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Ashitaka. @ELiAFreee Accra, Ghana

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Connecting with artists from all over the world has been my real pleasure.Sebetutu ( A Most Ghanaian Song ) Is what I call new music. And the message is love love love love love!!!!!!!! Soon comes.Although the issues the song addresses are complex and perceived to be time wasting in an effort to resolve for mos… is to the hypocritical nature of this place called Ghana I write. It is to it's people who know no love for th… in this song I have done like the past has never permitted me to do. I composed and arranged horn sections th… ( A Most Ghanaian Song ) Is what I call new musicIt can be a daunting task to keep to yourself, but a most revealing way of knowing that which was once hidden from… as a place we go to and a key component in the creation of music I have come to learn about via simply sayi… have written into what I am convinced will someday become a book in the spirit of James Baldwin's writings and Le… morning to all you heavy burdnered hearts and minds. I pray you peace, health and prosperity
As women have begun to show that they have not inherited the silence of their mothers, I hope we as men will also h…
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Don't know if I can say it doesn't promote love but I'm just tired of certain topics. Enough for a momentLast song on the African condition that doesn't promote love done. In Power Ginger Baker. Our thoughts go out to his loved ones. ✊🏿❤️
Retweeted by Ashitaka.😂facts! #BigMad
Retweeted by Ashitaka.You should be encouraged. young holding the old accountable is what we're witnessing. And it has only began. Free the youth!We don't live in a democracy we live in a state of denial
Retweeted by Ashitaka.#NewStock DM TO PURCHASE , Also Follow my clothing line @coazy57 for a Followback!!!
Retweeted by Ashitaka.The artist and the curators of @colorsxstudios consideration for the lack of distraction behind the scene and the c… law we speak of in itself has been used as a tool for the further oppression and exploitation of the masses so… the consciousness of packaging myself, my ideas, my intellect, my body, my personality as a thing that is alwa…
Retweeted by Ashitaka.I don’t think there’s a capitalist exercise I hate more than networking. Building relationships with people with th…
Retweeted by Ashitaka.It's truly not so much about what's going on in the world, but about what's going on within you.01:05:14 Some projects I can only whisper about. It's been years in the making is evolving... We should not rule something out because it was not financially viable yesterday... main…
Retweeted by Ashitaka.Ultimately, I seek to write more about love. My personal experience with it, the many forms in which it has present… as a topic from the viewpoint of it's dying need in this place called Ghana is for me the beginning of what ma… time the things you write and sing about change because you change.In this next song I sing about the need for urgency in replanting the seeds of love in our hearts and reinviting Go…"LOVE" in relation to ourselves, and "GOD" in relation to this place called Ghana.It may be said that the greatest or one of the greatest problems of our age is truly an understanding of what the w… ( A Most Ghanaian Song ) This is I call new music for it's roots in our colonial religious past, common… more I am working towards the release of new music. And once more the journey towards a visual depiction of th… all storms are destructive. Sometimes a violent storm is needed to bring us to where we truly belong 🙏🏾
Retweeted by Ashitaka.Best of luck. It is a place I hope to someday arrive in my art and life in it
@panjianoff Emphasis on the kind of living they've made.Facts
Retweeted by Ashitaka.Whilst this appears to be true, generations of artists have made a living touring and traveling around Ghana... Eve…
Retweeted by Ashitaka.Maybe cos they competitors and not friends
Retweeted by Ashitaka.Creatives are the ultimate, most beautiful, most amazing beings in the world to me. I love creative people so much.…
Retweeted by Ashitaka.It hurts to grow. Anyone who tells you it doesn't is lying. - Meredith Grey
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Please move on to other things if you have to be the one pushing for anything to happen. It's that simple @readJerome Nope. Mr KinaataArtists can't find functioning performance spaces outside of Accra that would permit the idea of taking the music o… fact that Ghana offers very little in live music spaces is something most don't realise is threatening to the p… is such a thing as out growing an Accra that gives you very little reward and diversity in performance spaces and musical exposure.I'm trying to take the music on the road. I feel it's time @readJerome As the country is struggling with a serious problem of addiction due depression and the lack of jobs am… need all the help and expertise guys. We can't be friends and not sharing valuable information anymoreAmazing video. Fire is what will rain down on these governments indeed 🔥'm turning 30 this month and I'm turning PRO. Cheers to health, wealth and growth! 👽🍸've been having such a beautiful day amidst all the stress that comes with having desires.Success or nothing else. Thank youJokes on us. is a collection of moments. Sometimes amazing moments you wouldn’t even believe are possible. 🦋
Retweeted by Ashitaka.It’s actually not a genre, but a movement. The artistes themselves are a mixture of genres.
Retweeted by Ashitaka.Yoo mati. first selection from kantamanto 'retro-urban-streetwear', and selling them to people from diaspora with no…
Retweeted by Ashitaka.We thought he’d be a rock for our musicians. Let’s help Obuor live up to his name. He should be stoned.
Retweeted by Ashitaka.No spoilers. I can't freaking wait to see it IS THE PAST LOL
Retweeted by Ashitaka.Some of the resistance and jealousy you've encountered is because people can see those wings you've been trying to hide.
Retweeted by Ashitaka.My process is listening to the same thing over and over and over and over again. New music on it's way
Economic emancipation is must now.Curating for money. Love to dead brain cellsSebetutu ( A Most Ghanaian Song ) <<< what I call new musicSuch Ghanaian media is why we suffer in this country. They have no interest in telling the truth about life in Ghan… Die Ohren Steif. is present, and it is painful where he is.The release of new music is always a painful ordeal, for truly it is like childbirth. But still it is a pleasure to… all sense of self and simply existing to fulfill a mission. more annoyed I get, the more I focus on my work. Cheers to Libra season 🍸
SOUL QUEST 2019. @tommywatomiwa 📷 by @emirkofi Follow ( soulquestconcerts ) on Facebook & Instagram for update… QUEST 2019. @BetinaQuest 📷 by @emirkofi Follow ( soulquestconcerts ) on Facebook & Instagram for updates. QUEST 2019. To the most amazing audience 🙏 🙌 📷 by @emirkofi Follow ( soulquestconcerts ) on Facebook & Inst… QUEST 2019. @daddogyan X Zainab 📷 by @emirkofi Follow ( soulquestconcerts ) on Facebook & Instagram for up… from this year's SOUL QUEST concert @AF_Accra on Saturday the 28th of September. ELi A. Free 📷 by @emirkofi’re a master of your own abilities, you’re doing great. it’s all a process.
Retweeted by Ashitaka.these programs are well resourced. Now, if you think about, of course most "new knowledge" will come from outside t…
Retweeted by Ashitaka.I hope you people realize that Ghana as a culturally sensitive society spends so little on academic research. Much…
Retweeted by Ashitaka.Just dropped a #Swift16 bar freestyle for @RedBullMusicUK chalehhh 🙌🏿
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Retweeted by Ashitaka. @emirkofi Great work. Keep at itI'm really glad to have been a part of this. I learnt a lot from your music. Thanks so much guys for the opportunit…
Retweeted by Ashitaka.Thank you @emirkofi for capturing all our favourite moments from this year's SOUL QUEST concert. It is greatly appreciated 🙏you know you’re old and dying when every government policy affects you directly.
Retweeted by Ashitaka.Beauty. The whole hood went crazy for this same people fail we from time. If you still dey believe them you’re part of the problem.
Retweeted by Ashitaka.One Burundian🇧🇮, one Nigerian 🇳🇬and two Ghanaians🇬🇭 and yet We were Strangers with the same last name "SOULFUL" on…
Retweeted by Ashitaka.Tomorrow I'm working on an application I was talking myself out of because B told me so. Every opportunity is God's lesson in disguiseMyself and my friends @BetinaQuest @tommywatomiwa & @daddogyan came out in our Sunday best for this year's SOUL QU… put my spirit to the test.Lil nas x got nothing on me... A final bow and 1st backstage click right after curtain call @soulquestconcerts one…
Retweeted by Ashitaka.Unilever on blast in that @burnaboy ft @manifestive video. No time now it seems 👽Still, stand up for your right you must.Perfect governments will arise when men and women are raised like tree's.