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@WedidOfficial @madacsgo Stretched resolutions all feel like 1920 cuz it’s not actually changing your FOV at all. It only stretches the HUD
@goosebreeder MASSIVE POG. too ez 😎
@TeamLiquid @Verizon Insaneeeee 🔥🔥Your connection with Team Liquid just got stronger with this partnership. Welcome Verizon to the Liquid fam! 📖…
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@goosebreeder @aimlab SHEEEEEEEEEEEEESHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH @mel_anji lmao this is what I was thinking of talking to a friend where people get upset at necessary re-aggression… @Maj3r_ exactly, I was thinking of the 4v3 advantage CT mirage 1B, 1 cat, 1 jungle, 1 A where it's 4 1v1s. if you s… can be in a numbers advantage (5v4, 4v3) and be at a significant tactical disadvantage enough to lose the round… @BloodyPanda_ I can’t change it on my mouse but I like a very low LOD @aimlab that third kill tho 😳 @ziko_y_ziko TEMOS TEM Q FAZER O QUE TEMOS TEM QUE FAZER 😂 @LilKFio <333
Best spray control in CS?????! 😝 New highlights video is out now with lots of sick spraydowns :D… your threads and go AFK for the weekend, TL Summer Capsule is here:
Retweeted by Jonathan Jablonowski @TeamLiquid That hoodie thoooo
GGs got 2nd in the smeag cup with @TenZOfficial @tarik @nitr0 @diceyzx. was a fun experience 😄
Just released a very indepth tutorial today all about what a default is and how / why to do it! Goes over a couple…
@Average_Jonas insane @Demir02k @pohluhr @Moechillasama @TrickAIM @innatedomain @RingsOfOrbis730 @ardiis im not weasling anything lol. he… @pohluhr @Moechillasama @TrickAIM @Demir02k @innatedomain @RingsOfOrbis730 @ardiis he literally posted the picture… @Demir02k @Moechillasama @TrickAIM @innatedomain @pohluhr @RingsOfOrbis730 @ardiis he's just lying and probably upset at me for some reason @Moechillasama @TrickAIM @Demir02k @innatedomain @pohluhr @RingsOfOrbis730 @ardiis woops I was looking for a 30 kil… @Asunaa @ardiis @TrickAIM those are definitely numbers... not good ones tho 😳 @ardiis @TrickAIM LOL I actually checked my and I’ve never even played a game with this guy… @D1abloFNBR @Spadess i playd like shit, whiffed too much otherwise that woulda ended way faster lmao. was fun though @shhCryptX yikes is that how it was in your head? you literally were crying and talking shit like a little baby all game. @KingPlutoxx im very clean so maybe he means that @notimabill01 very confusingjust got called a washed CS pro after a game AMA 🤣 @FNS another Breeze lover. that's what you love to see
@FosFte @volify @Lanxzy2 @aimlab yup been playing for a while now :D'm hyped to announce that I'm now partnered with @aimlab! 🎉 Who's hyped for the return to streaming? Thank you al… stream highlights video just went up! NA JETT 🇺🇸👊 @Kiramaticc @CassiusPacheco Yep exactly 😁 @goosebreeder IT'S TIME TO NUT UP OR SHUT UP BUDDY 😠💪LMAO the comms here are so funny. not my cleanest pistol round ever, but was a fun late night pug 😂😂 holy trio for gaming content with a focus on the outside is @jaredtendler for mental game tilt / zone,… for watchin everyone. done for now <3LIVE now playing some val ranked @404nikozx nah it actually was from me talking to another pro about good comms :D @gio_fps @z667576757 Yea you can 👍 @RIGVEDA_IX @BrozzerF Yep! Calling what is smoked is very important. We even have names for specific smokes. You kn… @dazzLeGO Yikes a sword in S tier... @lagge15 it's pretty straightfoward. if you don't understand it, youre just not understanding to try to say random… comms 3/4/5 times doesn't mean bad comms. Only saying a comm once and then not updating the comms later d… communication is about giving comms that will paint the clearest picture in your teammates' heads. Eliminate p… @nmplol @malenatudi damnnn that's insane 🔥
@Variety_kills it depends on the player you are watching. the pros that think more about what they do you can get m… @shaneszl IGLs that call stuff in FPL are a prime example of this and from my experience they call similar strats t… @JDStuart916 not necessarily there’s a lot of things you just can’t explain during a pug that you need your teammat… common stuff in CS too, but just saw this and thought I'd share 😁Look at this comm here from @autimaticTV and @Vanityxz to put wall down during the site hit. It's very important to… @ExTmp SADGE ): Hope nothing but the best for you and wish you coulda came to more events with us. Good luck bro ♥️ @Yann_Aluk <3most of your favorite players do the same plays they would do on their team in pugs as well because they are used t… @ThixNation Happy birthday mike!! 🥳🥳Let's all be honest here. Valve probably already thought this, but since the map looks almost exactly like bind fro… of the teams that have already played ancient have swapped their perma bans around and they've stuck to what t…
@harleeetudtud niceeee!!! :D @CSGOhistories @TACOCSFrustrating first half of the stream dealing with tech issues but what's a first stream without that 🤣 thanks ever…
RADIANT NOOB CS PRO CRUSHES FULL TIME VALORANT PLAYERS!!! LIVE???! IN 2021??? warmup with some @aimlab and then pugs / maybe val? is how we won the BTS RMR NA event! POV video w/ comms is out now. It's a banger so come watch!! 😁🔥… @ferrrnomenal AWWWWWW SO CUTE ❤️
@lelorena She is super sweet with other pups that would be so cute 🥰 @jokasteve @lelorena any stuffed animal would be GG for sure LOLDownloading a demo on ESEA: 3 seconds Downloading a demo on HTLV: 10 minutes, 1 at a time max per IP☹️
@zikk123 @victorpellizer1 @BakugouKacchan7 ohh I didn’t understand. I mean I guess you could but I don’t think you… @ahyeswhatthe @AaronnFtw a good way to see it too as a TLDR is do you want your first gun round to be 3 spectres +… @bida O MESMO PRA MIM. ME CHAMA QUANDO SABER ARRUMAR! 🙏 @zikk123 @victorpellizer1 @BakugouKacchan7 make no mistake, they have a very massive chance to win this round. if y… @ahyeswhatthe @AaronnFtw i honestly lost focus at the end of this so I MIGHTVE messed up so… @victorpellizer1 @BakugouKacchan7 if you can buy an M4, buy an M4 100%. if someone likes scouting, trade M4 for sco… @Theta301 always. galil armor is fucking horrible. good luck winning the round with 0 nades and a water gun version of M4s @AaronnFtw whenever someone in valorant says ITS A BONUS KEEP YOUR PISTOLS i already know it's gonna be a tough gam… @BakugouKacchan7 basicamente, quando os TRs pega um plant no pistol mas perde, ainda eles podem comprar 2 AKs. enta… @jacb2n sorry ur right man. SIKETREAT EVERY 2nd round as a CT vs bomb plant like you lost. The double AK drop will fuck you up, play accordingly @LiquidSymbolic I think it was like literally 2 days LOL @JDubsCS it had a happy life.... ):BEFORE / AFTER 🤣 is very proud of the destruction she made of this stuffed animal. Good girl 🥰❤️ highlights / comms video out for the FURIA BTS SEMI FINAL!! Finals video is gonna be coming out soon as well!… @WedidOfficial I actually don’t know how that guy isn’t banned. Had like 3 games with him where he just hard threw… @StefRich22 @Sentinels @FNATIC this is sick content
@aliiwincheska @artisan_labs lmao no ad at all, I paid 100% for it and I just appreciate his work :DGot the SICKEST wrist rests from @artisan_labs. Insane job and who woulda guessed you could get wrist rests so slic… @vooCSGO @empathyxd yeah I thought this was more directed about the CIS RMR. since EU just had the one issue which… @vooCSGO isn't that natural though? give the contract to someone that can fulfill it correctly? if someone did a sh… tip I’d give to any upcoming professional esports player. Cook your own food and don’t waste tens of thousands o…
Retweeted by Jonathan JablonowskiJust had a session done going over my posture and identifying potential causes of why my shoulder blade sometimes h… YO NERD NECK. Took me awhile but here is my 9 minute nerd neck walkthrough. We start by answering the questio…
Retweeted by Jonathan Jablonowski @tomi CLOSE ENOUGH @ANDROIDX23 thanks brad :D @gsv1TheGod GOOD THING YOU CAN SUBSCRIBE AT and you can see more :Dhow about these 1 taps from that nuke match?? are the best team in NA 👊 Next tournament is @IEM Cologne. Content + streams coming out soon during the time be… OVER FURIA AND WE ARE THE WINNERS OF THE NA RMR 🏆 HAPPY BIRTHDAY PROFESSOR @FalleNCS . TROFEU FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY GGs 🥳🥳
FINALS of the @BTScsgo RMR event vs FURIA going live in 10 minutes. Gonna be a banger bo5 even though the match is…