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peidiwch â chyffwrdd a'r peiriannau now sling yer hook or i'll break yer face

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I don't know how anyone can say the new Pokemon's graphics are bad when it has the most realistic depiction of a do…
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toyed with replying ok boomer to all of em but that'll lift their replies to people on my timeline because twitter'… @Plaid_Cymru shame to see the replies here filled with islamophobia, hoping plaid cymru members will speak out against ityeah i'd like to see this too, please most importantly, she thinking about snacc attac protec student block fire in bolton is especially terrifying when you consider how much student accommodation is being…
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@greg_jenner thems kicking legs (congratulations!!!)Lol italian culture be wild
Retweeted by it's....... Elena Cresci's account @elinjjones @MarthaHoleyman gyd di sortio ond ti yw'r first port of call tro nesa*weeps* it's so... beautiful
Retweeted by it's....... Elena Cresci's account @HKesvani i finally watched this series while i was weight cutting, her frustration was oddly soothing in my time of needi’m losing my goddamn mind here
Retweeted by it's....... Elena Cresci's accountall rhywun sydd yn dda gyda ramadeg cymraeg hala DM i fi plis diolchAround half of the dialogue in the episode of @TheCrownNetflix about Prince Charles's time at university in Aberyst…
Retweeted by it's....... Elena Cresci's account @DGMensah @BBCNewsround mince pies suck, i am with you @Ankaman616 why do these things always happen to youif ur train is going to be 15 mins delayed do us a favour and let us know rather than increasing the delay by 2 minute increments lol
Harry Styles on the hollow achievement of adult credibility in comparison with the genuine admiration of teenage gi…
Retweeted by it's....... Elena Cresci's accountye, so? we just speak welsh when any fucker walks in, pal
Retweeted by it's....... Elena Cresci's accountreal talk @JoshOConnor15 is stupidly good at mimicking Prince Charles attempting to speak Welsh lol @FionaPhillips it's literally called a little roof @sianldavid ahahaha i love itpfft i prefer roof @FionaPhillips i prefer roof @MattSingh_ @jburnmurdoch fiver a popside note what is thing above the o in Ynys Môn called?? I call it a roof in Welsh and have no idea what it is in E… me lads @chris_mandle @HKesvani
Strong "back to Albert Square with revenge on my mind" energy
Retweeted by it's....... Elena Cresci's accountgood evening to narwhal the dog and narwhal only @alexhern lol yeah i was gonna say
@aishagani time to swap me in for an upgrade bab @aishagani legend @Nicola_Slawson yessssscan't wait to binge this in bed while eating an entire box of quality street @MatthewWells hahahathe fight photos haven’t even come out yet, this is all I will be tweeting about for 100 years
she wasn’t wrong“clinch her for god’s sake” haha I love my fight friends you: - work in a hospital - work for an NHS trust - work for an independent care provider - run or are part of…
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Wow that Emma Watson “self partnered” thing really was a throwaway comment in an interview where she talked about c…
Retweeted by it's....... Elena Cresci's account @bix783 Thank you! @PenLlawen Yerrrrr! @cymrogav how long was his waiting list if u don’t mind me asking? I’m after something this style but always have a… @cymrogav OOOOOOOOOOOO I LOVE ITthis new welsh siri sounds a bit familiar🤔🤔
Retweeted by it's....... Elena Cresci's accountthank u to everyone who messaged, I do appreciate it v much 💕 ps my fight was way better than ksi and logan paul’s xxxxA fight itself is only ever one part of the story! Anyway will elucidate once my brain works properly when I write…’ve always been open about why I started fighting but I feel like it’s only been the last couple of weeks that I r… fight camp meant a lot to me! They’re always like mini stories, but in this one I was not only coming back fro…’m gonna be posting a lot of fight spam lol sorry @elisjames if it’s dead it’s a zombie (llongyfarchiadau!!!!)big shout out to the welsh guy I met later who said he clocked Yma o Hyd from the bar and ran back to watchfinishing a year of Welsh walkouts with a mix of Dafydd Iwan, @CorGlanaethwy and a Welsh indie song which describes… so pleased when they gave me the red corner gloves, gotta keep that aesthetic goingwonderwoman vibes
dream team, dream come true 😭 classic of the genre else do you know who went from having a mental breakdown, quitting her job, rebranding as a fighter and then ge…
@KEMP_88 thank u so would ioh yeah tinder's gonna love this one are the names of all 39 people who were discovered dead in the back of a lorry in Essex last month. among the…
Retweeted by it's....... Elena Cresci's account @A_KS_ no you couldn’t @tauriqmoosa Thank you!!I am ready to go lads @alexhern they can just look at my twitter profileshe’s a model to help judge this! @jburnmurdoch ok JBooMer
u bet i just looked up last christmas spoilers to see if my prediction was right“When you have these kinds of good girls, girls who are good at following directions to the point of excelling, you…
Retweeted by it's....... Elena Cresci's account @symeonbrown @Channel4News @NickConradtweet symeon would you like us to send you some foodlol I love welsh twitter - psst there’s still time to get tickets! DM me innit 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
@HKesvani @UKLabour @jeremycorbyn I lost it at “nobody noticed because everyone was asleep” @WelshDalaiLama CHEERS DAI when I go pro we’ll have to come up with a Muay Thai drinking gamespot the welsh nat @chris_mandle shoes for ladies with bunions which are still fashunable plz and thank uI regret to inform you and also my past self that Pam the $30k wedding scammer is, herself, a scam:…
Retweeted by it's....... Elena Cresci's account @Sarah_Woolley we need the sarah woolley solves mysteries show and we need it NOWlisten, if you need an investigator, this thread is basically @Sarah_Woolley's CV two gals chewing the fat at the Savoy... Such a joy to sit down with @emmawatson for @BritishVogue. She was op…
Retweeted by it's....... Elena Cresci's account @stephanieboland i have had half an hour long rants about this, we should form a teamBREAKING: Welsh Secretary @AlunCairns quits over ex-aide's role in rape trial collapse More follows
Retweeted by it's....... Elena Cresci's account @oneofthosefaces agree completely - feels like news outlets know they'll get outrage clicks out of it from either s… @oneofthosefaces also can I be honest I read it as her saying it kinda flippantly and not as a big thing at all? It…
Ventura county firefighters saved a ‘Great Horned’ owl. The photos are exactly what you’d hope for.
Retweeted by it's....... Elena Cresci's account @elle_hunt @alexhern he blinks at the end whenhe says 'yes i'm afraid of computers and you should be too' so we don… @alexhern you blink like twice in the entire thing @alexhern found it @alexhern this is better than that time all your blinks were edited out of a video so you looked like a robot @garyyounge Best of luck Gary! I remember the first time I heard you speak at morning conference still so clearly t… @elle_hunt i think i am one of those people who has changed @elle_hunt octopus! v appropriate for you for reasons which have nothing to do with this article
@alexhern proud of uhire freddy for all the things news: I’m now freelance! A writing, podcasting, non-London, mid-millennial journalist/panic-stricken global ci…
Retweeted by it's....... Elena Cresci's accountI replied to the author of this piece but was ignored. So again, Diane Abbott receives 50 per cent of *all* online…
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