus stop having anxiety
Retweeted by jejublocking people isn't enough i want to send them into the shadow realm
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Retweeted by jejuNi baru betul. Asyik yg body ketak2 je 🤣🤣
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Retweeted by jejuMARK AND HAECHAN SHOWING UP ON THE NCT 127 LIVE AFTER ENDED THE NCT DREAM LIVE 😭How else do you expect me to pay for those student loans 😡
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Retweeted by jejujapanese fruit sandwiches
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Retweeted by jejuIM WIFED UP fiving after sex sounds good
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I love when girls take thirst pics with a messy gross ass room like yasssss go awf rat
Retweeted by jejuoh come on
Retweeted by jeju @sarareijojo people in the dms asking me for my name like 😀 it’s right there dudei like this lowkey
Retweeted by jejuhe lost all four of these people.
Retweeted by jeju🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈
Retweeted by jejuHOT SAUCE HAIR RENJUN THE KIDS MISS U dont want bfs girls want renjun two-toned hair to make a comeback
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Retweeted by jeju😭😭😭😭 tolong
Retweeted by jejuToday on twitter: Men not understanding hair parts.
Retweeted by jejuscratching the mosquito bite on yo ankle better than sex
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Retweeted by jeju @paenboi_twt dude LITERALLYNo cap
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Retweeted by jejuwearing her lashes rn god i miss her so much
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just had lashes on for almost 12 fucking hours omgain’t no way the word awesome originated from the late 16th century like which shakespearean fratboy was it
Retweeted by jejui miss megan fox when she stayed mysterious and just pretty to look at
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Retweeted by jejuSingle or not...married or not.. you STILL have to learn to love yourself, survive by yourself, heal by yourself an…
Retweeted by jeju8 years ago I was in a coma I wasn’t supposed to come out of, now I make art about it.
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the new 'just do it' episode will be with pink haired jeno and red/brown haired jaemin
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Retweeted by jejujust trauma dumped on bae gotta see myself out nowI think this will forever be the greatest exchange on this bird site.
Retweeted by jejubiblically accurate charlie’s angels
Retweeted by jejuwho said romance is dead
Retweeted by jejui want it please lucky draw polaroid #JAEMIN #JENO
Retweeted by jejui havent been on twitter cause my devices decided to give up on me but anywayz
Retweeted by jejuWhy are tattoos considered unprofessional, if anything it shows that I can sit still and endure pain for 8 hours, perfect for corporate jobs
Retweeted by jejuu can't see much but me n my friends got followed in berjaya times square the other day (guy in red) he was staring…
Retweeted by jejuI love Malay culture so much I have yet to wear the headdress and the whole fit I might cryOn my knees cryin rn i will do absolutely anything and everything for u
Retweeted by jejuare you down bad (horny) or down bad (depressed)
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Retweeted by jejuyou make me
Retweeted by jejuMount Fuji eraser
Retweeted by jejuturns out there’s a big asf crack on the side of my wall that I didn’t notice bruhanyone need a new Lock Screen?
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@taeklor this is a common experience
Retweeted by jejuSpeaking your dreams into existence is just the first step in the long journey of making them come true. Nobody f…
Retweeted by jejuHua Ho Yayasan food court’s kolomee is surprisingly good. Also the famous Mee Masam Pedas by the Chinese Muslim unc…
Retweeted by jejuthe dreamies new hair colors mark: ash gray jeno: pink haechan: black jaemin: red chenle: black with red highlights…
Retweeted by jejuit’s me im girls I stare at my food in the microwave
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Retweeted by jejuthey just don't make himbos like jason mendoza anymore
Retweeted by jejuDora and boots
Retweeted by jejuthe fact that 2/2/22 doesn’t fall on a tuesday is such a disrespect
Retweeted by jejucan sm make him sing California love and then make donghae rap lol am not ready for pastel pink jenoFeeling seen
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girls with thick thighs and loud laughs are very important
Retweeted by jejusun and moon
Retweeted by jejuHello ?? 😭
Retweeted by jeju“she’s just a friend” ok stab her
Retweeted by jejuno cause wtf man stop it im tiredWHOEVER IS GIVING ME BAD LUCK U WIN OK PLS STOPmy weekend plans
Retweeted by jeju“I dOn'T LiKe suBtiTleS" if you can't read fast just say that
Retweeted by jejuEven children get harassed… don’t blame clothes, tiktok. Maybe check your nafsu??
Retweeted by jejuNever fails 😂
Retweeted by jejucats are so powerful, they can just be like 🐈 and get a million views
Retweeted by jejuim so glad i went through that omg look at me I'm so weird phase when i was like 12-16 cause i cant do that to myself anymorewatching my irl slowly become a pick me girl