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Eleven-ThirtyEight is an ongoing journal of Star Wars opinions and independent research, and I am its renegade Twitter account. Operated by @NoTheOtherLeft.

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@AdmiralNick22 @nicolecieux @The_HeftyG there’s yer problem right there @nicolecieux @The_HeftyG @AdmiralNick22 he’s so flaky that we need to be a united front @The_HeftyG @AdmiralNick22 you’d have burst into flames @The_HeftyG @AdmiralNick22 blocked and reportedshame this man @admiraljello I play most things 2 years late so if I buy JFO in 2019 I’ll be doing pretty goodI AM DYING
Retweeted by Offworld Jawa @jonas1015119 entirely Dorsks toonot all that convenient tbqhone planet is nothing but laundromats and convenience storesplanets with only one terrain is so last century, give me planets with only one type of neighborhood @rianjohnson is this your next movie @JoinTheSchwarz I went home to Buffalo last week and there are parts that look a lot like thisoh man I hope he's okay
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The Power of Maclunkey @SpectrSeven @SpectrSeven yes but you don't have to rub it inThe Kowakian monkey-lizard puppet seen in Chapter 1 of #TheMandalorian was hand-built by Tony McVey, the same desig…
Retweeted by Offworld Jawa @SpectrSeven @ericgeller @Chelsolo it's not funny, he's very sick @brian_nov @DoctorMMysterio I do what I can @brian_nov @DoctorMMysterio I didn't, I went here @brian_nov ...good enoughNo, that's a manticore. Mandalorian is the largest city in Québec. #TheMandalorian reaction: it's really gonna bug me if every episode has a subtitle except the first one. @PaulDePaola Vg'f pyrire ba gur fubj'f cneg orpnhfr gur fcrpvrf vf fb zlfgrevbhf gung vg *pbhyq* whfg or vafgvapghny. Ohg V qba'g guvax fb. @ericgeller also he kinda sucks at stuff which is refreshing @PaulDePaola juvpu zrnaf 1/18gu bs vgf yvsr fcna, juvpu sbe n uhzna jbhyq znxr gurz 4-5Yrg'f tnzr guvf bhg. Rira vs lbh fgergpurq n uhzna yvsr fcna bhg gb 900 lef jr *fgvyy* jbhyqa'g fcraq 50+ lrnef nf… V jnfa’g fher bs guvf orsber V nz abj. #TheMandalorian #rot13 @BarbotRobot I love that people know exactly what I’m referring toDo you ever just stop and sit in amazement that Ugnaught Nick Nolte is a thing that exists #TheMandalorianWhat did he *think* was gonna happen?? #TheMandalorian @pablohidalgo (this just reinforces why I will never do that again) @pablohidalgo how do they know I wasn't referring to Pablo Schreiber
Honorable Mention to the #StarWarsShow, of courseD-Day was seven years ago, I'm honestly surprised this hasn't happened already. spoilers in this clip: Werner Herzog calls the surprise character everyone is freaking out over, "h…
Retweeted by Offworld Jawa @dee__riv what was the second one? @thelastglitter even some we maybe shouldn’t @heathdwilliams spoiler @BarbotRobot @TRB1783 that was before we’d had any official comment whatsoever so it felt like a bigger deal—now th… @admiraljello @DarthInternous @Geek_Kay it’s actually...not terrible @cmseghers @JoinTheSchwarz @jenleo1323 @JarretBird A+ @ChrisWerms exactly @scottkorin that's the problem @korpil being told BTS that they're written as a couple is nice but clear, obvious rep is the line that needs to be crossed @korpil I agree but I guess it's more about whether the average viewer would catch it if they're not following it as closely as we areSo where are we on Flix and Orka after last week, I haven't seen any reactions. It may not have been anything as ov… @Geek_Kay usually backwards names are terrible *coughkcajcough* but Yendor is pretty solid @SpectrSeven @jedifreac @aDillonDev (man, the first draft of this tweet was a train wreck) @SpectrSeven @jedifreac @aDillonDev I'm trying to think of it as if we've read 2 chapters of an 8-chapter novel but… @blogfullofwords I was very happy to learn that they're releasing it weekly but someone suggested earlier that that… @SpectrSeven @jedifreac @aDillonDev it would definitely help @Griddlemarks @quigonsmith my sense is that he was expecting a more active interpretation like "he's protecting som… @jedifreac @aDillonDev I think if you asked the decision makers they'd say that sexism isn't really a thing IU but… @jedifreac Poe being sexist is a doylist rather than a watsonian take, as @aDillonDev recently taught me @jedifreac opinions are all over the map on this but imo I don't think that's what's happening IU even though it's… @quigonsmith @Griddlemarks The best thing about TLJ is that everything else that's going on echoes or speaks to Luk… @quigonsmith @Griddlemarks and fwiw Mark's concerns with TLJ seem pretty foundational to the entire movie @quigonsmith I don't *not* believe it, but some version of this article comes out before every movieWas she going to shout "Maclunkey"?
Retweeted by Offworld Jawa @VeersWatch that's actually where the thought came from; knowing that he's a regular character now takes some of the fun out of it @maximumdynamite @VeersWatch @heathdwilliams way ahead of you want Marvel to do a Veers mini just so @VeersWatch has to tweet "Veers #[whatever]: Veers" over and over @VeersWatch @heathdwilliams Veers is dead @maximumdynamite first @dee__riv unless they're in another country =p @dee__riv the trick about this week is it's only a three-day gap; between that and the severity of the spoiler make… @SlateTech only my first tweet, people who clicked on the poll could still have seen it @SlateTech people aren't stupid, that's still very spoilery and I'd suggest deleting it @dltayman ironically the people most likely to randomly post spoiler pics seem to be the least likely to bother hashtagging @dltayman Yeah, some places are getting it within a week or so and that's one thing, but UK is just a no-win situat… @dltayman @nicolecieux @JordanMaison oh, I get itRelatedly, it's been three days and the second episode is out now--how do you feel about major Chapter One spoilers at this point? @dltayman @nicolecieux @JordanMaison doesn't even need to be a variant imo--just a matter of live action vs. animation#TheMandalorian spoiler in the first half of this but it's good Herzog content if you can handle it. @heathdwilliams @JoinTheSchwarz @jenleo1323 @JarretBird I'm sure the terminal gets something out of that too, how d… #KnivesOut is a masterpiece. An instant classic. Quietly incendiary, riotously joyous, hysterically funny and…
Retweeted by Offworld Jawa @jkcorellia had to fight the urge to RT it myself @JoinTheSchwarz @jenleo1323 @JarretBird and who's to say what astromech masturbation actually looks likeWhat have I accomplished in the last decade? * stopped keeping track of stuff that forces comparison between people…
Retweeted by Offworld Jawa @pablohidalgo @JoinTheSchwarz I thought it was a prequel to the Boba Fett movie @JarretBird @JoinTheSchwarz sure but that's like using Watson to play Minecraft @JoinTheSchwarz mine was why a speeder would need an astromech
@JoinTheSchwarz her?My tastes are very...singular you want to request a show/film for Disney Plus it’s in the help section.
Retweeted by Offworld Jawa @jkcorellia @tspofnutmeg G Train to MaclunkeyvilleI HIGHLY recommend watching this, it will make your entire evening
Retweeted by Offworld Jawa @nancipants did SWR actually *show* the toilet?i signed up for Disney Plums by mistake. anyway time to check my icebox for for my first batch of delicious plums
Retweeted by Offworld JawaA little bummed that there isn't a episode guide for #TheMandalorian like the cartoons get. @AdmiralNick22 Print Screen works just fine for me @serswjm @Forrest @ChrisWerms this sounds familiar ;) @Forrest @ChrisWerms @serswjm we have a certain habit of going "this character is important, make them a general" *… @ChrisWerms @Forrest @serswjm and furthermore people of certain means can actually be much more useful off the battlefieldRobert Pattinson, legend
Retweeted by Offworld Jawa"It's a living" #TheMandalorian