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comedian, writer (@nbcthegoodplace @newwarriors @latelateshow etc) cohost @theshowisgreat. i donate $2 per tweet + follow no one bc i hate this website! he/him

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@gdun holy shitMe calling Chili’s to make a dinner reservation for my bachelor party:
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tonight!!!! this show's gonna be a blast and wow this line up is so good– plz come!!! legend @electrolemon joins @edgarmomplaisir and @jacquisneal on a new @culturekingspod to help them create new…
Retweeted by demi adejuyigbe @electrolemon I still have two tickets to @TheShowIsGreat if anyone would like to go! Also King of Noodles is very good for Chinese food!
Retweeted by demi adejuyigbei’m doing a number of fun shows at SketchFest in San Fran this week, please come on out!!! if you see me on the str… @spykidsnewmovie not yet!!! probably gonna have to catch it after the oscars tbh
king @StevenWillcox2 okay but guess what happens to prisons when prison populations don't get the rights to representati… @StevenWillcox2 @corbin_dewitt man, i don't know how to explain the bill of rights to you but it is literally not a… @StevenWillcox2 @corbin_dewitt are we going by what is or should be a right, because people in jail get healthcare… @StevenWillcox2 @corbin_dewitt it's literally not. hence, "jail." @StevenWillcox2 @corbin_dewitt no... they don’t? every right you have outside of jail is a right you retain in jail… @AtlanticCityLA is coming to @SFSketchfest this Thurs at Pianofight mainstage. Sold out but there’ll be tickets…
Retweeted by demi adejuyigbeToday on Culture King’s @edgarmomplaisir and @jacquisneal are joined by @electrolemon to create new categories for…
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Retweeted by demi adejuyigbe"my favorite foods are lobster and skittles"
Retweeted by demi adejuyigbePARASITE is the first non-English language film ever to win the Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Pictu…
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Attn: BAY AREA! Wow our @SFSketchfest live show is happening so soon on January 22! We are bravely covering The Soc…
Retweeted by demi adejuyigbe @StevenWillcox2 @corbin_dewitt losing rights is not part of jail. people are still people in jail.
@HelloCullen ............... yes.New video: you’re at your in-laws for Christmas and you’re trying to fight while everyone is asleep ASMR…
Retweeted by demi adejuyigbe @sydneyrachel lmaoooo @GraceSpelman gotta drop it on the 10th anniversary @BrotiGupta feels like it comes earlier and earlier every year @HelloCullen i’ll never forgettoday is the 8th anniversary of the time mark wahlberg said he could’ve stopped 9/11Richard Kind: A Review
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always a good time to remember that incarcerated people are denied the right to vote but are still count as residen…
Retweeted by demi adejuyigbe @philiplord fuck, even just reading the line again made my heart hurt good
List of Asian actors who have received Academy Awards: - Miyoshi Umeki, 1954, Sayonara, supporting - Haing S. Ngor…
Retweeted by demi adejuyigbeTuesday! LA area! Come to one of the best venues @TheSatelliteLA for a rad ass night of music and comedy. Wanna lau…
Retweeted by demi adejuyigbe @imbobswaget unless it’s the “when it started” version
my Prada is at the cleaners but you better believe I’ll have my hoodie and my ‘fuck you’ flip flops! @Thisisntflying for real. the movie was gorgeous and the comedy was better than it’s been in any Toy Story imo @heyimrachelcook i liked it a lot @tylercutler @zimbloggy i didn’t like the timeline stuff, but there’s also a lot of close up shots and very strange… @RileyStearns congratulations on the Lemons. well deserved
@CaseyMara oh wow, i didn’t know that! i didn’t like the movie very much, but i gotta admit that’s impressive @Butmac aw c’monThe fact that the Oscars doesn't have a host doesn't bode well for Parasite.
Retweeted by demi adejuyigbe @nicerobo the scene in the light at the end is one of the coolest/craziest fucking scenes of the year, and the soun… @Ahuebner haven’t seen it! snubbed for the Dont Yell At Me @breathofkings i don’t think it’s had a very wide release @AKlay19 i thought it was extremely well directed and acted. honestly think it’s one of the best directed films of… @AnimComplex i need to and will, since it was nominated! @AKlay19 i didn’t like ABDITN very much, and Toy Story 4- sure! @doctor_perk goddamn it @tvaziri such a sharp and incredible flip of emotions from funny to genuinely heartwarming. almost made me cry @AKlay19 i can’t think of anything else that was adapted and not nominated this year! (at least that i saw) @glkrose costumes sure, but i was very bored by it otherwise! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @Forrest_txt they were nominated for real tho! @collincowart honestly i forgot the beach bum even happened and i did not see it @conor_tripler ahhh shit. the academy (me) really fucked this up @zimbloggy (i didn't like her directing in little women very much– or little women, tbh 😞) @JRVilla26 i loved him and the movie a LOT, but it felt like he was playing eddie murphy and not dolemite :( which… @gbenga_ajilore check the final categorymy oscar snubs 2k20 – – congratulations to all the nominees, who are also all the winners! season 2 as 2020 Best Picture Oscar nominees. #OscarNoms
Retweeted by demi adejuyigbe @GraceSpelman i still have hopes that we’ll one day get a Mitski theme @jim_haack go to bed jim let the kids have their fun online @meganamram @thumbelulu @Almaharel this tweet deserves best adapted screenplay (based on megan’s thoughts) @AngeTra it matters
@exhalejoel i like the oscars, i’m driving the engagement on purpose @twmdodger you didn’t look at any of my other tweets did youI decided to rewatch GREEN BOOK this morning to see if I could figure out why it won Best Picture, and... I guess t…
Retweeted by demi adejuyigbe @apologoze there are countless awards. they all “get it wrong.” that’s not really the point. the oscars are the big… @amightystaff @Jim222001 you heard me @notthemarsh @billlwoo point me to the ‘tragedy’ section of your local video store @amightystaff @Jim222001 you heard me @billlwoo @notthemarsh yes and i rolled my eyes because ‘tragedy’ is not exactly a standard film genre as much as i… @ohJuliatweets oh yeah :( @ohJuliatweets this is alan alda erasure @Camstove i would simply eat the gun. @Katie54389860 you missed the last few words i believe! @WindowStalking @benjisauruss phoenix is as good as the movie as a whole is bad @Mansoor_Sid @sound2fury and her character immigrated all the way from Long Island to do it @TheAcademy And VARDA BY AGNÈS 🙏
Retweeted by demi adejuyigbe @TheAcademy Just some noteworthy films made by women directors from 2019: ADVOCATE AMERICAN FACTORY ANIARA ATLANTI…
Retweeted by demi adejuyigbe(this isn’t sarcastic by the way. unfortunately i have brain worms and truly just love this shit to death! go ‘movies’)complaining about the oscar nominations is a grand tradition as old and fun as watching the oscars themselves! i lo… @notthemarsh 🙄joker being nominated for best picture is my super villain origin story
Retweeted by demi adejuyigbeu shouldn't be upset that i fucked her u should be upset that i nominated todd phillips and martin scorsese in the same category
Retweeted by demi adejuyigberelatedly cynthia erivo in harriet as the only non-white acting nominee is some extreme white gatekeeper energy of…
Retweeted by demi adejuyigbewhich jojo rabbit did yall see i think it's different from the one i saw
Retweeted by demi adejuyigbe @GuyLodge absolutelyi’m not watching ‘harriet’ and you can’t make me @sound2fury if you watch jojo rabbit on mute, maybe(every movie here except 1917 is categorically a comedy and i’m sure that will provoke some arguments as to what co…!!! is this the most comedies that have been nominated in one year @Jim222001 Zhao Shuzhen, Jennifer Lopez, Ana de Armas, (maybe leading), take your pick of any woman in Parasite, Adéle Haenel @rianjohnson @TheAcademy hell yeah!!!!! @davidehrlich congrats to the guy on that boat in the beginning @ShelleyBFarmer what!!!!