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If you are under 18 do not follow me. You will be blocked. 🔞 All opinions are my own. I am 26 Glad to be playing Halo again ☺️

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Uh oh., boys. We had a good run. But it looks like the jig is up.
Retweeted by elementomega1Now who wears who?👀 #jjba #stoneocean #StoneOceanAnime #jolynekujo #JotaroKujo
Retweeted by elementomega1"I am your father now"
Retweeted by elementomega1he's literally me
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Retweeted by elementomega1 @Saltylover1 Oh he’s just adorableSomething that bugs me about videogame marketing is, a lot of the time, game actors aren’t allowed to say they’re i…
Retweeted by elementomega1I no longer consider access to food a human right
Retweeted by elementomega1Yo! I’m Cess! I'm a variety streamer and freelance artist who likes to make merch and work with other creators, bra…
Retweeted by elementomega1Just a reminder that 6 Tik Tokers created that national rape day.... 6 dudes just made a fucked up joke and you're…
Retweeted by elementomega1Lady Dimitrescu stalks Ethan with Mr. X-esque persistence. New #REVillage gameplay revealed:…
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Retweeted by elementomega1Not only the writer of this headline, but also too many people in the replies that absolutely refuse to call this w…
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Retweeted by elementomega1 @CreamLunar That’s awesome Luna!
Retweeted by elementomega1 @CreamLunar Oh?! @CreamLunar I’m so sorry Luna. dip dip dip dip
Retweeted by elementomega1superior shortstack engineering
Retweeted by elementomega1Why, so you can 'localize' it? no.
Retweeted by elementomega1I’m taking tiktok much more seriously
Retweeted by elementomega1破。
Retweeted by elementomega1 @pininiki Oh Piney @pininiki Sweet little Doppio 😌😌 @CintalvonBonbon I want a boywife @Abarus_Art Silly boy. He should stop pretending and just accept his lot in life. 😌 @kiwi_sunset So pretty 😌Freshly baked pizza
Retweeted by elementomega1 @tammdraws Silly girl @reallybaduse Good night Mr Worm
Retweeted by elementomega1I feel like more porn artists should be given opportunities in the comic industry. The dude who wrote Sunstone, a l…
Retweeted by elementomega1 @AimbotAimy Definitely @Magra215 Whoa a new gf @Magra215 All very breedable 😌😌 @Magra215 Dragon gf Dragon gf @zarakiavelli @TheBaronSkelly @AimbotAimy Don’t forget the handprints on the neck and hips. @lewdkittyyyy Of course I want a turn! @AimbotAimy Very true! @AimbotAimy Oh my yes @KatWeegee Fuck em @KatWeegee What?⚔️ CONAN THE BARBARIAN ⚔️
Retweeted by elementomega1 @CintalvonBonbon Domestic abuse can happen in LGBT relationships just like in non LGBT relationships. That rainbow…
Retweeted by elementomega1 @reallybaduse It’s how I knew Charlie Cox would be great as Daredevil.To our knowledge, this is the first-ever and only footage of wolves eating blueberries! Though, we know of a few cl…
Retweeted by elementomega1 @reallybaduse Ahhh Stardust. Such a great movie. @Saltylover1 Lucky* ffs @CatboiAoi @HanyuuUwU No promises
Retweeted by elementomega1 @Saltylover1 Damn. Luck boy. @intovalen Amy Hennig and TLOU2. @HanyuuUwU What kind of things does ninja Hanyuu do? @intovalen I don’t care. Druckmann needs to be gone. @TheBaronSkelly Skelly innocent people were dying. @intovalen Getting Days Gone 2. Getting rid of Druckmann and TLOU, more InFamous potentially, Uncensoring Japanese games. For starters. @intovalen It’s still something! @intovalen Or a competent Japanese ceo. @NoHittingStart Me thinks she failed on purpose @CreamLunar 2-3 @intovalen Good news: Sony is keeping the ability to make purchases on the ps3 and vita store. @intovalen Me. @intovalen I’d also fire that dumbass ceo @intovalen All this bullshit started once they moved there. @hypnoticoiui It’s nothing dangerous right?And firing the dumbass ceoI’m moving Sony out of California
Retweeted by elementomega1Dissolve Bioware so they stop destroying my favorite franchises.
Retweeted by elementomega1 @kiwi_sunset 😏😏😏 @weS_Rank Oh Wes @weS_Rank
Retweeted by elementomega1 @belet_seri I deliberately try to find songs for my characters
Retweeted by elementomega1 @Hyper_kyuun You posted ass, you knew what would happen.
Retweeted by elementomega1 @SmokeAndSomno You’re probably right @undeadscribe Excited to get to this part. @theladyrigz @undeadscribe Awwwww! @belet_seri I just hate all the samey bland MCU costumes. @belet_seri His costume look dumb. @drcockula Lob the @ girl!
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Retweeted by elementomega1don't lower your standards! just lower your intelligence:)
Retweeted by elementomega1 @Sia_Mofu @LilithLovett Iron grip for.... @thealexrossart @Todd_McFarlane #spawn
Retweeted by elementomega1En and Kikurage
Retweeted by elementomega1Apex needs Titanfall in order for its world to have any weight, any depth Titanfall doesn't need Apex
Retweeted by elementomega1 @KatWeegee I just wanna take care of the babies 😢 @hypnoticoiui @HBloodedHeroine @Lacryboy Whoa @KatWeegee I mean. Some people like being called slurs :v