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@Brendy_C Suddenly gives me pause about this screenshot in my NMS film but I don't think anyone dogpiled you after…
Everyone getting salty about soy sauce tariffs tonightI’m in love with this trailer gif.
Retweeted by Electron DanceHello #PitchYaGame, Do you ever feel burnt out by your backlog? We prescribe 10 eclectic, enriching, exciting exp…
Retweeted by Electron Dancealright, fine, that's a fake screenshot it's an XLR cable that carries my voice even more valuableSweet managed to squeeze every one of my favourites onto my media shelf! An ethernet cable doesn't look as attractive… (@misterbigpants) here! We discovered that increasing speed wasn't effective at increasing speed. Adding more s…
Retweeted by Electron Dance @ElectronDance The real puzzle was the friends we made along the way.
Retweeted by Electron Dance @nothings Oh my God, that's literally accurate. @AppUnwrapper It was pretty stable if I remember from the last few minutes.Well, another 20 or so islands still to clear. Will I write up #MonstersExpedition before they're done? THAT'S THE… on the newly revealed island, a question for #MonstersExpedition veterans - is this the log behaviour you expe… I was looking at this, I was nervous that I might need a raft to reach some of these fog-drenched… fiddled absent-mindedly with the log that seemed to be for the postbox island. And then it rolled nonchalantly on… time I've opened #MonstersExpedition recently I've got nowhere with the holdouts. Today, I wondered if I'd m…
All the details on that magic house we've been searching today, thanks to @tinyblob @tinyblob @adurdin Oh, awesome - thank you! @adurdin It is surprisingly hard to find but also surprisingly worth it @tinyblob @adurdin I was looking for that. I found one potential hit but "you're in the EU and we can't possibly GDPR that" @mrjamesob "Fuck refugees, we should look after our own" "Actually scratch that"
Retweeted by Electron Dance*shudder* @Haze______ There are quite a few ghostly visitations of a camera throughout. Some of those closed doors I want to open. @bennpowell I think the other side of that thing is in a different time zone. @Haze______ Yeah, at the time, I only found the one that was tucked away. I didn't realise the more easy to find on… found frozen old gods. Thanks 2020.
Retweeted by Electron Dance @bennpowell goodbye benn @MrBehemo @AmicableAnimal maybe I should make a t-shirt emblazoned with "i found the bathtub" @MrBehemo @AmicableAnimal already done that, bought the t-shirtThe Dungeon Master was watching you the whole time @Slaktus I imagine they triedSunday drive.
Retweeted by Electron DanceI found the fabled bath tub. It is a thing of glory. I will treasure this knowledge.Why is there a map of England and Wales outside the women's restroom? @ElectronDance I'm never going to criticize the house design in exploration games ever again.
Retweeted by Electron Dance"oh this is a cluttered house" Turns corner, falls into infinity (I was just pleased to earn the Find the Ladies… @AmicableAnimal @MrBehemo It's difficult to call this a silver lining but they jettisoned pretty much all the compe…
Match case is your friend've finally started seeing a few ghosts. There's also been moaning from the mysterious locked basement. Now they… 61 is one my favourites. Angry Burke Devlin crashes a dinner party. Everyone is too nice to tell him to fuck off… David also locked up governess Victoria Winters in a room in the closed-off part of the house which we'd never… love how David Collins, who already tried to kill his father once, is convinced Dad is the murderer. Here he's s… it seemed the story had fallen into the background - the coroner declared his death an accident - the tiny ma… was a nice, well-meaning guy who abruptly disappeared minutes before a crucial meeting which was likely to hav… am besotted with Dark Shadows. I'm 100 episodes in. The murder of Bill Malloy about 50 episodes ago continues to… what an incredible finish! A dike broke at Voorne-Putten flooding the board with every last water cube from th… got very scary down on the coast here, we had a plenty of cards ripping down dikes here every turn. Water floodi… that made things worse. We attempted a game of Pandemic: Rising Tide with all 4 of us (had been 3 previously)… @MrBehemo I'm afraid I'm quite cynical about it. Once Johnson is gone, they may get someone more believable as a PM… seem to be on a roll - I blasted to victory in a game of Ticket to Ride: Rails and Sails with the world map. I am… @retpodcast Oh good call
@geggiiis Yes, it's nice to change things up now and again and have a game which isn't building empires or stopping… among the strangest games ever. In Take the Money and Run, you either chase or get chased by two robots, d…
Retweeted by Electron Dance @FlyPengwinLP Thanks! I'll end up writing up something more substantial once I get to the end of the game, but I am…'s acknowledge that I'm a sucker for anyone talking about ECHO
@acgodliman Amy, I wish I could say I didn't know what you were talking about @PersistentWorld 7 Wonders with Leaders + Cities expansionsOn rematch - my first ever Patchwork victory with 100% coverage! I didn't even think this was possible. Its so beau… my sentence decrees, I am now being destroyed - as usual - by my wife in Patchwork. It's almost as agonising as… by defacing my opponents' gold. So we played this old favourite instead, then I racked up five Qwirkles and thu… @geggiiis With two monitors I have been leaving Windows Explorer open on the second so I can see if the screenshots… yourself out if you want to pursue perfect stealth or no kills but I'm literally escaping each level by the s…, so #Wildfire is still in rotation - I've just taken on too many play projects in recent weeks. We escaped the… remain. All those tiny dikes take time to set up and one kick to the table will hard format your board… got a chance to play a second game of Pandemic: Rising Tide. We absolutely killed it with 3 players - it w… to contribute to this - I have been using the archive extensively in the last few months for the film.
one of the best skeleton-based scenes in cinema, hong kong undefeated, jing wong is a god
Retweeted by Electron Dancegood idea to search your writing for repetition, any phrases you use a little too often but don't even realise it…
Pedestrian vocal impacts. Trying not to have too much fun with this #indiedev #gamedev #sounddesign #gameaudio
Retweeted by Electron DanceIts a source of amusement and bemusement to me that the World Economic Forum (you, know, Davos, where the rich get…
Retweeted by Electron DanceLike ... in 10 minutes.
Retweeted by Electron Dance @browniecove Chapter 1. John Wick's dog is killed by a mean person. Chapter 2. John Wick gets mad, gets out some g…
@The_Reviewist Ah the nostalgia; when I started on Twitter, that's all it was I also find that private groups (eg… @The_Reviewist I tried lists: the idea was to improve signal/noise but it turned out signal/noise was fractal. If y… time in 13 years I've been called by the office on vacation tbh it's all euronext's fault
synonyms for DEBACLE: "failure" "catastrophe" "collapse" "youtube studio" "fiasco"grrr web UIs polluted with branding => UI fucked most of the time to service marketing, just like how game UI is fu… @GameTranslators I don't think we saw huge differences in this one game but everybody was rich so debt wasn't so mu…
@The_Reviewist They definitely have their charm - I watched three of them but I felt like I was done at that point!… @The_Reviewist I was on board for the first half of Sinister for precisely the same reason but it slowly lost my at…'s school half term and that means it's boarrrdgaaame time Picked up the 7 Wonders Cities expansion at discount… a minute ago i was charging $5 for fishbane because of leftover charging dreams from "probability 0 and frien…
Retweeted by Electron Dance
The mighty @jimrossignol talking about the equally mighty Signal From Tölva 👇 Proud to have played a small part in…
Retweeted by Electron Dance @cinderBlock6 It's funny how you sometimes fall into solution grooves. Many of these puzzles I can't see another wa…
IndieCade starts TODAY @IndieCade. Endlight is one of fifty nominated games! Check out our IndieCade BOOTH (we spen…
Retweeted by Electron Dance @FLEBpuzzles I didn't have a copy of that originally - I do believe I have one now. The work is never done.Whether this sells the concept of selling short games, that remains to be seen. I can see bundles of short games… what if pick something up with the foreknowledge you can put it down in ten-ish minutes? This was invaluably u… it work? Do these 10 minute experiences work? That's a difficult question to answer. If you buy the bundle and… finally there's Locked In: A Marriage Simulator from @farfewgiants which I haven't played! It's a local two pla…, Interrupted is a short Twine-y thing from @Spdrcstl and @dahold. You get to tell a horror story - well, *m…'s HANDMADEDEATHLABYRINTH issue 0 from @droqen which is a very droqen title: his small works always offer subv… are such a Soft and Round Kitten, @sylviefluff. Short plaformer. More going on in the mechanics than you might… we have @AttilaGabriel's Stroke which is set in a hospital, revolving around a family medical emergency. This… Me In Leaves is a short story with a horror element from @elliotherriman; the abstracted visuals are really g… there's :) from @torcado which stopped Greenshot from screenshotting it because I save the files with the appl… @Salman_Shh's Sealed Estate is top-down horror game with an aesthetic that reminds me of Teleglitch. Don't worry…'ll speak more generally. And some of these titles have multiple authors and if I've missed ppl involved, apologie… I've played through the @10mingames! And I'm torn whether to talk about them in detail. Think of it like this, e…