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This is the angel and devil we all carry on our shoulders tonight have a copy of Linda Linda I can buy from themIs it still bad luck if you drop Garlic salt?
@yoks38 It’s definitely part of the charm though! No one is full formed in the first couple pages :^) @vor_bokor @comiconart God damn so beautiful @yoks38 I’ve contemplated starting in the middle and going back to the beginning when I’m at my drawing best @yoks38 @mattshoelace @mattshoelace @yoks38 Another Dworkin quote @yoks38 @mattshoelace So far I can only tell you about his early sexual escapades, but I guess when I get to his ad… @yoks38 @mattshoelace God dammit I’m reading his biography! He does talk about early on fantasizing about and older… @writerbryce All the European editions of last man??Me when I see sopranos memes’ve decided to release my online catalogue of old comics to the public for free cuz I love you. Here you go:…
Retweeted by GodsM1stake“Angloid” 156 page graphic novel, published 2018, available for $12 at @SpitandaHalf and @DominoComics
Retweeted by GodsM1stake‘Technology Sports Remix’ fashion photoshoot in CUTiE Magazine (Japan, 1996) Thanks again to Anthony10000000 on Tu…
Retweeted by GodsM1stakeI think this is the funniest video I’ve ever seen @hypermagiclio Yes!! Okay last one because I go coocoo this video always makes me wanna cry @lane_lane_lane Nu uh no way @DominoComics He is so nervous @hypermagiclio Debut is bumpin!! Also, this single off her best of is great name is April and she records music at home with her own circuit bent electronics.
Retweeted by GodsM1stake @hypermagiclio The lady had a microphone and still couldn’t do any damage... Bjork is unstoppable @hypermagiclio The reporter had been like, hounding her everywhere and she finally had it.
@video_gaymer Thanks Flex :) @hypermagiclio Thanks Lionel!Back to makin Comix again @NoremacF @powerpraline I literally couldn’t tell you a single thing you said @NoremacF @powerpraline Damn I am not reading your essay lolReject modernity, embrace tradition @ByYourLogic What are you doing @Chrambi Hahaha @NoremacF @powerpraline You have to watch yourself awkwardly stumble through majorities of your Playthroughs cuz yo… @NoremacF @powerpraline Pleaseeee stop being stupid @lane_lane_lane Pickle Hulk 😔
@Diana_Mello @TuckerCarlson He is a child molesterMissy Elliott and Lil' Kim on the set of the 'Sock It 2 Me' music video, in costumes inspired by the Mega Man serie…
Retweeted by GodsM1stakeI swear to god I’m cooler than this Young’s Art makes me want to die’m about to have some tequila people are... STUPID
@fastburnery Calm down nerd lmao @babybitchbyween might know @AllSpacesFilled You got your head so far up your ass you can’t even see what the fuck you’re typing making no sense @powerpraline State Fair 1974 @lane_lane_lane Casper didn’t even know he was there... he was just vibing @yoks38 Lucky/Unlucky you! @yoks38 How do you find this stuff this elephant @zachhazard Aww hell yeah!!!!Just went on a walk and I can say with full confidence,.. I am about to experience my third renaissance @DominoComics @DominoComics Feel like I should get into it. Bit of a keyboard warrior myself
JAIL!! 💀
Retweeted by GodsM1stakeInstagram sponsored stories rule @gayboimansion @menickybeth @dronkeybong64 @spurtmagoo @IrrationalChad Who is we? You and your cop buddies? Okay thank you got it 👍🏼👌🏼 @ElHotCheetah @menickybeth @dronkeybong64 @spurtmagoo @IrrationalChad No matter what social structure existed you w…
Retweeted by GodsM1stakeI hate cops so much that I work for them now @gayboimansion @menickybeth @dronkeybong64 @spurtmagoo @IrrationalChad Fuckmaster absolutely worships cops and ever… @spurtmagoo So many liberals in this thread consenting to absolute domination @Mafiapug Please say sike.... please say sike!!!! @gayboimansion @menickybeth @dronkeybong64 @spurtmagoo @IrrationalChad Fuckmaster must comply with cop. Must kiss e… @The_Galactabee Do something about it thenSome wine in me @saint_genevieve Sometimes I wonder if it’s an updated radio cuz of what I’ve added, or if it’s just always been this way :/ @yoks38 YEET!Hello! #PortfolioDay my name is Flex and I’m a Viz Dev artist & Illustrator! 🌱
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I don’t want the status quo unless I’m the one upholding it! @NintendoAmerica What is life @lalalandloco 😌 of scary how much of my music taste has been influenced/manufactured by Spotify radio 😔今日はどなたがお相手かしら? #StreetFighterv
Retweeted by GodsM1stakeSome art by Haruki Suetsugu, AKA "SENSEI", known for his work on many classic Capcom games such as Street Fighter I…
Retweeted by GodsM1stake @yoks38 @yoks38 Laughing at a broken man huh? Kick my while I’m down 😔 @theComickid28 Write a book about me... don’t let them forget. @zachhazard Let’s ride it out together 😎👍🏼 was just rung up as a booty call but I am unable to perform my sacred duty because of this plandemic. Worst day of my life
@ooevans @TheAVClub This is a form of death @thoughtographic The war rages on!! @thoughtographic Don’t put me down for this but... the first Coldplay has some bangers @doctopmary You can borrow mine for the week I have important business in the cityMy goal is to impress myselfStill hate the fucking copsSLIME CANNONS
Retweeted by GodsM1stake @paulhdunn A jumble in our cultural carpet @hoveringkite Linkin Park is Hybrid Theory I AGREE!!Band @zachhazard Wendy’s spitting factsI wish I was a cartoonist that was detached from mainstream anything. Then I would really get to have sex!!!Muse is the worst bend ever formed @Demons_Home I met him a couple times lol