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Eleven-ThirtyEight is an ongoing journal of Star Wars opinions and independent research, and I am its renegade Twitter account. Operated by @NoTheOtherLeft.

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@harryhenry6 oh yeah, I agree @harryhenry6 interesting title @Wanderlustin @minus_forever @qqueenofswords *checks watch* oh look, it’s “the NJO was good, actually” o’clock already @jkcorellia @DarkSapiens @Wanderlustin how many goats have you executed exactly @DarkSapiens @Wanderlustin those goats had murder in their eyes, all...uh, ninety of them @RoguePodron @aDillonDev "oh wait, are you actually good at this?" is definitely a thing I went through with her @qqueenofswords @minus_forever it's something anyway @qqueenofswords @minus_forever what was that thing on Nelvaan in the original CW cartoon? "ghost hand"? @minus_forever @qqueenofswords lots of Mountain Dew @socialistbcrumb what I'd like to see in High Republic, compared to the PT, is more of an attempt to root out and a…
@minus_forever Precisely. I don't want strict pacifist Jedi presented as the ideal, any more than Jedi Generals, bu… @DarkSapiens @Wanderlustin and the Clone Wars are a scenario specifically manufactured to give them no good options @DarkSapiens @edgewalker81 I guess that works tooI am one with the space magic and the space magic is with me get the argument against nonsense words but if the thing is inherently ridiculous just go with it.#ShadowFall keeps saying "transparent metal" instead of transparisteel and for some reason it sounds even sillier that way. @Duvisited his men actually did fix the hyperdrive but then they spilled a bunch of clorox on it @The_HeftyG the only reopening I will accept is one where they've totally remodeled it back to Lando'sIf you disinfect the Millennium Falcon is it still the Millennium Falcon? @JoinTheSchwarz and the tenth one is Spanish for some reason @RayRichardz @toawaterfowl exactly @Fitzy205 ...huh, I never read those so I always thought "Melida/Daan" was just its regular name @Demelzatries understandable! @Demelzatries playfully overreacting to how inconsistent it can be @Demelzatries @DarthInternous @DelReyStarWars @RyanMHolt Star Wars is dead tbh @qqueenofswords @cathygee I've been ready to bully Thrawn for a good while so I'll take whatever excuse I can get @Demelzatries @DarthInternous @DelReyStarWars @RyanMHolt it wasn't in Legends but now I'm not sure @BroDameron_1 imo the truth is at that particular time in the galaxy no one person could really have fixed things,… @BroDameron_1 you're assuming a whole bunch of stuff I didn't say =p @germanjedi #SmoothThrawn @BroDameron_1 leave the Order and act solely according to his own morals @kurtkw22 @BroDameron_1 Eh, I dunno. Nute is scared of Sidious, not QG. @BroDameron_1 but even there I think we're supposed to understand that they're pretty compromised--even a renegade… @Gamebird_MLB We'll see, I guess. I think this quote in particular takes it a little farther than makes sense but I… @qqueenofswords we all had to start somewhere @eleventhirtyate Mitth'rall'monitor
Retweeted by Eleven-ThirtyEight @DarthInternous @DelReyStarWars @RyanMHolt @BroDameron_1 it's unclear what the average citizen thought of them pre-PT but it certainly wasn't hard to bring th… @BroDameron_1 I don't disagree exactly but it's a pretty apt description of the Clone Wars, which is 90% of the Jed… @visor_t @jedifreac and now we're at our usual place where you remember the books in much greater detail than I do so I have no response =p @maxpalas and my issue is that we get 99% samurai, 1% priest @DelReyStarWars @RyanMHolt which one is Nuruodo? @visor_t @jedifreac I think it's just a teenager sorting his shit out, same arc as Jaina @ericgeller deallook at this dork little #Chissmas in July for you today - the first excerpt for the #ThrawnAscendancy trilogy. Plus check out th…
Retweeted by Eleven-ThirtyEight @qqueenofswords @mattyhugh *Force Mara @kurtkw22 I know it came up here and there in Legends but I don't know if anyone made a whole sect out of it @RefreshNinja @kylostahp I agree but I will say that's much, much more prevalent in recent material than it was during the aughts @mattyhugh @qqueenofswords I mean anything that ends in "ism" I assume is heresy @kurtkw22 and even Aang was just the product of a certain belief system--Jedi can actually *perceive* the Force within all living things @mattyhugh @qqueenofswords I just googled that and I'm even more confused than I started out @NumidianPrime stop there and you're golden @kylostahp I'm not sure what you mean, Legends ended at TUF @daranthered @RefreshNinja I think you two are agreeing =p @edgewalker81 I mean if enough of them lined up in the path of the superlaser @kylostahp @RefreshNinja I would choose "no post-ROS stories" over "PT status quo reborn" in a heartbeat*chef kiss* @jedifreac Ugh, NJO Jacen Solo is such a perfect example. *That's* the kind of arc I'm missing. @masterbearjedi @Andy_peachey of course, he's speaking from not just a subjective POV but from a place where the mo… @RefreshNinja @kylostahp I think the question is whether a Republic-aligned Order is *inherently* problematic or ju… @RefreshNinja @kylostahp actually I'm not even sure he's *arguing* for it now, just sketching a hypothetical I'd ne… @RefreshNinja @kylostahp I deliberately left this open-ended when I started it but fwiw the context of the original… @RefreshNinja @kylostahp yeah, no, I'm not with him on that part either @masterbearjedi I'd like to say that a big part of that is because the PT was still unfolding and the creators didn… @RefreshNinja @kylostahp again, lightsabers @kylostahp SW is ultimately a simple universe. I think the pertinent question is "what message does this story send… @kylostahp I'd say that if we're assuming an "ideal" Order their job is 90% negotiation--and rightly or wrongly we'… by besalisk expert @aDillonDev, we recap our adventures through Twilight Company. Join us for one last drink…
Retweeted by Eleven-ThirtyEight @masterbearjedi because of Force users' unique perspective on the nature of life I would expect hardcore pacifism t… @masterbearjedi oh yeah, I definitely don't think the Jedi should never kill for any reason (nor do I think that's… @kylostahp it seems to me that's either an argument against the Jedi altogether (which, y'know, is an option) or it… @JonathanRaab1 In practice I think it's doable but a very tough climb--and yeah, arguably this isn't a good time to even try.My own response, rather than repeat myself here: (extracted from a very interesting Lit post by ColeFardreamer)
"You should not kill or abuse black people for being black" isn't a political statement. It's a moral statement. An…
Retweeted by Eleven-ThirtyEightjust finished my latest op/ed for a major media outlet on "why I'm being silenced"
Retweeted by Eleven-ThirtyEight @aDillonDev whoopsWell this confirm's @eleventhirtyate's stance on the lighter debate.
Retweeted by Eleven-ThirtyEighti interviewed thandie newton, who was so incredibly honest and vulnerable. a true gift:
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@kylostahp one of my favorite little weirdnesses in the new canon is hearing characters talk about the "Old Republi… @jasoncfry @DarthInternous @DjangoWexler Han dries his clothes in the oven like Kramer @admiraljello or, y'know, a verb @admiraljello only if it's pre-declarationI'm not far enough in to call #ShadowFall Freed's best SW book yet but I'm pretty sure it's his proofreading literally everything #ShadowFall my god. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by Eleven-ThirtyEight @lukeisamazing I’ve heard worse ideas @lukeisamazing hey, some of us are just horny for good intel ops @AdmiralNick22 ...Ackbar?I Don't Know Who Needs To Hear This, But Star Wars Is Okay, I Guess (SPOILERS)
Retweeted by Eleven-ThirtyEight✨I wrote another Star Wars book! The Jedi Mind is all about mindfulness practices inspired by the Star Wars univers…
Retweeted by Eleven-ThirtyEight @DarthInternous @DarthInternous I'm 90% certain the first one didn't perfectly align on that score eitherAt a guess I think the 160-220 range is where I most often think "eh, fuck it".One of the nice things about tweets going from 140 characters to 280 has been having more time to change my mind ab…, fellow members of the Tribe! Amazon have #StarWars #TheMandalorian original novel up for pre-order at 2…
Retweeted by Eleven-ThirtyEight @Kello_Ren I could have sworn you've never tweeted about anything other than AotC🙌🏾🙌🏾
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Breonna Taylor should be alive today. Keep saying her name until justice is served.
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