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elena @elenaperez LA - NYC

writer | 2020 Stowe Story Lab Fellow | #prewga TV | marketing, tech & content consultant | novel: | poet | LA & NYC

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@tanyatussing :) for more anachronistic Emily, I definitely recommend #Dickinson on Apple TV emily dickinson #poetry I heard my phone buzz - when I died - The Stillness in the Room Was like the Stilln… @bmorrissey this is so close to a haikuaudio giving me @chernobylhbo flashbacks, it's #GivingTuesday2020... Did you know you can support an incredible organization *and* get an inspiring p…
twitter trying to figure out what salesforce does 😂🤣these one-way collaborations are such a novel art form interested in a Writer’s PA opportunity and specifically someone who is on the spectrum? Must have some expe…
Retweeted by elenaat the stage of quarantine when people keep starting their quarantine tweets with "at the stage of quarantine when",@rihanna’s ‘bitch better have my money’ meets @gwenstefani’s ‘hollaback girl’. 💞
Retweeted by elena @margeincharge Kimberly and NicoleNo driving! No parking! No 6 ft markers! Save some shopping hassle by buying poems as gifts, written by our teen gi…
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😂 drunk dude on the street just asked me if "there are any bars around here." i told him they were closed b… so sad yay, another monolith!sigh. nyc 💗 @Storeees enjoy!love this site so much. currently visiting Brazil in 1940 #music in #Minsk have adopted a different protesting technique and instead of one large gathering they are now…
Retweeted by elena @LaingCallum ouch this truth hurts
why yes i #amwriting today you can tell by the number of funny things i retweet😄 it girl 👏🏽👏🏽 *makes buckwheat banana bread for the week* later that #SundayMorning *eats all the buckwheat… need more of these stories and fewer about the sulking swindled🎶 the music just turns me into a monster 🎶 hello vintage nineties jungle #music really is adorable @TimODee16 lolye olde drum and bass 🎶 #music toxic optimism
@RachelHroncich i looked her up too when i watched it. her performance was amazing.wants love. gets love. saturday sammie #dogsoftwitter💡♥️ @JLisaJay @Stage32 amazing, congrats!this is some crazy shit
ok @MikeBoaks so good, glad you got to experience it @tprstly if this were produced now, it would be 90% space catate a lot of pie. it was pumpkin. not unhappy about this.
@ryandanielhealy exactly! @iguanaknows strange and happy sounds excellent! happy thanksgiving @iguanaknows 🦃☀️ @riverag3000 @ryandanielhealy march of the wooden soldiers was a must watch for my sister and i. amd them king kong et alit has been suggested this is too much whipped cream and, though it wasn't posed as a question, the answer is still no 😁 @tanyatussing and to you @tanyatussing!✨pumpkin pie for breakfast ✨ #HappyThanksgiving to everyone and especially my twitter friends who bring meaning an…'s up with the audio on the Macy's parade youtube stream?well #veneno on hbomax is a heartwrenchermissing the fam 💗 @amykaycannon oh real life, lol. @amykaycannon are you looking for diane lane under the tuscan sunchilling with the netflix fireplace on a quiet holiday eve
@cobwebkitten @raynahelgens 😁soon there shall only be one book. @VuhVuhDanessa here's hoping! not sure where LA's cases are coming from but read yesterday it was 1 in 250 positive last week. yikes @VuhVuhDanessa we broke the scale. pretty alarming considering the holiday hasn't even happened go-to covid tracking site has added a new, darker red for "severe" activity. the regular old red wasn't enough. people, please be safe.they all become the same platform eventually web services going down impacting covid testing is so 2020 we probably should have planned for thisPublishing is dominated by just five giant players: Penguin Random House, Hachette, Simon & Schuster, Harpercollins…
Retweeted by elena#poetry mask still winning. (offering up glitter masks is a good way to get people to not invite you over for the h… "100% human face mask" has "it puts the lotion on the skin" energy 😂 glitter people 😂 as a christmas gifts?
discovered an old poem (2018) that was a little too prescient @bardsbesidebars dropped this little one recently moviepass is trending... @nurawriter good plan. especially the snacks :)yikes @MorganicInk so thoughtful and festive, thank you @MorganicInk 🙏🏽 & happy birthday @franklinleonard 🎂 have a safe &… need better solutions for these kind of problems @TravisOfTravis @bellevueprods 👏🏽👏🏽 congrats!concesssssssion
re-upping this now that the transition is officially in motion & because i want to send you infrastructure week gre… dog would like to have a word with the 3:24pm on a Monday firework person.finally we can wrap up the dog and rudy show.Don't mess with this woman and her whiteboard.! won again (((again)again))again)Joe Biden has a Coronavirus team. Donald Trump’s team has coronavirus. That’s the tweet
Retweeted by elenatfw your friends let you sit at the lunch table again @GibsonTwist :) i know how that goes. i often need to remind myself that that high isn't subject to the laws of gravity. @GibsonTwist this is excellent. don't talk yourself out of feeling good for no real reason. (something else will co…❤️ a truck! a train. sigh. good morning monday!gloomy dtla morning but the rail yard got a visit from an orange truck so here's a photo for you you as mysterious as you think you are? :) cc @s_meems
Retweeted by elena#poetry DOLLY A NOBEL PRIZE YOU COWARDS
Retweeted by elenathis is amazing i miss nyc's like the entire country keeps failing the marshmallow test.
@FuMikechu this is the 2021 reboot we need @AriasFilms see @FuMikechu's tweet :) teaser for You Can't Do That On Television reboot religion where your afterlife depends on how cool your mortal rebellion was. 'interesting music and hair' gets…