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Omo AjéMy soul prays for every woman who seeks a job or wants betterment in her business, who wants to make money to take…
Retweeted by Elewadé Bank-Olemoh.The Concept Of Ownership And Possession In Music, A discussion with @L3galtool. #MusicBusiness
Retweeted by Elewadé Bank-Olemoh.Watching the adverts for Basketmouth's concert and the one with Seun Kuti absolutely kills me. "Seun shey you know…
Retweeted by Elewadé Bank-Olemoh.He's actually playing 🎶 Basketmouth wan open mouth again o 🎶 on the Sax. Beasts of no nation by Fela. A1.… @Dj_Anonymouss Please don't let incompetent people drag you down. You will soon buy Jet, their papa.I’m starting an Internet live entertainment business series called the “DUFFLEBAG CAFE” Instagram and twitter basi…
Retweeted by Elewadé Bank-Olemoh. @tosanwilts Woah Jiggy name still 😎 @Dj_Anonymouss I'm sorry love, hope you're ok..Don’t be the manager that is always smoking loud with your Artiste and not putting in the actual work.
Retweeted by Elewadé Bank-Olemoh. @d3olaNew industry: Dear nig govt we need your help please.... Nig Govt: *mute* New industry goes on to raise 100m dolla…
Retweeted by Elewadé Bank-Olemoh.In the old days, if a kingdom goes through Scarcity, insecurity, high unnecessary taxes and health problems, it is…
@kafayaat @francxsca @Felishhhh_ Yo Kaffy that's wild 😂 @Felishhhh_ @francxsca 🤣🤣 @Aj_Agaba "Leemao" @Felishhhh_ @francxsca I actually shouted here! @leraygunn That's what is irritating me. Making it look like those of us with morals don't exist, hence the "preten… @Dj_Anonymouss Everytime sis, everytime. @leraygunn Yet they complain about the state of the country? They need to exorcise themselves first.Some of you were stealing in your teen/uni days effortlessly and you feel that's normal? What a pity. @Olukayd People out here thinking everyone had the same childhood. Tsk @JonnyStone11 @omithehomie Happy birthday Jonny! Endless blessings.🤣 @fozadoza When I first heard Zlatan's Zanku on Deezer, it had a Naijaloaded tagI like how I follow a good number of sensible people. Unfortunately, some follow people who tweet senselessly and… @MonkiBznzz @TalkToPayBac 😍 @Tmtisclutch @sensei_lo 😐I’ve hired a few people in my time. I’ve never been disappointed by hiring someone who is less technical but is a…
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@ImohUmoren Relatable @sensei_lo 🌚This is all true. Nigerian men also need to be more responsible & exercise extra self control during 'ember period…
Retweeted by Elewadé Bank-Olemoh. @sensei_lo You are looking for trouble 🤔Just a day after, another PH Girl was found dead at Ibinabo Hotel. This is cruel and unfair. We call on the Rivers…
Retweeted by Elewadé Bank-Olemoh.See you today guys.... Don’t forget to ask me all and everyone on the panel the questions you have.
Retweeted by Elewadé Bank-Olemoh. @Felishhhh_ Siss! It really is!
@Calix65 @sensei_lo No, I saw flight to Dubai for <200k. Imagine. @sensei_lo As in, owo Dubai.Traveling within Africa, for Africans, should be affordable. How else can we help one another develop our econom… to Senegal, almost 300k Naira for return ticket. Africa why? 😞See me researching special waterfalls across Africa. Gotta ginger my hustle to gbe finances mi 🌍 @BlaqieChan__ Send invoice for your dowry dear 😍 @ElleCadne Looking sharp 👌🏽🖤 @Ify__N happy birthday, endless blessings in your new year 🎉Grateful for a new day & its blessings within.Anyway, spoil your daughters so their standards are high and their tolerance for nonsense is low father your sons…
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@miss_she_du NobodyThe whole truth. cuddle would have been nice right now.You're a beast!
Retweeted by Elewadé Bank-Olemoh. @GhanaianMuseum Wtf @Felishhhh_ People need to learn to let things go. For their own good. @Felishhhh_ May your blessing locate you sweetheart.Maybe the Oha was a gift for this pain 🤔Hurt my knee yesterday, in intense pain & I have work today.Yesterday, my body wanted Oha. It was a strong urge, so I went to sleep. I woke up, got to the kitchen and was tol… @sensei_lo Something light. ⚡Soundcheck ✅ Life is a 🏝
Retweeted by Elewadé Bank-Olemoh.I am grateful for the divine transformation. #HappySquad“Imma free 🍃” Boy band @TalkToPayBac (+Remix decks) Go Listen now 🔥 #TraktorS4 #Maschine
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Yoooo comes to an end. @Hermosa_Reinaa Gotta secure marine funds.3am Protests! Strong Queens. Enough is Enough ✊🏾
Retweeted by Elewadé Bank-Olemoh.#SandtonShutdown [WATCH] Protestors against gender based violence outside the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in Sandto…
Retweeted by Elewadé Bank-Olemoh. @ImohUmoren @sensei_lo 🤣Or CAF misappropriated funds? @d_angrymob Thank you 😊 @sensei_lo Thank you 😊 @d_angrymob 😁I'm a champion 😎 #HappySquad am grateful for always being led to my highest good and growing from my past mistakes. #HappySquad
@sensei_lo Ohema dollar, na you o guys “Senator Dr. Bukola Saraki” Just agreed with the “IMF & United States Envoy” to “release “$10.5m to me...…
Retweeted by Elewadé Bank-Olemoh. @sensei_lo @BlaqieChan__ a possible rape position.
Retweeted by Elewadé Bank-Olemoh.Let’s be sensitive to avoid bad energy btw now and tomorrow ! Something is about to change in your life .
Retweeted by Elewadé Bank-Olemoh. @BabajideDosumu @sensei_lo Send peppersoup please 😊 @sensei_lo I'm hungry, this session dey fry my brain. @sensei_lo See your life outside? Smh @Mr_Aylee @sensei_lo hmm.. 🤔Pop chords on the piano are a challenge. I love overcoming new challenges.15-year-old girl Oluwatunmise Idowu, has been described as a scholar with an "electric" brain. In 2016, she solve…
Retweeted by Elewadé Bank-Olemoh.Guard your heart people! Guard your heart!
Retweeted by Elewadé Bank-Olemoh.When my loved ones are at their happiest. #HappySquad woman of culture and taste 👌🏽 men are special, honestly.🤣 @MofeBamuyiwa 🤣, music and 🌧
Retweeted by Elewadé Bank-Olemoh. @BlaqieChan__ I'm so sorry 😔New levels, new devils. I overcome them all. #HappySquad @theofficialmaka None for now, but would keep you posted in case. @realtinuke 😁Toke break.Helping to curate an exhibition for a Nigerian entertainment veteran. Men have worked, I'm impressed.A woman with taste 👌🏽