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Elijah* @Eli1ah London, England

Elijah & Skilliam + Butterz 🇯🇲

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@TomKoast im grateful for whatever works and doesn't involve me going to Soundcloud or google would be a good day to send me some 140bpm instrumentals please. much love💡 @ELB_GHOST @GOOD4YAAAA Yes please @djacslater @murkagedave That’s love @WSOLogan 🤣🤣🤣
@abjekt @tombrookes1 They on tv this week against @WSOLogan @ryansatin @LanceHoyt Yes man. Good peoples. Congrats lance. @MrJFelix @tru_thoughts @swindle @alicemcrussell congrats boss in @njpwglobal
@leytonorientfc Good job today @MangaStHilare Stick by the original rules. No rules @MarvinSparks I heard this like once an hour every hour while in Jamaica this year @tomhigham @YorkMediale @CityofMediaArts 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 @JusRival Happy birthday
My album Late Checkout is out everywhere 🎉☝️Big ups @Spotify @SpotifyUK for the support...cover of #UKHouse &…
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@Dan_KhanUP @CourtneyFPhoto There’s a Morley’s this side too. One renegade one. @gkayacan I know sorry it was a mad long day. Soon enough bruv I’ll see you properly. Enjoy 🇹🇷Right I’ve come on to twitter to tweet but not read the timeline and I know I’ve missed something mad. So I’m going… @CourtneyFPhoto Percy is East London exclusive.One good thing about the grime rap wotucalliturban scene in 2019 is there is a lot of different versions of what success is.Krept did the freestyle outside Morley’s for the South Man. I need a freestyle outside of Percy Ingle for the East… @JusRival Another good show in the books bruv! @Eli1ah Cheers Elijah 👊🏾
Retweeted by Elijah* @TheShaunWallace thanks for last night in Walthamstow. Made my week 🖤💛 @LuckyMe @Elbow wow
By popular demand @swindle No More Normal Instrumentals out now on download sites only >
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yea man it was mad fun. He only did one of these tunes last night, shows the depth. @leytonorientfc @hrhhootiewho don’t have much footage from the start of the show because I don’t usually don’t do that but it got to a point wh… @MarvinSparks yea was like a 20 min closing section with garage skank the break then into pan fried to 3 wheel ups… @MarvinSparks Monday gigs are easy for me, its the weekend ones that are a myth. Skilliam just came back from Austr… one day. @YelzMusic 🤣 yes @quann No choice now. There was a snobbery towards labels that didn’t do vinyl. Kinda bizzare looking back now🎤 this is such a minor thing to be gassed about from the show but in all the high levels of production, incredible… to be clear that’s 7 stars out of 5. Yes @Blueymay Fucking madness yesterday man congratulations.🖤💛 the run of the shows that included Thekla, Hifi in Leeds, Soup in Manchester etc I was the promoter for as well.… journey. a journey it’s been so far. I did all these shows too, and got to DJ at Brixton for Made In The Manor and the… @MihirHS215 @djlogansama Amazing I was at all those shows too. Got to play Brixton with him also 🤯Tbh the coolest thing with the Kano concert today is as long as he keeps dropping music this audience will grow old… at Royal Albert Hall ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Man said couple wheel ups at Butterz that’s nothing at royal Albert hall 🔥 @MarvinSparks Yea it was. Can’t even think of something close and I’ve seen everyone multiple times.There you go. One wired mic. Thank you @TheRealKano @paydrouk Oh that’s not goodDance music media wasted the first 8 years of the 2010s working out if it should review digital only releases or notGot to say @ScratchaDVA always doing simple mail outs with fire in a Dropbox link. Thank youWhen did the black air forces get criminalised I missed that one? @ohjoewalker Should be a Mc led tune at this point. How is a skengman running tings with ballads @THEREALGHETTS 🖤💛 yes man congrats to you and your family @JusRival
Man Utd its time🥺
@RoyJohnsonYeah @knucklelocks @NXTUK congrats @BigFlowdan @JusRival thats what happens when u throwing pancakes and dancing before a match @BigFlowdan @JusRival @ohjoewalker love that @jamminmc love fam was just on a deeper family call @JusRival Bro fuck that company man @Imtonymowbray @loudmouthmelvin @WSOLogan 🤣🤣
@ArtyAbid @AEWrestling ahhhhhhhh. Glad you checked it! Was a nice show, really easy to watch Harvey's Moist Jane Fitz and Jade Seatle's Night Moves Charlotte de Witte's KNTXT Elijah & Skilliam's Butterz Br…
Retweeted by Elijah* @tomhigham @Macroscopist @YorkMediale @plumpagency wait till im in controlling the stereo, work at 140bpm @mindofadragon 🎈🎈🎈🎈 @ItsJmal That too @JusRival A great show right?
@abjekt wow NJPW has had a sick year man. Shaky start but G1 was sick, the finals were mad, Shibata angle with Kent…> @moretimerecords > @moretimerecords > @moretimerecords > @moretimerecords > @moretimerecords > @moretimerecords >… @abjekt theres like a point to watching the next show as well, the tag tournament, then a world title defence in a… @abjekt what you think? @abjekt it was cool that they didn't try and shoe horn everyone on the first show too. I like the faction forming a… @abjekt yes bruv. I enjoyed the show overall, was easy to follow. Felt like what New Japan would be like if it had… Radio Day 2: @Eli1ah in the mix live til 6pm.
Retweeted by Elijah*Playing records today for @FondazionePrada @TheVinylFactory then #HaroonMirza @JackJelfs & @GAIKASAYS + @DRAF_Art at Ministry tonight 🦁I fully back the cause but could never be part of stunts or protests like this because I know I’d be the first in c…✅ More time to rave
@djoblig @MangaStHilare Yea will go down a treat for Butterz 10th birthday next yearComing out of a stint of taking time out for love/plant maintenance to say that I'm actively looking for editing wo…
Retweeted by Elijah*2015 was a big deal to me in 2010. an all vinyl set tomorrow and realised I have 3 copies of Creeper. I didn't realise I was sitting on all this wealthI get asked this like once a month. I remember him getting laughed at on RWD Forum for claiming to have tune of the… like Dina @gkayacan what's up @AlexM_talkSPORT Hollywood Rock cannot be done by anyone else. Corporate Champion has been done in some form many t… @J69Music insert every scene / community / era / music / art.Thanks to all the ravers and @djqmusic and @yunganz_ for smashing last night still 🖤💛 @ButterzI’m happy for you man still. Fully did your dream in front of everyone. @TomKoast You should have done it a long time ago never too late to stop supporting spurs ok